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November 28, 2010

The ancient frisian book Oera Linda written beginning circa 500 b.c. in the Netherlands (proven by the ancient frisian writing script style in its early portion) says that king Friso was the progenitor of the people who would be called Frisian, after the flood of the sea which consumed Atland, coastal land during the ice age quite obviously, now known as the Dogger Banks in the North Sea, part of the atlantean empire which Plato said extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Libya and Italy, and outside Gibraltar too, up all the way apparently to the north Atlantic, where tin for bronze was in great supply particularly in what today is called Britain (named after Brutus of trojan descent).

Atland (Atlantis) was a great ice age civilization, which warred against the powers of the eastern Mediterranean circa 1500 b.c. when actually the ice age began to end with the destruction of Atlantis and much of Greece, the greek Flood of Ogyges and Dardanus (circa 1500 b.c.) not factored in his chronology of the Atlantis story, with bronze age navies and weaponry.

Darwinist historians of european human chronology dismiss the Oera Linda history of the ancient Netherlands as fable because of its date for the flood by the sea at 2193 b.c., far too late a date for them for the end of the ice age, but then who was the progenitor of the Frisians if not Friso, and of the Saxons if not Friso’s brother Saxo, that lineage laid out in the Oera Linda?  This case is like that of the clearly direct lineages laid out in Genesis 10, names key in real history, such as Kush, Elam, Aram, Asshur, Rama, and Tarshish, but this clear linkage to the bible excruciatingly ignored by the darwinists.

Much of the world is now laughing at the darwinists’ willful ignorance of this real history, born out by such as the Oera Linda, an early writer of which, probably from oral tradition, mistook a date for Noah’s Flood for the 2193 b.c. date in the Oera Linda, the global flood, Noah’s Flood, which induced the ice age afterword, the end of the ice age having begun about nine hundred years after the disastrous global flood survived by only eight people.  The dynamics of the flood explained at

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November 26, 2010

King Breas in ancient Ireland circa 1700 b.c., leader of the Tuatha Danann tribe, defeated the Formorians, the first settlers of that region, great seafarers all.  King Breas controlled an island about four hundred miles to the south in the Atlantic, labeled Hy Brasil on one of the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” on the Dulcert portolano, that island (now the Porcupine Bank) submerged since the end of the ice age when the sea level rose a few hundred feet, actually within about a hundred years beginning circa 1500 b.c., the sea level rise confirmed in the ancient frisian Oera Linda just before the rule of Friso, who organized the ancient dutch people, the Frisians, in the aftermath of the great sea level rise which also consumed what now are the Doggerbanks in the North Sea, and ruins of the bronze age tin miners now submerged too off Cornwall.

Saint Brendan the Navigator sailed across the Atlantic from Galway for twenty years in the Americas (Americos/Armoricani) over two thousand years after the demise of legendary Atlantis, the submerged lands of the Formorians and Tuatha Danaan having been part of that coastal empire (which Plato said extended inside the Straits of Gibraltar to Libya and Italy, and outside as well, obviously up to the big tin source in the eastern Atlantic during the bronze age there at Cornwall), much of it now underwater since the end of the ice age.  So Saint Brendan circa 800 a.d. apparently had been privy to the mysterious ancient mapping tradition explained in article #2 at, perhaps having first named Brazil for Breasil, or perhaps so named by navigators long before him, as the “brazil” nut tree is not the namesake of Brazil, the indigenous name for that tree pernambuco.

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November 25, 2010

Muslims, do you really think Allah is the answer?  Not so.  His main apostle Muhammed took converts by hook or by crook, so where was his outward look?  It was to world conquest, by the dictates of the Koran and Hadith, “brainstorms” both, so are you really onboard?  Do you really want to help subvert the world by that scythian sword of the half moon?  The Lord, the creator of the 72 years (virgins)/degree rate of precession, is the Word, so what now do you do with that?  See article #13 at, and then sincerely try to realize that the muslim books are historically and spiritually lacking. 

Think about it, do the progressive atheists and theorists of islam really have your back?  And when will the american “liberals” ever realize that the islamic sword is destined for them if they won’t submit?  As the proponents of sharia law try to invade Oklahoma, Hussein Obama staggers under the “redneck” pressure, the courts of law in the u.s. standing in judgment now, whether to bow to Allah or not, which would be no problem I’d think for such as Louis Farakan, Jeremiah Wright, and James Cone, buddies of Barack Obama.

