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June 28, 2009

Unfortunately, science taught in our high schools and universities is the purported fact that the vast sedimentary rock strata which compose most of the geologic column on the continents were deposited during multiple transgressions and regressions of the ocean, on and off the continents, through hundreds of millions of years, but is there really evidence of multiple transgressions and regressions?  If this had been, then why are there no ancient soil horizons within the geologic column, which should have been covered by the subsequent sedimentary transgressions of the ocean? 

And what caused the ocean level to supposedly rise and fall (or the continents sink and rise), many times, with the ocean water reaching to the middle of continents, to have caused the entombment of billions of fossils within sedimentary layers which often extend across entire continents (with many of the layers grading into each other as if deposited from one catastrophe)?

Besides the obvious evidence that the sedimentary (meaning layered in water) rock column was indeed caused by the ocean having layed down those sequential, mostly flay-lying (except in the mountians), deposits on the continents, what other evidence do we have that the sea level has risen in the past? 

There are hundreds of sites of submerged bronze age ruins on the continental shelf in many parts of the world, such as off the coast of Lebanon, Greece, Spain, India, and Japan, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, when sea level rose about three hundred feet to cover about twenty million square miles of low elevation land, but the Ice Age(“s”) supposedly began about ten million years ago (“for no known reason”), while the deepest sedimentary rocks on the continents are supposedly hundreds of millions of years old, so the mainstream scientists can’t say ice age sea level fluctuations were responsible, and even then, the sea level fluctuation of several hundred feet would not nearly be enough to reach the continental interiors for sediment deposition, so this cannot be their rationale.

And mainstream geologists don’t have any other possible reason (that sea level rose and fell supposedly many times), but the global flood model fills the bill, as you read on in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, learning that the mountains rose at the close of Noah’s Flood, and that only a paradoxically warmer ocean could have been the engine for the Ice Age (as you can also learn under category Catastrophic Climate Change).  And lest you think there is really know intelligent design of the universe, then checkout article #2 at, explaining how they surveyed the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza according to measures of the wobble rate, 72 years/degree, of the earth’s axis.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of ancient legends about the global Flood, written like a ship’s log in the Genesis account, the first book of the Bible, which relates much about the beginnings of the universe and earth, and the generations of mankind in the early days, with all but the six days of creation recorded by eyewitnesses, as explained in article #13 at, so you can see that the Bible really makes alot of sense, particularly when compared to the lame hypotheses of those who would try to disprove it.  See too and

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June 28, 2009

On the desolate desert plains of northeastern Syria, very near the border with Iraq, a large ancient city has been discovered, Hamoukar, with clay brick defensive walls ten feet high and thirteen feet thick around the city, which was about a quarter of a square mile in area, there in what is a desolate arid environment, no farming but by irrigation, however, during the Ice Age when the city was flourishing, there were well watered fields of grain requiring no irrigation, because the rainfall was about five times greater in the region during the Ice Age, which ended much later than popularly advertised, actually circa 1500 B.C., when the great drying occurred which ruined Hamoukar and other nearby cities, such as Tells Beydar, Leilan, and Brak, on the ancient obsidian route between Ninevah, on the upper Tigris, and Aleppo, on the upper Euphrates, traditionally considered part of greater Syria, where the Canaanites were dominant in bronze age times, with the Hittites, and Sidonians, having been sons of Canaan, and the name Syria from Suriyya, Tsyrus, or Tyre, the ancient greek designation for the Levant, from the coasts of Lebanon (where was the phoenician port of Tyre) and Syria, inland to western Iraq, with the most ancient port cities of Canaan now on the shallow seafloor in several locations off Lebanon and Israel, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, which clearly therefore must have ended much later than popularly advertised.  And this will bring it all more into focus

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June 27, 2009

The famous swastika sign of naziism is thought to have been an ancient sun sign, like the cross within a circle, the celtic cross, but there is other meaning to those signs, etched in stone, that the ancients could determine true north (hence the four cardinal directions depicted in the signs), for seafaring and the determination for the lengths of the cubit (20.632 inches) and the olympic foot (12.16 inches), the units used to survey many of the great ancient sites, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and in the case of the olympic foot, the original Acropolis at Athens, both built at the dawn of post Deluge civilization, during the Ice Age, as explained in article #2 at (and know that 3,000 olympic feet compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, which however was surveyed in cubits).

