Why Protestants Question Mormon and Catholic Candidates is Their Bible Add Ons

September 30, 2007

Team Mitt Romney is up in arms that conservative Protestant Christians aren’t embracing their candidate, and they feign to not know why, but it is very obvious to Protestants that because the Mormon religion has added much text after Revelation (the Revelation of Jesus Christ), any candidate who supports such is not seen as a friend of New Testament Christianity, certainly a factor to consider when selecting a candidate.

Roman Catholicism has also added-on to the Bible after the Book of Revelation, but because Roman Catholicism is so widespread in America, candidates of that religion are no longer questioned to such a degree, but Protestants do prefer non “add on” candidates, all things being equal, and of course, some Americans would prefer an Atheist President, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Nor for a Mormon President, as there are not nearly as many Mormons as Roman Catholics in the U.S, so Romney doesn’t have much of a chance in the primaries, in my opinion, but we shall see.

Kinky Friedman not Dancing from Genesis nor a Democrat Run for Governor of Texas in 2010

September 29, 2007

My friend Kinky Friedman says he’s open to running for Governor of Texas in 2010 as a Democrat, we’ll see what happens.  He’s been popping up on TV quite a bit lately as a talking head, usually commenting on the illegal immigration woes we are experiencing in America, particularly in the Southwest U.S., this is a big issue in Texas.

Kinky loves Texas, and hates to see her turn into Texico, so he wants to know that those who enter our wonderful country have done so through the proper channels, not through the Rio Grande channel at night, so we can know who’s coming in, and that they should be coming in, instead of the virtually unabated flow of people coming here, for the benefits, for the work, or for ill intent, or the cooler weather, the greater general prosperity, etc., etc., etc.

Many say Texas is part of Aztlan/Atlan, but that was actually submerged when the Ice Age ended, in the Atlantic (get it, Atlan/Atlantic?), so there is no strange ancient legitimate claim to the U.S. by Mexicans, or anybody else.  This “Aztlan in the U.S.” thing is crazy, and I hope the Kinkster talks about it, somebody run this by him please, as I will.

And regarding prayer in school, at the Kinkster’s 2006 campaign site, they say:

“Kinky favors optional, non-denominational, prayer in school.  He believes there’s nothing wrong with children believing in something, even if it’s a rock or a tree.”

So Kinky would have no problem with a kid walking into class with a copy of Ice Age Civilizations and/or my upcoming Dancing from Genesis, to read and discuss at lunch, beginning the day with a prayer to his/her God (I would hope Jesus).

Kinky gets it.  We all have differing ideas about life and eternity, don’t fight it, that’s the nature of humankind, so just get on with the education, and let them believe what they want to believe, it’s really pretty simple, and fair.

Dancing from Genesis says Oklahoma Sooners 2007 Juggernaut Looks Tough to Beat

September 29, 2007

The 2007 edition of the legacy-rich OU football program looks to be one of the greatest.  ESPN’s Mark May (ex Ohio State and Washington Redskins offensive tackle) said that he considers OU’s offensive line and defensive backfield to be the best in the nation, and to date, with Colorado coming up today for the Sooners, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Watch Sooners’ freshman quarterback and scratch golfer Sam Bradford (#14) and sophomore tight-end Jermaine Gresham (#18), future pros for sure, I hope they stick around for a few more years. Bradford’s arm, accuracy, agility, and good decision-making, make him a rock of consistent production for the Sooners, and Gresham has the speed and agility of a wide receiver at 6′ 6″ 255 lbs., with great hands and knack for the ball, so with the excellent wide receivers and running backs too, and few turnovers to date, they have been unstoppable.

Although I was born in Texas, and have lived here for many years, I grew up in Oklahoma, so guess what?  I’m a Sooners fan, can’t help it, didn’t even go to college there, but when you grow up in Sooner Land, you are forever one of the faithful.

Florida, USC, and LSU, have comparable talent to OU’s, so it will be tense at the end, but I’m pretty sure OU will be in the top four at the end of the year, hopefully designated to be in the National Championship Game.  Texas, Texas A & M, and the northern division champ of the Big 12, should all go down without much trouble along the way, but first, Colorado today, one play at a time boys.  Boomer Sooner!

Update: the Golden Buffalos were the better team today. Ouch.

