Air America’s Rachel Maddow on Race to the White House Says John McCain’s Campaign’s Britney Spears Paris Hilton Barack Hussein Obama Campaign Commerical TV Ad is Fear of Jungle Fever Half Black Obama Sexual Innuendo to Play on Supposed White Fear of Black Interracial Dating Rachel Maddow Say’s Team McCain is Playing Taboo Racial Sex Card

July 31, 2008

Rachel Maddow of Air America Radio was a panelist on David Gregory’s Race to the White House tv show on MSNBC tonight, and she says the McCain commercial equating Obama’s pop celebrity with that of all-style-and-no-substance Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is actually a “jungle fever” play, supposedly linking Obama to Paris and Britney sexually, playing on the supposed fear of Americans of interracial dating and marriage.  Poor Rachel has lost it, and the other panelists were all but laughing-out-loud at the notion that the commercial was a “jungle fever” commercial.  What a hoot.

And google Obama Odinga, to see why it’s not B. Hussein’s skin color which is bothering Americans.

Barack Obama Playing the Race Sympathy Card with Remark that Barack Hussein Obama would be Different (Half Black) Uncomfortable Face on Currency Dollar Bills B. Hussein Claims Racism when Associations in Muslim World are Obama’s Big Problem not TV Ad Equating Obama’s World Pop Celebrity to Paris Hilton’s and Britney Spears’

July 31, 2008

In saying that Team McCain’s recent campaign commercial equating Obama’s pop culture global celebrity to that of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears is racist, Barack Obama played the race card with no basis whatsoever in responding that his opposition (with this production of a commercial using Spears and Hilton) is afraid of him, and he’d look different on the dollar bills of America (which of course shows Obama’s arrogance as only great presidents end up on our bills), and therefore, since Obama’s opposition ostensibly couldn’t stand a half-black guy on our dollar bills, they have come up with “racist” commercials such as this one which equates Obama with Britney and Paris, not known for their substance, but for their style; a fair campaign ad, one which Obama will just have to get over.

And google Obama Odinga, to see that Americans aren’t worried about Obama’s skin color, but are worried about his ties in the Muslim world.

What was Ludacris Thinking about for Song “Politics: Obama is Here” but Now Going Down Dropping in Polls Ludacris Sabatoges Torpedos His Buddy Barack Hussein Obama’s Candidacy Campaign Why Did Ludacris Release Rap Tune Against Hillary Clinton and John McCain with Democrats’ National Nominating Convention on the Horizon Did Somebody on Team Hillary Clinton or John McCain Put Ludacris Up to This Rap Release “Politics: Obama is Here?”

July 31, 2008

B. Hussein Obama’s favorite rapper, Ludacris, really did a number on his “buddy’s” candidacy for president, saying Hillary is a bitch, John McCain should end up in a wheelchair, and the White House should be painted black, in his new production release “Politics: Obama is Here.”  But not for long, as the Democrats’ blockbuster national convention approaches, just a few weeks away, with Hillary’s supporters already chomping at the bit, and now this, Obama’s main man in the rapper world calling Hillary a bitch.  Will this tune be in the Messiah Lord Obama’s regular rotation on his I Pod, as are the other tunes by the race-baiting Ludacris?  This song is not much different in tone than the other Ludacris songs, so if B. Hussein wasn’t running for president, you can bet he’d be groovin’ to this rap too on his I Pod.

The Lord Messiah Obama and his crew, with such luminaries as Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, and Ludacris, have allowed America to see what really makes Obama tick, and when you learn about Obama’s relationship with Raila Odinga of Kenya, you will see that Obama’s pro black liberation through Islam position is more than just rumor, because Odinga had promised his Muslim backers islamic Sharia Law for Kenya if elected, and Obama actively campaigned for this guy, but he lost, which caused the Muslims of Kenya to go on a bloody rampage, killing 1,500 non Muslims, burning many buildings, and displacing about 400,000 people who ran for their lives when Odinga and Obama’s Muslim allies went crazy. 

So with the Democrats’ convention approaching, and Hillary’s supporters surely fit to be tied, the nominating process will probably be a bit more tedious than Team Obama seems to expect, and there’s a good chance that many of Obama’s Democrat presidential delegates will change their minds, perfectly allowable according to the rules, but if Obama emerges from the convention as the nominee, he will be so damaged in the process that John McCain will beat him in a landslide victory in November.

You have to wonder if Ludacris is really this clueless, or if he’s secretly working for Hillary or McCain, just stringing Obama along until this coup-de-gras against B. Hussein’s candidacy.  I’d be interested to hear what Ludacris says his thinking was in releasing this song.  Did he think it would not hurt the Obama candidacy, did he actually think it would help Obama?

Did Noah’s Flood Cover the High Himalaya Mountains How Could the Deluge of Genesis Have Inundated the Alps and Andes Mountain Ranges of the World Uplifted at the End Close of Noah’s Flood Caused Tectonic Orogenies of Continental Uplifts Runaway Plate Tectonics Compressed Mountain Ranges Rose Up Quickly How is Noah’s Flood as Described in Genesis Geologically Possible Plausible?

