Underwater Discovery Ice Age Pleistocene Aboukir Bay Canopic Branch Nile Egypt Frank Goddio Submerged Menouthis Herakleion Canopus Inland Naukratis Alexander Great Greek Port Alexandria Rhakotis Egyptian Phoenician Cities Seafloor

March 31, 2008

On three estuarine branches of the now extinct Canopic arm of the Nile River, three branches now submerged, five to fifteen kilometers east of Alexandria, Egypt, in Aboukir Bay of the Mediterranean Sea, are the ruins of three bronze age cities, Herakleion, Menouthis, and Canopus, mostly under several meters of silt now, but cities, as confirmed by divers and sonar scans, to have been huge megalithic complexes of temples, canals, paved streets, statues, and stone-work plazas, which succumbed to the sea with the end of the Ice Age.

Mainline archaeologist Frank Goddio has carried out the most extensive investigation of these anciently submerged sites, and with maps, photos, and videos, you can see the grandeur of these three ice age cities which were the western gateways to Egypt for the mediterranean world circa 2000 B.C., and on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, are the submerged ice age canaanite port cities of Atlit, Old Sidon, Yarmuta, with more on up the coast of Lebanon, all having gone under when the Ice Age ended, when sea level rose about 100 meters, which consumed about 25 million square miles of land in total worldwide.

When Alexander the Great marched to the coast of Egypt where the Canopic branch of the Nile still flowed into the Mediterranean (by that time into Aboukir Bay, over a thousand years after Canopus, Menouthis, and Herakleion, had succumbed to the sea), the only settlement at the site of what would become Alexandria was the tiny fishing village of Rhakotis, with Naukratis, fifty miles inland on the Canopic branch, having been the commercial shipping gateway to Egypt from the Mediterranean at that time, so Alexander built his great port city on the shore of the Mediterranean, 20 kilometers from where the then still extant Canopic branch flowed into Aboukir Bay, indicating that the three now submerged cites were indeed not there when Alexander lived.

But mainstream scientists say that the now submerged cities were there when Alexander arrived, which is plainly silly, as there would have been no need to build Alexandria with those three cities already there, and surely Alexander would have gone to those cities, not tiny Rhakotis instead, if the three now-submerged cities were still thriving ports, as mainstream academics, such as Frank Goddio, still insist.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review Hillary Clinton Richard Mellon Scaife Good Review Operation Chaos Rush Limbaugh Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Republican Crossover Votes Scaife Limbaugh Hillary Confuse Democrat Superdelegates

March 31, 2008

Billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife of Pittsburgh, whom Hillary Clinton calls a charter member of the “vast right wing conspiracy” against her (and Bill), recently sat down with Hillary for an hour and and a half as owner editorial board boss of the Pittsburg Tribune Review newspaper, and gave a rousing report about Hillary’s knowledge and poise in his paper’s editorial review section, but came short of endorsing her, for very good reasons, because (no doubt) he still is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, part of Operation Chaos led by commander Rush Limbaugh, who is causing millions of Republicans to crossover to vote for Hillary in the democrat primaries, to cause the confused superedelegates to agonize over whom to support for the Democrats’ nominee for President.

Flood Legends Literature Oera Linda Kumari Kandam Harrapa Rama Submergence Epic Sea Level Rise End of Pleistocene Atlantis Gibraltar Eastern Altantic Mediterranean Ancient Deluge Stories

