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June 28, 2011

With Sarah Palin perhaps tapping at the door to enter the 2012 presidential race releasing her movie The Undefeated (which is getting rave reviews) this week in Iowa, the bibliophobes in the media are prepared to pounce crying that she must be a rube since she believes the Bible, but is there really good reason to say such a thing?  If Palin is asked how the ice age fits into the Bible, she can say it was after Noah’s Flood because of the warmer ocean back then.  And when she’s asked how she could believe Noah’s Flood covered the earth, she can say the mountain ranges rose at the close of the flood while the ocean basins sank, little diddies like that to really get those keen minds in the liberal media rolling on an intellectual quest against their will, referring to such as

Palin can let it be known that species is a meaningless term (for instance tigers and lions mate producing offspring), and she can educate that the ice age ended with the drastic climate change transitioning from the so-called bronze to iron age, explaining the submerged bronze age megaliths found around the world since the sea level rose, and how the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate believe it or not (see article #2 at; oh what a show, the historical template clearly worthy of academic respect, why such would be allowed in schools competing under a school choice voucher system from a president such as Sarah Palin, the progressive movement’s worst nightmare.

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June 26, 2011

Jan Crawford of CBS news viewed Sarah Palin’s movie The Undefeated, saying after it that the tone of the movie is “Sarah Palin’s candidacy is inevitable,” so we shall see, the movie opening in ten big cities July 15th, and the Ames Iowa Straw Poll only a month after that.  The first public showing of the movie will be this Tuesday June 28th in Iowa at the small-town Pella Opera House, Ms. Palin to be in attendance there with all the world watching, and Obama’s visit that same day to Iowa promoting his economic plans sure to look quite irrelevant now (why they’ve called her Sarah Barracuda since high school).

Can you see Chris Matthews’ head spinning if Sarah Palin announces her candidacy and shoots to the lead in the polls?  He would begin to squeal “flat earther bible thumper!”  But Chris, get a grip, refute the material here, and then move on to read here, and also please read here, then talk about it on the air, and let’s get this thing going oh wild-eyed liberal.  Chris likes intellectual honesty he says, so what a great opportunity to air it all out, Chris?

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June 26, 2011

Sarah Palin will attend the premier of her new movie The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa, on Tuesday, the same day president Obama will be touting his grand economic recovery plans at the Alcoa plant down-the-road in Bettendorf, soon-to-be presidential candidate Palin, the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room once again, will take the limelight away from even the president, Palin no doubt on her away to soon announce her candidacy for the republican nomination, with the Ames Iowa Straw Poll just on the horizon for Aug. 13, Palin by then surely in the race, of course unless this is just a bizarre hoax.

The movie title The Undefeated plants the seed that Sarah Palin has never been beaten, implying that should she seek the nomination, it’s to win, with history surely on her side, the one who can beat Barack Obama because of her strong policy positions and dazzling charisma.  The ladies who otherwise would support her will just have to get over Palin’s good looks and super-mom performances in life, she’s good for the country, the one Team Obama fears most, although they will insinuate that she is just a joke (laughing at their own peril as millions are now realizing).

Palin the christian can be a great force for public education as president promoting a balanced approach to the treatment and teaching of ancient history to our children, and science clearly therewith coming into play with carbon 14 dates analyzed, learning that those dates are questionable (see, and so, the timeline of human history promoted by the darwinists is demonstrably exaggerated, the biblical template for ancient history actually far surpassing that imagined by the darwinists, but let’s let the kids decide, would that not be academic freedom with intellectual honesty, or are the darwinists afraid to debate the issues, such as that their term species is meaningless?  Read more from the biblical template here, and let’s hope Sarah Palin will manifest her faith in action as president.