So it’s obvious that ancient history is not as proponed in our institutions of higher learning, where it’s said that tree shrews morphed into humans (over time), with no evidence of such ever having happened, yet that is fact to them, expected for us to believe, when in reality, even Darwin’s own term species is meaningless, his concocted term supposedly indicating genetic boundaries, old and new (ostensibly by mutation), however, differing “species” of animals can interbreed even up to the family level on the phylogenetic tree (such as the many species of turtles), and therefore, the term species is meaningless for Darwin’s supposed purpose of showing the “evolution of new species,” because what he observed was merely genetic variation within kinds of animals, scientifically known as syngameons of animals, such as the “species” of cats,  lions, tigers, and leopards, which can interbreed, as can many “species” of horses, bears, birds, fish, elephants, and all the rest, capable (or were capable) of hybridizing withing their respective syngameons, which obviously puts Noah’s Ark into play, because “millions of species” need not have been boarded on the Ark, only thousands of syngameons.

According to darwinian logic, the races of humans are because of darwinian evolution, and so, also by logic, comporting with the doctrine of the survival of the fittest, some so-called races will eventually come to dominate, presuming we are essentially just animals.  But race was not even a big isssue in the very ancient world, merely the notation of hair and skin color usually sufficing, with all types of people in various regions and kingdoms of the world in “archaic” times, such as in archaic Olmec land of Mesoamerica (much due to the navigational methodology explained in the link), so there is no historical reason to believe that one race has or will come to dominate the rest, and really, what is a race, can you define one?   Is it really as simple as black, red, white, yellow, and brown?   I don’t think so, because we are all of one syngameon, as the evidence plainly indicates, and by the way, neanderthal man was a human during the post deluge Ice Age.  

In foisting darwinian dogma on impressionable young minds in the schools, the educational elites, led by Obama, seek to brainwash our kids to never believe the obvious truth however which is found within the pages of the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, the historical truth which explains the benevolent intelligent design of the universe so that humans could measure their world in ancient times, as explained in the link, and the historic and hydrologic truth that only geothermally heated oceans (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, and the archaeological truth that the bronze age ruins found submerged on the continental shelf in many parts of the world have been there since the end of the Ice Age, which therefore clearly ended much later than popularly advertised, in conformity with the genesis timeline ‘though with the Exodus having occurred when the Ice Age was ending.

And see

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June 27, 2009

Did you know that the ancient greek measure, the olympic foot, because it was a bit longer (12.16 inches) than our modern foot, was a subdivision of the radius length of the earth?  It’s true, measured by the surprisingly simple methodology explained in article #2 at, the archaic source of the geometric numbers for our nautical mile mapping system, both based on timekeeping, to measure longitude, accurately, impossible without accurate time measure, obviously achieved in ancient times by the measurement of the very slow rate of the earth’s wobble, at 72 years/degree, with 3,000 ancient greek feet (half a nautical mile) composing the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, but which was surveyed in cubits (20.632 inches), in order to embody pi within the Great Pyramid’s dimensions, as explained in the link.

And so is the intelligent design of God’s created universe, such that mortals could measure and map their environment, to settle and repopulate the globe during the Ice Age after Noah’s Flood (see the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!).  So no space aliens were necessary for this achievement of geometry, only the inspiration to have known where to look, and how to apply the precession rate of the earth’s axis for this geometry, which means earth measure, the methodology by which the lengths of the ancient cubit and olympic greek foot were established, so be sure to tell your professors, they need to know that the world indeed was repopulated within centuries by global navigation and the land migrations too, such as across the bering land bridge during the Ice Age, ended circa 1500 b.c., proven with the plentiful submerged bronze age megalithic ruins.

And see

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June 26, 2009

The House of Representatives is engaged in debate about Obama’s carbon-credit/cap-and-trade legislation (which would cause higher energy costs in this government run scheme), with the news that some Democrats are getting cold feet, ‘though not saying so in public, afraid to vote with Obama on this because the folks back home will probably vote them out of office if they do vote for this blatant attack on the free market system, but where when oil and gas become rare, the price will go up, and we will then be transitioning to other forms of energy because of those higher prices.  So why not let the markets, supply and demand play this, without government intervention to line its coffers on the backs of Americans? 

