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February 28, 2011

The more I’ve studied Atlantis and the Bible, the more amazed I am that other young earth creationists don’t absorb the material under category Atlantis Revealed at this website to help spread the word that Atlantis (according to Plato) was a global navigating empire, with bronze age implements, based at the south side (near the ocean) of a plain the same size as the southern plain of Spain to the south of the Sierra Nevada and Sierra Morena mountains, the richest mining source in the ancient world.

So then could it not be more obvious that with the many submerged ruins found along the coastlines of the Gibraltar region, that was the Atlantean empire now submerged?  Certainly it’s solid proof that the ice age ended much later than the darwinists are willing to admit, but yet, my fellow young earth creationists are asleep about this, so help me wake them up.

The Bible doesn’t mention Atlantis, but Tarshish, after whom the region was called during the time of the Judges and thereafter in the Bible; Tarshish of the line of Japheth in the Table of Nations in Genesis, and Atlantis having previously been founded by Sidon of the line of Ham, through Canaan, the homeland of “Poseidon” and his Sidonians of ancient seafaring fame.

One of Sidon’s sons was Atlas, and others Gades (Cadiz) and Elasippus (Olisippo/Lisbon) proving clearly that was the region of which Plato wrote, can there be any doubt?  When you understand the ice age ended much later than we’re being told, it all fits together hand in glove, so spread the word, referring to

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February 27, 2011

If you could have talked to the ancient greeks, they would have told you that the sea level rose to consume much of (what later would be called) Greece in the timeframe of the pelasgian king Ogygos, who lived when the so-called bronze age was transitioning to the the so-called iron age, and who happened to have lived certainly in the same timeframe as “athenian” kings mentioned by Plato in his story of the submergence of legendary Atlantis (and much of archaic Greece too), kings Kekrops, Erysichthon, Erectheus, and Theseus, who lived just after what actually was the end of the ice age circa 1500 b.c., when the sea level began its hundred year rise consuming about twenty-five million square miles of land worldwide, the Flood of Ogygos and the Flood of Atlantis the same.

The pelasgians are acknowledged to have been some of the first to have settled what now is greece, with many of their megalithic ruins now submerged off Greece at Pelagos Island, Psathoura, Pavlopetri, and many other locations of which we hear little, because they prove the ice age ended at the time of the Exodus, certainly not at all music to the ears of the darwinists quite obviously, so the indicated linkage of the ancient Etruscan language of Italy to the Lemnian of Turkey and Pelago Illyrian of Albania is not acknowledged due to deep sea travel having been necessitated in archaic times, but the method for that navigation is explained in article #2 at, the big picture presented at

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February 22, 2011

On Glenn Beck’s show tonight, he spoke of his anxiously awaited visit to Billy Graham’s home on a hilltop near Booneville, North Carolina this last Saturday afternoon, having visited there for three hours with the great christian evangelist, saying to Graham that the world is growing darker with evil, to which reverend Graham responded that but the light grows stronger too, in opposition to that evil, citing to Beck that the Book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) tells us how this will develop, so the fact that Beck repeated that gem from Mr. Graham tells me that Beck may have eschewed mormonism, after all, how many mormons accept all of the New Testament as the last inspired written word from the creator God, who implicitly is father, son, and holy spirit from the text?

Beck has spoken of the certain transatlantic navigation during the iron age and before, the evidence of which is really plentiful (see category Ancient Navigation and Atlantis Revealed), so to really show support for all of the Bible, he certainly should read through the material at this blogsite and at, to see the beautiful continuity throughout the Bible on many levels, including science, the darwinists’ worst nightmare, just ask them, and please be certain to help see that Glenn Beck receives these links soon to educate himself on some of the nuances involved in defending biblical history with modern scientific understanding.  The book is amazing, truly from the merciful creator of all, the book intellectually unassailable really.

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February 22, 2011

Great news for the cause of intellectual honesty to further expose the fraud of darwinism in the public arena; we’ll be launching a live radio call in talk show at in Austin, The Word radio they call it as you’ll see when you click on the link.  The real Word of course is Jesus Christ, who became flesh and dwelt among us, all of the Word, including Genesis of course, which we’ll be discussing, that the history in the book of Genesis has great substance scientifically.  We’ll look forward to call ins from darwinists, stating their specious claims, such as that the term species has much genetic meaning, when in reality the term species itself is meaningless, and we’ll take it from there, that the instructive term syngameons has scientific value in biology, while species interbreed, so the term ridiculous. 

