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October 31, 2009

Crafty left wing media talking heads have been saying that there’s a divide in the Republican party threatening its future viability as a national political force, but with left wing republican candidate Dede Scozzafava dropping out of New York’s District 23 race today, the candidate representing patriotic populism, Conservative party candidate Dan Hoffman, will hammer the Democrat in the special election on Tuesday, with Hoffman having been endorsed by Sarah Palin, adding fuel to the fire of her campaign engine for the 2012 presidency, as the Republican elites, such as Michael Steele, have agreed to throw their support behind the upstart Hoffman in the election, apparently now finally hearing what the public is trying to say to the leadership in Washington D.C. 

The Obamabots in the left wing media will say that Scozzafava’s failure in the race shows weakness in the Republican party, but since the Republican elites may now have finally smelled the coffee, having endorsed Hoffman, we can look for more patriotic populists to emerge on the Republican ticket in the congressional races for 2012, espousing school choice, responsible yet minimal government regulation, secure borders, strong national defense, and (of course) freedom of speech on the airwaves and internet, all solutions supported by the vast majority of Americans, as Sarah Palin well knows, set to appear on the Oprah Show, Nov. 16, which should really be something to see, so be sure to check-it-out, must see tv, much to the chagrin of the odd ones, David Letterman and Bill Maher, who will probably have nightmares about this for months, then perhaps to come to their senses, as millions of Obamabots continue to come out of the trance.

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October 31, 2009

Sarah Palin on Facebook said that this morning, Saturday, Oct. 31, John Boehner has a real “game changer” announcement of plans by the Republicans for healthcare, however, it turns out he mentions the big three key components of a wisely constructed healthcare plan which conservatives have been touting for months now already, proposing much needed malpractice insurance litigation reform, unfettered interstate competition for the insurance companies, and pooling of individual policyholders for greater leverage in negotiations with the insurance companies, which are all great ideas, certainly which would help lower insurance costs for Americans, but the real crux of the issue is how to cover the remaining millions who still wouldn’t buy health insurance. 

Obama wants to insure the tens of millions of illegal aliens in America pursuing his stated goal of full amnesty citizenship for the border jumpers who (on a net basis) are sapping our system, sometimes working in cohoots with unscrupulous u. s. employers, but often just living off the system, with millions filling our prisons too, so illegal immigration certainly must be wisely controlled for successful reform of our healthcare system, unless of course, you want to help insure half of Mexico, which is Obama’s unfortunate desire.

Eighty percent of Americans want illegal immigration controlled, as too they certainly don’t want to insure those illegal visitors, so Palin and Boehner should state the obvious, that healthcare reform is a joke without immigration reform.  And when we’ve regained control of our borders, federal income tax credits for donations to charity hospitals should be allowed for a few years, to fund the refurbishment of old, and build new, charity hospitals, to provide good medical service for low income Americans who still wouldn’t have the money or the desire to buy health insurance, despite the lower premiums which would follow interstate competition, tort reform, and pooling of individual premium purchasers for collective bargaining leverage.

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October 30, 2009

As the Persians of king Cambyses were bearing down on ancient Egypt circa 600 B.C., the egyptian leader Amasis had awarded the inland port city on the most western Canopic branch of the Nile, 50 miles from the sea, to the Greeks, the previously small river town which then became Naucratis, a key trade emporium for the powerful mediterranean naval juggernaut from the city states of the Aegean region, however, awarded that delta river town on a branch of the Nile which would become just a trickle by the time Alexander the Great had established his mediterranean coast port city Alexandria, twenty miles to the west of the mouth of that Canopic Branch, with the ruins of Naucratis “upstream,” abandoned when it had become no longer navigable by 400 B.C.

