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April 29, 2009

Talk to mainstream archaeologists about the submerged ruins of two huge ancient Rama empire cities now on the continental shelf, ninety feet underwater, fifty miles from shore, off the coast of northwest India in the Gulf of Cambay, and watch their eyes glaze over, because the Ice Age, to them, ended circa 10000 B.C., about 7,000 years before such building began, and so, those cities should not be there, but there they are, yet little discussed for obvious reasons you’ll see further as you read on at this blogsite and at

And talk to them about the ruins of ancient Basiliea, now submerged in the North Sea, fifty miles out, five miles east of the island of Helgoland, off the northern coast of Germany, with the ice age mouth of Elbe river nearby, and watch the mainstreamers urgently desire to change the subject, for the same reason, because such ruins should not be there with their date for the end of the Ice Age at circa 10000 B.C., putting another dent in their timeline for ancient history.

Off Greece are a multitude of submerged ruins, off Astakos, Platygiali, Abdera, Samos, and Elafonisos, to name a few, but do you read about those in your typical school textbook or see them on your favorite tv documentary channel?  As John Belushi used to say “but noooooo,” for the now obvious reason that their timeline thinking is flummoxed by the presence of just one of the ruins’ sites, let alone the hundreds which have been reported and/or photographed worldwide, most of them in the “old world,” right where you’d expect them, from the time that the Atlanteans were mining the Sierra Morena mountains in southern Spain, and ancient Egypt extended out into the somewhat receded (during the Ice Age) Mediterranean, out to where lie the twin port cities, with huge megalthic buildings, at the ice age mouth of the Canopic branch of the Nile, Menouthis and Heraklion, the ruins of which are now found submerged five miles from shore, more pain for the darwinian timeline.

So with Atlantis and the rest of the coastal cities having gone under actually circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt happened to have occurred, and the Ipuwer Papyrus in Egypt was recorded, describing the drought, disease, and anarchy which plagued that region, and others too, at that time, as the Ice Age was ending, with its catastrophic drying and sea level rise, it’s quite plain that this all quite contradicts what the mainstream scientists have been teaching, so be sure to run this by them, watch their eyes glaze.

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April 29, 2009

In the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains in western Pakistan are Dravidian speaking tribes, the Brahui, Kurukh, and Malto, whose nearest speaking kin are the Dravidians of southern India, over a thousand miles away, having migrated there when the Aryans invaded the Indus/Sarasvati civilization, also known as the Rama empire, which included the region now inhabited by the isolated Dravidian speakers, with all around them the languages of the Aryan invaders, known to have taken over circa 1500 B.C., when there was a catastrophic drying in the middle latitudes of the world, because the Ice Age was ending, when the sea level rose to submerge large cities off the coast of Pakistan and India, and many others around the world, plainly “bronze age” ruins, now submerged.

The Dravidian speakers in Pakistan are obviously the progeny of the remnants who stubbornly remained as the Aryans were invading from central Asia because of the catastrophic drying with the end of the Ice Age, down into India, the global climate change at that time which also was changing the geography of the region into which the Aryans were migrating, with the Saraswati river, with hundreds of bronze age towns in its drainage basin, having its sources in the Sivalik Hills (foothills of the Himalayas) redirected because of earthquakes which changed the flows of the source streams to flow into the Ganges or Indus drainages, as the rainfall amounts also dropped precipitously, as the Ice Age climatic regime caused by paradoxically warmer oceans had lost steam (for clouds), so to speak.

The ancient Indus Valley Script, its deciperment still to be established, is almost certainly related to the Dravidian languages, still spoken in the Indus region of Pakistan, which is the consensus of most etymologists, but far away on Easter Island (Rapanui), half the world away, is the Rongo Rongo script, which has many characters virtually identical to the characters of the Indus script, causing mainstream scientists, who think that global navigation was impossible circa 2000 B.C., to not seriously consider the obviously direct linkage of these two clearly ancient scripts, only because they fail to acknowledge the ancient navigational method by the stars explained in article #2 at, clouding their ability to see the rapid spread of languages and scripts in the ancient world, during the “bronze age,” which actually followed Noah’s Flood, the geothermal event which provided the warmer world ocean temperatures which only could have been the engine for the Ice Age.

