Bloodshed in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe Strongman Should Be Suspended from African Union AU Says Barack Hussein Obama’s Cousin Islam Funded Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya Riots after Loss in Presidential Run Obama Campaigned for Odinga 2006 Trip in Muslim Hadj Outfit Gear “Smear”

June 30, 2008

Barack Obama’s cousin, prime minister Raila Odinga of Kenya, said today that Robert Mugabe, who recently strong-armed, through violence and intimidation, another election victory as president of Zimbabwe, should be suspended from the African Union (a conference of national leaders from the countries of Africa), which is ironic considering that Odinga’s muslim backers went on a bloody rampage when Odinga lost in his run for the presidency of Kenya, having promised them islamic sharia law if elected, and Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for him, back in 2006, when Obama was caught photographed in his muslim hadj outfit, for which Team Obama cried foul, calling the picture a smear.  But why should that be considered a “smear” by Team Obama, afterall, who put the hadj outfit on Obama if not Obama himself?

Obama, Dick Morris, and Mohammar Khaddafi, were members of Team Odinga in his election bid, he lost by 230,000 votes, and the riots ensued, so in a power sharing arrangement to appease the raging Muslims, Odinga is prime minister, the camel’s nose in the tent.  And so it would be with Obama in America, backed by muslims, hoping for a win, but Americans won’t put up with it, so it’ll be McCain by a handsome margin in the fall general election, because millions of Democrats and Independents don’t like Obama’s most-liberal-in-the-senate voting record, his oppositon to laws for controlling illegal immigration, his desire to raise taxes, increase spending, give illegal aliens health insurance, and his greatly concerning associations and allegiances in the islamic world. 

Bill Clinton in London England Says “Barack Obama Can Kiss My Ass” for Presidential Campaign Support Mainstream Media Spins It That Former President is Onboard with Team Obama Can Forget Independent Democrat Voters Favoring Second Amendment Rights Illegal Immigration Control and Support for Israel’s Right to Exist and Flourish as a Nation State

June 30, 2008

Since it’s doubtful that Barack Obama will be kissing Bill Clinton’s ass anytime soon, Team Obama can’t count on the ex president’s support, because he said in England the other day:  “Obama can kiss my ass for my support.”  This development is obviously not music to the ears of the Democrats who hope Obama will beat McCain, but it is music to the ears of the millions of Democrats who oppose Obama, because he opposes strong measures against illegal immigration, favors gun bans against honest citizens, receives the support of radical Muslims, and opposes drilling for oil off America’s own shores, so the good news is for McCain, with Bill (and Hillary?) leading the charge against Obama from within his own ranks. 

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Is White America Ready for a Black President Barack Hussein Obama Who is Backed by Radical Jihadist Muslims Has Most Liberal Socialistic Voting Record in the Senate Favors Open Lax Borders Immigration Non Control and Supports Gun Bans and a Moratorium on Drilling off the U.S. East and West Coasts?

June 30, 2008

The liberal media talking heads are now implying that if you aren’t for Barack Hussein Obama then you’re probably are a racist, as they feign to forget that B. Hussein is backed by radical Muslims and their sympathizers (such as Louis Farrakhan, Raila Odinga, Hugo Chavez, Rashid Khalidi, and Mohammar Khaddafi), has the most liberal voting record in the senate, opposes illegal immigration control, favors gun bans against law abiding citizens, and apparently hopes that gas prices will continue to increase because he opposes drilling the rich oil deposits of the U.S. east and west coast continental shelves.

So is it ok for Americans to oppose Obama for these reasons without being considered a racist?  Will Chris Matthews, Ketih Olbermann, Tom Brokaw, and the others, allow us this?  I don’t think they will, because they don’t want to talk about the afforementioned aspects of Obama’s political pedigree (wildly opposed by a healthy majority of the american electorate), protecting his candidacy at all costs, forcing Americans to get the information from alternative sources, which will cause McCain’s upcoming victory over Obama to be called an “unforseen upset,” much as when the Republicans “unexpectedly” took-over Congress in 1994. 

Obama is not unelectable because he is half black, it’s because he’s a flaming liberal who nods and winks at the Muslims who would destroy Israel and the United States, just google “Obama Odinga” for a great example. Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga for president of Kenya, who lost, inciting his muslim backers to go on a rampage, killing 1,500 Christians and burning much property, that’s Obama’s man.