Herodotus was mistaken when he wrote that Naucratis had always been Egypt’s greatest port city, for even at his time, circa 450 B.C., the delta city Sais, on the Rosetta branch of the Nile east of the Canopic, was the biggest port city on the Mediterranean of Egypt, and since Herodotus didn’t even mention the huge port cities now submerged at the mouth of the Canopic branch, in Abu Kir Bay, east of Alexandria, of Menouthis and Heraklion, it’s clear that those cities were indeed submerged long before Herodotus traveled to Egypt, where the only town in the vicinity at the time of Herodotus and later Alexander was Canopus, with one temple there dedicated to Hercules and a small population dependent on fishing, where Alexander would then build his city which supplanted Sais as Egypt’s biggest Mediterranean port for international commerce.

A thousand years before the Greeks turned the sleepy riverport town on the dwindling Canopic branch into Naucratis, the Nile flowed with much greater volume, almost lapping at the paws of the Sphinx at the apex of the Delta at Giza near Memphis, when ancient Heraklion and Menouthis, downstream at the mouth of the Canopic branch, were the port cities during the so-called bronze age, but when the river’s flow began to decrease, the sea level paradoxically rose, actually because the Ice Age had begun to end, can you believe it, circa 1500 B.C.?  The reduction of the flow of the Nile is confirmed with the Ipuwer Papyrus from circa 1400 B.C., at the time of the jewish Exodus, catastrophic dessication which forever altered Egypt, forcing the so-called New Kingdom, when Sais was established as the new port city because Heraklion and Menouthis had been consumed by the sea,

Barack Hussein Obama Birth Certificate Problem Analysis Paternity Question Chicago Connections Hawaii Black Liberation Communist Poet Writer Frank Marshall Davis Proof Barack Obama’s Birth Geneology Congressional Legislation Proof Birth Presidential Qualifications 2010 House Senate Majorities Republicans Sarah Palin Hillary Clinton Waiting in the Wings for 2012 Run Presidency

October 28, 2009

Since Barack Obama is the president of the United States, don’t you suppose he could instruct the state of Hawaii to produce his long form birth certificate for all the world to see, to put to rest the “birther controversy?”  After all, the controversy only continues to erode his credibility, as almost everybody knows that the colb, the certificate of live birth, copies of which have been waived around by wildeyed progressives, can be phoned in, without the hospital and doctor of record, as may well have been the case with Obama.

What does Obama have to hide?  He’s hiding something, otherwise, he would long ago have settled the issue, but when you google Frank Marshall Davis Obama, you’ll see an apparently obvious genetic connection, much greater affinity than to Barack Sr., who really looks nothing like Barack Jr. at all, so this could be the problem for the presdient, lying about his paternity, the son of a famous black liberation communist with Chicago connections (can you say Saul Alinsky?), it’s such a small world, rendered plausible by that “Frank” was a longtime friend of the family, noted by Obama in his book Dreams of My Father.

Obama’s days in the White House may certainly be numbered, with legislation for official proof of birth for presidential candidates poised to be enacted if the Republicans take effective control of Congress in 2010, which is not out of the question, as Gallup now says 40% of Americans claim to be conservative, while only 20% claim to be liberal, which would mean landslide victories for the Republicans in 2010, if only they will put up candidates who support populist ideas, such as school choice, low taxes, secure borders, strong alliance with Israel, and drill here drill now, all supported by Sarah Palin, who is licking her chops at the prospect of debating these issues with perhaps Hillary Clinton during the general election campaign for president in 2012.

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October 28, 2009

British nautical archaeologist Nic Flemming, with Cambridge University and the Universtiy of Southampton, through four decades of scuba diving, has catalogued hundreds submerged ruins’ sites all over the world, most of them in the Mediterranean, so why have we not seen a plethora of tv documentaries about this fascinating field of study?  The answer is obvious, because experts such as Flemming think the Ice Age ended, with the accompanying great sea level rise, circa 10000 B.C., curiously in line with Plato’s outlandish date that Atlantis and much of Greece went under circa 9600 B.C., causing me to wonder whether the darwinists such as Flemming actually tailored their time for the end of the Ice Age to comport with that which they say ‘though is a mythical tale. 

