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January 31, 2012

Biblical apologist Larry Taunton is confronting the doubting world in his proponing the veracity of the biblical account of history, maintaining that the Bible is full truth, the Word of God, inspired by the creator Elohim, in dramatic debate formats in America and England, now having confronted such as the late Christopher Hitchens, Peter Singer, and Richard Dawkins, all darwinists who would have us believe that the Holy Bible is historical rubbish dreamed-up by some sun-stroked iron age shepherds in what they would certainly not call the Holy Land.

Yet Taunton has yet to present Genesis as it clearly reads, deferring instead to Oxford math professor and christian John Lennox who believes the darwinian timeline, but not that humans evolved from lower forms of life, surely a difficult position to defend from a biblical standpoint when you read the book of Genesis clearly describing six days of creation only about six thousand years ago, the ages and lineages of the patriarchs revealing that timeframe for the creation of the heavens and the earth there in the foundational book of the Bible.

The aggressively evangelical teacher and debater Taunton obviously however seems not satisfied that the book of Genesis describes real history as it reads, although indeed he held a conference last year where young earth creationist Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis was allowed to present the case for young earth creationism against old earth creationist Hugh Ross, yet in presenting John Lennox to represent expertise for the veracity of Genesis, Taunton is ceding Genesis to the darwinists, Lennox denying the global flood of Noah’s time and so rendering the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 without historical import.

So if Noah’s Flood and then the Table of Nations is not real history to believe, what does a christian say about when “real history” begins to be reported in the Bible, at Abraham, Moses, or with David and Solomon?  Do you see how the integrity and continuity of the Bible falls apart if you deny the clear history recorded in the book of Genesis?  Such as Lennox and Taunton thus far have been playing into the hands of those seeking to deny the truth of the Bible in denying that the book of Genesis is real history as clearly written, so let’s set the record straight with material such as at, plainly demonstrating the science of the future, old school man.

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January 30, 2012

When anyone soberly reads Genesis 6: 7 and then Genesis 6: 17, how can it honestly be denied that the author intends to communicate that Noah’s Flood covered the entire earth?  Really pathetic are the disingenuous old earth creationists who act as if what’s written there is intended to describe the flood of some swollen river or limited sea level rise, when ‘though the holy text purposefully states that all air breathing creatures on the earth save those on the Ark would be destroyed?

Of course those creationists (and darwinists) who try to shoehorn billions of years without the real Noah’s Flood into biblical history are hanging their hats on their vain imagination that dinosaurs, known anciently as dragons, were extinct millions of years before the appearance of the human kind, yet when you read the material at, you’ll see that their contention is baseless, and that they ignore the evidence revealing their intellectual dishonesty.

Jesus Christ incarnate spoke about the real Noah’s Flood, and the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 from which all the people of the world descended is predicated on the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, including the ancient lineage of the Messiah through the progeny of Noah’s son Shem, so if Noah’s Flood was not as clearly described in the Bible, then the Table of Nations is out the window too, clearly not the case however, with such as Kush, Aram, Canaan, Ham (Cham), Sidon (Posidon), Eber (Iberia), Peleg (Pelasgians), Javan (Ionians), Tiras (Thrace), Japheth (Seskef), and Uz (Uzbekistan) labled all over the ancient world.

And considering that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the cause of the ice age, it makes you wonder just how sincere are those old earth creationists who act like they can’t wrap their heads around these obvious facts of science and history.  If the Noah’s Flood and then the Table of Nations are out the window, then should not too be the lineage of Jesus Christ as clearly written in the Bible?  Read much more about all this at, the science of the future, old school man.