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April 29, 2009

You don’t hear much young earth creationism being discussed on christian radio stations, despite the fact that the book of Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible, the book to which the Word (Jesus Christ), not surprisingly, referred often during his incarnated time on earth, 2000 years ago, even citing Noah’s Flood as real history (which obviously was not just a flooded river if you read the Genesis accounting of the Flood), so why don’t christian radio personalities want to talk about this on the air?  It’s because they don’t want to be called a crazy knuckle-dragger by the darwinites of mainstream science, intimidated because these radio talkers don’t have the information (or don’t want it) to defend the Bible as it clearly reads, with Abraham circa 2000 B.C., Noah’s Flood circa 2350 B.C., and the Creation circa 4000 B.C.

To defend the Bible, particularly the Genesis account, as it reads, would be certainly scary for somebody who hasn’t studied the facts, but to those who have, it’s a piece of cake, because the biblical account and chronology of ancient history really does match the evidence, for instance, that only a warmer world ocean (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, which ended circa 1500 B.C. (when the world ocean had cooled), when the sea level rose to submerge many bronze age megalithic sites (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), both unexplainable according to the mainstream scientific model, so I hope to more explain this material on the air, as I did with Sid Roth on his nationally broadcast Messianic Vision radio show, which you can access to hear, all five interviews, under Radio Broadcasts at this blogsite.

The apparent great age of the universe (billions of years) is explained by gravitational time dilation while matter was expanding out rapidly during the first few days of Creation, actually rectifying the Big Bang Theory advocates’ mutually contradictory premises that the universe began from a center and expanded out, and so, has a boundary, but then, treating the universe as boundless, and therefore, excluding gravitational time dilation, according to General Relativity, as in play when  the matter was rapidly expanding out.  In other words, if the Big Bangers would be consistent with their model, they would be forced to admit gravitional time dilation early in the Creation, rendering the biblical model again scientifically sound.

I hope you Bible believers out there who are tired of Genesis being ignored on the air waves will contact you favorite radio and tv personalities to book some such as myself to explain the scientific veracity of the scriptures, because the Bible makes so much scientific sense, if you know the information, so checkout the radio exchange I had with Sid Roth about these issues, you’ll enjoy it, and probably will learn quite abit.  Refer now please to

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April 29, 2009

Secular socialist Hendrik (Rick) Hertzberg, longtime editor at the New Republic, and now writer for the New Yorker Magazine, was on left-winger Chris Matthews’ Hardball show this evening, discussing Arlen Specter’s recent switch to the Democrat party in his effort to return to the Senate in 2010, because of his justified suspicion that the “backward” conservatives of the Republican party in his state of Pennsylvania will not support him in the spring Republican primary, leading up to the general election.

Hertzberg and Matthews were gabbing that Specter’s defection may mean the beginning-of-the-end  for the Republican party as a national political force, claiming that the conservative christian values of the base of the Republican party make candidates representing these values unelectable in general elections, value-issues such as opposing abortion and gay marriage (but rightly seeking that the states decide these issues for themselves, according to the Tenth Amendment, not by nine people in long dark robes), and revering the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and supporting intellectual honesty in the classroom, vis-a-vis the origins debate, with the evidences corroborating intelligent design young earth creationism religiously shielded from students by the secular educational elites of the government-dominated schools which preach darwinism only, despite the fact that Darwin’s infamous term species is actually meaningless, because members of different species can “interbreed” to produce offspring, rendering plausible the Genesis account of kinds (syngameons) of animals.

Hertzberg and Matthews were giggling that perhaps Texas should secede from the Union (of the United States) because of the conservative values which are dominant, revealing that in the minds of those left wing zealots, Conservatives are somehow un-American, when of course, the biggest patriots are Conservatives, with many more volunteering to defend our country in the military than from the Liberal camp, a point which I doubt anyone would argue, so Matthews and Hertzberg should re-read their Constitution, which they will tell you is a “living document,” to be changed by judicial fiat, not by amendment as prescribed in the document, so who is being un-American?

