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December 28, 2010

Can you fathom the nautical word fathom?  What I mean is the depth of the fathom, six feet, why six feet, and who decided how long a foot should be?  The foot, like the ancient cubit unit of measure, has varied through millennia, but both units were originally earth commensurate, determined by geometry, which actually means earth measure, by the old method explained in article #2 at, the olympic foot certainly a 1/3,000th subdivision of the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, that base perimeter length  a 1/7,200th suddivision of the radius length of the earth, calculated from the earth’s wobble rate, check it out.

How does all this (and more) affect the darwinian paradigm?  According to the darwinists, the ancients were not sailing all around the globe with a sophisticated mapping technique based on geometry (meaning earth measure), the capability which comports with the account of the peopling of the world in Genesis 10, so they ignore it, because they know it really takes the air out of the darwinian hot air balloon, destined for the dust-bin of history as you learn more and help progagate the good information at, which the darwinists cannot refute, just try it, the science of the future, old school man.

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December 28, 2010

The darwinists have been saying that homo sapiens evolved and came out of Africa around 200,000 years ago, but now scientists in Israel have dated a homo sapien tooth back to 400,000 years ago, from a cave in the hills of central Israel.  So who were these humans who first lived in that cave in the Holy Land?  The Bible says it was a canaanite, but will the academics of Israel want to say that?  They really might if it ever hits home that for humans to have lived in that prime realestate in the fruitful judean hills 400,000 years ago, there’s no reason to think humans wouldn’t have chosen to use that site and region through all that time, thousands of generations, millions of people through that time, right?

Well where are those remains and relicts?  Perhaps a hundred times the number of people who have lived and died in the Holy Land through the last 4,000 years should certainly have lived and died there through the last 400,000 years, where is the evidence?

First language in the region was canaanite, really beyond dispute, and the first artefacts were canaanite too, comporting with the biblical timeline, so what do the darwinists in Israel have to say about all this?  Can they explain away the obvious veracity of the Genesis account, or will they listen to their biblical scholars who more-often-than-not are scientists too, who are beginning to smell the coffee and propone the plain reading of Genesis as fully compatible with the scientific evidence?  Time will tell, as they begin to see the reality here  And please be sure to see compelling evidence at, a way for you to help spread the word, as the darwinian paradigm is destined for the dust-bin of history, intellectual honesty will do the job.

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December 27, 2010

James Cameron of Avatar movie fame is touring the media touting the rights of the indigenous people of the Amazon, fighting the evil people of technology (who brought him there), saying the manmade climate change also threatens to devastate the environment.  Cameron says it’s not really global warming now, but climate change, any ol’ kind, which makes you wonder if he’s aware of the variations of the seasons of the year?  I watched him spouting his stuff this morning on the tube saying warmer air causes more evaporation for more clouds, hence all the snowstorms this winter; his correct statement which when logically considered ‘though tells you that more clouds will in turn cool the atmosphere back down, negative feedback in the hydrologic science, rendering all the global warming hype unscientific on yet another level (besides the fudged figures by the experts).

Cameron inadvertantly gives us the cause for the ice age, it was much cloudier then because of much more evaporation off the ocean, after all, what else coud have done it?  And the ocean must have been heated from below because if it had been by atmospheric heating, the snow would not have accumulated, so where does that leave us?  Noah’s Flood, the mountains rose at the close of the flood as water slid off into the ocean basins which were deepening at the close of the flood, see, to certainly know that only massive geothermal heating by Noah’s Flood could have been the engine for the hydrology of the ice age.  Help spread the word, refer please to, seeing that the biblical timeline stands vindicated, with good science, Mr. Cameron?

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December 25, 2010

The roman emperor Constantine established christmas in the empire to incorportate his newly accepted christianity within two weeks ‘though of winter solstice celebrations, the latter week having been the week ending the year, the mithra rites from persia, sandwiched between the week of mediterranean saturnalia rites which ended dec. 24, both times of drunken craziness and prayers to the sun god, and that’s the christmas we celebrate on dec. 25th., what a show!

Is it not time we look to when Jesus really incarnated?  It was not in the dead of winter, but in the autumn, when the shepherds with their flocks were coming down from summer grazing high in the judean hills, also at the time of a major jewish sacred festival, Rosh Hashana, timed by the ancient hebrew lunar calendar, so it would certainly fall on one of two solar calendar days from year to year, and therefore “no one can know the day nor the hour of his return.”  Pretty cool.

And all the Bible is true,

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December 25, 2010

What is the human race, and really, what is race?  Barack Obama is supposedly black, yet his mother is white, so what worth then is the term race?  It’s really meaningless, much like Darwin’s term species, because hybrids abound in captivity as well as in nature, of differing “species,” even up to the family level such as with turtles, and we humans are all interfertile too, not of differing races really, with the meaning of race probably from the arabic ras for head, origin, as of a lineage, and so therefore then, what are the lineages and for what so-called races?  Does Barack Obama say that his mother is white, of course he does, so then why do they call him black, color blind?

And so with Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” combined with the concept of race, you can see where that leads, and they call that good science?  Since the term species is meaningless, should we not find a proper designation for interfertile types of animals?  Let’s get real with syngameons, about twenty thousand of which need have been on Noah’s Ark, the ruins of which can be seen on Mount Ararat, see  Why don’t the darwinists go up there to “debunk” the ruins?  Shouldn’t they be up there having a field day?  There is the evidence of our roots, our lineage, from historical Noah and his wife, through Shem, Ham, and Japheth, born out in archaeology and ancient history,

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December 22, 2010

Imagine how it was during the ice age, snowing almost incessantly in the more extreme latitudes and  higher elevations of the world, and much rainier in the middle latitudes, so how’d all that water for the much greater snow and rain enter the atmosphere?  From what and where did the clouds form?  Ask your professors this question to see if they know, because they should, it’s merely hydrology 101, yet the obvious answer, by much greater evaporation off the world ocean, then will lead them to the deduction that the ocean must have been heated from below to have caused the ice age, the engine for the ice age the fountains of the deep described in Genesis, like a pot of heated water, the droplets condensing on the lid to fall back down so to speak, and be sure to respectfully ask them about this as well:, great stuff, see what they say!

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December 22, 2010

Much of the hoopla when the supposed new age in 2012 occurrs on the winter solstice December 21 is because it too is the Christmas season, but was Jesus born on the winter solstice?  Here’s your answer, did the shepherds bring their flocks down out of the high judean hills in the dead of winter, and at time of a major jewish feast?  No on both counts, Jesus was born on Rosh Hashana, which is for two days in late september , which is why no one can know the day nor the hour when Jesus returns, but I think the year can be known, ‘though I won’t venture there.

When you read Ezekiel 38, with the seven year tribulation period in Revelation to follow it, and consider the astrological deception of the winter solstice hoopla for 2012, including “he was born at this time,” things could really start popping soon, as but christians pray for the   peace of Jerusalem, which shall be eventually, but some trying times to come for sure.  Don’t believe the blinded new age hype that a world government will solve our problems, because the Anti-christ will be trying to run it for a short disastrous time.

The winter solstice new age 2012 farce is predicated on the ancients’ knowledge of precession mapping, having counted back 1/5th of a precession cycle for their dates of the beginning of the hindu kali yuga at 3114 b.c., and the mayan fourth sun in 3102 b.c., from the 2012 conjunction of many planetary and stellar phenomena which will occur, known anciently because they could chart the future positions of the constellations by the geometric method simply explained in article #2 at  And please certainly spread the word about