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January 28, 2012

Ancient Egpypt was called Khemet by the early settlers there, at the beginning of the ice age, named after Noah’s son Ham, Kem and Caame in the egyptian hieroglyphs, the Khnemenu who were the eight of the Ogdoad of so-called gods, four pairs of gods, who in reality symbolize the eight human survivors on Noah’s Ark.  The Egyptians taught that the great flood was averted the sky goddess Nut, who was Neith, Athena to the Greeks, who ‘though was Naamah, daughter of Tubal Cain in the book of Genesis, she was the wife of Ham, later made a diety as was her husband Ham, the eight memorialized the ancient chinese logogram for boat, much more than coincidence.

Khem was the god of fertility, building, and navigation to the Egyptians, also known as Khnum and Min, an icthyapallic god hinting that he in reality had survived the global flood which the egyptian priests ‘though denied in their mythology, as Nu or Manu was the father of the gods, Nu clearly Noah, the global flood demonstrated true actually by the hundreds of ancient global flood legends, really only the ancient egyptians denying that it really happened, which is why the egyptian priests at Sais, almost 2,000 years after it happened, told the greek Solon in Plato’s Atlantis account that the greek legend of the globe-covering flood of Deucalion and Pyrrha was just one of many floods which affected the world in just limited ways, many floods supposedly before the flood of Deucalion which the Egyptians implied was not earth covering.

The ancient egyptian city of Chemmis on the upper Nile (near Aswan) was later known as Panopolis to the Greeks, Pan having been their god of fertility and mischief, their name for Ham, and that region of southern Egypt was known as Kaam, clearly of Ham, the Gulf of Chambay of northwest India and Chambodia in east Asia also the namesakes of that global navigator during the ice age (which followed Noah’s Flood seeing, who the greeks also would know as Chronos, the time man, who navigated the globe by its wobble rate, explained for you at, the science of the future, old school man.

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January 27, 2012

To students of the Bible, the son of Ham named Misraim seems strange to have been the ancient name for the territory of what now is called Egypt, yet Egypt was named by the Greeks for the upper Nile center of worship called Gebtos (Geb the egyptian earth god), Aiguptos to the Greeks, the root of the word Egypt, that center of worship dedicated to Cheme or Khem, the Ham of the Bible, hence that Khemet is another ancient name for that region along with Misr and of course Egypt.

Egypt was known as Musur to the ancient Assyrians, Msrm in the Ugarit texts of upper Mesopotamia, Misri to the Akkadians, and Misor to the canaantie Phoenicians, so that the Hebrews recorded Misraim and credited him to have been the first great builder of ancient Egypt clearly has historical validity, straight from the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, not at all what the darwinists want to think about, yet clear as the noses on their faces if only they would look.

Misraim is considered a plural word, perhaps denoting that he was a progenitor of the people of the region of the ice age Nile Delta along with the people of the upper Nile south to the region of Kush, so he is often confused as having been king/pharoh Menes, the great uniter of upper and lower Egypt, yet Mneseus was a son of Posidon (who was Sidon a son of Canaan) according to Plato, the submerged ice age city of Menouthis off the Nile Delta surely his namesake, and nearby submerged Heraklion was almost certainly named after the original Hercules, who was Atlas, so king Menes, his name sounding much closer to Mneseus than Misraim was probably the son really of Sidon, a son of Canaan.

Plato wrote that the empire of Atlantis extended inside the Pillars of Hercules all the way to Italy (Tyrrhenian Sea) and to Egypt, so since king Menes lived in the timeframe of Atlantis, circa 2200 b.c., and because submerged Menouthis apparently was named after him, we should seriously consider that a Canaanite, Mneseus, was pharoh Menes, not Misraim who though was an ancient namesake of that territory.  When you realize that the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c., and that Atlantis really was a great maritime empire during the ice age, the biblical chronology and the names therein come alive as the real history which it certainly is, seeing

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January 26, 2012

Phonics, sounding out words by their spellings, is what our kids hopefully learn in the public schools, and that ancient name comes from the famed phoenician Phoeniusa, obviously namesake of the ancient seafaring Phoenicians too, who brought their alphabet to Greece, credited to have been brought there by Phoeniusa’s brother Cadmus who established Thebes in Greece to greatness circa 1400 b.c., their sister Europa having been the namesake of Europe.