March 29, 2008

Plato wrote of the sea level rise which consumed much of Greece and the western maritime empire, Atlantis, in his Critaeus and Timaeus (and in the Frisian Oera Linda), and ancient Vedic literature states that the bronze age Rama and Kumari Kandam kingdoms of India were submerged by the sea, when the Aryans came down from the north, and there are submerged megalithic ruins right where they should be found, according to the ancient history; off northwest India’s coast in the Gulfs of Kutch and Cambay (Rama empire), off southern India (Kumari Kandam), and in the case of Atlantis, near Gibraltar, off Tarifa, Cadiz, Huelva, and Tangiers, so the legends are proven true by these submerged ruins, and please see the big overview here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Greek mycenaen submerged ruins are found off Platygiali, Astakos, Abdera, Elafonisos, and Samothrace,  corrobarating Platos account, that they went under just before the days of the greek kings Cecrops and Erechtheus, so why don’t scientists look more into all these submerged bronze age ruins?  It is because the mainstream scientists say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., and so, the end of the Ice Age sea level rise was about 8,000 years before those now submerged bronze age ruins (corrobarated by the legends and ancient histories) were consumed by the sea, when the Ice Age ended, actually circa 1500 B.C., not 10000 B.C.  Look further into this under the various categories here, and download the free ebook Old Earth? Why Not!, to see how this later-than-advertised end of the Ice Age fits into the big picture.

Bad Name Electorate Liberals Matthews Olbermann Maddow Kondracke Blitzer Adapt Label Themselves Progressives But Karl Marx Proponed Progressive Income Tax System So Progressive Political Moniker Worse Than Liberal Designation for Open Borders High Tax Government Monopoly Democrats

March 29, 2008

Mainstream tv media talking heads, such as Mort Kondracke, Wolf Blitzer, and Chris Matthews, have decided to start calling liberal Democrats “progressive Democrats,” because the label liberal in America has rightfully been associated with the supposedly benevolent government domination of Americans’ lives, and open borders, not what the Founding Fathers envisioned, and so, Chris, Mort, Wolf, and many others, seem to have agreed that liberal is out and progressive is in, to try to fool the American people that somehow progressive is different than liberal.

The talking heads are trying to sell that progressive means progress for America, which in the liberal/progressive mindset for public policy, is not what the american people want, after all, progressives are just liberals by a different name, and ontop of that, Karl Marx dubbed the greatly higher tax rates for greater income earners “progressive” taxation under the communist scheme, so progressives are in line with Karl Marx, also not popular with the american people.

The media elites will find a new name for liberal progressivism when the american people automatically equate liberal with progressive, you can bank on it, so perhaps they’ll call liberal progressives change electives in the future; “change elective Democrats,” but then, that will be found out too by the american public, so the liberals will have to find a new handle with which to try to fool us.

Christian Muslim Evangelism American Pluralism Diversity Free Speech Marketplace of Ideas U.S. Christians Witness Preach to Muslim Islamicists Contrast Point Out No Free Speech Intellectual Dishonesty Islamic Tyranny Muslim World

March 29, 2008

Muslims think they can takeover America too, as they are making great inroads in Europe now, dictating policy there, demanding, and being granted, special rights which accommodate their religious preference, Islam; honor-bound to try to takeover the world, by persuasion, or force if necessary.  Force by islamic terrorism being the popular modus operandi these days, against which the american people stand.

We are fighting for our freedom, and the freedom of people everywhere, from oppressive tyrannies such as those from islamic global jihad.  Look what’s happening in Africa and Europe, they are taking over governments by the sword, just the way Muhammed would have it, and the Muslims pledge to not stop there, they have America in their sights, so let’s start preaching to the Muslims in the U.S., giving them christian tracts and other materials, showing them how freedom of speech and religion works here in the U.S., and hopefully, in Iraq soon, and everywhere else where Islamic aggression for dominion is being resisted.

Christians should show the Muslims in the U.S. how it works here (but not in muslim countries); free association, freedom of religion, and free speech in the marketplace of ideas, in public, as long as not overbearing, is the rule in America.  So let’s preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslims where we find them, tactfully and subtley of course (perhaps discussing why their lamb sacrifices are no longer needed to please the God of the Bible), to show that Islam cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas, winning the battle for the minds of those who have embraced, or have been force into, the global islamic movement seeking to put the world under Sharia Law.