July 31, 2008

Ancient tribes now scattered all over the globe have a better grasp of the geologic history of the earth than does mainstream academia.  Over 600 tribes have ancestral recollections of the global Deluge, the one written about in Genesis, and the geologic record actually bears out their understanding, much to the chagrin of geologists who try to shoehorn billions of years into the biblical account, so you may now be asking, how could Noah’s Flood have covered the high mountain ranges of the world?

The answer is that the Deluge did not, because the mountain ranges rose at the close of the Deluge, uplifting the thousands of feet of sedimentary layers which had accumulated in the tumult of the global flood which scoured the pre Flood world, having then redeposited the eroded material in vast layers of sediments, which grade into each other, entombing billions of creatures, 99% of which were marine creatures, just what you’d expect from a global Deluge, because most of the drowned land animals (and humans) floated and decomposed in the receding Flood waters, as the ocean basins deepened, forcing up the continental plates by plastic flow of the mantle, like a waterbed, all resulting from the runaway plate subduction during the year of Noah’s Flood.

Some continental plates crashed into each other, to form the Himalaya Mountains for instance, and some oceanic plates dove under continental plates, to heat at depth and then rise up to form mountain ranges such as the Andes, while still other mountains rose because of magma squeezing up through fissures in the continental crust, such as the Mountains of Ararat (where Noah’s Ark landed), which show pillow basalt formation or basaltic magma, indicating they uplifted through water (the water of Noah’s Flood!)  Read more about all this at, and in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And be sure to see the big picture

Obama’s Ludacris Rap Song Problem Catastrophe Ludacris No Friend of Barack Hussein Obama Must be Working for Hillary Clinton Who Ok’d Ludacris’ Edgy Rant Against White America Did B. Hussein Know Rap Hip Hop Groove “Politics: Obama is Here” was Set for Release Did Ludacris Tell Obama about New Song?

July 31, 2008

Who in the world (if anybody) told Ludacris that his new song “Politics: Obama is Here” would be of benefit to his supposed friend Barack Hussein Obama?  The song says Hillary’s a bitch, McCain’s chair should be a wheel chair, and the White House should be painted black, and since Ludacris’ songs are in Obama’s regular I Pod rotation, it’s obvious that B. Hussein didn’t ok the songs’ release, so you wonder if Ludacris is not really a Hillary supporter, as with “friends” like Ludacris, who need enemies?

This will really jack up Hillary’s backers, and cause millions of undecided voters to go McCain’s way, and as more people learn of B. Hussein Obama’s relationship with muslim backed Raila Odinga of Kenya, the rantings of Ludacris and Jeremiah Wright will all make sense as normal fare for the black liberation theologist, the Messiah Lord Obama, who considers muslim jihadists to be spiritual brothers in his brand of Christianity, not what the American people are looking for in their next president.

Whose Foot was Measured for Olympic Stadia Greek Feet Who Decided on Egyptian Babylonian Royal Cubit Length Hunab Distance Calculations by Mayan Staff of Power Who First Sailed Across the Oceans were Sailors of Atlantis Egypt Vedic India Graham Hancock Mysteries of the Great Pyramid’s Specific Size Solved Global Positioning Metric System of Ice Age Civilizations Calculated Earth’s Dimensions

July 31, 2008

Most people assume that the ancient measure of length, the foot, famously codified as the the olympic greek foot (of 12.15 modern inches), was the distance from the heel to toe of some ancient athenian ruler, and we’ve been told that the ancient egyptian and babylonian royal cubit was the distance (20.632 inches) from some early ruler’s elbow to fingertip, but those two meausures are actually subdivisions of the radius of the earth, determined by the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which wobbles at the rate of 72 years/degree (of 360), having enabled the ancients to equate time to distance, by the stars’ apparent movement, relative to the horizon, due to the slow predicable wobble rate, measured by the Antikythera Mechanism, the Celtic Cross (archaeometer), Maui’s Tanawa, and the Mayan Staff of Power, then applied to the surprisingly simple geometric formula in article #2 at

The Atlanteans also navigated by this method, seemingly having used the olympic foot (3,000 of which compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza), because Plato described the dimensions of the city of Posidon, with its concentric rings of canals for ships around the central citadel and temple complex, in greek stadia, which were composed of 600 olympic feet, earth commensurate feet, as the olympic foot is the subdivision of the radius of the earth by a factor of 21,600,000, determined by the 72 years/degree rate of the earth’s axis’ wobble as it circuits the sun.

Graham Hancock, renowned alternative archaeologist and writer, has puzzled over how the ancients measured and thereby precisely navigated the earth during the Ice Age (because he won’t acknowledge the ancient mapping finding in the link), and he can’t explain the submerged ruins worldwide, which are of “bronze age” vintage, because he thinks the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., so he’s trapped into having to grant that the biblical account in Genesis fits these evidences, whereas his darwinian timeline for human development contradicts his intensive research about ancient metrics, the Great Pyramid, and the submerged ruins, which actually went under when the Ice Age ended, circa 1500 B.C. (when the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt occurred).

