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July 31, 2012

Elohim cursed Ham’s youngest son Canaan because Ham unmercifully had mocked the usually well-behaved Noah in his drunken nakedness, Canaan the youngest son cursed for reasons really known only to Elohim, however, when Joshua conquered the land of Canaan circa 1400 b.c., the Holy Land , it was wicked beyond compare, so omniscent Elohim’s plans worked it concert with history, no great surprise there certainly.

Yet many of the sons of Canaan had moved far away from the Holy Land long before Joshua would conquer it, for instance Sidon having sailed far west to help found Atlantis, his name “immortalized” as Posidon by the Libyans then the Greeks, and another son of Canaan, Sin, namesake of Mount Sinai (northwest Arabia actually Jebel Lawz), was a founder of the earliest Chinese, having migrated far to the east, he the namesake of the city Si’ an, and Sianking, Qin, and then China.

So the curse fell totally on those who remained in the Holy Land, during the Ice Age actually (see, the others such as another son of Canaan too, Heth, namesake of the Hittites, having blended with other nations away from the Holy Land, those who remained there having grown to practice unspeakable wickedness such as the burning of babies at the altar of Moloch, arousing the wrath of Elohim who meted out his justice at the hand of Joshua with the Hebrew army.

When the Jews finally conquered the city of Jebus, king of the Jebusites (another canaanite tribe), that city previously know as Salem until Shem (Melchizedek) died there, it was not the “City of Peace” as it was when Shem had ruled there, but was controlled by the Canaanites, the Israelites then coming to take control and name it Jerusalem, the coup-de-grats of Elohim’s curse on Canaan, his offspring who had migrated away spared that judgment on the progeny of Ham’s youngest son who had remained in the Holy Land to cultivate their unthinkable wickedess.

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July 29, 2012

The history of legendary Atlantis was known to the people of various languages throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic.  Ancient japhetic language speakers such as the Tartessians (Tarshish) of Spain recalled Atlas, the strong man who figuratively held the world on his shoulder, Atlas known as Ercle (Hercules) to the Etruscans of Italy, who were descendants of the shemitic speaking Pelasgians, lineage of Peleg.

Plato wrote that Poseidon was the father of Atlas, Poseidon who was the canaanitic Sidon east from Canaan, and to the pelasgian Etruscans he was known as Netuns, later the god Neptune of the Romans, and namesake of Tunisia.  All these solid lineages and languages from the biblical Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the template with which to truly understand the ancient world, the biblical account ‘though said to be nonsense by the academic elites who however are clearly bibliophobic.

Legends abound that the sea level prodigiously rose engulfing much land, the Flood of Ogyges for instance, the same as the Flood of Dardanus, those kings certainly known to have lived when the so-called bronze age transitioned to the iron age, and Plato mentions kings who lived at that time too, Erectheus, Cecrops, Theseus, and Erysichthon, whom he said lived in the timframe that Atlantis went under, clearly in contradiction of his date 9600 b.c. that Atlantis was flooded.

Now can it be more obvious that the Ice Age began to end circa 1500 b.c., confirmed by all those legends?  That was the time when North Africa began to turn to desert, when the “aqualithic” period there began to end, and as Plato wrote in his Atlantis rendering, streams which abounded in archaic Greece dried up, confirmed by over 300 bronze age sites having been discovered next to anciently dried up streams, from the time when Plato said vast forests and rich pastures covered Greece, read much more here

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July 27, 2012

The norm in scientific thought about the geological history of the earth and its biology shifted to uniformitarian darwinism in the early 1900’s, when biblical history began to be scoffed at by most of the academic elites, yet now, with Atlantis being presented true history, and well known that “dinosaurs” coexisted with humans, plus geology of catastrophism agreed predominant in the geologic record, and Darwin’s term species of no classification value genetically, the tide is turning, the light is coming on, another paradigm shift is on the way, back to the biblical model.

Thomas Kuhn wrote in his book The Structure of Scienctic Revolutions that evidence against the existing scientific norm mounts until the point is reached when the superior model challenging the existing norm wins the day, when scientists and historians no longer doubt the superiority of the model challenging the norm, which is what we are seeing today, many biologists admitting darwinism is foolish, and geologists now coming to understand that almost all the geologic record is catastrophic in nature, caused by biblical Noah’s Flood (see

Although christian pastors claiming to believe all of the Bible have not much helped to force critical thinking on these issues to the world, the information is being disseminated, without much challenge from the darwinian establishment, because they know their model is so drastically inferior to the biblical model that they sheepishly refuse to debate young earth creationists, while you would certainly think they’d be eager to do so with much of the world now doubting their paradigm in ever increasing numbers.  Join in the fun, refer to all your friends and associates, and let the debates begin!

