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August 31, 2010

Poor Ken Ham, borderline psychotic P. Z. Meyers over at his popular darwinists’ blog Science Pharyngula has been laughing at Ham for saying that the post Deluge world was populated by mariners on mats of vegetation from the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, clearly preposterous, particularly since P. Z. and I know they navigated the globe during the ice age, which followed Noah’s Flood, by the method explained in article #2 at, what Ken Ham has ignored, even having called it preposterous, out of his professional jeolosy, so he’s stuck with his floating mats of vegetation for the settlement of the continents separated by vast oceans.

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August 31, 2010

Google AIG (Answers in Genesis) Bodie Hodge Atlantis, read his article for the little he knows of that great ancient maritme power in biblical context, to see that he’s really clueless on the subject (when all the information here under category Atlantis Revealed is considered).  Several years ago, I contacted many associates at AIG to inform them of the prolific number of submerged ruins worldwide which prove the Atlantis story, that the ice age ended much later than the darwinists are telling us, yet the folks at AIG said it’ not relevant to what they do, and they said that my ancient mapping finding in article #2 at is nonsensical, so you wonder what motivates those people at AIG, as it seems certain they are not interested in the latest and most effective evidences for young earth creationism presenting the veracity of Genesis.

Do the folks at AIG really think the presence of Amazons in South America, Libya, and the Black Sea region, was just some quirky etymological and geographical coincidence of history?  Do they not know that Medina Sidona in southern Spain was named after Sidon, who was Posidon, who was a son of Canaan?  Can’t they understand that the Formorians of ancient Britain, the first there, were the Formoricchi, the men of Morocco, there in the shadow of the Atlas mountains, named after Atlas, a son of Sidon, and holder of the sky, the map man, who measured the earth by its wobble rate as explained in the link?  They don’t, so please clue them in, to see if they can overcome their professional jeolosy this time, to propagate the Gospel.

Maybe they will donate to, miracles do happen.

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August 30, 2010

In the Annuls of Clonmacnoise, an ancient history of Ireland compiled in the region of Galway on the river Shannon, it’s said that:

“….. the Formorians were descended from Cham, the son of Noah, and lived by piracy and spoil of other nations, and were in those days very troublesome in all the world.”

In all the world, from Galway?  And who were the Formorians?  They were the men of Morocco, the Formoricchi, atlanteans actually, their ruins off Scilly, and on Tory Island, their battles with Parthenon and then the Firbolgs (men of Belgium) documented in ancient irish lore, and from Galway too, the Breasil clan, who sailed across the Atlantic to their namesake Brazil, and Amazons from greater Libya, part of Atlantis, navigators who measured and mapped the earth (see article #2 at

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August 29, 2010

I was googling libyan zuni, the ancient zuni indians of New Mexico having a language and archaic script very similar to that of ancient Libya, which was agreed as proven by London Examiner online writer David Seals and a libyan scholar and ambassador with whom he conversed for the article which I read, those two agreeing the language was from the aqualithic period of Libya, but that was when the Amazons lived there along Lake Tritonis of greater Libya, circa 1200 b.c. when the aqualithic was ending and the Amazon queens Myrina and Merope sailed respectively east and west to find new land as Lake Tritonis was all but dried up by that time because the ice age had recently ended, not way back at 6000 b.c. as the two scholars further opined, defiant of the clear fact that the ice age ended much later than we are being told, actually in line with the biblical timeline, the ice age having ended at the time of the Exodus led by Moses and the submergence of the bronze age megaltihic structures now found on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world.

Seals and the libyan ambassador saw no reason to doubt the work of Barry Fell of Harvard, having established (‘though little reported) that the script of the semitic writing hebrews and canaanites is found etched on rocks in north, south and central America, definitive proof of transoceanic navigation at the time of Atlantis, the homeland of the ancient Mexicans, what they called Atlan, or Aztlan, across the eastern ocean, the same as Plato’s Atlantis, who obviously had the date wrong having described bronze age technology in his rendition of Atlantis, what Glenn Beck should be talking about as he is realizing that the ancients were navigating the oceans, with the astronomically geared methodology by which they surely measured and mapped the earth by the stars, simply explained in article #2 at  See the big picuture here please, and show it to Beck.