Penn State Scientists Investigate Analyze Woolly Mammoth Mammuthus Genus Genome from Elephant Hair Samples Crowned Head Cranium Giant Elephants of Nepal Elephantidae Family Syngameons Cross-Hybridization of Elephant “Species” Ice Age Arctic Environmental Climatology What Was the Arctic Pleistocene Weather Like During the Ice Age?

June 30, 2008

Penn State biologists are in the process of studying the woolly mammoth genome from hair samples, the animal being studied of the elephant genus mammuthus, thought to be extinct, but found in Nepal are small herds of giant elephants, about a foot taller than the asian elephants, and these nepal giants, very interestingly, have the same crowned cranium crests as the mammoths, not found in the asian and african elephants which are thought to be the only survivng genuses of animals, so since asian and african elephants can hybridize, and the asian elephants are said to be genetically very similar to the mammoth, we can expect the biological capability for hybridization of certainly the nepalese elephant, and probably the asian elephant, with a clone from the recovered mammoth genes, should such a creature be made in the laboratory.

Status quo mainstream scientists of the darwinist bent would have us believe that the environment of the arctic was even colder during the Ice Age than today, which of course, according to hydrology 101, is surely ridiculous, since it’s known that the mammoth remains, now buried in the frozen muck of the arctic coastal river valleys, are found associated with lush plant remains, from a time when the arctic regions (near the arctic ocean shorelines) were pastures and forests, much like southern England today (benefiting from the warm Gulf Stream current), so obviously, the ocean was warmer during the Ice Age, even the arctic ocean, to have caused the prolific rainfall, and not much snowfall, near the arctic ocean shorelines, but also, the intense snowfall further inland which caused buildup of the snowpack during the Ice Age.

And when the oceans had cooled to about today’s temperatures, the Ice Age ended, because the greater evaporation rates off the oceans were significantly lessened, so because of the greatly reduced cloudcover then, the summers in the arctic became much warmer, and the winters much colder, therefore, when the ice age icepacks melted rapidly, the vast sheets of runoff water drowned and entombed the creatures in muck, to be frozen the following winter, many of which have remained frozen in the muck to this day, because the summers are short in the arctic.  Read more about all this in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and if you’d like to know how the ancients during the Ice Age measured the earth (geometry) by the stars, simply explained in article #2 at

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John McCain and Barack Obama Will Speak to Democrat Open Borders Advocate Adolfo Carrion of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials NALEAO Supports Advocates for National Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens Do Employment and Unemployment Rates Figures Include Undocumented Workers and How Do Government Officials Determine Who is Legal and Illegal?

June 28, 2008

Have you ever wondered, when government officials are determing the unemployment rates among various demographic groups, among latinos specifically for this analysis, how they can tell which workers are illegal aliens and which are documented workers or U.S. citizens?  What good is a poll which says the unemployment rate is x amount in the latino community if it’s unknown whether the respondents to the survey are legal or illegal?  And if they do survey only documented workers and U.S. citizens among the latino community for the unemployment figure surveys, then do they turn the others (who are here illegally) over to I.C.E.?  Don’t count on it. 

Adolfo Carrion of the Bronx, latino leader, head of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEAO), whom John McCain and Barack Obama will soon address, says that immigration is not a big issue in the latino community.  Well duh!!  Carrion and the Democrats support open borders, and providing Obama’s proposed nationalized health insurance to illegal aliens; at least McCain is not in favor of nationalized health insurance, so he wouldn’t be responsible for nationalized bureaucratic healthcare coverage for illegal aliens, which would put millions of illegal aliens in line for healthcare, right along with our mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles, and ourselves, victims of the leftwing’s dillution of our national sovereignty, allowing the privileges of U.S. citizens and documented workers to illegal aliens and their unscrupulous employers who would benefit greatly from all this.

So latinos who are U.S. citizens, and who love this country, will see through all this to support the lesser of the two evils, McCain over Obama, but no doubt, many legal latinos will still support Obama’s open borders policy, as they think the U.S. stole the southwest from Mexico, what they consider to be their ancient homeland of Atlan.  But of course, Atlan was across the Atlantic, near the Atlas mountains, now submerged because of the end of the Ice Age.  See category Atlantis Revealed, to understand the latinos’ ridiculous claim that the U.S. southwest if their long lost homeland of Atlan, and checkout article #2 at, to see the relationship and common root of the ancient egyptian and mexican measuring systems.