Hillary’s Cash to Newborns Scheme is Plain Vote Purchasing with Your Money

September 29, 2007

Fox News is reporting that Hillary proposes the Federal Government will supply newborn children with a $5,000 “college fund,” to supposedly accrue interest, and then be cashed in when the kid turns 18, ostensibly for the kid to go to college. 

But do all kids go to college?  No.  And are there other things which 18 year olds perhaps would rather spend thousands of dollars on?  Yes.  And is there any guarantee that money will be there 18 years from now?  No.  Does Hillary care?  No.  She just wants this carrot to dangle in front of (what she sees as) the gullible and selfish American voter.

Why should you be forced to help pay (through taxes) for other families’ kids’ college educations?  And would they actually use that money for college, and will the “fund” actually have money in it 18 years out and further? 

This crass play for votes by Hillary is spectacularly bodacious, she is gambling that more Americans will take the bait than will not.  I don’t think most Americans are that gullible.  Let’s watch the blow-back she gets on this one.

Mitt Romney to Enlist Mormon Missionaries for Door to Door Work in Iowa Primary

September 28, 2007

Fox News is reporting tonight that Mitt Romney intends to enlist the services of an army of Mormon missionaries to go door to door in Iowa to try to drum up votes for him in the Iowa Primary.  Mormon missionaries are under the care of the Mormon church, so it appears that the Mormon church is providing political campaign workers, perhaps a multitude of them, for the Romney push in Iowa, does this seem fair?

Do you suppose they’ll go door to door in their familiar black pants and white shirts, to try to kill two birds with one stone, pitch for Mormonism and Romney both in one visit?  I think Saturday Night Live needs to think about doing a skit about this.  And if they do, I expect my royalty check.  (Maybe they could give away “Mormon Mitts and Mittens” for campaign donations over $100.)

Greece Bronze Age Atlantis and Job in Uz then Catastrophic Climate Change

September 28, 2007

I read the other day that 300 of the 350 or so “Bronze Age” sites in Greece were destroyed or abandoned, quickly, circa 1500 B.C., when the Bronze Age ended, and the author (I forget where I read it, a “peer reviewed” author I’m quite sure) was really at a loss as to why that happened, he guessed climate change, but had nothing to back it up.

Well, climate change it was indeed, in fact, Plato wrote about ancient times before him, during the Bronze Age, when they used bronze (and iron) weapons, and sailed in trireme fighting ships, the ancient time when Plato says that Greece was rich with streams, forests, and pastures, whereas, by Plato’s time, it looked like it does today, dry, rocky, few trees, few streams, difficult agriculture, so those 300 abandoned or destroyed sites were when this drastic climate change occurred, to end the “Bronze Age.”

And over in the Land of Uz, where Job lived, current day UZbekistan, it was much rainier too, for many more streams and pastures and forests, where now it is mostly parched raw desert, but the climate change which struck ancient Greece also hit the Land of Uz, and Elam (Persian), and Sumer, Egypt, the Indus, all through the middle latitudes, when the Ice Age ended.

Atlantis went under at that time, as did other vast stretches of coastal territory, about 25 million square miles worldwide, when the Ice Age ended, for sea level to rise about 100 meters, and so we see the submerged ruins in various parts of the world, such as off Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Spain (part of Atlantis), France, Japan, India, and Greece.

There are many submerged megalithic “Bronze Age” sites off Greece, such as off Platygiali, Astakos, Abdera, Epidaros, and Elafonisos, these are the ruins from the time when Greece was fighting Atlantis, according to Plato, before much of Greece was consumed by the sea, when Atlantis went under, at the end of the Bronze Age, circa 1500 B.C.

Platos’s 9,000 years before his time for Atlantis is obviously off the mark, it was more like 900 years, and there are a variety of other reasons to believe this, which I am discussing in my upcoming book, Dancing From Genesis, to be released sometime near the first of the year.

Has Hillary Clinton Won Over America?

September 28, 2007

Although Hillary is far ahead in the polls among Democrats, Obama has raised as much money as Hillary, about $60 million, so is Hillary really the darling of all who are left of center?  Obviously not, so when general election time comes, how many of those Obama supporters are really anti Hillary people, and so, should Hillary win the primary, how many of them would vote to not re-start the Clinton circus at the White House?