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July 27, 2012

Wouldn’t you agree that “dinosaurs” in human history is a real problem for darwinism, quite the game changer?  The great multitude of accounts of humans coexisting with dragons throughout history have been relegated to the realm of mythology or the morning-after a long night-on-the-town by darwinists who can’t handle “dinosaurs” in human history, but they have to explain away all the historical records, a tall order indeed.

Refer, accounts by Pliny, Homer, Aelian, and Philostratus, all describing “dinosaurs” in India, often in great detail, and note that Alexander the Great was very anxious to see the dragons known to the people of India, he certainly acknowlegding the reality that dragons coexisted with humans.  The Bible refers to Bel the Dragon in Babylon circa 500 b.c., and Behemoth in the Jordan river from the book of Job circa 2000 b.c., all made up too?

Hundreds of stories of dragons (dinosaurs) and humans in history plague the darwinists, yet they stubbornly stand insisting it’s all mythology, now is that intellectual honesty?  And if those accounts are bogus, then why believe the rest of the history recorded by those ancient writers?  See, to see that all this fits into the biblical model, remembering that soft cell tissues of dinosaurs has  been discovered in buried bones said to be at least 65 million years old, so who’s purveying the mythology?  Help us

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July 27, 2012

Almost everybody except the textbook writers know that Christopher Columbus was certainly not the first mariner to have sailed across the ocean to the Americas.   From the Sinclair brothers with the Zeno Maps in the 1300’s to Nova Scotia (New Scotland), to the Vikings, to St. Brendan the Navigator circa 700 a.d., back to the Romans in South America, and on back to the Hebrews, Canaanites, and Libyans in North America, and the Shang mariners having helped found the ancient Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica, these all surely proven to have sailed to the Americas even millennia before Columbus, unthinkable to the darwinists.

So why is this overwhelming evidence ignored by mainstream academia?  It’s because they want us to believe that all the people in the Americas when Columbus arrived were descendants of cavemen who had crossed the landbridge between Siberia and Alaska during the Ice Age, for if they admit transoceanic navigation millennia before Columbus, then they would be forced to admit that the Table of Nations in the Bible can explain the peopling of all the world within centuries, thus destroying their darwinian paradigm, rendering the Bible the true history which it is.

The ancient Mexicans said that their ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean, their sea god Atlanteoltl, and Olmec statues look distinctly oriential, Shang dynastry of China; there are Libyan, Ogham, Hebrew, and Canaanite scripts etched in stone in many locations of North America, yet all ignored by mainstream academics, it’s a travesty.  And now we even know how the ancients navigated precisely, by measuring time, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis against the backdrop of the stars explained here, so please inform the ignorant “elites,” now hiding from the truth.

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July 26, 2012

Every wonder whether there’s a linkage between the ancient Babylonians’ mysterious base sixty counting system and our modern base sixty nautical mile mapping system with sixty arc seconds and sixty arc minutes to the scheme?  Of course the nautical mile mapping system is based on circles of the earth of 360 degrees, so when you realize that the base sixty of the Babylonians’ represents one side of a six-sided polygon (hexagon) equal to the length of the radius of a circle which circumscribes said hexagon, that is how they measured the earth, by the precession rate of the earth’s axis ‘though, not by the measure of  solar transit time measured today.

See the simple arthithmetic and astronomy of the ancient method here where you’ll fully understand exactly why geometry means earth measure, as Eratosthenes was certainly not the first to meausre the earth, he having measured it actually quite badly by solar transit time and shadows, the much more ancient method responsible for the accuracy of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (see the book by Charles Hapgood) and the bastard “science” of astrology, worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, the benevolent Creator who designed the earth’s wobble rate such that early humankind could measure the world.

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July 25, 2012

Now attracting 8,000,000 unique visitors per day from all over the world, the creationist website is surely a hot topic in many people’s internal dialogue, yet not much discussion of the material on the web to this point, quite amazing, but then again not really, considering christian pastors by-and-large have not embraced young earth creationsim to make the book of Genesis come alive from its current status in many circles as just some quaint mythology.