Intelligent Design Science Hexagonal Snow Ice Crystals Lattice Work Carbon Moleculer Structure Organic Chemistry Precession Axis Earth Cycles World Circle Circumference Hexagon 25,920 Years Efficient Beneficial Engineering of Nature Elohim Genesis Account

March 28, 2008

The splendid precision of the engineering of nature, created by God, intelligent design, is evident with the Creator’s use of the hexagon in the structures of nature; from the hexagonal crystals of snowflakes, to the hexagon lattice-work of microscopic carbon molecules, and to the hexagonal compartment-complexes of beehive honeycombs, the geometry of the hexagon lends itself to efficiency in nature, with three sides, rather than two, for each half of the hexagon, for great strength, coupled with the fact that the radius of a circle which circumscribes the hexagon is the same length as one side of the hexagon, for maximum packing efficiency of the hexagons en masse.

And Elohim, the Creator in Genesis in the Bible, who said “let Us (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) make man in Our image,” also caused the slow wobble of the axis of the earth, like a gyroscope in space, to cycle at just the rate, 72 years/degree, by which mere mortals could measure the earth in ancient times, geometry, which means earth measure, because the precession rate, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which would cycle once in 25,920 years, is the perfectly divisible by 6, enabling the ancient mapping methodology described in article #2 under Ice Age Civilizations here.  The creative intelligence behind the design of nature is obvious to everybody, but some deny it, as they philosophically deny God’s existence; part of the God-denial programming rage we have seen from the mainstream media and public education through the years.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, it really can’t be denied.

Internet Online Release Dutch European Banned Anti Islamic Jihad Film Fitna Geert Wilder Atlas Shrugs Ominous Tones Miami University Richter Library Tower Adhan Prayer Chant Barack Obama Worship Global Islamic Ambitions

March 28, 2008

With Muslim adhan chants emanating from the Richter Library tower at the University of Miami this month, calling all people to Islam, during Miami’s Islam Awareness Month, it’s apt that Geert Wilder’s short film, Fitna, graphically and insightfully documenting Islam’s violent march of conquest, and so, banned in Europe where the Muslims have intimidated the media, is however now available online, so check-it-out at the outstanding watchdog website, Atlas Shrugs, covering the destruction caused by the islamic political movement worldwide.

That the University of Miami would embolden the muslim radicals by blaring muslim prayer chants from the Richter Library tower highlights political correctness run amok to the point that muslim stuff is treated as enlightened, part of healthy diversity, or whatever, on college campuses, but not christian material and judaistic material, so you can see that liberal hallowed halls of higher education in America are muslim and PLO friendly, like Barack Obama and much of the democrat party, thinking that the Jews have little or no right to the Holy Land, contradicting the feelings of the vast majority of Americans.

The New York Times reported that Obama said the sound of a muslim prayer chant blasting out from a mosque (or from Richter Library) is the sweetest sound on earth.  Nice, but I thought Obama is a Christian?  Oh that’s right, Jeremiah Wright’s black Jesus, and so, the Jews supposedly have no right to the Holy Land.  I guess they teach black Jesus at the University of Miami department of religion.   

Islamic Terrorism Global Hegemony Dutch Muslim Expose Film Fitna Geert Wilder Released Internet Atlas Shrugs Muhammed’s Jihad Fitna Europe Israel America

March 28, 2008

Geert Wilders new film, Fitna, exposing the motivations and carnage caused by the islamic jihadists, was banned in Europe, but is now available on the internet, easy and free access at AtlasShrugs.com, so check-it-out; a wakeup call for realizing the intent and destruction caused by the Muslims who obey what the Koran says, to submit all the world to Islam, by persuasion, to the point of the sword if necessary.  The film is graphic and galling, but a must see for those concerned about what the world of Islam would have in store for freedom loving people around the globe.  And be mindful that Barack Obama has ties to these people, something to factor as you decide who should be the next U.S. President, and stay ontop of the latest about islamic terrorism and their political intrigue at that excellent website, Atlas Shrugs.