Ancient Greek Egyptian Chaldean Atlantean Origins Evolution Spherical Geometry Trigonometry Earth Measuring Systems Great Pyramid Dimensions Nautical Mile Mapping Flat Earth Maps Ancient Sea Kings Charles Hapgood Azimuthal Equidistant Mapping Horizon Dendera Zodiac Horus Precession Mapping Solar Vernal Equinoxes Archaic Cartography

August 27, 2010

Imagine that you were an ancient, from the bronze age, looking at the night sky, and realizing as you pointed high across the sky that it forms a celestial arch, the arch of the sky, and under it, the surface of the earth, which when the horizon is skirted with the finger, so to speak, forms a circle, that those spots on the horizon of the circle, when reached by foot, sea, or horse, allows new 360 degree vistas, the horizons of which to circle again with the finger, those new landmarks sighted on the new horizons successively then to be approached, and so on, and so on, and so on; so why did the ancients supposedly think the earth is flat, did they venture not as far to have reached “the edge of the earth?”

But of course they knew the earth is a sphere, just look at that thing on the shoulders of Atlas, known to many as Hercules, the map man, who utilized the astronomical timekeeping device from God, the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree, that ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, the method revealed in the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” compiled by Charles Hapgood.  Check it all out, very interesting stuff, not what you’ll learn in the public schools, and the method by which it’s demonstrated that the Americas were settled mostly by sea, during the bronze age, which was the ice age, and on into the iron age.

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August 26, 2010

Biblical skeptics say everybody up to the time of Christopher Columbus thought the earth was flat, but really?  Remember in public school being told that the hebrew Columbus defied the experts by sailing across the Atlantic, having been told he would fall off the edge of the world when he did?  How silly are the skeptics ‘though, considering good old Atlas, from ancient times, who was said to have held the earth, a sphere, upon his shoulders?  Shouldn’t it have been a flat square or a round plate if today’s skeptics of the bible are correct? 

The ancient mexicans said their ancestors from across the eastern ocean (the Atlantic) “measured the round face of the earth and the arch of the sky,” the mayans among them, Maya, who was a daughter of Atlas according to the greeks.  And what of the ancient mayan astronomical numbering system, with tuns, katuns, and baktuns of time, denominated in base six numbers?  See the answer to all this in article #2 at, and be sure to alert those teachers in the public schools, it will be a real eye-opener for them.

And be sure to refer to the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” (Hapgood), to see the manifestations of the methodology explained in the link, we are not being told the truth about our ancient history, so let’s get it straight, and it starts with you, let’s spread the word, as Glenn Beck challenges the “experts,” having declared that the ancient canaanites and hebrews had sailed to the Americas, the navigational method apparently still unknown to Beck too, so please let him know, to discuss on the air, to his millions of listeners.

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Mormon Teachings Glenn Beck Stolen History Ancient America Frank Joseph Mormonism Archaic Bronze Age Navigation Atlantic Atlas Mountains Atlantis Dictionary Proofs Historical Records Atlantean Empire Glenn Beck Barry Fell Cultural Seafaring Diffusionism Harvard University Hebrew Canaanite Block Lettering North South Central Americas

August 22, 2010

The esteemed faculty at Harvard University should be proud that Glenn Beck is vindicating the work of harvard professor Barry Fell (now deceased) proving that the ancients were sailing the oceans of the world around the time of King Solomon and Hiram of Phoenicia, the “block letter hebrew scripts,” as Beck calls them, found in many locations in the Americas, proof of that exploration and settlement (no doubt in many cases) during even back into the “bronze age,” the methodology for the precise navigation of the globe the same used to determine the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt circa 2200 b.c., according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, see article #2 at, and be sure to alert Glenn Beck, this stuff will really get the ball rolling fast.

Frank Joseph of the Ancient American magazine, a mormon like Beck I think, has compiled a wonderful encyclopedia of historical names and places relating to the etymologies from Atlantis, that empire not submerged 12,600 years ago, but only about 3,500, when the ice age actually ended, born out by the submerged megalithic bronze age ruins found at hundreds of locations around the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), so just go ask a darwinist what they have to say about those submerged ruins, and watch their eyes glaze over, or they’ll say with great confidence that earthquakes did it all, with perhaps erosion and/or tsunamis too, but to explain submerged ruins of whole cities entact, such as in the Gulf of Cambay, almost a hundred miles from shore, with those geologically specious rationales, obviously stretches credulity well past the breaking point.