Some things never change, such as the veracity of the biblical account (the early portions which Matthews and Hertzberg, as well as, regular guest on Hardball, Newseek’s editor John Meacham, openly mock, by implying that believers in it must be crazy, but see article #13 at, and the unending pursuit of political and thereby economic power, as is being attempted by the global (for world government) socialists of the Left through the Obama administration, madly supported by the likes of Hertzberg, Matthews, and Meacham, so who are we to believe and support, those who expunge all criticism of, and counter modeling for, the Darwinian “theory” of ancient earth and biological history (replete with “species”), or those who support intellectual freedom and the U.S. Constitution as written?

Rick Hertzberg’s mom was a protestant Gentile, and his dad an atheistic Jew, who was the first editor of the left wing  New Republic (where Rick also worked), having opposed the jewish state of Israel as a zionist entity, with the self-assessed “more jewish than gentile” son Rick now backing the Democrats’ support of Islamists who would destroy Israel, which truly is irony, because these left wing secular socialists  (Hertzberg, Meacham and Matthews), who mock the Bible, including the prophecies about the invasion and destruction of the armies against Israel, described in Ezekiel 38, are actually moving the world toward such an invasion, as they attempt to leave Israel virtually defenseless against the millions of Muslims who seek her destruction, yet by their neglect of Israel, are causing the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible which they claim essentially has no historical nor predictive merit.

But the liberal secularists can’t refute the Bible, as the Genesis account makes sense of the bronze age megalithc ruins found in hundreds of locations around the world from the end of the Ice Age, explains what caused the Ice Age (by the warmer world ocean then), and makes sense of vast sedimentary layers stacked like pancakes, grading into each other, entombing billions of marine creatures, up on the continents, with folding of the layers to have formed the mountains (along with volcanic uplift), as the waters which deposited the sedimentary layers slid off the continents into the then-deepening ocean basins (see the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!), so the secular scientists hide from this set of facts, which are shielded from the kids in our schools; it’s intellectual fascism, what “liberals” should oppose, after all, don’t they value intellectual freedom?  Obviously not.

And see

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April 28, 2009

What would America, Canada, and Europe look like with a new Ice Age?  We can look to the conditions during the past Ice Age to see what might be expected from a new one, for instance, the cloudcover was so dense (to insolate the atmosphere) during the Ice Age that winters in the arctic coastal regions were much warmer and wetter with lush pastures and stands of forests, the environment where the vast herds of mammoths, deer, and the carnivores which pursued them, ranged along the coastal arctic regions, but not inland, where the dense cloudcover was causing intense snowfall for the buildup of the Ice Age icepack over much of Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

So why the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age?  Open sea wave action reflected in ancient beach deposits where now are polar icepacks in northern Greenland proves that the Arctic ocean was ice-free at that time, paradoxically, during the Ice Age, which makes sense, to have been warm enough to create the much greater cloudcover which insolated the atmosphere, having caused the lush green environment of the ice age coastal regions of the Arctic.

Many of the creatures which lived thereare  now buried and frozen in muck from the catastrophic flooding and freezing when the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age was dissipating, actually circa 1500 B.C., when mainstream scientists acknowledge that there was a catastrophic climate change which collapsed the Bronze Age, when bronze age cities were abandoned to expanding deserts, while the sea level rose to consume other cities with the end of the Ice Age.

If we have another Ice Age, it will be because the oceans will have been heated, not by global warming, which would indeed create more clouds, cooling the atmosphere back down however, a negative feedback mechanism, but by geothermal heating of the oceans on the seafloor through the fissures known as rift zones in the earth’s oceanic crust, the cause of Noah’s Flood, that runaway plate tectonic event which shaped the geomorphology of the earth (because the mountains rose at the close of the flood as the ocean basins deepened), the geothermal engine for the creation of the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age.

The circumference length of the earth is 21,600 nautical miles, which is half the number, 43,200, that the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are a reduction of the size of the earth, certainly commensurate measures, as both systems were (are) based on timekeeping, but with the ancient method by precession rate timekeeping, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, as simply laid-out in article #2 at, see how God’s intelligent design of the universe had great impact on the ancient world.