Islamic Hyprocrisy People of the Book Jews Jerusalem Koran Hebrew Roots Old Testament Basis Islamic Teaching PLO Canaanites No Claim to Israel’s Holy Land

March 28, 2008

Muslims claim that the Koran is the last book, the last revelation of their god, after the revelations, prophecies, and history, of the Old and New Testaments, much of which the Muslims claim is inaccurate, in order to fit their god, Allah, upon what is written in the Bible.  So they pick and choose the portions of the Bible which are compatible with Islam, and throw out the rest, or say portions of the rest were not transcribed properly, and so, should not be recognized either.

And nowhere in the Koran is Jerusalem mentioned, much less that it is supposedly Islam’s third holiest site, so the Muslims obviously have no claim to the Holy Land and Jerusalem, since it didn’t even concern Muhammed in his writing of the Koran, and since the Holy Land was a virtual wildnerness when the Jewish state was re-established in 1948, not to mention that the “Palestinians” never ruled over Israel in ancient times, but were a menace which the ancient Israelis vanquished.

Yet here we have tiny Israel, about the size of New Jersey, surrounded on all sides by muslim enemies seeking her destruction, ‘though with no claim to the land, unless they want to call themselves Canaanites, who did control the Holy Land before Joshua and the Jews took over, so that Muslims, who call the Jews fellow “people of the book,” in supposed deference to that the Jews honor the Old Testatment (some of which the Muslims selectively revere), rings hollow because they seek the destruction of Israel.

So apparently, the Muslims should rightfully think the Canaanites have rights to the Holy Land (since their Palestinian claim is historically specious), and thereby, should seek legal recourse at the U.N. as the CLO, the Canaanite Liberation Organization (which would certainly be difficult to establish genetically), otherwise, they’re just doing their plain ol’ jihad thing, which Muhammed admonished them to carry out anyway.

Islam Awareness Month Call to Prayer Adhan Richter Library Tower University of Miami Muslims Chant for Allah Islam Says Jihad Kill Infidels Who Don’t Bow to Islamic Global Hegemony Obama Wright Khalidi Farrakhan Odinga Marxist Liberation Theology

March 28, 2008

The message of Islam is that people should bow down to Allah lest they be killed by Muslims, according to the Koran; real simple, easy to understand, and now, the University of Miami is blasting chants (Adhans), calling Muslims to islamic prayer from the Richter Library tower every Friday for a month, in order to honor “Islamic Awareness Month” at Miami U., as if Americans aren’t already plenty aware of Islam and the threat it poses to the free world, the countries where religious pluralism is allowed, but verboten in muslim countries, where Jews, Christians, Hindus, and anybody else not Muslim, are persecuted, and many times killed, for not bowing to Allah and his minions of islamic expansion by the sword, the way Muhammed “evangelized.” 

Do you suppose, if there were a “Christian Awareness Month” at Miami U., they would allow the song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” to blare from Richter Tower like they allow the Muslims to blast out their Adhan, their call to prayer to Allah, all across the campus?  I think we can safely say the answer to that is no, so political correctness unfortunately encourages our nation’s enemies, but stifles the christian message, the message which the majority of Americans cherish, a message which is the greatest enemy of Islamists and their goal to subjugate the entire world to Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law by the sword if necessary.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama, advocate of marxist liberation theology, says that the call to prayer from a muslim mosque at sundown is the prettiest sound on earth.  Oh really?  But this does not surprise me, as Obama’s circle of affiliations includes Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farakkan, Raila Odinga, and Mohammar Khaddafi, so I wonder why Obama doesn’t go to Miami to give a big speech extolling the virtues of Islam?  Oh, that’s right, such activity would cause his poll numbers to sink even further, so you can bet he’ll act like he’s never heard of these people for the rest of the primary season, but the cat is out of the bag, Barack Hussein Obama.