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September 30, 2011

When self-professing christians ignorantly embrace darwinism (that swamp goo morphed into you), then why do they feign such shock that millions in christendom predictably object vehemently?  The theistic darwinists at treat young earth creationists as if we are all ignorant rubes, clinging to the Word of God in the book of Genesis, ostensibly with no scientific basis, yet the very term on which the supposedly christian darwinists cling is really totally meaningless, that’s Charles Darwin’s animal classification term “species.”

For instance lions and tigers can mate to produce offspring called ligers, demonstrating that the two species of big cats came from a common ancestor pair, of one syngameon (gene pool) of animals, this term syngameons which those at BioLogos avoid like the plague (go see for yourself) because with this proper designation for animal classification, only about 20,000 syngameons (biblical kinds) of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark during the biblical flood which covered the whole earth, clearly described in the book of Genesis, obviously denying this history for no good reason, yet on they plod like ignorant sheep of Darwin.

The mountains rose at the close of the flood while the ocean basins deepened to receive the flood water which rushed off the continents at the close of the flood, when Pangea, the pre-flood supercontinent, had finished breaking apart to the current configuration of the continental landmasses, good science (see, but denied by the theistic darwinian evolutionists apparently because they want to be cozy with the atheistic darwinsits, strange bedfellows, makes you wonder if they are wolves in sheeps clothing, doesn’t it?  Join in the discussion at Biologos, and be sure to see more evidence for the real history in the foundational book of the Bible at

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September 25, 2011

When you ask people what is the meaning of the word geometry, they usually eschew the actual etymological meaning, earth measure (geo metry), instead that it has to do with the measurement of angles of the various types of polygons, yet earth measure is what it really means at its root, and that earth measure in ancient times by the precession rate of the earth’s axis, the base six number 72 years/degree, which is very convenient to measure the earth when the circle of the earth is made to circumscribe a hexagon (see article #2 at, a polygon of six sides, the basis of ancient geometry.

Along with the royal cubit of ancient Egypt and much of the rest of the ancient world (including western Asia and India), the greek olympic foot (of 12.16 modern inches) was also determined with this method, five greek stadia (of 600 olympic feet) representing exactly the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, that’s 3,000 olympic feet or 1,760 royal cubits, the precession mapping method clearly the metric method for all the ancient earth commensurate measures, including the ancient scandic fot which is the same length as the olympic foot.

Have you wondered why 1,760 yards compose an english mile?  Now you can see that it’s a carry-over from very ancient times, through the empire of Atlantis really, the mile measure originally ten stadia, yet that distance later conflated with the number of cubits (1,760) composing the half-nautical-mile base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, thus 1,760 yards now compose the length of the modern englush mile which is 5,280 feet.  The link is revealed with the fact that the fortress of the chief mining hub of the atlantean empire, now Seville, Spain, anciently known as Tarshish, had 176 towers, the source of the later conflation of the cubit system with that of the olympic (and nordic) foot (fot).  See the big picture of ancient history here

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September 23, 2011

Now commonly accepted is that there are submerged ruins of ancient cities in many parts of the world, most of them in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, obviously submerged since the end of the ice age, so the big question is when really did the ice age actually end in order to have submerged those coastal kingdoms and their stone block buildings?

Bibliophobic alternative archaeologists say that such megalithic building began over 12,000 years ago to explain the presence of the seafloor ruins within the darwinian timeline for the ice age and its end, yet almost all archaeologists and anthropologists, also subscribing to darwinism, say that such megalithic building began only about 4,500 years ago, so rather than logically infer that the ice age ended much later than we are being told, the bibliophobic alternative archaeologists such as Graham Hancock and David Hatcher Childress are forced to say that the mainstream archaeologists are wrong about the beginning of megalithic building by over 7,000 years; such great confusion and controversy over all this, the dirty little secret amongst the bibliophobes in science.

So since the ice age could have been caused only by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and because Noah’s Flood, the cause of that warmer ocean for the ice age, occurred about 4,500 years ago according to the Bible, then that the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c. at the time of the Exodus makes much sense, to the chagrin of the darwinists, and among them the alternative archaeologists who refuse to embrace the obvious, that the biblical timeline truly makes sense of it all.  Checkout, and be sure to discuss with your friends and other associates.