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June 22, 2011

The massive building blocks used to construct the most ancient megalithic structures in the mediterranean basin, many of which submerged since the end of the ice age, are called cyclopean, meaning very large, named after the giant Cyclops from the Odyssey thought by many, but really a shortening of the ancient pelasgian (of Peleg) word for enormous, the word is ciclopice, the word today in italian for enormous, proving further that the mysterious etruscan language of iron age Italy was pelasgian, a semitic tongue since the Tower of Babel, this hard for the darwinists to swallow, yet by the surprisingly simple method explained in article #2 at the pelasgians, atlanteans, sidonians, and ionians, were sailing across the oceans, their buildings of coastal cities now submerged on the shallow seafloor since the end of the ice age.  So checkout

Sons Father Javan Greece Ion Namesake Etymology Arab Yuban Ionians Mediterranean Islands Aegean Sea Elisha Hellas Hellenes Navigation Routes Range Atlantic Ocean Tarshish Atlantis Atlas Mountains Rhodanim Rhodes Kittim Urban Ur City Word Origin Citium Cypress Copper Islands Kupros Bible Names Ancient History Biblical Connections Bronze Age

June 21, 2011

A greek patriarch Javan, mentioned as such in even my old college textbook, yet a son of Japheth (son of Noah), was known to the ancient greeks as Iawan or Ion, namesake of the Ionians, one of the great seafaring tribes of the Mediterranean, along with the Rhodanim, also of Javan, the Rhodopi mountains and the River Rhode (which Pliny noted as having flowed from the ice age black sea basin when the world ocean’s level was much lower), these namesakes, with the island of Rhodes.

And another son of Javan was Tarshish, agreed by all to have sailed and settled as far west as southern Spain, later known as Tartessos, and Chittim was the namesake of Citium, a bronze age city on the Island of Kupros (which means copper), the copper island, Cyprus, all very coherent in the biblical context, but a source of great confusion to the anti biblicists who would believe none of the Bible if it were possible.  Read more here, noting too that Elisha was namesake of the the Elysians, also some of the first to what would later be known as Greece (after the Graikos tribe).

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June 21, 2011

When you countback and note the names in the generations preceding Abraham in the Bible (the ten generations after Noah of global flood fame), you’ll see the oldest names of ancient Black Sea history such as Gomer, or Cimmer, namesake of the Cimmerians, progeny of Japheth, and a grandson of Japheth through Gomer, Ashkenaz, namesake of the Askaniya region of the Ukraine, and then there’s Rhodan, his progeny the Rhodanim of Genesis 10, the ancient River Rhode named after him, that historic river which had flowed down from the Black Sea to the Aegean in ancient times according to the roman historian Pliny, now the Dardanelles (Dardanus) and Bosporus Strait connecting the world ocean to the Black Sea, connected to the Black Sea since the sea level rose with the end of the ice age when the world ocean crept up that river.

My compadre in our documentary Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, ukrainian scientist and evangelist Sergei Golovin, gave me a book about the Black Sea which states that russian scientists call the old shoreline from ice age times now submerged in the Black Sea the Cimmerian Shoreline, at least a subconscious yet serendipitous admission that the sea level rose in the time of the flourishing of the Cimmerian tribe in the region circa 2000 b.c., the ice age’s end begun right around 1500 b.c., just before the timeframe of Theseus, Cecrops, and Erectheus as Plato wrote, it was the flood of Ogyges of ancient greek lore, Plato had the date wrong, having listened to the historically creative egyptian priests through Solon.  Read more here

Atlantis Dodana Park Spain Underwater Ruins Cadiz Submerged Megaliths Gades Atlas Sidon Guadalquiver River Atlantean Water Source Sierra Morena Nevada Mountains Niebla Bronze Age Mining Biblical World Trade Genesis Veracity Atlantis Ships Legends

June 20, 2011

The mockers of Plato’s atlantis story, gloating that there really is no submerged continent in the Atlantic, are but obfuscating in their failure to admit that Plato wrote that the atlantean empire extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) as far as Libya and Italy, and outside too, just how far he did not directly say, but Cadiz was named after Gades, a brother of Atlas and son of Sidon (Posidon) in Plato’s history, and the ancient name of Lisbon was Olisippo, clearly named after Elasippo, another brother of Atlas, so it’s time to educate about Atlantis, her rich mining district the Sierra Morenas of southern Spain, the mining mountains to the north of the atlantean plain in Plato’s story.