Google:  Obama Odinga

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Sudden Emergence of Megalithic Building Dawn of Post Deluge History Coincidences of Worldwide Uniform Cubit Length Stepped Pyramids Ancient Nautical Legends of Transoceanic Voyages Barry Fell’s Harvard Diffusionism Has Been Vindicated Traditional Mainstream Archaeologists Deny Ignore Stonewall Evidence for Archaic Global Culture of Celestial Archaeometry for Geodesy

June 27, 2008

The sudden emergence of the grand megalithic buildings in many disparate parts of the world, often astronomically aligned stepped pyramids, temples, and plazas, commonly and correctly thought to have begun circa 2500 B.C., in the Andes, southern Mexico, Egypt, Sumer, Japan, and Polynesia, is treated by mainstream archaeologists as just a huge coincidence of the darwinian evolution of mankind, because humans had migrated across the Bering Land Bridge from Asia to America over thousands of years, about 10,000 years before the ancient Americans decided to build megaliths, which greatly resembled those of the Middle East, at the exact same time that those structures in “the Old World” were being built, but the odds of that are clearly astronomical, and because of astronomy actually, the ancients were indeed navigating the globe in bronze age times by the stars, long suspected, by Barry Fell of Diffusinionism Theory at Harvard U. back in the 70”s, now vindicated by the determination of the methodology used by the ancients to measure the earth, by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, as it spins like a gyroscope in space, rotating around the sun.

There was a universal royal cubit length in the ancient world, right around 21 inches (the actual length was 20.632 inches, as explained in the link), with the hunab length of ancient Mexico having been twice the length of the royal cubit, which was used to survey the great temple complex at Teotihuacan near Mexico City, so the royal cubit’s means of derivation and therefrom astronomical significance was known to the ancient navigators, who sailed all over the globe, during the Ice Age, creating the great ancient megalithic civilizations of the Bronze Age, following the Deluge, which had caused the heated oceans for the intense evaporative cloudcover of the Ice Age.  And when the oceans had cooled to about today’s temperatures, the Ice Age ended, circa 1500 B.C., submerging many megalithic structures in the process, as 25 million square miles of land worldwide were inundated within about a century, confirmed by many ancient legends.

Mainstream archaeologists have yet to accept this global measuring system, obviously manifested in the numerations of astronomy, nautical mile mapping, astrology, ancient calendar systems, architecture, art forms, and legends, but when they do, Barry Fell will be totally vindicated in his groundbreaking work demonstrating the true ancient origins of mankind in America by sea, corroborated by the ancient legends of the Mexicans, that they had sailed from across the eastern ocean, from Atlan, not across the Bering Land Bridge (although some of the north american tribes did indeed).

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Wheel Time Cubit Measuring System Symbolism Dravidian Satkona Yantra Fire Sign Worship Hexagon Mandala Tao Path Pattern Feng Shui Balance Universe Comparisons Seal of Solomon Magen David Iconography Reveal Knowledge Earth’s Axis Wobble Geometry Hindu Yuga Base Six Numeration

June 27, 2008

The hindu yugas of time are denominated in blocks of 432,000 years (as if anybody was around to count them), and the Great Pyramid of Giza is a reduced embodiment of the dimensions of the earth by a factor of 43,200, and half that number (21,600) is the number of nautical miles, derived by precise timekeeping, which compose the circumference-length of the earth, so you can see that the ancients were measuring time accurately too, but not solar transit time, as for nautical mile timekeeping (arc minutes, arc seconds), but precession time, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, predicated on the fact that the length of one side of a hexagon (six-sided polygon), circumscribed by the circle of the earth, is the same length as the radius of the earth, so by measuring the “Wheel of Time,” the ancients were able to measure and map the earth.

So the hexagon was seen as a symbol of power in the ancient world, the key to unlocking the relationship of cosmic time to geometry (which means earth measure, and that, by measuring time, the only way you can measure east-west distances), with the hexagon being the ancient symbol of the Satkona Yantra in India, the symbol of the dravidian fire god Agni, the sun, which brings life to the world through the cycle of time, as the sun rises in a “new house” of the zodiac every 2,160 years, through the cycle of time, the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which cycles at the rate of 72 years/degree.

