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September 17, 2012

Jared Diamond in his Pulitzer prize winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel, posits that Eurasian nations have produced the most advanced societies because of natural resources and climate, not because of religious and political views, yet ancient Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent (the mountains outlining the north), was as advanced as any, with minerals in the mountains and a river system flowing into the sea for world trade.

So why did not advancement continue in Mesopotamia while it continued in Europe through some dark ages?  It’s because the Middle East was green until circa 1500 b.c. when the Ice Age began to end, vast stretches of previously fertile real estate turned to dust, and submerged ruins since that time prove this late date for the end of the Ice Age when kingdoms became deserts, see more here

Why How Do Can Young Earth Creationists Think Say Universe Cosmos Six Thousand Years Old Big Bang Theory Contradiction Bounded Unbounded Universe

September 14, 2012

Little known to the general public is that theorists of the Big Bang must predicate that the matter of the universe if bounded, because it all began at a point, the matter having expanded away from that point, so there must be a bound to matter’s edge, yet in their calculations, they sadly incorporate the assumption that the universe is boundless, without end.

You may ask why they calculate with the contradictory boundless universe template, the reason being perhaps that if they would calculate with the bounded universe template, the stars would be only thousands of years of age, due to gravitational time dilation during the creation week actually.  See the history of the earth here

What Conditions Were Like During Ice Age Glacial Maximum Pleistocene Extreme Middle Latitudes High Elevations Prodigious Snowfall Rainfall Hydrology

September 13, 2012

When you think of the Ice Age, do you think of elephants on a clear day near icy morasses in the snowy north like in the animated movie?  Think again, frozen buttercups, ferns, trees, and grasses are entombed in the tundra with the mammoth carcasses along the Arctic ocean, so that region was green with pastures and forests during the Ice Age, and clearly, lots of cloudy days with lots of rainfall.

Why was there rainfall in the frozen north now considered a desert for lack of precipitaion?  The key is the cloudcover, lots of it during the Ice Age, not what people think much about, but consider all the snow which need have fallen to have covered some portions of continents with two miles deep of snow and ice?

During the Ice Age it was cloudy virtually all the time, with snow falling in the exteme latitudes and high elevations, and rainfall where now are deserts in the middle latitudes as well as near the coastlines even in the far north where the coastal regions were pastures and forests during the Ice Age, because the nearby world ocean was much warmer, see more

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September 13, 2012

When somebody’s talking about an Atlas of Maps, or body building by Atlas, or the Atlas mountains, that can be your lead in to talk about the truth of the Bible, in pointing out that Atlas was a great grandson of Noah, Atlas a son of Sidon who was Posidon, a son of Canaan.

Refer them then to so they can learn all the great reasons why all of the Bible is to believe, scientifically and historically.  Atlas is a linchpin to understanding the ancient world as you will see at the foundation website.

Atl is Canaanite for water, the same meaning in Basque and Nahuatl, proof that the Canaanites spread far during the Ice Age and after, their tribe well mixed with others through the generations.

Equivalence Meaning Matthew 24 Just As Days Noah So Shall Be When Son of Man Appears Catastrophy Global Flood Rapture Revelation Genesis Significance

September 13, 2012

When the world looks at Christians who say the words written about Noah’s Flood in the Bible do not really mean what they say, then it can be logically said that if the Bible doesn’t mean what it says, why believe any of it?  How are we supposed to know which parts mean what is written, and which parts do not?

Jesus Christ the Word says in Matthew 24 that the world will be in a sickenly wanton condition when he returns to redeem Israel and edify the church (his body), the world in a condition like as in the days of Noah when Elohim dealt with the rampant violence and perversion before the flood, so if Noah’s Flood did not serve that purpose, then why believe the stated purpose in the book of the Revelation (to John) of Jesus Christ, the last book of the Bible?

But there’s no need to doubt any of the Bible, for both ends of it and everything in between are real history, the last events yet to be seen, but sure to follow, as prophecy has always manifested.  See the big picture of ancient history here, the science of the future, old school man.

Public Education Role Bible Schools Limitations First Amendment Right Free Speech Supreme Court Ruling Biblical History Guide Literary Classic Science Limbo

September 10, 2012

The Supreme Court ruled about two years ago that the Bible could be presented in public school curricula as a literary classic and a source for ancient history not for science, so you know in the few schools where the Bible is used as a source for history and literature classes, the question pops up “where in the Bible does real history begin to be recorded?”

Of course Noah’s Flood is supposedly anti-science, but so too is the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so since all the history between those events, about 2,000 years, is allowed notice in the public schools to be a source of reliable history, born out by archaeology, then should students not be allowed intellectual inquiry into the Bible’s claim that it’s all real history?