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September 22, 2011

Disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton (on O’ Reilly’s show tonight) said the u.s. national debt, now 15 trillion dollars, should be “flushed down the toilet;” sweet Bill, who’s obviously a big advocate of the bibliophobic global communists’ plot to monetize the u.s. natonal debt for us to fall into world government, one of the darwinists’ best dreams.

Oxford Bubba Bill obviously doesn’t care about America, and Hillary is worse, so keep them in mind for a photo-op on the beaches of Texas telling Rick Perry that he’s dead wrong about the Fed debasing the u.s. currency.  Just print more money, right?  Do you want America, or do you want the North American Union?  Think about it, and remember that Allah (the pre-islam arabic moon god) and Muhammed thought that all would submit, yet see

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September 21, 2011

Have you watched the cowardly christian pastors squirm when asked about Noah’s Flood and the six thousand year old earth and universe indicated in the book of Genesis?  It’s a bibliophobe’s dream to watch the ignorant pastors equivocate and even deny the clear history recorded in Genesis (see article #13 at, because after all, if you can’t believe the first book of the Bible, its foundational book, then why believe the rest of the Bible, right?

Jesus spoke of the actual global encompassing flood, so these pastors are calling Jesus a liar about history, wouldn’t want to be in that boat, but they do, out of ignorance or cowardice or both, a real shame, yet it’s not too late if they’d just pull their confused heads out of the sand to defend the scriptures, what they profess to be holy, yet run roughshod over for all the world to see, playing into the bibliophobes’ game plan.

And now really when you think about it, the pastors (almost all of them) who deny or refuse to talk about Genesis as real history are bibliophobes too, intimidated by darwinian science and “the fact” that the earth and universe are supposedly much older than six thousand years, they dance around the issue, dancing from Genesis, denying that the Word (Jesus) says what he does say in that written word, clear to any child reading the passages, yet “mysterious” to those who claim high intellectual and spiritual sophistication, what a travesty.

The cowardly pastors speak with confidence about the shemites, hamites, and japhethites who spread all over the globe after Babel, yet deny that they were of the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood when only eight humans survived.  The Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is demonstrably valid, yet the pastors act as if there was no global flood after which the geneologies ensued, denial for expediency to not appear “a flat earther.”  Yet we all know that the world is not flat, a strawman label seeing, and so too did Noah, Shem, Japheth, and Ham, who founded the ice age civilizations after the flood.

Marine Archaeology S. R. Rao Underwater Ruins Cities Dwarka Kususthali Book Genesis Geneologies Table Nations Father Ham Son Hindu Kush Mountains Sea Rann Kutch Khambat Cambay Gulf Indus Valley Sarasvati River Ice Age Civilizations Gujerat Ancient History India Astronomy Astrology Origin Yugas Time Distance Length Measure Cubit Great Pyramid Egypt Connection Biblical Genesis Veracity Foundation

September 20, 2011

If the purportedly accurate geneologies in the Table of Nations of the book of Genesis is actually not accurate, then is it really now just coincidence that Ham’s son Kush would be the namesake of the submerged city Kususthali (Dwarka) in the Gulf of Kutch (in the shadows of the Hindu Kush mountains), with two huge submerged cities also in the Gulf of Cambay to the south, that norwestern India bay quite apparently having been named after Kush’s father Ham?  Famed marine archaeologist S. R. Rao of India has said that the submerged ruins and artefacts dredged up from the seafloor sites indicate bronze age building and craftsmanship of circa 1700 b.c. vintage, of the Indus Valley Civilization, so what date then does that indicate for the end of the ice age, the sea level having risen to submerge those cities?

The submerged ruins in the Gulf of Chambay are as much as 60 miles from shoreline in depths down to at least 100 feet, clearly therefore submerged since the end of the ice age, and the buildings’ ruins are of architecture just like the ruins onshore at Mohenjo Daro and Harappa of the Indus Valley Civilization, which began to end circa 1500 b.c. by catastrophic climate change, the ruins of over 800 towns and villages now stranded in the vast waste of the Great Indian Desert the proof too, so this really is all you need to know that the ice age began to end circa 1500 b.c., despite what the darwinists tell you, refusing to discuss the submerged ruins and vast amount of evidence for the climate change.