The global warming hype which Obama embraces is demonstrably foolish, because any real atmospheric global warming is due to temporary fluxes of heat from the sun, solar flares, and such global warming in turn is buffered by an increase of cloudcover, by increased evaporation off the surface of the then warmer oceans, for more hurricanes, which cool the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle which Obama’s scientists love to ignore.

And when you think about it, since there must have been much more cloudcover during the Ice Age for all that snow and ice in the more extreme latitudes and high elevations, and much more rain where now are deserts in the middle latitudes, the oceans at that time must have been paradoxically warmer, to have caused the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age.  Think about it.  But if those warmer oceans were caused by solar flares, for a warmer atmosphere, then how could there have been an Ice Age? 

The answer is that the oceans were heated from below, through fissures in oceanic crust, during Noah’s Flood, which easily covered the pre Flood landmasses, as the mountains we see today rose at the close of the Flood, composed of sediments, which means laid down in water.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to learn how the ancient measured the earth by its wobble rate (72 years/degree) in article #2 at  Additionally, I hope you demand that you Congressman not fall into the global warming hype designed to fleece Americans.

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June 24, 2009

After reading Andrew Robinson’s excellent overview, in his book Lost Languages, of the still undecifered scripts of the ancient world, such as the Meroitic script of the ancient kingdom of Kush (south of Egypt), also known as Nubia, I’m struck by his ignorance of the Table of Nations in the Bible, where Kush is explicitly listed as a son of Ham (Khemet of Egypt).

Yet Robinson says the source of the name of Kush is unknown, however later, he mentions the kushitic king Taharqo, noted in the Bible as Tirhakah, in the 700 B.C. timeframe, well over a millenium after Kush lived, so why does he put his trust in the Bible circa 700 B.C. but not a millenium or before, especially considering that he acknowledges the Elam of Genesis 10 (who lived when Kush lived) as the namesake of the Elamite kingdom?  The undecifered proto Elamite script, discussed in his book, has been discovered in western and southern Persia, with base six numbering, for accounting and bookkeeping, like the Sumerians, based upon the numbers of the ancient mapping system byy the earth’s wobble rate explained in article #2 at (so please avail yourself of it, as the rest of this blogpost will relate to it).

And Robinson thinks it’s implausible that the Kush of the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the Kush of the now underwater city of Kususthali/Dwaraka, submerged off the coast of northwest India (since the end of the Ice Age), could be the same Kush as of sub-saharan Africa (which was wet and lush during the Ice Age when the Great Pyramid was built, surveyed by the methodology in the link, by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, and nations flourished in what now are deserts), but yet, remember, Robinson says the ancient source of the word Kush is unknown, so how can he say the asian Kush is not the same as the african Kush, since he seems ignorant of the Kush of the Bible, when it should be as plain as the nose on his face (and why does he acknowledge Elam from the Genesis 10 account but not Kush?)

The Dravidian people of Kususthali used the still-undeciphered Indus Valley script and language, which has great affinity, having many signs in common, with those of the undecifered RongoRongo script of Easter Island, 13,000 miles away, and thought to be separated too by millennia of time, but with the ancient mapping method explained in the link, you can see that the commonality of scripts is because of transoceanic navigation, actually during the Ice Age, which ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Sahara and the other deserts of the world ended many great ancient civilizations, such as of the Elamites of ancient Persia, the land of the Aryans, who migrated east into Pakistan and India when the Ice Age and the Indus Valley Civilization ended.

So apparently then, if not before, global navigators had sailed even far to Rapanui (today known as Easter Island), where the ancient RongoRongo (which means recitations) script discovered millenia later, undeciphered, but having many sign likenesses to those of the Indus Valley script, which probably was of the Dravidian language, the Dravidians who mostly migrated south when the Aryans came in because of the drastic drying in the Middle East, from southern Persia and the Caspian basin, when the Ice Age ended.