The exact time for the show on Saturday afternoons (central standard time in the U.S.) on KLGO FM will be announced soon in a post here, and you can listen to the show live at their website, so please spread the word, to listen to The Word on Saturday afternoons at the time to be announced.  Read on under the various categories here to see what else we’ll be discussing, throwing many monkey wrenches in the darwinian timeline for sure, demonstrating that the history at which the darwinists laugh in the Bible in reality is the template upon which all valid science is derived, believe it or not.  Tune in and tell your friends, we’ll field questions from biblical skeptics, giving them great reasons to believe all of the Bible through science, demonstrated here

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February 21, 2011

Ask some darwinists how much colder it was during the ice age and then watch their eyes glaze over, no coherent answers with their model, because when you think it through, with ostensibly colder air temperatures during winter in the ice age, less snow would have fallen; colder air holds less moisture in the form of clouds, so less rain and snow would have fallen with colder winters, that’s just simple hydrology, therefore, the dense cloudcover for the ice age must have been by a warmer ocean, yet if it had been heated from above by the atmosphere, the ice age need have been warmer, leaving the only explanation that the ocean need have been heated from below for the great evaporation rates off the ocean for the dense cloudcover for the ice age, the biblical Noah’s Flood was the engine, and in the aftermath,

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February 20, 2011

These submerged stone block ruins of buildings on the bahama banks east of Florida, over a hundred feet underwater, are quite remarkably bronze age looking and clearly submerged since the end of the ice age, is there any dispute?  So which model best fits this evidence?  How ’bout the biblical model that the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c. with about a century of sea level rise and catastrophic climate change then the time of the Exodus?  The model fits, so see

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February 19, 2011

Reading with great interest Harold T. Wilkins’ fine book Secret Cities of Old South America, the account about conquistador Francisco de Orellana, their first to have sailed down the great river east of the Andes which Orellana was responsible for having named (after his name was rejected) the Amazon, because fierce fighting women against him (near the juncture of that great river with the tributary Rio Trombeta), who lived separately from men but to mate only annually for a few weeks with them so the local tribes said, it’s strikng that he called them Amazons, thinking about the ancient greek legends, the Amazons of the Sea of Tritonis (ice age lake of north africa near Syrtis), led by queen Myrina who fought the Atlantes to the west circa 1400 b.c. (reported Diodorus Sicilus), and the colony of Amazons which apparently sailed east when the Sea of Tritonis was drying up, having become major military players in the Aegean and Black Sea region under queen Hippolyta who encountered Jason and the Argonauts and later fought against the greeks at Troy circa 1200 b.c.

And Francisco Orellana was actually “spot on,” some of those ladies having sailed too probably with their cousins the Carians (Caribbean and Carioca) to the great continents to the west, at the western rim of the ice age atlantean empire, which was greatly diminshed when the sea level rose with the end of the ice age, having risen about three feet per year for a hundred years beginning circa 1500 b.c., and the catastrophic climate change which irreversibly changed the ancient geography too (along with the 25 million square miles of coastal real estate worldwide which succumbed to the sea), that’s when the so-called bronze age ended, and displaced people groups were migrating on a grand scale, just check the record, that was a time of great upheavel, in the biblical timeline, the catastrophic climate change at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt.  See how it all fits together at

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February 17, 2011

As Egypt falls fully into the islamic jihadi orb against Israel with the recent revolution and overthrow of the autocrat Mubarak, ironic is the fact that the number of 144,000 jewish evangelists chosen by God to preach during the Tribulation period is ten times the number of Great Pyramid base perimeter lengths which compose the diameter length of the earth (see article #2 at, so it shall be one jewish evangelist preaching against the Antichrist across the span of the earth, so to speak, every one half greek stadium length (three hundred greek of feet of 12.16 inches each), all this to occur when the Antichrist is mistaken for the muslim 12th Mahdi after the great war of Ezekiel 38, certainly looming large on the horizon.

And checkout

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February 16, 2011

The ancient history of England is really pretty simple; during the ice age when the sea level was lower with settlements now submerged on the Dogger Banks and off the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall, off Keris, and elsewhere, the Formorian were the first settlers, hamitic speakers.

These men (firs) of Morocco, known as great navigators by the old method explained in article #2 at, the same used by their patriarch Ham, who was Khem, Cham, Chiron, or Chronos, the time man, a grandson of his Atlas the map man, obvious namesake of the atlantean empire, the tin mining of the empire mostly there in the Cornwall region of England, having begun circa 2200 b.c..

So darwinists, when did the ice age end?  Did it really end circa 10000 b.c. as they insist or does not circa 1500 b.c. much better fit the evidence and so should be considered by all rational investigators?  For the bigger picture, and certainly not at all what the darwinists will want to see,

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February 15, 2011

Glenn Beck having predicted a computer networked revolt in the United States, modeled after Egypt’s recent revolt, said today that students and unions in America are planning a day of rage on March 12, 2011, so let’s see what develops on that front, with the unions actually having been involved in organizing the egyptian riots, now working on the March 12 deal, with the idealistic and thoroughly brainwashed students at the front, appearing that the youthful students know best, only wanting fairness, peace, love, joy, etc. 

But these impressionable college kids have been bamboozled, now believing that communism could work globally, what a lie, since the only successful communism is within groups of like mind, such as the early persecuted christian church, and today, the kibbutzes of Israel, bound by religious faith, and their belief that the Bible states the true history of great Israel and the surrounding lands, demonstrated at, so let the seeking students know that darwinism can be cast down because Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless while the term syngameons is not.