Much ado has certainly been made recently by National Geogrpahic about the submerged bronze age ruins in the shallow estuary of Dodana Park west of Cadiz, but what of the ruins submerged off Cadiz, some visible from the causeways there, why are these ruins never discussed?  And what of the ruins reported submerged thirty miles offshore due south from Cadiz, and off Zahara de los Atunes beach, and off Tarifa too?  These all prove that the civilization which built those structures was destroyed by the sea level rise with the end of the ice age, rendering Plato’s date highly suspicious, the bronze age navigation and building in his story comporting with the ice age’s end really circa 1500 b.c.  Read more here

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June 17, 2011

Because the Great Pyramid’s geometric dimensions manifest precisely the pi (22/7) value, the pyramid aligned precisely to true (not magnetic) north, thus having required very accurate timekeeping for that alignment, it’s a wonder that mainstream academics haven’t readily embraced the clear solution to this timekeeping/geometric problem in article #2 at, but when you know that it comports with the young earth creationist model, sophisticated navigation circa 2000 b.c. during the ice age, the veil is peeled away, they are afraid of where this logic leads, and so mum’s the word, therefore, we must confront our professors and other mathematically inclined associates to get the word out, lending more credence of course to biblical history.  And be sure to checkout

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June 14, 2011

The ancient Palestinians of Gaza weren’t even arab, they had come from the Palaeste area of Illyria of the Adriatic east of Italy, having sailed south, part of the armadas of the “sea peoples” who ravaged the coastlines of the eastern and southern Mediterranean when the climate changed drastically and the sea level rose beginning circa 1500 b.c. as the ice age was really ending, the evidence compelling, defied only by flawed carbon 14 dating, while but the ruins stranded next to now dried streambeds and lakes tell us that the bronze age was much wetter than we’re being told, because it was during the ice age.

The ancient hebrew word for the Philistines is Pelishti, same semitic language word as of the pelasgian illyrians’ location in ancient balkan Yugoslavia, Palaeste, surely great navigators too obviously, explained by the navigating method which they used to sail with great confidence across open ocean, see article #2 at, the same method used to survey the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, the method used for the determination for the length of the cubit.  And here is a great overview of biblical ancient history scientifically,

Problems Methodology Carbon 14 Dates Dating Ice Age Pleistocene Volcanism Factor Biblical Timeline Reconciliation Climate Change Bronze Age Collapse Global Dessication Deserts Holocene Drying Biblical End Ice Age Chronology Study Harvey Weiss Yale Archaeology Rainer Kuehne Atlantis Spain Morocco Sea People Level Change Migrations Seafaring

June 14, 2011

Harvey Weiss at Yale, archaeo climatologist of great renown, knows that the desertification of the Middle East, the eastern Mediterranean, and Indus Valley, ended the bronze age in the ancient world, and german Rainer Kuehn of Atlantis research fame is aware of that ancient climate change too, having equated the sinking of part of Atlantis in Dona Ana Park of Spain with the mass migrations of the “sea people” (as described by Ramses II) to the risen ocean and the desertfication of vast swaths of the world in the 1300 b.c. timeframe, so what does that tell you?  It tells you that many in the mainstream scientific community are on the verge of admitting that the ice age was ending in that timeframe, the sea level risen demonstrably from about 1500 to 1400 b.c., and the catastrophic climate change therewith ensuing.

The Ipuwer Papyrus from Egypt in the 1300 b.c. timeframe attests to that catastrophic desertification of north Africa, which during the ice age in old kingdom times of ancient Egypt (when the big pyramids were built) was lush with lakes, streams (now wadis), marshes, pastures, and forests (for instance the bronze age city of Yam now in the Sahara was a source of timber and ivory for the bronze age pharohs), so the carbon 14 dates indicating the end of the ice age circa 10000 b.c. must certainly be analyzed for flaw (see, the volcanism during the ice age circa 2000 b.c. realized the be the cuprit for the flawed c14 dates from that timeframe, after the Flood.  And please be sure to read on here, inviting your professors to get involved, great fodder for debate.