What Would Jesus Say about Noah’s Flood in Genesis History and the Ten Generations of Patriarchs before the Deluge and the Ten Generations from Noah to Abraham?

October 31, 2007

Skeptics of the Bible know that the Genesis account about Noah’s Flood clearly describes a Deluge which covered the entire earth, any sixth grader can read it and will say that is what is written, no argument there, unless you’re a Christian who wants to shoehorn billions of years of earth history (with Noah’s Flood being only a river-flood or the limited sea level rise at the end of the Ice Age) into the Genesis account. 

Of course, Bible skeptics love that Christians feel compelled to accomodate the timeline proponed by Darwin, Lyell, and Hutton, because this surely erodes the credibility of the Bible in the public eye, these Christians are doing good work for those skeptics who seek to establish that the Bible is not real history, like pawns of the Darwinists to undermine faith in the Bible.

So what would Jesus say about the Genesis account?  He referred to it often, as actual history, when He was physically on the earth 2,000 years ago, but now, would He say that science has busted the Bible, that those Bible stories were really old tired shepherds’ tales which are now outdated and proven impossible because of modern science? 

Would He say that there really were not ten generations from Adam to Noah, saying too that God (He) was just kidding about Noah’s Flood, that it really was just a flooding of the Tigris or Euphrates Rivers, recorded as a global flood by ignorant grandstanding shepherds?  And would He say that there really were not ten generations from Noah to Abraham, actually, more like a hundred?

I think any self-respecting preacher would contemplate this and say that Jesus would stand up for what is plainly written in Genesis, after all, He often referred to Genesis history, and never suggested that it’s mythology, dreamed-up by sun-stroked Middle Eastern nomads, so according to what is written, Jesus, the Word, supports Genesis history. 

Jesus is the Word, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, so how could the Word lie about the Word?  Where would the consistency then be?

Bronze Age Rio Tinto Mines of Tarshish and Commercial Navigation from Now Submerged Megalithic Port Complexes in Gibraltar Region Described in Plato’s Atlantis with Only the 9,000 “Year” Problem of Athenian and Atlantean Civilizations

October 30, 2007

Read Timaeus’ and Critias’ accounts of Atlantis, as reported by Plato, they clearly describe the Bronze Age Iberian (Eber) Peninsula, with the mineral rich Rio Tinto Mines of the Sierra Morena Mountains, the mountains to the north of the concentric canal (island) city of Posidon, also known as the city of Atlas (“Father” Sidon’s son), perhaps one of the submerged megalithic ruin sites off Tarifa, Chipiona, Rota, or Huelva, off southern Spain, just west of Gibraltar, submerged when the Ice Age ended.

Forget for a moment the 9,000 “years” before Plato’s time that Atlantis went under, save that, and then the rest of what you see in the Atlantis story is clearly Bronze Age:  mining and metallurgy, Bronze Age weaponry, precession navigation (see article #2 at IceAgeCivilizations.com) for the global ship traffic described in the story, and ancient Athens battling the Atlanteans, Athens which was not founded until about 2200 B.C., just after the Tower of Babel, not way back 9,000 years before the classical Greek era of Plato’s time.

So the 9,000 “years” is the only problem keeping the whole story from making perfect sense, we should either throw out the whole story of Atlantis, or consider that the true story was 9,000 lunar cycles before Plato’s time, 8 or 900 years, or that a zero was added to the years, to 900 years in the accurate rendering.

The description of the Empire of Atlantis, its extent, its now submerged ruins throughout the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, and some of its cyclopean megalithic ruins still onshore, such as at Lixus, Syrtis, Cyrene, Niebla, Ronda, and Seville (Tarshish), bespeaks the Ice Age ongoing with Atlantis and ancient Bronze Age Athens, and when it ended, Atlantis and much of Greece (according to Plato’s account) succumbed to the drastic sea level rise, circa 1500 B.C.

Atlantean Origins of Ancient Aztec Ancestors Revealed by New Age UFO Alternative Historian Frank Joseph in The Atlantis Encyclopedia

October 30, 2007

Lest you doubt the obvious connection between the ancient Aztec ancestors and the kingdom of Atlas, better known as Atlantis, please checkout The Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph, and specifically, checkout the entries under A, from At through Az, what you see there will blow your mind. 

Go to the A’s, look at At through Az, and you will see that many gods and place-names of ancient Mexico trace back to the lost kingdom of the Atlanteans, Atlan to the ancient Mexicans, the maritime kingdom which was “across the eastern ocean,” the Atlantic.

For instance, the name Aztecatl, the patriarch of the Aztecs, means “man of watery (sunken) Aztlan,” or Atlan, and Atla is the ancient Nordic sea god, as Atlahua is the ancient Aztec sea god, and that’s just a sample, so go to the link and rundown the list from At through Az, it will astound you, and thereby, who can rightfully say that the ancient Atlan/Aztlan of the Aztecs is the desert southwest U.S.? 