The early portions of the book of Genesis hold up very well under scientific scrutiny when you read, realizing that the “reliable history” from the later portions of the Old Testament are inextricably linked to the generational lineages in earlier portions, surely a continuum of generations having begun with Adam and Eve.

Unanswered Questions Mystery Underwater Ruins When How Why Submerged Megaliths Legends Stories Reasons Archaeologists Experts Have No Answers

September 10, 2012

Because no geological surveys indicate that earthquakes caused the submergence of the ancient cities now found on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, the only explanation is that their often megalithic structures were submerged when the sea level rose with the end of the Ice Age, no other way to explain it.

Mainstream archaeologists mostly ignore (from their perspective for good reason) the submerged ruins, the ruins well known and sometimes far from shore in hundred foot depths, only conveniently citing edgewater Roman ruins in Italy and Turkey, some of the ruins which earthquakes did indeed cause to drop a few feet.

When you see pictures of some of these often legendary ruins of cities, they’re clearly bronze age, not belied  by ancient legends either, for instance the Vedas of India speak of the flooding of Kususthali (Kush’s thalassocracy), a kingdom of the bronze age, which was the Ice Age.

Submerged Megalithic Bronze Age Cities Legends Ruins Controversy Implications Timeline End Ice Age Atlantis Theories Alternative Archaeology Authors

September 8, 2012

Many famous authors such as Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childress, and Nic Flemming have written extensively about the many submerged megalithic ruins found on the shallow seafloor in diverse regions of the world, yet because they still believe the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b.c., so the bronze-age-appearance of the ruins forces them to say that such civilizations existed circa 10000 b.c. while ‘though mainstream science says 3000 b.c. for the inception of bronze age civilizations.

Why won’t these academics come to their senses that the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b.c., confirmed by the legends of Kumari Kandam, Kususthali, Ogyges, and Hotu Matua?  The main reason is that they don’t want to depart from the darwinian timeline, the alternative to which is the biblical timeline, acknowlegement of the Table of Nations and the “late date” for the end of the Ice Age saying that Bible history is real history.

It would be odd to say that you believe the history in the Bible yet are not a Christian, the dilemma facing Hancock, Childress, Flemming, and the rest, for they know that a 1500 b.c. time for the end of the Ice Age would make the evidence fit very nicely, but to admit the Bible is true to many is akin to shooting your own dog.  We do indeed pray for them, bringing this to their attention.

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September 5, 2012

Certainly click on the Google Translation feature to read the blogposts in foreign languages, all the major languages of the world, so when you see the truth of the material, that all of the Bible is demonstrably true, you’ll want to refer it to others in nations and languages around the world.

Coming soon is a computer generated animation of the geologic dynamics of Noah’s Flood, so our readers from around the world can better visualize the plate tectonic activity, when the mountains rose at the close of the flood, when the floodwater rushed off the risen continents into the then deepening new ocean basins.

The books Ice Age Civilizations and Old Earth? Why Not! are available for free ebook download in several languages under section Donations at, so please avail yourself of those, and help us spread the word that all the Bible is true, even Genesis!

Alpine Snowline Ice Age Glacial Elevations Moraines Pleistocene Maximum Ocean Sea Level Fluctuations Floods Biblical Timeline Chronology Climate Change Bronze Iron Ice Age Holocene Transition Bible Book Genesis History Time Science Meteorology Hydrology

September 4, 2012

When you think of the Ice Age, imagine all that snowfall to have covered much of Cananda and the continental U.S. to a maximum depth of the 10,000 feet, an almost unimaginable amount of snow, on the ground in Ohio year ’round for instance, so the skies must have been thick with clouds almost all the time, which of course made the summers much cooler by shade and more rainfall, considerably cooler.

And because of that dense cloudcover during the Ice Age, the winters were warmer, with prodigious amounts of snow falling to cover much of the continents, that snowfall extending later into the year than today because the dense cloudcover caused a “late spring,” and during the summer the dense cloudcover precluded much snowmelt, the conditions for the Ice Age, with legends such as the flooding of Kumari Kandam, Kususthali, and the Flood of Ogyges from Greece.

During the Ice Age, that elephants roamed southern Spain is confirmed in Plato’s Atlantis reportage, a bronze age empire according to the story, Posidon and his son Atlas the main players in its founding, so who were these men deified?  The Sidonians were some the greatest mariners of the ancient world, named after Sidon, who was a son of Canaan in the Bible, Sidon who became Posidon, they having measured the earth by its wobble rate to accurately map it, see The Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.