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Old Earth Why Not
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Old Earth? Why Not!

See how science confirms Genesis History! Ice Age? Fossils? Animal Speciation? Dinosaurs? Anthropology? Sedimentary Rock? Distant Stars? Cavemen? How do all these relate to the FIRST BOOK of the Bible?



Ice Age Civilizations Book & DVD

The ancients measured and mapped the globe during the Ice Age, which was caused by paradoxically warmer oceans, and see the submerged ruins, including some beautiful shots off Yonaguni.


Atlantis: Secrets Star Mappers of A Lost World

My ancient mapping finding is delineated more in depth, more submerged ruins, some of the Ice Age Atlantean Empire, and how those ancients surveyed that Great Pyramid to be earth commensurate. See how the riddle of why the length of the royal cubit is solved, and why Plato’s reported dating is wrong.

Dark Secrets of the Black Sea

Just finished, the riddle of the Black Sea infilling of the world ocean, why and when, is solved with the findings in this documentary with William Ryan of Columbia and other notables. Learn about what caused the drastic climate change to end the Bronze Age.

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