Frank Joseph has done a fantastic service in making his encyclopedia available for free online.  It is an invaluable resource, which confirms much of the Global Flood Model thesis, although Joseph thinks space aliens brought the advanced Atlantean civilization to earth, with supernatural powers, the whole New Age bit.

Along with his great etymological work on the ancient roots of place-names, gods, and people, associated with Atlantis, Joseph even rightly maintains that Atlanteans were builidng up to circa 1500 B.C., so he’s beginning to understand that the Ice Age actually ended that late, in corroboration of the Genesis account.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Rudy Giuliani for School Choice for Low Income Families to Help Solve U.S. Education Woes by Encouragement of Competition for Better Schools for all U.S. Citizens

October 30, 2007

Picture a family of four in an inner city, dad makes about fifty grand a year, mom works at home with a small side business, and they can’t afford anything but public school for their kids, a school which they see as woefully lacking.

But Rudy Giuliani propones school choice for these families, receiving perhaps eight grand per year per child to be used only to send the kids to a private school if they so desire.  Families line-up to get their kids in pilot programs for choice, which are huge successes, but the public school lobby screams and hollers at these pilot programs, because they know their public schools can’t compete against these private schools.

So, lower income people, would you like to have about eight grand per year per child to send them to a good school?  And when many families begin to benefit from this, the public schools will get the message and begin to improve their product, good ol’ supply and demand. 

Rudy has a big advantage over Hillary on this issue.  Hillary wants government school monopoly, thus insuring the continuance of mediocrity (at best), while Rudy seeks school choice which will result in better schools.  Spread the word, Hillary loses big on this.

Which Presidential Candidate for 2008 Presidential Election is Scariest according to AP Survey of Halloween Enthusiasts?

October 29, 2007

When asked which presidential candidate was the scariest (for Halloween), an AP poll survey said 37% Hillary, 14% Rudy, with nobody else more than 6%.  Hillary is certainly the scariest.

If I go, I’m going as that crazy Burger King dude on the TV commercials, he scares the heck out of me at least.  But if I was a girl, I’d go as Hillary.  Woooooooooo.

Religious Hillary and Charles Rangel Looked Like Jake and Elwood Blues in New York Inner City Church to Drum Up Base Notes and Votes for Democrat Advocates of “Separation of Church and State”

October 29, 2007

I just saw a brief clip on the news (no audio) of Hillary and Charles Rangel hugging and mugging onstage of an inner city New York church.  Well now, I wonder who the pastor votes for there?  And what happened to their un-Constitutional “separation of church and state?”

It looked like a predominantly black congregation, with quite a few white faces in there, drumming up the Democrat base.  The choir behind the politicos was swaying in unison, singing some tune, while those Democrat vote hounds grinned and waved, “flowing” with the Gospel sounds.  What a trip, I was waiting for them to breakout in a Jake and Elwood Blues rendition of Aretha’s “Respect,” oh the horror.  (And what ever happened to their un-Constitutional “separation of church and state?”)

Why don’t we see pep rallies such as this for Republican candidates?  Could it be that there’s a double standard?  Imagine Giuliani waving and mugging before 20,000  people (and an international TV audience) at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.  What would Hillary and the ACLU say? 

Ice Age Arctic Ocean was Ice Free from Warm Post Deluge Oceans but Freshwater Runoff from Ice Age Meltdown Froze to Form Floating Arctic Ice Cap

October 29, 2007

The Arctic ice-cap of the North Pole is frozen freshwater atop the liquid saltwater of the ocean, but when snow falls on the ocean, it melts, so how did that freshwater freeze atop the Arctic Ocean?

The Arctic Ocean averages about two miles deep, freely circulating, connected to the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, all cold saltwater, but nevertheless, snowfall which falls upon that water melts immediately.   Snowpacks don’t build-up during a snowstorm on open ocean, it just doesn’t happen, so prodigous volumes of freshwater from the rapid Ice Age meltdown obviously flowed out onto the Arctic Ocean in surging sheets which “floated” on top of the denser saltwater long enough to freeze one autumn, when the cold was sufficient to freeze the fresh meltwater on top of the Arctic Ocean, because the cloud-cover had greatly decreased as the oceans had cooled from what they were at the close of the Deluge, about a thousand years before, so that winter which followed was colder and longer, such that the freshwater on top of the Arctic Ocean stayed frozen, and was added to by snowfall on that frozen and growing surface, to form the Arctic ice-cap, which now covers most of the Arctic Ocean.

Mainstream scientists can’t explain how the Arctic Ocean ice-cap came to be because they don’t embrace the Global Flood Model, which obviously has much explanatory value, but is ignored because it happens to corroborate the most accurate ancient history book ever written, the Bible.