Now submerged Kususthali means thalassocracy (sea power) of Kush, thalas an indo-european word proven by the name of  an ancient greek goddess of the sea Thalassa, and her mesopotamian counterpart Thallath, of the language of japhetic tribes (with the others) who had spread from the tower of Babel all over the world, more often than not by sea with the method explained in article #2 at, actually the basis for the hindu yugas of time which are base six numbers, just like the numbers used to calculate the earth commensurate dimensions or the Great Pyramid of Giza by hexagon geometry (meaning earth measure), no coincidence obviously.

The “unknown” Indus Valley language and script of northwest India and Pakistan is really the indo-european (japhetic) vedic sanskrit language later with semitic letters applied to replace the indus valley signs, the semitic alphabet probably brought to India circa 2000 b.c. by members of the hebrew Abraham’s extended family (perhaps Terah/Tehran?) before the ice age had ended when Kususthali was spelled out from the indus valley signs, the key which yours truly deduced about a year ago.  And to see the big picture of real ancient history worldwide according to the demonstrably valid biblical template laid out in Genesis, be sure to see, so show it to your friends and skeptics who might really be fascinated by all this.

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September 16, 2011

Is mormonism really christianity?  All you need to know is that mormons see the new testament christian doctrine of salvation by faith alone as false doctrine, teaching instead that salvation is by faith plus good works, such as joining the mormon organization, wearing magic underwear, adhering to their communal standards based upon the teachings of Joseph Smith, believing too that Jesus and the Devil are created beings, that Jesus is not part of the trinity (the Elohim of Genesis), really all you need to know when asked the question are mormons christians?  It’s almost as difficult for a convert to christianity to leave mormonism as it is for a new christian to leave islam, ostracized by family and friends, economically and emotionally, so that’s not the faith we want to see in a president, nor in a religious leader such as Glenn Beck who claims both christianity and mormonism, spiritually and intellectually at odds with each other clearly.

One notion at least which the wayward mormons have right while christendom is but asleep at the wheel is ancient transoceanic navigation to the Americas, yet the mormons don’t know how that was possible, just that it did, rightly according to a plethora of archaeological evidence (google Phoenicians America), however, their navigation answer is article #2 at, according to the intelligent design of the cosmos by Elohim and young earth creationism, the template the book of Genesis.  If you can’t believe the first book of the Bible, Genesis, then why believe the rest of it, right?  That’s what many skeptics rightly say, so help them along, see to help forward this debate which the darwinists dread, particulary that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, while but syngameons (kinds) of animals survived on Noah’s Ark, proper mendellian classification.

Who Was Chronos Khem Kham Time Man Ham Greek Mythology Chronometry Precession Time Etymology Chronology Ancestor Worship Table Nations Bible Biblical History Heber Shemites Seal King Solomon Hexagon Shape Curvature Longitude Mapping Earth Measure Atlantis City Spain Morocco Towers Ruins Megaliths Fortress City Seville 176 Towers Cubits Egyptian Great Pyramid Giza Geometry Dimensions

September 15, 2011

Chronos was the ancient ancestor god who measured time, hence our english words such as chronometry and chronicle associated with time measure, so who was this Chronos, real or imagined?  When you understand that the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the land of Khem (Ham), was surveyed according to time measure, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, it becomes obvious that this Chronos or Kronus (which means against Noah) was Ham, who had mocked Noah (Uranus) in his drunken nakedness, said then to have castrated him in ancient greek mythology, but really the historical effect was that Canaan, Ham’s youngest son, was cursed by God, the manifestation of which was the Hebrews’ invasion and control of Canaan land, the Holy Land, the apple of God’s eye thenceforth.

Noah’s legendary son Ham (Chronos) was associated with the Western Ocean, anciently known too as the Atlantic and the Sea of Chronos, because Posidon (Sidon) was his grandson (and Atlas was a son of Sidon according to Plato), with Canaan apparently having stayed home perhaps knowing that his kingdom would not last forever according to the God’s curse, the end of his kingodm having come actually after his death by about five hundred years when the ice age ended and the Hebrews departed Egypt bound for the Holy Land, a time of drastic climate change and sea level rise when about 25 million square miles of coatal real estate succumbed to the sea worldwide within about a century.