I think many Democrats will consider what a Hillary presidency would mean, Bill as the First Gentleman, all the jokes for sure from the comedians, and constant questioning about their past ventures and escapades, and so, say “let’s not do this,” hold their noses, and vote for the Republican.  I think this is a distinct possibility, just look at all that money from the Democrats for Obama, against Hillary, which has come in.

Young Earth Creationism Book Ice Age Civilizations at Florida Institute of Technology Evans Library Shows Good Science

September 28, 2007

I was surfing the web yesterday, and noticed that my second book, Ice Age Civilizations, is on the new book list for Sept., 2007, at the Evans Library of the Florida Institute of Technology, which goes to show that the solid science in it, discussing ancient celestial mapping to measure and map the Earth, submerged megalithic ruins which show that the Ice Age ended later than advertised, and Ice Age hydrology which dictates that the Ice Age oceans were “paradoxically” warmer, but with a Christian young earth creationist punch line, still makes much sense to the scientists there.

Now I’m not saying the faculty at Florida Tech have become young earth creationists, but I am saying that they see the good hard science in what I’m saying in the book, and so, want their students to have access to it, to further their education.  I suspect the ancient mapping finding (see article #2 at IceAgeCivilizations.com) really caught their attention, as it explains how the ancients could accurately measure time, but by precession, not by the sun, to measure the Earth hexagon, the basis of our modern nautical mile mapping system of arc minutes and arc seconds.

And the submerged ruins in various parts of the world are quite compelling, some marble ones about 100 miles east of Florida Tech, off Bimini, discussed under the category here Atlantis Revealed, so perhaps they will hook up with the Cayce people to further investigate these ruins.  I’ve seen the footage of them, and they are really impressive, in several locations, down to at least 100 feet deep. 

Fox News Shepard Smith Distorts Irving Texas Law Enforcement of Illegal Immigrants

September 28, 2007

Immigration law is being enforced in Irving, Texas, the police there are turning over vehicular traffic violators who don’t have a proper driver’s license to U.S. Immigration.  That is the law, you must have a valid driver’s license to drive, and not surprisingly, the vast majority of these are illegal aliens, so the Irving police are turning these folks over to U.S. Immigration, who in turn are sending them back to their country of origin.

But Shepard Smith of Fox sits there tonight insinuating that they are being profiled, arrested, and deported, merely because they are “Latino” (as he sits there looking like an angry apologist for La Raza).  Well, the Irving cops say the people they are deporting came from about 30 countries, so I guess they’re all “Latino,” and all here illegally.

I have heard that Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a similar program now, and that the word in the “Latino” community there is to head to Florida, and the Mexican consulate in Dallas is telling the “Latinos” to lay low in Irving, or stay away altogether, and all this because many of those “Latinos” are here illegally.

Science Chat Rooms, Hall of Maat, Graham Hancock, and Sciforums Lose Young Earth Creation Debates

September 27, 2007

After several years of presenting and defending in science chat rooms the evidences that the Ice Age ended later than popularly imagined, that the ancients were measuring and mapping the globe during the Ice Age, and that the Ice Age MUST have been caused by “paradoxically” warmer ocean waters, I am a certified veteran of the chat room wars, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Among many others from which I have been banned for too successfully defending these positions are the chat rooms at HallofMaat.com, GrahamHancock.com, and Sciforums.com.  When this young earth creationist, with this information, came into those chat rooms, first they greeted me with sarcastic anticipation of “crushing another YEC,” then when it began to sink in that their rebuttals make no sense, they became more shrill and strident, beginning the name-calling and character assasination, then the proverbial “weak-minded Christian who needs a crutch” line and adjectives labeled me such as feeble-minded, deluded, bigot, charlatan, deviant, the whole bit.

And of course, as the chat room moderators there are by their own admission adherents of the mainstream timeline for ancient history, they did nothing to mitigate the personal attacks and often joined in.  “Fuzzy,” a moderator at Hancock’s chat room, recently posted to a thread where somebody linked to my blog site, that “Nienhuis was frowned upon when he participated here,” well duh?!

Even Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research, who propone the timeline which I propone, have their heads in the sand about this information, so I hope that many of you contact them to ask why they are asleep at the wheel about the information which Nienhuis is disseminating.

Show them http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.