Half of America now receives some kind of welfare, so for whom would they likely vote, the party (democrat) which gives them more for less, or the party (republican) which “gives” them free opportunity to exploit their property within reason (considering CO2 comes out of animals), the way the Founding Fathers of America intended?  The original was life, liberty, and the pursuit of property, then Jefferson had it changed to happiness (obviously a weak substitue term).  So if happiness is a world under Allah, then get ready for what’s written in the Hadith and Koran, not a pretty picture.  Compare it to the Good News of Jesus Christ, just preaching, no swords, ‘though at least one of the apostles toted one as I recall.  See Ezekiel 38, and then, on whom would you bet, the nation of islam, or “the apple of God’s eye?”

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November 24, 2010

Clean coal burned is no longer considered clean unless the carbon dioxide bi-product is trapped underground, but volcanos and animal farts produce much more CO2 than does coal burning worldwide annually, so why is the greenhouse gas charade allowed to continue, how stupid and ignorant are we deemed by the “experts?”  Imagine the jobs which would be created without strictures of carbon emission regulation?  Think of all the manufacturing concerns which would open up, and with oil and gas drilling to ideally be allowed offshore, think of those jobs which would be added too.

For u.s. governmental and currency solvency, the federal budget must be cut, with hundreds of thousands to be laid off the government payroll, so where will they work?  In those jobs which would open up, and their support industries, millions of new jobs, that is where they will work.  And with lower corporate tax rates, and enforced borders to repel those entering not legally, investment would boom in America, but will the politicians see, admit, and act upon the obvious, or will they continue to legislate for our continued decline?

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November 24, 2010

At universities they teach that the length of the ancient royal cubit used for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza was determined supposedly by the length from some pharoh’s elbow to fingertip, the length 20.632 inches, 1,760 of these units which compose the precisely half nautical mile base perimeter length of the structure, quite a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?  The base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, the dimensions of which embody the pi value (880/280), just happens to be 1/7,200th of the radius length of the earth, and that ostensibly from an extrapolation of the pharoah’s forearm to fingertip length?  What a coincidence!

But with the obvious real means by which the length of the royal cubit and dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza were determined right here (article #2, at first blush, you wonder why leaders in education ignore this information; however, on further inspection and consideration, you can see that the finding proves how were drawn the ancient source maps for the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” such as the Piri Reis and Waldseemuller maps, drawn during the ice age by the geography of the maps, which clearly puts a gigantic crimp in the darwinian timeline, an embarrassment to their dogma, so they avoid all this like the plague.

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Airport Security Measures Terrorism Solutions Muslim Law Racial Profiling Lukewarm Nominal Koran Hadith Followers Must Crackdown on Jihadi Islamists Self Policing Moderate Muslims Could Alleviate Need Racial Religious Profiling Security Islamic Terrorists

November 23, 2010

Does anyone doubt that followers of islam are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world today, specifically, almost if-not-all of the terrorism confronted by the airline industry?  So who in their right mind (except the terrorists) should be against “racial” and religious profiling, in the attempt to root out those islamic terrorists killing for Allah?  Would you look for islamic terrorists by frisking elderly catholic nuns?  Would that be a good use of time and money?  Have you ever heard of a presbyterian grandpa bound for Disney World with a bomb strapped to his groin?  If muslims who don’t like the killing for Allah would police their own and root them out, then “racial” and religious profiling would not be needed at the airports, but until muslims acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and allow other religions to be practiced freely in muslim dominated countries, don’t hold your breath.

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November 23, 2010

Some mainstream archaeologists rightly opine that the ash from the eastern mediterranean’s Thera eruption circa 1500 b.c. may have been a factor in the catastrophes which struck Egypt when the Exodus of the Jews to Canaan occurred.  And this historical account in the Bible is actually confirmed with the ancient egyptians’ Ipuwer Papyrus, when drought and anarchy, pestilence and pillaging, ruled the day in once great Egypt, that record from circa 1400 b.c., when actually the ice age was ending, certainly plausible when the flawed nature of very ancient carbon 14 dates is honestly appraised (see, the realization that very ancient mediterranean port cities such as Menouthis and Heraklion near Alexandria have been submerged offshore since the end of the ice age all the more compelling.