And the almost universal term for the sun in the realm of the Kushites of southern Asia and Africa, and beyond to Rapanui (Easter Island) was Ra, the sun god of Egypt, and of the tribes of the Pacific islands too, because of the global navigation capability in the 2000 B.C. timeframe, described in the link, which was the basis for the ancient hindu vedic yugas of time, with nautical mile mapping numbers, the association being the mapping method by the earth’s wobble rate, at 72 years/degree.


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June 23, 2009

In his news conference today, Barack Obama says his national healthcare plan, with the “government option,” will not drive the private medical insurance companies out of business, which is obviously a foolish statement, because small business owners would inevitably cut the private healthcare benefit to their employees, as a cost saving measure, good for their bottom lines, telling the employees to go sign up for government healthcare, under Doctor Obama (egads!), such that millions of employees would switch away from private healthcare insurance companies, which clearly would drive those companies out of business.

Education is on Obama’s policy plate as well, no doubt trying to solidify the government monopoly on education, but Darwinism is going the way of the dodo bird, as viable alternative models for geological and biological history are becoming well known to the public, despite censorship by the darwinian community, such as the ancient history described in the Bible, where the story of the creator and his creation is told, in the book of Genesis, read all about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to learn how the ancients measured the earth by the God created wobble rate of the earth’s axis in article #2 at

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June 23, 2009

Ancient Carthage on the coast of Tunisia of the Phoenicians was not one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin, ‘though you’d guess it would have been, there where Sicily (Europe) and Tunisia (Africa) are separated by a surprisingly slim swath of shipping lane between, with shipping to Gibraltar and the rich mines of southern Spain (Atlanteans of Tarshish), and Cornwall, England (Formorians), to the west, and the great ancient cultures to the east of Egypt and Cannaan (Tyre), as well as, the ancient Hittites, and Greeks, with extensive trade indicated amongst all those cultures back in the 2000 B.C. timeframe, about a millennia, however, before the founding of Carthage, so why the seemingly illogical late date for the founding of Carthage there on that strategic shipping lane?

Carthage means new city, Kart (city) Hadasht (new), built according to the design of the City of Posidon in Plato’s story about Atlantis, with concentric shipping canals (and the temple and capital in the center) connected to the nearby Mediterranean for incoming and outgoing ships, the New City, built by the Phoenicians, who were the Atlanteans (known to the Egyptians also as the Sea Peoples), having built a new shipping mecca because the Atlantean empire was destroyed by the sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age, which actually ended circa 1500 B.C., so the ostensible late building of Carthage was for good reason, several centuries after the submergence of hundreds of ice age coastal stone buildings in the Mediterranean, and submerged off southern Spain in the Gulf of Cadiz (named after Gades, a son of Posidon in Plato’s story), the submerged ruins of the Atlantean empire, off the coast of southern Spain at Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes, off the San Sebastion Causeway of Cadiz, and off Rota, Chipiona, and Huelva, so why don’t we see these on National Geographic?

Bronze age ruins submerged on the shallow seafloor do not at all mix with mainstream scientists’ notion that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., so they don’t like to talk about the underwater ruins, many of them magnificent in scale, such as off Yonaguni, Japan, and off Egypt, the ruins of Menouthis and Heraklion, as well as, the two huge cities submerged in the Gulf of Chambay off northwest India, since the end of the Ice Age, during which the greek god Chronos, the Time Man, who was the biblical Ham, Cham (of India), or Khemet (of Egypt), surveyed the earth by the methodology explained in article #2 at, and built many of the megalithic cities of north Africa’s coast, some now submerged since the end of the Ice Age, and some remaining onshore in the middle of deserts since the great drying with the end of the Ice Age (see category Catastrophic Climate Change and

Inspiration for Origins Methods of Astronomical Calculations of Ancient Yugas of Time Indian Vedic Chaldean Babylonian Egyptian Greek Atlantean Mathematics Arithmetic Geometry of Archaic Number Systems Invention of 360 Degree Nautical Mile Mapping Scheme Circle Hexagon Circumscription 12 Houses of Zodiac Sexagesimal Counting Bronze Ice Age Global Mapping by Precession Rate Origins of Ancient Numbering Units Length Greece Olympic Foot Egypt Royal Cubit Dimensions Great Pyramid Giza Half Nautical Mile Base Perimeter Length Universal Measuring System Conversions Global Positioning by Earth’s Wobble Rate 72 Years/Degree Archaic Map Numbering Spherical Geometry Template