And see

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April 28, 2009

Let’s think through the hydrologic cycle necessitated for an ice age.  To begin with, the skies must have been thick with clouds during the ice age, much greater cloudcover, year ’round for the huge amounts of snowfall.  So what causes clouds to form?  It’s evaporation off the expansive oceans mostly.  And what if global warming (which does happen by solar flares) heated the oceans for more evaporation?  The greater cloudcover which would form would cool the atmosphere back down by shielding the sun.  This is the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle which renders the global warming crowd’s cries of impending disaster alarmist, so what then did cause the Ice Age?

Since the oceans must have been warmer (but not by global warming) to have caused the greater evaporation for the global cloudcover for the Ice Age, therefore, the oceans (necessarily) were heated from below, probably through the rift zones in the earth’s crust, which still heat the ocean to a small degree, but nothing like the thermal influx which heated the world ocean to have caused the Ice Age, which therefore ended when the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures.  That’s hydrology 101, but still not acknowledged by the mainstream scientific community because it lends further credence to the historicity of the account of Noah’s Flood in the book of Genesis, corroborated by over 600 ancient tribal legends passed down through the generations since that cataclysmic event.

It’s well known that sunspots and solar flares cause our atmosphere to heat up from time to time, which causes more cloudcover, cooling the atmosphere back down, so the global-warming-disaster hype is patently ridiculous, and as the science behind all this corroborates the Genesis account (the mountains rose at the close of the flood as the ocean basins deepened), explaining the source of heat for the warmer world ocean for the Ice Age, the global warming hype which has been ongoing for decades now is creating debate about the real science of all this, the science which logically leads us back to the biblical account for the cause of the Ice Age.

And to know how the ancients measured and mapped the earth during the Ice Age, sailing all over the world by geometry, according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, then checkout article #2 at, to see that God’s intelligent design of the universe enabled the ancients to calculate the cubit length, the cubit used to survey the dimensions of Noah’s Ark.  And for the big historical picture see

Tyrrhenian Sea Etruscans Tyre Canaanites Lebanon Syria Phoenicia Submerged Cities Megalithic Ruins Byblos Sidon Tyre Tsyrus Greek Tsurya Suriyya Syria Tyrus Roman Name Etymological Word Roots Assher Assyria West Semetic Language Groups Hebrew Proto Canaanite Sinaitic Consonant Alphabet Bronze Age Cuneiform Writing Hieroglyphs Ancient Middle East

April 27, 2009

Syria, the name commonly thought to have derived from Assyria, which was the kingdom of Assher (a son of Shem) in northern Mesopotamia, was really the region west of Assyria, on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, the land of Tsyrus, as the bronze age Greeks knew it, and later known by the Romans as Tyrus, then Tyre, the port city whose name had been used for the entire eastern Mediterranean coast, including what today is Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, the people who lived there in bronze age times having called themselves the Cana’ anu, the Canaanites of the Bible, who were global navigators, as were the Egyptians who hired the Phoenician (Canaanite) ships in partnership to ply the sealanes to rich mines in various parts of the world, by the navigational method explained in article #2 at

So Canaan and “Syria” were actually one-and-the-same during bronze age times, before the Hebrews invaded the region circa 1400 B.C. from Egypt, taking much of “Phoenicia,” leaving Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, and Eliat, the coastal cities, to the Canaanites (Phoenicians), with whom to secure metals and transport by sea from Mount Ophir (Malaysia) and Tarshish (from the Rio Tinto mines of the Sierra Morena mountains of southern Spain which was the main mineral source for the empire of Atlantis), as King Solomon, circa 950 B.C., became the richest man in the world, mostly by working with the Phoenicians, many of them from the city of Tyre, such as king Hiram, who helped with the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem, surveyed with the same gp cubit.

The ancient Assyrian written language, from the line of Shem, is semetic, as is the Phoenician script, and the Hebrew script and language, all with consonant alphabets, no vowel symbols, with the vowel sounds somehow inferred by convention, so language adoption obviously crossed clan lines early after the Tower of Babel, as Phoenicians, also known as Canaanites, who were Hamites, adopted the language of the progeny of Shem, one of whom was Aram, the father of the Aramaic language group.