Of course before that time, the mariners of Canaan (who was a son of Ham) were called the Sidonians, Sidon having been a son of Canaan, his port city of their homeland now submerged off the coast of Lebanon about sixty miles southwest of Beruit, those submerged ruins twenty miles south of the submerged ice age ruins of Yarmuta, which disappeared from the pages of history along with old Sidon circa 1400 b.c., when the sea level had risen to submerge the port cities worldwide, obviously proving that the ice age ended much later than we are commonly being told.

Sidon was a sea god to the Greeks, and the Atlanteans too, ice age rivals, detailed by Plato in Critias and Timaeus, Sidon known as Posidon, deified because he lived so long, outliving his grandchildren for instance, as was the case with the progeny of Noah in the generations immediately after Noah’s Flood, during the ice age, when lifespans decreased dramatically within several generations, as detailed in the book of Genesis, real history for sure, so tell your friends.

One of the ten sons of Sidon listed by Plato was Atlas, namesake of Atlantis, and Sidon’s name is memorialized with the name of the town Medina Sidona in southern Spain, the heartland of the Atlantean Empire, in the shadow of the Atlas mountains, so considering that the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c., it’s obvious that greater Atlantis was a coastal empire, as Plato clearly stated, having extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) all the way to Libya and Italy (Tyrrhenian Sea), and outside Gibraltar as well (up to the tin mines of Cornwall).  Read much more at

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January 24, 2012

All but biblical scientists scratch their heads about what caused the ice age?  Typically you’ll hear that it was colder during the ice age, yet almost everybody knows that if the polar regions were even colder than today, then even less snow would fall in those extreme latitude regions which now are technically deserts; little snowfall occurs there because the super cold air can hold little water to have formed the cloudcover necessary.

And we all know about the frozen mammoths in the tundra of the far north, entombed and frozen in mud from the time when they fed on the lush vegetation found with their remains, obviously having been flooded in meltwater from the end of the ice age then frozen, so what caused the climate change, and how could the polar regions have hosted those vast herds of large mammals which fed luxuriantly in green pastures with forests and streams there abounding?

For the ice age, there must have been dense cloudcover, now not seen in the polar regions because of the intense cold, that cloudcover necessarily by evaporation off the ocean, so the ocean must have been heated from below, and that was Noah’s Flood, the ice age in its aftermath, when the fountains of the deep had caused the great flood, at its end when the mountain ranges rose as the ocean basins sank to receive the water which slid off the continents ending Noah’s Flood.

A warmer ocean heated from below is the only way to explain the ice age, yet because it’s biblical, it’s ignorant by mainstream scientists, yet they can’t escape the truth of this hydrology, so as long as they deny the biblical explanation for the ice age, they will remain clueless about the cause of the ice age.

So this biblical explanation hand-in-glove explains the catastrophic climate change known to archaeologists which ended the bronze age, in reality which was the ice age, its end when the deserts of the world began to form, leaving for instance the lost Kingdom of Yam, a trading partner of ivory and timber for ancient Egypt, now stranded in the Sahara desert five hundred miles to the west of the Great Pyramid.

Legendary Atlantis went under when the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., not coincidentally the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt when the climatic calamities struck that great ancient kingdom, never again to regain its previous greatness, for the land was forever changed, most of it having become desert, when too the ice age icepacks melted off the polar regions and high elevations.

That was the time that the mammoths were flooded out in the mud, then their caracsasses with the lush vegetation frozen, because the ice age cloudcover had dissipated such that the winters thenceforth in the polar regions became much colder than during the ice age.  Read more at, to see that good science and biblical history certainly are mutually inclusive, the science of the future, old school man; many answers in biblical context.