Hancock has long correctly opined that global navigators built the great megalithic pyramids, temples, and citadels (some of which are submerged on the continental shelf), but he didn’t know how they measured the earth, nor why “bronze age” ruins are on the shallow seafloor, but he has shown disdain for the Bible, and so, has continued to ignore that the biblical account comports with his research, while the darwinian scheme, to which he subscribes, does not.

The ancient mexican hunab unit of length bears further investigating, as it just happens to be twice the length of the royal cubit, so 880 hunabs compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, demonstrating more proof that the ancient measures were by the stars, as the navigators sailed all over the world, including to Mexico, to construct their impressive megalithic monuments to the sun and stars.  And see

Ludacris’ New Controversial Song “Politics Obama is Here” Hip Hop Disaster Ludacris Harms Barack Hussein Obama Campaign Sings “Paint the White House Black Hillary is a Bitch John McCain Belongs in Wheel Chair” Obama Loves Ludacris Music I Pod Favorite Hillary Supporters Have More Leverage at Democrats’ National Convention in Denver

July 31, 2008

Team Barack Obama may have jumped the gun in renting a football stadium for Obama’s supposedly guaranteed nomination speech in Denver later this summer, because Ludacris’ new song “Politics (Obama is Here)” has provided another headache for the B. Hussein campaign, popular in Germany, but dropping in the polls in the U.S., and now, with Obama’s favorite hip hop artist singing “Hillary is a bitch, and paint the White House black,” look for Obama to drop somemore, as the legion of funky associates of Obama’s continue to pull him down.

Hillary merely suspended her campaign last spring, didn’t end it, so she has her delegates secured going into the convention, and Obama’s delegates can change their minds, so it will be a wild convention, lots of fireworks; and I think, by now, there are millions of Hillary supporters who are up to speed on the Messiah Lord Obama’s disturbing relationship with Raila Odinga of Kenya (who promised Sharia Law if elected), so look for an very interesting uprising at the convention, which will badly damage the Obama brand, perhaps even causing a mutiny, with Hillary emerging from the convention as the nominee.

No Press (Tokyo) is Reporting Obama’s Favorite Rapper Ludacris was Commissioned by Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign Camp to Produce and Release New Hip Hop Hit “Politics (Obama is Here)” for Hillary’s Challenge to Barack H. Obama at Democrat National Nominating Convention in Denver

July 30, 2008

No Press (Tokyo) is reporting that Ludacris, Barack Obama’s friend and favorite rap artist, is a closet Hillary supporter, who was commissioned by Team Hillary to produce and release his new controversial hit “Politics (Obama is Here),” which will be played at the Democrats’ national convention in Denver, in hopes that the pulsating beat and edgy lyrics will drive the Democrat delegates to switch-over to nominate Hillary, who (thanks to Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga, Ludacris, and many others) plainly would stand a better chance against John McCain in the fall.

Ludacris’ New Song Politics Obama is Here Shows Racial Hatred of Black Liberation Theology Obama Listens to Ludacris on I Pod Favorite Rap Artist Ludacris Says Paint White House Black Music to Ears of Jeremiah Wright and Raila Odinga Islamic Jihad Comes to America Distrusts Obama’s Crew

July 30, 2008

With B. Hussein Obama’s favorite rap artist, Ludacris, having now confirmed more suspicions about Obama’s character and associations with his new release “Politics (Obama is Here),” in which he says paint the White House black, Hillary is a bitch, and John McCain belongs in a wheel-chair, look for millions more Americans to come over to McCain’s side for the election in the fall.  Ludacris (Obama’s favorite rap artist) sounds like the personal psalmist for the black liberation theology of Jeremiah Wright and Obama, and of Raila Odinga, for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya in 2006 (when the photo of Obama in a muslim hadj outfit was “leaked”), but who lost, so his muslim supporters went on a bloody rampage, killing thousands of Christians and displacing hundreds of thousands more, not what the leftwing press wants to talk about, but Ludicris has provided a wonderful service now, to show the true colors of Obama and his crew.

Favorite Rap Artist of Barack Hussein Obama Ludacris in New Song Says “Paint the White House Black and John McCain Belongs in a Wheel Chair” Barack Obama’s I Pod Regular Ludacris Sings Hillary is a Bitch Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright and Raila Odinga Revealed in B. Hussein’s Militant Afro American Associates and Endorsements

July 30, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama says his favorite rap artist is Ludacris, who recently came out with a song called “Politics (Obama is Here),” in which he says the only chair for McCain is a wheel-chair, Hillary is a bitch, and the White House should be painted black, which is not music to the ears of millions of Hillary’s supporters and Independents who are wondering about Obama’s character and ties to radical black liberation theology, which teaches that marxist black muslims and “christians” are spiritual brothers in their fight to “paint the White House black,” a notion no doubt which would be music to the ears of B. Hussein Obama’s longtime pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

And Obama campaigned for muslim backed Raila Odinga in Kenya, but who lost the election, which caused Odinga’s muslim backers to go on a murderous rampage, killing about 1,500 non Muslims, causing hundreds of thousands more to flee for their lives, and burning much property, as they marauded through the streets with machetes and torches; Obama’s crowd, a crowd no doubt in which Ludacris and Jeremiah Wright would feel quite comfortable.