The Romans knew Tyre, on the Lebanon coast, as Tyrus, and the Etruscans, who preceded the Romans on the Italian pensinula, had named the portion of the Mediterranean to the west of Italy the Tyrrhenian Sea, obviously because the maritime seapower Tyre (known as Tsyrus, Suriyya, Syria, Phoenicia, Canaan) was well known in iron age times, so you can see that the seafaring capabilities of the ancients have been greatly underestimated by mainstream scientists, particularly considering the navigational method explained in the link, and when you consider that there are hundreds of bronze age megalithic ruins submerged in various parts of the world, including off “Syria,” in the Mediterranean, it becomes obvious that the biblical timeline fits the evidence, as you read on under the various categories at this blogsite.  See

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April 26, 2009

The waterwell of the biblical Job in Bukhara, who lived circa 2000 B.C., in that land of Uz, is honored and enshrined in a building there in mostly muslim Uzbekistan, as Muslims have sometimes honored Old Testament patriarchs, with the bones of the hebrew prophet Daniel, who lived 1,500 years after Job, having been brought to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, circa 1500 A.D., to ward off earthquakes, the bones as a talisman for safety.

Of course Daniel predicted the time of Jesus’ incarnation in the book of Daniel, chapter nine, with 483 years having been predicted from the time (450 B.C.) of the command to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem to the time that the annointed one would be “cut off,” which was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, but the judaic book Seder Olalm Rabbah, which means Great Order of the World, written circa 160 A.D. by judaic Rabbi Yose Ben Halafta (a student of Rabbi Akiva Ben Yosef), would have 483 years after the command to rebuild the Temple at circa 200 A.D., in Halafta’s old age or after his death, when in reality, by his time, circa 160 A.D., the christian church was a spiritual force to be reckoned with, as perhaps one third of Jerusalem’s hebrew population, and many Gentiles (beginning the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham that his seed would greatly impact the gentile world), had become christian by that time, little known to many Jews today who think that Jesus is only for Gentiles, and so, buy the inaccurate reading of history by Rabbi Halafta.

Many Jews think that the Messiah has yet to come, expecting a conquering hero, which will be soon, but actually about 2,000 years after he came the first time, to win all who would accept his gift of faith to believe in him, by faith, the only way to please God, as many Jews are coming to realize by the day, and millions of ex Muslims too have discovered over the last few years, as they realize that to believe the Old Testament prophets is to believe in the Messiah Jesus Christ, who came as the Lamb of God, to return as the Lion of Judah.

God’s design of the universe enabled the ancients to measure and map the earth, actually during the Ice Age (which was ending at the time of Moses), according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, so you can see that “compressionist theory” (young earth creationism) makes much sense, considering bronze age megalithic ruins now on the shallow seafloor since the end of the Ice Age, and the fact that only warmer oceans (by the “fountains of the great deep”) could have been the hydrologic engine for the Ice Age, and considering the that this confirms that the ancients were navigating the globe circa 2000 B.C., as has been suspected by even mainstream scientists, which they have a hard time swallowing however.

And see

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April 25, 2009

The ancient Hindus of ice age India saw time as revolving cycles of multiples of 432,000 years, called yugas of time, this number which just happens to be 20x the number (21,600) of nautical miles which compose the circumference length of the earth, and the dimensions of the wondrous Great Pyramid of Giza were calculated that it’s a reduced embodiment of the radius and circumference lengths of the earth by a factor of 43,200, so what’s going on here?

These systems are based on geometry, which means earth measure, the modern method by solar timekeeping, the ancient method by precession time, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, at the rate of 72 years/degree, which enabled the ancients to predictavely chart stars’ positions, according to that rate, and so, with the nature of the hexagon, were able to measure and thereby map the earth, explained in article #2 at, the system which manifested in the ancient Hindus’ reckoning of time, the religion of astrology, and the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza; it was a much smaller world circa 2000 B.C. than what mainstream scientists will admit, by navigation of the seas, actually during the Ice Age, attested by the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.”

And when the Ice Age ended, Atlantis went under, as did many other megalithic or brick buildings in many other parts of the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), as Atlantis was right where Plato said it was, in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains, in the region of Gibraltar, with its coastal buildings now submerged on the shallow seafloor off southern Spain, and megalithic ruins of hormazo and rock walls still onshore, at Niebla and Ronda for instance, with the ancient sun temple to Hercules now under Seville, but with three of the six columns of the temple still remaining in the city from atlantean times.