But Flemming knows all about the many submerged bronze age ruins’ sites off southern Spain and Morocco, off Tunisia, Malta, and Libya too, of the ice age Atlantean empire, ruins of megalithic walls, plazas, and pillars, certainly not built circa 10000 B.C., as Flemming and the others surely know, and so, are reluctant to present the prodigious evidence of bronze age civilizations now submerged on the continental shelves from the time of the end of the Ice Age, which obviously ended much later than the accolytes of the darwinian timeline are willing to admit.

Why are the submerged megalithic ruins important other than obliterating the maintream timeline for ancient history vis-a-vis the actual time of the end of the Ice Age?  Those enigmatic ruins are important because (as many mainstreamers such as Flemming are probably well aware by now) the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, and many other mass migrations of people groups, occurred because the Ice Age was ending when the so-called bronze age civilizations collapsed, which is confirmed by many ancient ruins now stranded in vast deserts, such as the Sahara, from a time when obviously there was much more rainfall, which the mainstream scientists are just now coming to grips with too.

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Ancient Father of History Herodotus Historical Inconsistencies Ancient Timeline Contradictions Atlantes Plato’s Atlantis Atlas Mountains Submerged Ruins Gibraltar Region Mystery Underwater Cities Solution Biblical Genesis Timeline Intellectual Satisfaction Discrepancies Factual Errors Ancient Historical Renditions Human Origins Table of Nations Races Tribes Greek Egyptian Atlantean Tales

October 27, 2009

The esteemed greek historian and philospher Plato wrote circa 350 B.C. that Atlantis went under over 9,000 years before his time, but yet Herodotus, just two generations before Plato, had written that the Atlantes inhabited northwestern Africa at his time, so are we to believe that the people of Atlantis remained a noted tribe of history for 9,000 years after their maritme port empire had succumbed to the sea, or is it more plausible, considering the hundreds of submerged bronze age ruins on continental shelves worldwide, that Atlantis actually went under much later than the egyptian priests of Sais had told the greek traveler Solon?

Plato was told and wrote that the Strait of Hercules (Gibraltar) was impassable to ship traffic because the submergence of Atlantis had ostensibly blocked that shipping passage between the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, but Herodotus had previously written that the Celts lived beyond the Pillars of Hercules, with shiptrade of southern Spain (Tartessos) at that time for copper, gold, and silver, of which Plato, two generations later, must surely have been aware, so he obviously had self applied blinders on when he recorded the story of Atlantis from his friends Critias and Timaeus, with much of that story contradicting what he surely must have already known about ancient greek history, such as that described by his famous predecesor, the “father of history,” Herodotus.

How could the extensive Atlantean Empire described by Plato in the narrative have submerged into the impossibly too narrow Strait of Gibraltar?  Should that have not been obvious to Plato, the supposedly honest broker of ancient history?  And since he plainly described bronze age civilizations in his Atlantis narrative, should that not indicate to mainstream scientists today that the sea level rise which consumed Atlantis, stone ruins of which have been discovered on the continental shelf, right where they should be, in the Gibraltar region (see category Atlantis Revealed), inundated other vast tracts of land when the Ice Age ended much later than popularly advertised?

Ancient greek legend (of which Herodotus and Plato were both surely aware) tells of the Flood of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the greek version of Noah’s Flood, which covered the entire earth (the mountains rose at the close of the flood), so they knew the Atlantis story took place after that, but what then did they call the flood of Atlantis which Plato said occurred circa 9600 B.C.?  That flood ‘though was certainly well known to the ancient greeks as the Flood of Ogyges who lived but in the 1500 B.C. timeframe when the Ice Age actually ended, making sense of the bronze age technologies of the Atlanteans and Athenians clearly indicated.