June 22, 2009

Did you ever wonder why there are 12 “houses” composing the astrological zodiac, with each house lasting 2,160 years?  It’s because the ancients measured the earth by the method explained in article #2 at; those numbers derived from sexagesimal spherical geometry, according to the rate of the wobble of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree, the same numbers for our modern nautical mile mapping system, proving that the ancients were the first to accurately measure the earth, as explained in the link, with the hexagon base numbers from geometry, meaning earth measure, retained for our modern system, which is based not on precession time measurement, but solar time measurement, however, the geometry of the two systems is the same, the hexagon circumscribed by the circle of the earth. 

The ancient greek olympic foot (12.16 inches) was a sexagesimal earth commensurate measure (as was the royal cubit), with 3,000 olympic feet composing the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt (‘though it was surveyed in cubits), and the hindu yugas of time are also sexagesimal numbers, derived too from the methodology described in the link, so you can see that the methodology was common to the elites of many ancient cultures, including the Atlanteans, who apparently used both the ancient foot and the cubit, as the City of Posidon was described by Plato measured in stadia (units of 600 olympic feet), and the 176 towers of ancient Ilipa (Tartessos) indicate their knowledge of how the Great Pyramid was surveyed.

And see

What Was is Charles Darwin’s Definition of Term Word Species Biological Animal Genetic Barriers 200th Birthday Anniversary Propaganda Hype for Darwinian Evolution National Geographic Magazine February 2009 Edition Darwin’s First Clues Writer David Quammen Education Background Yale Oxford University Transmutation Morphing of Species Concept No Definition by Evolutionist Charles Darwin South America Studies Extinct Ice Age Pleistocene Animals Climate Change Extinctions Giant Anteaters Sloths Armadillos Supposed Descent of Species Variation Animal Kingdom Fauna Syngameons Phylogenetic Tree Designations Families Biblical Kinds of Animals Deer Family Examples Against Darwinian Evolutionary Theory Mainstream Scientific Dogma for Year of Darwin Media Blitz

June 22, 2009

David Quammen wrote a glowing piece for National Geographic about Charles Darwin, how he supposedly has set the bible believers of the world straight regarding the true nature of biological history, but Quammen creates the strawman argument that the Christians of Darwin’s time believed that God created the giant ice age armadillos, sloths, and anteaters (remains of which were discovered by Darwin in South America), and then, after their extinctions, God supposedly created the smaller versions of the present day, the last in a long series of creations which Quammen says creationists believed to have occurred, and so (as Quammen’s story goes), Darwin correctly linked genetically the ice age creatures with the smaller present day versions, while the creationists didn’t.

But creationists, at least the ones who believe what the book of Genesis actually says (young earth creationism), know that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, and as Darwin probably knew this too, he didn’t even try to define it himself, saying only that “scientists will know what they mean when they use the term,” proving that Darwin may have known that his theory was a fraud from the very beginning, but followed through on his scheme in defiance of his christian upbringing, coming to supposedly believe that all the creatures morphed over time from swamp goo or some such.

That large ice age animals became smaller with the climate change accompanying the drastic drop in precipitation rates with its end is really no biological surprise, and certainly not indicative of darwinian evolution, as Darwin and Quammen claim, but only natural selection, however, not within species (whatever that means), but within syngameons, such as the sloth syngameon of animals, otherwise known as a biblical kind of animal, demonstrating that only thousands of kinds/syngameons of animals, not millions of “species,” need have been on Noah’s Ark, proving that Genesis history matches what is noted in the world of biology, as well as, in geology, astronomy, hydrology, and archaeology, elablorated upon in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

Hybridization within the deer syngameon is a classic example of the foolishness of the darwinian species system, as hundreds of so-called species of deer exist in the world, all common at the family level on the darwinian phylogenetic tree, and I would bet that all of them are genetically capable of interbreeding with each other, proving that they are of one syngameon, not may species, because they are all reproductively viable, the true marker between kinds of animals, not Darwin’s species, which escaped even his definition, the dead giveaway that the theory has no scientific legs.

And be sure to see