To study some of the ancient epigraphy in the Americas and around the world, by the ancient navigators, be sure to peruse:

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August 21, 2010

Glenn Beck really shook the scientific establishment on his show of 08/18/10, citing the phethora of evidences that sophisticated geometers, writing in mostly semitic canaanite script, had sailed to the americas from the “old world,” this notion flying in the face of the darwinian dogma that all the ancient civilizations of the “new world” were begun exclusively by the descendents of people who crossed the bering land bridge during the ice age.  The darwinists say the ice age ended circa 10000 b.c., but what about their carbon 14 dates to have “established” that timeframe?

Please carefully read through, in particular under Carbon 14 Dating, it’s a real eye-opener, what Beck should be talking about, as he perhaps unknowingly presents a major tenet of young earth creationism, that the “bronze age” navigators were sailing over all the globe during the ice age which began and ended much later than the darwinists want to admit, their sophisticated geometry achieved by the methodology in article #2 at, and be sure to read article #1 also, bountiful fodder for Beck if he’s willing to compare his mormon model for ancient history with the christian Genesis model.

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Atlantis Aztlan Atlan La Raza Americas Mexican Homeland Eastern Ocean Atlantic Glenn Beck Block Hebrew Writing Lost Civilizations Proof Genesis Veracity Atlantis Canaanite Hebrew Letters Atl Water Key Understanding Bronze Age Seafaring Piracy Phoenician Global Navigation Cartography

August 20, 2010

With Glenn Beck having now realized that speakers and writers of ancient hebrew and canaanite (both written in semitic lettering) were all over the Americas, having arrived by sea in the 1000 b.c. timeframe (and before actually), he has set off surge of research on this.  And as you google phoenicians in the Americas, and then ancient America epigraphy Barry Fell, you will see that the evidence is beyond doubt overwhelming, while the ivoy tower academics sit on their hands, about the linguistic affinities too of the ancients across the oceans, for instance atl meant water from Atlit-Yam of Canaan in the east to the Atlas (atlantean) mountains of Morocco (formorians) then to the atlantean columns which held up temples at Tula and San Augustin in the Americas, yet the darwinists insist all the ancient people in the Americas had trudged down from the bering land bridge of the ice age, when but the oceans are the fast easy way to go for people from very ancient times, as the evidence proves.

So Beck can really get things rumbling with this thesis, and so, prove that the ancient mexicans were correct that their homeland, Atlan (Aztlan), was “across the eastern ocean,” which just happens to be named the Atlantic, after Atlantis, and Atlas, who was a son of Sidon, a son of Canaan, whose progeny were known as the formorians of earliest ancient Britain, the ruins submerged off the Scilly Islands of Cornwall so attesting, and those in Cardigan Bay and off Keris, among no doubt others.  And ruins submerged off Spain and Morocco, off Cadiz, Rota, Chipiona, Tarifa, and Lixus, not doubt among others, little discussed because they obviously must have gone under much later than the 10000 b.c. time that we’re told by the darwinists that the ice age ended, so Glenn and staff, I hope you examine all this, and tell your latino listeners who are concerned about Atlan that this is the real deal.  (See how they measured and mapped the earth in article #2 at

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Glenn Beck Show 08/18/10 Lost Civilizations Native American Astronomical Mounds Dimensions Greek Stade Stadia Measurements Hebrew Phoenician Letters Script Rock Carvings Barry Fell Harvard Semitic Canaanite Epigraphy in America Genesis History Biblical Chronology Timeline

August 19, 2010

Glenn Beck could now be the unknowing champion for biblical young earth creationism.  He rightly proponed on his show yesterday that navigators to the Americas preceded Christopher Columbus by thousands of years, leaving semitic canaanite and hebrew lettering on rocks in many locales, and surveying their ceremonial mounds, such as the Serpent Mound in Ohio, by the stars and planets, reflecting a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy, and actually, their ability in all this by the ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, but Beck doesn’t know about it yet, so please apprise his staff of the finding, for Beck to really reek havoc on the darwinian establishment.

And when Beck realizes that the ice age ended much later than the darwinists are telling us, that Atlantis went under actually during “the bronze age,” then he will really have something with which to very effectively challenge and defeat the scientific establishment, so I look forward to being a guest on his show, with your help suggesting it to his staff, so we can then discuss too that pesky (for the darwinists) debris field of the wreckage of Noah’s Ark at 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat (see at

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