There are said to have been 176 towers around the ancient city of Seville, then known as Ilipla, in the land of Tarshish (a great grandson of Noah through Japheth), also known as Iberia (after Eber, fifth from Noah through Shem), where the richest mines in the ancient world were located, there in the Sierra Morenas, still mined prolifically today, and those 176 towers were the number (times 10) of royal cubits (1,760) which compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, so here is another connection of this ancient mapping method in the numbers of the ancient world, making all very obvious to see.

And to further tie it together, demonstrating bronze age global navigation, the ancient mexican unit of measure, the Hunab, is exactly twice the length of the royal cubit used to survey the Great Pyramid in Egypt, no coincidence either, obviously, so it’s time the mainstream archaeologists either try to debunk or acknowledge this ancient astro-mathematical method, as it’s all too plain to see, but of course, the implications are dire for their model for ancient human history, to be avoided in their book.  Checkout too

Hybridizing Pairs Species Genera Families Taxa Crossbreeding Animals Natural Selection Darwin Hybridization Interbreeding Syngameons Noah’s Ark Flood Engine of Ice Age Snow Pleistocene Rainfall Amounts Holocene Precipitation Rates Prehistoric Paleo Environments Black Sea Holocene Flooding Climate Variation Genetic Adaptation Mutation Natural Selection Evolution Species Darwinism Biblical Genesis History Account Kinds of Animals Species Deluge Genetic Bottleneck Evolution

April 23, 2009

Did you know that many animals of differing species and even genera can interbreed?  For instance, llamas, camels, and alpacas can mate to produce genetic hybrids, as also can lions, tigers, and leopards interbreed to produce hybrids within that gene pool, what the Bible calls a kind of animal, in modern scientific parlance, a syngameon of animal, an interbreeding group; this term, syngameon, much more to the point for classification purposes than Darwin’s now obviously meaningless term species, and corroborative of the notion of the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, when members of the respective syngameons (kinds) of animals, perhaps 20,000 of the breeding pairs, survived the Deluge to then move out into the post Deluge world, where the engine for the Ice Age was the warmer oceans because of the Fountains of the Great Deep which was the water source for Noah’s Flood (see chapter 9 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!), with the warmer oceans after the Flood having caused dense global cloudcover, for much more rain in the middle latitudes, and the snow blitz in the more extreme latitudes and high elevations, during the Ice Age.

The Black Sea, where Europe and Asia meet, southwest of Russia, was a huge inland lake during the Ice Age, with bronze age building ruins of towns now on Black Sea floor, down to 300 feet below the surface (as noted by Robert Ballard), submerged when the world sea level rose when the Ice Age ended, to rise up the river which now is the Bosporus and Dardanelles strait (named after the greek Dardanus circa 1400 B.C.), entering the ice age Black Sea lake basin, to increase its depth by about 200 feet, after which, the added weight of the water in the Black Sea caused regional block faulting (as seen in Crimea and Turkey), which caused the basin’s sea bottom to drop another 100 feet, as explained in my documentary, Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, at the time when the rainfall around the Black Sea region rapidly diminished, as it did worldwide, when the “bronze” Ice Age ended, beginning circa 1500 B.C., when the Black Sea was connected to the risen world ocean, risen within about a hundred years, confirmed by submerged bronze age ruins found around the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins).

In the documentary, Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, we note “ice age” animals with “bronze age” settlements, such as woolly mammoth tusks carved for tools in settlements near the northen Black Sea coast, associated with metallurgy and animal husbandry, bronze age activities, not of “cavemen circa 10000 B.C.,” when mainstream science says the Ice Age ended.  During the bronze age, which also was the Ice Age, (because the end of the Ice Age caused the catastrophic climate change and consumption of vast tracts of coastal lands by the sea level rise which caused mass migrations, famine, and warfare), the area around the Black Sea was much wetter, with warmer winters and cooler summers, because of the dense global cloudcover at that time, so animals such as elephants lived in southwest Russia, and even in the Arctic regions, because the warmer oceans for the Ice Age caused even the coastal arctic lands to be rich with vegetation, as the snow fell and stuck farther inland, away from the paradoxically warmer Arctic ocean during the Ice Age.

And see