The great deserts of the world began to develop at that time, when rainfall amounts declined to near zero in the centuries following, when the hebrews who had come out of Egypt lived in the hill country of what had been Canaan, now Israel, as the Philistines of Palestine had also only recently come to that region, but by sea, some of the Sea People who had sailed in thousands of ships from afar, documented in the ancient papyri of Ramses II of new kingdom Egypt which was a re-organization after the anarchy described in the Ipuwer Papyrus and the book of Exodus, the biblical timeline coming out smelling like a rose, confirmation beyond a doubt really, see

President Barack Hussein Obama vs. Sarah Palin Projection Polls Surveys Education Electability Question Vulnerabilities Factors General Election Presidency 2012 School Choice Vouchers Young Earth Creationism Democrat Women Scientific Intellectual Honesty Sharia Law Domestic Security Reasons Why Sarah Palin Threat Democratic Base

November 23, 2010

Left wing zanies such as talking-head Chris Matthews are laughing that Sarah Palin would be crushed by Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 general election (if they both were nominated by their parties), but let’s analyze that notion, as if Chris is just bluffing, to see that he just might be doing so.  Smart democrat women in all age and income brackets are very disappointed in Obama’s destruction of the economy, and with inflation now on the horizon to add to the problems, and trillions of investment dollars sitting on the sidelines, by 2012, they will be fit to be tied, to Palin, who wants economic freedom for companies, not Obama’s enviro-nazi tactics (based on carbon dioxide levels for pete’s sake, we breath out the stuff and so do volcanos).

Sarah Palin favors school choice, so what democrat woman wouldn’t like the option for their kid to go to a private school with school choice vouchers?  And once democrat and republican mothers understand that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, the dogma that goo morphed into you can be compared and contrasted with the biblical model.  Read on at this website to see some of what the darwinists would have to try to explain away in debate format comparing the models, not at all what they are looking forward to, just ask them.  And when it comes to second amendment rights, how many democrat mothers do you suppose like the idea of having somebody around who knows something about home defense?  These all add up to a big win for Palin in 2012, if they both are nominated by their parties.

And for school choice, how ’bout

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November 21, 2010

When you read Plato’s account about Atlantis, the bronze age weaponry and navigation explicitly described in the tale really jumps out at you, so how could Atlantis (and competitor state Athens) have been navigating the oceans in trireme ships using bronze weaponry at Plato’s date of 9600 b.c.?  Do we throw out the story because of the date provided to Plato via egyptian priests, or do we consider that with the date corrected to 1500 b.c., the whole story makes all the sense in the world?  Read on under category here Submerged Ancient Ruins, to see that the evidence is overwhelming for a much later-than-advertised time for the end of the ice age, actually at the time of the Exodus, a real shocker for darwinists. 

Atlantis was said to have gone under in a day and a night because of an earthquake and flooding, that was the City of Atlantis, first known as the City of Posidon according to Plato, five miles from the ocean coast, a city of concentric rings of ship canals, connected to the ocean to the south by a five mile long canal, so we are supposed to believe that an earthquake caused all that land to collapse into the sea?  When has an earthquake ever caused an entire coastal plain five miles inland to drop into the sea?  Plato said the atlantean empire extended inside the Pillar of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Libya and Italy, and outside along the atlantic coast too, all submerged when the sea level rose with the end of the ice age, when the bronze age ended.  See more here

Christians Response Mormon Glenn Beck Show Tower Babel Nimrod Language Confusion Ancient Hebrew Rabbi Daniel Lapin Jewish Phoenician Canaanite Global Navigation Ice Age Young Earth Creationism Biblical Model Advanced Ancient Marine Civilizations

November 20, 2010

Glenn Beck and rabbi Daniel Lapin have been talking about the ancient history in the book of Genesis, specifically Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, equating the current progressive push to global government with Nimrod’s attempt that every knee would bow to him.  But God wanted all the world settled after Noah’s Flood, not just in ice age Mesopotamia (when it was raining there very much more), where the Tower of Babel was being built, so He confused the languages into 72 basic groups from which all the various dialects evolved over time all over the world, a phenomenon which even darwinistic linguists are forced to admit, much to their chagrin.

And in August last, Beck was citing the ovewhelming evidence that phoenicians and hebrews had sailed to the Americas in bronze and iron age times, not at all what the darwinists want to admit, but when pressed, the evidence is so overwhelming that when analyzed, the darwinian position looks ridiculous that all the ancient ancestors of the “natives” of America had migrated across the Bering Land Bridge during the ice age.  Just google phoenicians in America or hebrews in America, and the evidence is staggering.  So how did they navigate?  By the stars, based upon the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, see article #2 at

The irrespressible Beck and rabbi Lapin have obviously painted themselves into a corner proponing young earth creationism, for with global navigation in the timeframe of the Tower of Babel where 72 languages had manifested from 1 (probably hebrew), that one language had come from the prediluvial world spoken on Noah’s Ark, the remains of which have been recently confirmed on Mount Ararat (see, so Beck and Lapin should continue their ancient history study by the book, the greatest book of ancient history and in scope of geography and time and uncanny accuracy, the Bible, the Word, who is Jesus Christ.

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