They were great mappers of the world back then (see Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Hapgood), led by Atlas, the legendary namesake of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and of the Atlantic ocean, and of the empire of Atlantis, who measured the earth, therefore holding it up figuratively, by the rate of the slow wobble of its axis, the rate of precession, the same method utilized to survey the dimensions for the myterious Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which is the embodiment of the ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at  And see too

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October 27, 2009

The wayward Olympia Snowe wing of the Republican Party is at it again, having nominated liberal Dede Scozzafava to run in the upcoming special election Nov. 3 against Democrat Bill Owens for the congressional seat in District 23 of upstate New York, and because Scozzafava is really no different than any run-of-the-mill Democrat, upstart Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman decided to cast his hat into the ring, now running close in the polling to Scozzafava and the Democrats’ candidate Diane Savino, with the special election only days away. 

Purportedly conservative leader Newt Gingrich has endorsed the ACORN backing liberal Scozzafava, claiming “we need more R’s in the Congress,” but we really don’t need more R’s, we need more patriotically practical representatives there, be they of republican, conservative, independent, or even democrat label, whoever will support school choice, enforced national borders, drill here drill now, and generally, less federal government involvement in our lives and our free market economic system, those are the ones who will succeed in the upcoming elections, so the Republican leaders such as Gingrich, who apparently have not taken to heart the message of the Tea Party movement, should brace themselves for some shockers at the polls, and look for Hoffman, the third party candidate, to win in New York, which will certainly send the message to Gingrich and his fellow rockefeller Republicans that they should return to their republican roots.  

According to a just released Gallup Poll, 40% of Americans now identify themselves as conservative, and 20% liberal, so the writing is on the wall for the 2010 elections, and perhaps in the Hoffman special election Nov. 4, when American’s general distaste for the Democrats’ big governement policies and interventions, led by Obama, will be rejected in a mighty way at the polls, despite the protestations of the left wing media, and probably Olympia Snowe and Newt Gringrich too.

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October 22, 2009

The holy scriptures of the bible provide answers to perplexing problems facing academia today, such as the presence of greek “mycenaean” ruins of a city, Pavlopetri, on the shallow seafloor off the coast of southern Greece, which flourished from circa 1600 B.C. to 1100 B.C. says Nic Flemming of the National Oceanography Centre in South Hampton, England, among other archaeologists on the case, who however won’t say what the reason was for the submergence of the city, because such a sea level rise is not in play with darwinian reckoning for the time of the end of the Ice Age.

Flemming has documented hundreds of submerged bronze age sites worldwide, so why are these underwater ruins not discussed in the global warming conferences which I’m sure he attends since Al Gore and his ilk are so afraid of such a sea level rise because of polar melting?  The answer is painfully obvious, it’s because the Ice Age actually ended circa 1500 B.C., with the sea level rise all but completed by 1400 B.C., as the darwinian experts, such as Mr. Flemming, cannot say why those many cities were submerged, worldwide, plainly at the end of the Ice Age, comporting with the biblical account when the Exodus occurred, confirmed by the Ipuwer Papyrus of Egypt and the submerged ruins of Heraklion and Menouthis off the coast of the Nile Delta near Alexandria.

So pastors should obtain pictures of the submerged ruins for a slide show presentation for their sermons about the Exodus, explaining that was the time of the end of the Ice Age, when Atlantis went under too, however, not circa 10000 B.C., but 1500 B.C., when the other port cites worldwide went under, actually because the oceans had cooled to about today’s temperatures by that time, which ended the much greater cloudcover of the Ice Age.  And guess why the oceans were warmer?  Read on in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to know why the global warming experts don’t want to talk about the  inconvenient truth of those submerged ruins.  See

Why Israel was Named Palestine Who Labeled Holy Land Palestine Rather than Israel by Alexander the Great Ancient Bronze Age Canaan Land Dispute What Happened to Where are Canaanites Today?

October 21, 2009

Are you a Canaanite?  If you are, you may be able to lay claim to the Holy Land, provided you don’t believe Canaan was cursed by God as stated in the bible, so if you don’t believe the bible, then the next step would be to organize, perhaps the Canaanite Liberation Organization, in lieu of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, because the Philistines (the namesake of Palestine), who sailed to settle the Levant circa 1300 B.C., never controlled the Holy Land, having thrived only along the southern coast where now is the Gaza Strip, the Philistine homeland, nothing more historically, with the Philistines having disappeared from the pages of history circa 700 B.C., while the people of Israel continued on, millions of their descendants now back in that land today, having been dispersed for 2,000 years, what are the odds?