Of course mineral rich Tartessos of Spain was named after Tarshish, a great grandson of Japheth, and then the shemite Heber (Hebrew) was the namesake of Iberia, the more ancient name of Spain (Iberian Peninsula), so you can see that not only hamites built Atlantis, and the shemitic connection is made real by that King Solomon, four hundred years after the end of the ice age and the demise of Atlantis, collaborated with the Phoenicians (remnant Canaanites, Danites, and probably other Hebrews) to exploit the mineral riches of the Sierra Nevada and Morena of southern Spain (the mountain range to the north of the atlantean plain reported by Plato).  Tying it all together is that the ancient fortess of Tartessos (now Seville) is reported to have had 176 towers, so where may have you seen that number (in the link above) before? Solomon was clearly privy to the real length of the original cubit, with temple dimensions, and see the big historical picture here

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September 11, 2011

As the slave Jews in Egypt were working seven days a week forming bricks for the pharoh’s ambitious building projects circa 1500 b.c in the Nile delta., the climate was beginning to change already in a drastic way.  The ports at the mouth of (now extinct) canopic branch of the Nile were gradually beginning to flood at that time over a period of about hundred years, the megalithic bronze age ruins of the port cities there, Menouthis, Canopus, and Heraklion, of course now found submerged on the shallow seafloor out to five miles from shore, clearly submerged since the end of the ice age when the sea level rose prodigiously as no one will deny.

Looking at the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau at the apex of the Nile delta, surrounded by stark desert except for the Nile now about half a mile to the east (it used to lap at the paws of the Sphinx), could it be more obvious that the region must have been much wetter there during those Old Kingdom times, to have supported the agriculture, natural grazing, and hunting, for such a population?  With the trading partner of Egypt the kingdom of Yam, source of timber and ivory, known to have been 700 km to the west of Egypt in the middle of what now is the Sahara desert, and the clear testimony of the Ipuwer Paprus that the clmate changed drastically (drying) in Egypt such that anarchy and death were everywhere in the 1400 b.c. timeframe, who then can honestly say that was not when the ice age was ending?

When Moses and the Jews departed Egypt bound eventually for Canaan, they fled to the interior, away from the coast into the Sinai, because the sea level risen with the end of the ice age was causing havoc along the coasts where the canaanite Phoenicans port cites were consumed by the sea, Menouthis and Heraklion among them, and up the coast Yarmuta and Atlit Yam as well.  The interior of Canaan too then turned to dust, at least in the lowlands such as now the Negev desert, but the highlands with more rainfall and so artesian water would be taken by the Jews having arrived from the east, the beleguered and starving canaanites then at the mercy of the supernaturally annointed invaders, the curse on Canaan fulfilled.  Read more about biblical ancient history here, matching the real world archeaological record, see

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September 10, 2011

Speaking today with a friend of mine who had just read for the first time the ancient mapping by precession rate finding explained simply in article #2, she rightly maintains that certainly the geometric method’s remarkable simplicity with ‘though its great precision made it obviously quite practical in the ancient world for everyday use in the sure determination for instance of the dimensions and true north alignment for the Great Pyramid of Giza, having enabled the ancient navigators to determine distance and direcction by the stars, so knowing where they were on earth in relationship to from where they had come, which enabled the source maps for the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), a mystery to academics who don’t yet know how they did it.

Napolean’s meter length measure was (is) earth commensurate too, as was the ancient cubit and olympic foot (of 12.16 modern inches), but the time measure for the meter of Napolean’s day was by the transit time of the sun with Harrison’s Chronometer (developed fifty years previously), not measured by the precession rate of the earth’s axis as were the egyptian cubit and olympic foot, yet Napolean chose the meter length which is the diameter of a circle of 12 cubits’ circumference length, perhaps paying homage to the zodiac system of 12 sun houses, however, all based upon the measure by humans of the intelligent design of the creator God, clearly a benevolent creator by his design.  Read more about ancient biblical history here, to see that bibical history actually makes alot of sense.