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January 20, 2012

If only the bibliophobically stubborn linguists and script deciferers puzzling over the long lost languages and writing systems of the ancient world would utilize the template provided in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, they would then discover the keys to solving the heretofore frustrating mysteries of the lost languages and writing systems.

The undecifered Etruscan language of iron age Italy is an offshoot of Pelasgian, Peleg of the line of Shem in the Bible, Pellazg the ancient sea god of the Albanians, the archaic Albanian language which is very similar to ancient Etruscan.

The language of the kingdom of Kush, a son of Ham, is manifested in the Beja language of the Bedouins of the Horn of Africa today, that language little doubt which is spelled out with the undecifered Meroitic script of the ancient land of Kush.

The language of the undecifered Indus Valley script of India is vedic Sanskrit, the symbols of the script pictograms which were replaced circa 1500 b.c. when the Semites of the line of Shem arrived with the semitic alphabet then applied to that Indo European language whose key to deciferment is in the name of the submerged city of Kususthali, the thalassocracy of Kush.

And the mysterious RongoRongo language and script of distant Easter Island, having one third of its pictograms common to the script of the undecifered Indus script, therefore is clearly related to the Indo European vedic Sanskrit, half way around the world, that dispersion of the language all the way across the Pacific however enabled anciently by the precise precession method,

Surely an embarassment to the darwinian linguists is that the Bible is the key to the lost languages and scripts of the ancient world, but no surprise to christians who know that the history laid out in the book of Genesis is to trust, seeing the big picture here, the science of the future, old school man.

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January 17, 2012

Luke-warm christians and others who are not really christians, in bed with the darwinists, will tell you that the book of Genesis in the Bible is just mythology, then that real history picks up further down the road of what they obviously do not consider holy writ.  Now follow the logic; if Noah’s Flood as plainly described in the Bible is not real history, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 falls apart, after all, if not only the eight survived the flood which the Bible clearly says covered the entire earth, then all the nations which emerged following the flood were not the progeny of just the eight, when but the Bible in the Table of Nations clearly portrays that all of humanity after the flood were the progeny of the eight.

And if as the luke-warm christians and those not really christian at all say for instance that real history begins with the time Abraham, then what supposedly is wrong with the historicity of his father Terah, namesake of Tehran and the Turan basin in the middle east?  Or when they say real history begins at the time of the prophets in the iron age, then what’s ostensibly wrong with the historicity of Tarshish (great grandson of Noah), who mined the Sierra Morena mountains of southern Spain during the bronze age, and what about Solomon (Salomon), whose name was renowned in southern Spain and who traded via the Ships of Tarshish?

Do you see the intellectual conundrum for the deniers of ancient biblical history?  The Bible is the total package, you can’t take some of it then eschew the rest, considering too that Jesus Christ treated Genesis history as the real history which it is, so what self professed believer of the Bible wants to call Jesus (the Word) a liar?  And knowing that the atheists and other skeptics of the Bible, such as the darwinists, see Genesis as the Bible’s achilles heel, what believer would not seek out reasons to believe all of the Bible, referring to

Lest you think that dinosaurs known anciently as dragons never could have lived at the same time as did humans, then think again, seeing now please, remembering too that in the Bible, the Behemoth lived at the time of Job in the land of Uz (today called Uzbekistan), and Bel the Dragon was revered in ancient Babylon at the time of the prophet Daniel, only four hundred years before the incarnation of Elohim, the son Jesus Christ, prophecied throughout the old testament, which surely is a great continuum of real ancient history.

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January 16, 2012

Modern Brits have pioneered the notion that the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate, its rate of precession, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis at the rate of 72 years/degree against the backdrop of the stars while it spins and rotates around the sun, pioneering british investigators such as Graham Hancock and Crichton Miller, who has even patented a navigational device predicated upon the precession mapping method here, yet they refuse to acknowledge this derivation for the length of the ancient royal cubit and olympic foot because it was deduced by a young earth creationist, so please help spread the word.