Joshua had led the hebrew tribes into Canaan, the Holy Land, circa 1400 B.C., from the east, after Moses led the Exodus of the hebrew people out of Egypt toward that Promised Land, which was promised to the Jews, unless you don’t believe the Bible, if then (eschewing God’s curse of Canaan) you think that you’re a Canaanite, then you actually have a legitimate claim to the Holy Land, because your ancestors were there first, all archaeologists acknowledge that, so is it time at long last for the  Canaanite Liberation Organization?  Probably not, after all, have you ever heard someone claim they’re of canaanite ancestry?  I never have, as the closest anyone has come to that is some Lebanese people saying they’re of Phoenician ancestry, who were in fact Canaanites, but those phoenician Lebanese now from Tyre and Sidon aren’t claiming the Holy Land either.

The canaanite Jebusites first built a citadel where now stands Jerusalem, with King David and Solomon later using the stones from that fortress for their buildings, but who is a Jebusite?  Have you ever met a Jebusite?  I haven’t, and doubt that any of us ever will, after all, how does one prove he/she is supposedly of Jebusite ancestry dating back over 3,000 years?  So considering that Alexander the Great (circa 300 B.C.), obviously out of spite and derision, had named Israel Palestine, 400 years after the Philistines ceased to exist as a distinct people group, the Palestinian claim to the Holy Land today is clearly absurd in its proper historical context, and we shouldn’t expect the Canaanite Liberation Organization anytime soon for all these reasons and more.

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October 20, 2009

Let’s get ready to rumble!  Author and politician Sarah Palin will appear on Oprah’s tv show Nov. 16, 2009 (a Monday), so certainly mark your calendars, it no doubt will be a fascinating encounter for all to see, with the ostensibly almost-all-powerful Oprah, who for Mr. Obama shunned interviewing Palin during the campaign, fearing her charisma and the knowledge base which she already had achieved to trounce Slow Joe Biden in their only debate, now set to sit before the Oprah for all the world to see, it will be marvelous!

Sarah will be hawking her already runaway bestseller Going Rogue An American Life on the show, which surely will garner record-setting ratings numbers for the Oprah’s machine, as the ever aggressive “Sarah Baracuda” will be be using Oprah like a rented mule, to espouse her beliefs, political philosophy, and plans for our country if elected president, using the platform of Oprah’s huge viewing audience, many of whom will be very interested to sincerely listen to what Sarah has to say, about school choice for instance, and enforced borders, and drill here drill now for energy independence, all good for a strong America, which even Oprah may be forced to admit under Sarah Palin’s charismatic persuasion. 

I’m guessing Oprah will try to prod the christian Palin about her belief in the clear reportage about the history of the earth and universe recorded in the biblical book of Genesis, perhaps asking about her belief that dinosaurs, traditionally known as dragons, and humans, lived at the same time, after the Flood, when all Oprah needs to do is refer to chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that many ancient writers thought it was so, and google Dino Soft Tissue Fossils, to see that the sedimentary layers in which those “dinosaurs” were entombed were laid down not too long ago, as the bible indicates.

And that discussion of the veracity of the bible could lead into the fact that Islam embraces Isa (Jesus) as an historical figure, not resurrected ‘though, so strangely, who will ostensibly return as a human again, returning to join with the islamic Mahdi, ostensibly Jesus allied with Islam to destroy Christianity and Judaism, making it obvious that somebody’s wrong here.  Considering nothing in the bible has been found historically inaccurate, the version about Jesus which is wrong becomes quite clear to those who study these historical and prophetic issues, another great reason why we need more comparative religion courses taught in our schools, to get the stories straight.