The hexagon allowed the ancients to directly relate time to distance, so it was seen as magical, with the Seal of Solomon (Magen David) and the principles of oriental Feng Shui geometry, both deriving from hexagon geometry, the means by which they felt they were masters of the universe, in a sense, in knowing the key to quantifying their world, the earth, by the rate of the cycling of the great Wheel of Time, the manifestation of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis.

The mandala, the oriential art form with hexagons and squares within circles, demonstrates the ancient reverance for the cosmic symmetry inherent to the hexagon/cycle of time relationship, to measure the earth, and in measuring the earth, they felt they had a measure of control, by rulers, of kingdoms, and measuring rulers of distance, which allowed the kings to quantify their domains, and actually know, precisely, where on earth they were, as evidenced with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.

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Barack Obama’s Response to Comment on Supreme Court’s Ruling Decision to Strike Down Overrule Washington D.C. Anti Second Amendment Gun Ban Law Upholding Right to Bear Arms Barack Obama Says Legal Gun Bans Good for Safety of Communities

June 26, 2008

Barack Obama has responded to the Supreme Court’s decison to strike down the Washington D.C. gun ban law, which had caused honest citizens to be defenseless againt gun-toting criminals in D.C.   I just now heard him on the radio commenting on the decision, and the gist of his resonse was:

“Americans have a long tradition of gun ownership, but gun bans are good in some communities, where gun crime is rampant.”

Typical Obama, he’s obviously saying that he disagrees with the decision, but cloaks his disagreement in nonsense, after all, how can citizens fight gun-toting criminals in high crime neighborhoods without firepower?  And doesn’t Obama know what the 2nd Amendment says?  Watch for the D.C. violent crime-rate to drop precipitously now that citizens can defend themselves with guns, because the murderous criminals will never be sure who or who does not have a gun to stop their devious plans.

Google Obama Odinga, for more insights into the real Obama, and to learn how the ancients measured time by the stars to measure the earth, checkout article #2 at, corroborating the Genesis account, which makes no reference to race, just the progeny of Noah and the other seven on the Ark are recounted in Genesis, skin color is of no import to God, as Martin Luther King would say to Barack and his buddy Jeremiah Wright.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules 5 to 4 in Favor of Handguns Right to Bear Arms in Washington D.C. Justices Decide Legal Gun Owners Can Defend Themselves Against Illegal Gun Owners D.C. Crime Rate Will Go Down Because of Supreme Court Gun Ruling Barack Obama Against 2nd Amendment

June 26, 2008

Look for the crime rate to steadily decline in Washington D.C., because honest citizens can now carry handguns, to defend themselves and their property against armed criminals, thanks to the Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 ruling today in favor of the constitutional right to bear arms.  And know that with justices on the Supreme Court who would be appointed by ultra liberal President Barack Hussein Obama, they would have ruled the other way, allowing the continuance of bad guys with guns against good guys with no guns, hardly fair.

Google Obama Odinga, to see the concerning associations of Obama, and if you’d like to know how the ancients measured the earth, checkout article #2 at  

Catholic Priest Father Michael Phleger Explains His Passion Apologizes on Good Morning America GMA for Hillary Clinton Mocking Rant from Pulpit Michael Phleger Appears with Robin Roberts Rationalizes Foolish Tirade Against Hillary Saying His Passion Gets in the Way of “the Message” from Intentionally Distorted Interpretation of Biblical Christianity

June 26, 2008

Michael Phleger appeared on Good Morning America this morning, interviewed by Robin Roberts, trying to explain away his uncharitable words from the pulpit about Hillary Clinton, the foe of his main man Barack Hussein Obama, who with Phleger and Jeremiah Wright embraces black liberation theology, that Jesus was black, and so, the Jews have no claim to Israel, and therefore, the Muslims are supposedly the rightful heirs of the Holy Land, thus their friendships with PLO and Hamas operatives, such as Rashid Khalidi Musa Abu Marzook, are actually very predictable, in light of their deliberate distortion of the Bible; wolves in sheeps clothing for sure (in Obama’s case, in a wool two piece suit, baaaad).

Phleger says he lets his passion get in the way of the message, but what is the message?  It’s obviously not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s the message that Muslims and Christians are welcome in “the black church,” that Islam and Christianity are supposedly equally viable ways to salvation (in direct contradiction to new testament scripture), and so, islamic Sharia Law can creep into America as an exercise of freedom of religion in the “black church,” as evidenced with longtime embrace by Wright, Phleger, and Obama, of the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan.

Google Obama Odinga.