Much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Deep Sea Sediments Indicate Young Ocean Erosion Rate off Continents Negates Thesis Ocean Age Billions Years Despite Earth History Model by Lyell and Hutton of Uniformitarian Geologic Gradualism

October 28, 2007

A thin veneer of sediments lies on the vast and deep ocean floors of the world, atop the basaltic volcanic rock which composes the oceanic crust of the earth, and this defies the notion that the oceans are hundreds of millions, or billions, of years of age, because the oceans should have filled with sediments within 80 million years, at the current erosion rate of 27 billion tons of sediment per year which enters the ocean, most of it at the river deltas, the mouths of the continental drainage systems.

So the oceans must be far younger than 80 million years old, because the oceans of the world are obviously far from being filled to the brim with sediments, and besides, the volume of the continents above sea level is about 1/5th the volume of the oceans, so the continents would have had to erode five times over to fill the oceans with sediments in 80 million years, therefore, you can see that the geologic gradualism of Hutton and Lyell, earth history supposedly over billions of years for Darwinism, is not geologically feasible, for this reason, among many others.

Some mainstreamers try to explain this away in saying that the sediments in the oceans are disappearing down oceanic plate subduction zones, where oceanic crust is slowly sudducting under continental crust at the very slow rate of about an inch per year, but the deltas where almost all of the sedimentation is found (near both the current coast and the lower Ice Age sea level coast) are almost always nowhere near the subduction zones (such as the subduction zone below western South America, no huge river deltas there), so their argument is obviously specious.  And be sure to see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Vino Vitae Scandinavian Wine Grapes of Bronze Age Reveals Warmer Coastlines of Ice Age from Geothermally Heated Oceans for Global Canopy of Clouds and Temperate Climate Nearshore in Extreme Latitudes for Wine Making

October 28, 2007

I just read that the Bronze Age Scandinavians grew grapes, heard of any Swedish wine lately?  I didn’t think so, nor have I, but with the warmer oceans of the Ice Age, those Scandinavian coastline areas were much warmer than today, with dense cloud-cover, and ocean water temps around 70 degrees F., having been heated from Noah’s Flood, through the “fountains of the deep.”

In the interior of Scandinavia during the Ice Age, the snowpack was building, far from the warm oceans at the coast, where the grapes were being grown, when the climate was temperate, with much more dense cloud-cover for warmer winters, so the grapes could grow, amazing.

And after that time, archaeologists acknowledge the drastic climate change to the polar-like conditions of today, when the Bronze Age collapsed worldwide, when the sea level rose and the skies dried out, at the end of the Ice Age, because the oceans had cooled for less evaporation to form the dense cloud-cover of the Ice Age.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Global Cloud Cover During Ice Age Caused Warmer Winters Cooler Summers for Bronze Age Civilizations Worldwide More Rainfall in Middle Latitudes which Watered Present Day Deserts of the World

October 28, 2007

The Ice Age required a prodigous amount of water in the atmosphere to have fallen as snow and sleet for the massive snow and ice buildup of the Ice Age icepacks, which covered the interiors of continental landmasses in the more extreme latitutdes, and on the mountains even in the middle latitudes, and with this dense global cloud-cover, it rained much more in the middle latitudes, below the Ice Age snowline of the mountains there, above which it snowed.

The deserts of the Sahara and Middle East were rich lands of lakes and streams, such as in the northern Sahara, just after the Ice Age, Jason and the Argonauts were blown into Lake Tritonis at Syrtis, Tunisia, where the huge inland Lake Tritonis connected to the Mediterranean during the Ice Age, but was drying up at Jason’s time circa 1300 B.C., still somewhat navigable even then however, now Sahara Desert sand.

The lakes and streams in those now desert regions were fed by much greater rainfall from the dense cloud-cover of the Ice Age, 30 to 40 inches of rain per year, where now, they receive less than 10.  And with that dense cloud-cover, the summers where much cooler, now it’s well over 100 degrees F. in the summer, the clouds shielded the sun during the Ice Age to allow only 85 degree summer days, much cooler, refreshed by the frequent rains.

And that dense cloud-cover caused warmer winters in the now dry and blustery wastelands of western Asia, with much more rainfall, lush greenery, with mild winters, where now are dreadfully cold winters on those arid and barren steppes, so almost all of western Asia, the Middle East, and the Sahara, were rich pasture-lands and forests during the Ice Age, with relatively temperate climates, warmer winters and cooler summers, for the Bronze Age to have flourished. 

Mainstream scientists acknowledge that a massive climate change ended the Bronze Age, they just can’t say why it happened, but the Global Flood Model provides the answer, the engine for the Ice Age was warmer oceans, geothermally heated, and when the oceans had cooled to today’s temperatures, the Ice Age ended, Hydrology 101.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.