However, the material is unassailable intellectually, witness the lack of skeptics at the Facebook page of the foundation, the skeptics knowing they don’t have an academic leg to stand on, so believers of all the Bible please go forth into chat-rooms boldly with “the science of the future, old school man,” inviting the skeptics who rage against the Bible to please calmly consider the evidence, then try to mount a cogent refutation, hard to do as surely indicated, please read the material.

Who can know why pastors claiming to believe all the Bible ignore this resounding proof?  I guess you’ll have to ask them, it’s really a disgrace the way they ignore this information at the expense of their loyal and hungry congregations’ knowledge base about the Bible, not giving them many great reasons scientifically that all of the Bible is true!  Please boldly force the issue with your pastors, it’s only right, referrring them also to the Children’s Book at the foundation website which soon will be completed, great for the young and old, and those college students!

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July 23, 2012

Renowned hebrew scholars of archaeology such as Harvey Weiss at Yale and documentarian Simcha Jacobovici are dancing around the fact that the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b.c., yet when they finally do come to this realization, to tell the world, they will be confidently announcing that archaeology does in fact conform to the biblical timeline, further demonstrating that science and the Bible are mutually inclusive.

Jacobovici’s documentary about Atlantis posits that biblical Tarshish (“the Ships of Tarshish”) and Atlantis were one-and-the-same, historically valid, however not realizing that Atlantis went under circa 1500 b.c. when the Ice Age ended, he says that a tsunami put under the ruins now found in Donana park, just one of many submerged ruins’ sites off the coast of Spain, many of them in deeper water, predicatably not discussed by Jacobovici who still propones the darwinists’s timeline.

And Harvey Weiss at Yale has demonstrated that a catastrophic climate change all around the world ended the bronze age, when landscapes where cities flourished turned to desert, saying that time was circa 2000 b.c., however those dates are based upon seriously flawed carbon 14 dating and kings lists which included sequentially rulers ‘though many of whom ruled contemporaneously, the case too with egyptian pharohs.

So with the catastrophic clmate change having begun actually circa 1500 b.c. (described in the Ipuwer Papyrus), and the sea level rise then too, you can see that was the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, the end of the Ice Age, all confirming the history in the sacred Torah very nicely.  Now read much more  about all this, in line with biblical history, science of the future, old school man!

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July 21, 2012

Are you familiar with the big cities of the bronze age now submerged off the coast of Israel and Lebanon?  Why not do you suppose?  Because they are ruins of cities with town squares of stone buildings, paved streets, temples of worship, and production facilities, submerged when the sea level rose quite obviously when the Ice Age ended, is the reason you haven’t heard about these ruins, an embarrassment to the accolytes of the darwinian timeline which posits the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b.c.

Submerged off Sour, Lebanon, are the ruins of original Sidon, which was on an island, that whole island submerged since the end of the Ice Age, and fifty miles south off the coast of Israel are the underwater ruins of Atlit Yam, the ruins cover 40 square kilometers, so since that would be great fare for such as the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel documentaries, at least now you certainly know why they avoid the subject, making a mockery of their timeline for the end of the Ice Age.

About twenty miles north of Sidon are the submerged ruins of Yarmuta, spoken of in egyptian annuls from the bronze age, the extent of those submerged ruins two miles by two miles, a big city, with paved streets and ruins of stone buildings like the others, such as those submerged off Byblos up the coast fifty miles further, and off Akko down along the israeli coast along with Atlit Yam, so how do we explain all this?  With the biblical model, that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., read now all about it here, yes the science of the future, old school man, and be sure to apprise your professors of this real situation.

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July 18, 2012

Seemingly hard to imagine is how after Noah’s Flood could the distant continents away from the Middle East have been populated with many kinds of animals within only a few centuries.  Of course seeds of plants and perhaps root balls grew from the top layers of the flood-caused sediments beginning immediately after the flood, so the big question is how did the animals and people spread out all over the world in such a short period of time?  Was it really possible at all?

Animals in search of food and less competition will travel many miles in a day, and Lord knows with prolific procreation after the flood, the animals certainly set out over the seemingly limitless horizons, where plants were growing with little competition from other creatures.  Keep in mind that many insects and probably amphibians survived the flood to be all over the world already at that time, so food was not a problem as the animals traveled those great distances to inhabit their geographic niches.

And humans no doubt carried with them many kinds of animals as well as plants to cultivate when they set sail during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood, accurately measuring and mapping the globe by the method explained here, so by land and sea the whole world was populated with animals and people within centuries after the flood, syngameons of animals which naturally selected into what the darwinists call species today.