The problem for bibliophobes such as Hancock is that should they acknowledge the derivation for the ancient metrics explained in the link, then ET’s or some other alien intelligence need not have been responsible for the Great Pyramid of Giza’s precise alignment to true north nor its dimensions reflecting scientific knowledge of the exact size of the earth, unthinkable to darwinists such as Hancock and Miller, they remain mum about the finding, so please ask them to acknowledge the finding, which then of course will lead them to admit that mere humans measured the earth precisely during the bronze age, which was the ice age, hence the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings compiled by Charles Hapgood.

Maps such as the Zeno Map and the Oronteus Finaeus Map show that the ancient source maps for those medieval maps were drawn early in the ice age, proving that the ice age actually occurred much later than the darwinists are telling us.  And Hancock has documented many submerged ruins of bronze age vintage, confirming that the bronze age was the ice age, yet he continues to insist that the ice age ended about 10,000 years ago, leaving a gap of over 5,000 years between that time and the timeframe of the Great Pyramid and the other great megalithic structures of the ancient world, many of them now submerged on the shallow seafloor since the end of the ice age really circa 1500 b.c.

The world needs to know that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below could have been the cause for the ice age, therefore in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, hence the silence about all this in the mainstream scientific community, so equipped with information such as here, the now mostly ignorant scientific community can become enlightened about the real history of the ancient world, necessitating of course the re-writing of textbooks, yet as they themselves say, good science is a process, the bad thrown out when superior models are established, the darwinian paradigm and timeline now found seriously void of factual basis.

Ancient Old Kingdom Egypt Egyptian Word Meaing Bja Etymology Meteoric Iron Stone Rock Meteorites Tribe Medjayu Arab Beja Bedja Name What Called Selves Bedaawye Bedouins Nation Son Kush Ityopis Greek Blemmyes Ethiopia Sudan Language Dispersion Meroe Meroitic Hieroglyphs Decipherment Script Kushan Kushitic Range Sanskrit India Translation Seed Semen Heaven Bija Malaysian Word Baja Meaning Peninsula Mexico Ironstone Deposits Transoceanic Navigation

January 14, 2012

Meteoric iron fallen from the heavens, the word Bja in the ancient egyptian language, was highly prized, used to form religious objects of power such as crooks and flails for the rulers of Egypt, no doubt too for the Kushites to the south and east of Egypt, who were called the Beja, Medjay, or Medjayu, so named after Bja because they were a great source of that meteoric iron seen as having fallen from the gods to earth.

So it’s ironic (pun intended) that the wandering pastoral Bedouin nomads of the Horn of Africa and Egypt would be named after those very ancient metallurgists the kushitic Beja, etymologically linked to the word Bja, having called themselves the Bedaawye in archaic times, that word then transitioned by arabic and french influence to Bedouin.

And the Beja language today spoken by the Bedouins of Ethiopia (named after Ityopis a son of Kush) will actually be the key to deciphering the Meroitic hieroglyphs (once the experts decide to work this angle), the hieroglyphic language of Kush, those ancients of Meroe on the upper Nile having utilized the egyptian hieroglyphs to record their own language.

That biblical Kush (who was a son of Ham known as Khem in Egypt) had influence over much of the ancient world is born out with the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan (the Kusht river flowing north from there) and Pakistan/India (the Arabian Sea’s gulf of Kutch his namesake too).  And tying it all together is that the sankrit word Bija means seed or semen, and in Malaysia (and to Mexico?) Baja meaning iron, meteoric iron, the seed of the gods from heaven.

How could this word have dispersed so far and wide in the ancient world across the vast oceans necessitating that the ancients practiced sophisticated navigation techniques?  The bronze age (which was the ice age) mariners precisley measured distances and directions across the ocean by the stars, by their predictably changing positions in the night sky according to the earth wobble rate, 72 years/degree, the basis for the vedic hindu yugas of time and the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Egypt, see, and the big picture of ancient history here