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June 30, 2010

Most voting jews in America supported Barack Obama in ’08, so they can thank themselves for the lack of support now being shown to Israel in these perilous times, causing the war prophecied in Ezekiel 38 to loom large all the more, an irony probably lost on Obama since I doubt that Jeremiah Wright preached much from that chapter in the Bible to his congregation sometimes including Louis Farrakhan, not what he’d want to hear, nor apparently Obama.

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June 30, 2010

How do you explain a death-row inmate who turns from mean to gentle after having received Jesus Christ as savior?  Who would he be trying to impress (besides God) with such a change of attitude and behavior when his time is so short, blaming only himself, repentent, asking all for forgiveness?  What purpose would all that serve if not that he were really a changed person spiritually, and so, meant to be a witness of the grace of Jesus Christ during his few days left on earth?

And how would you explain his almost fearless approach to the end of his carnal life?  Would he have just decided to take that approach to impress his earthly dad, or would he have really almost been looking forward to his promising eternity with his newly accepted spiritual father?  The witness is clear, having tasted the joy of the Lord, which is our strength, he would have begun to experience God’s wonderful sense of irony, and humor, and miracles (of heart and mind at least in his case), and the sense that eveything is under control no matter how bad it looks on the physical plane, because our loving God has a plan.

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June 30, 2010

During the 2008 presidential campaign, yours truly was blogging that if only hapless republican candidate John McCain would support strong borders and penalties against employers of illegal aliens, and would adamantly support school choice (vouchers), then he would beat even Barack Hussein Obama, which didn’t happen of course (and McCain now pretending to be catching up, so he should be a democrat), when but now it looks as ‘though the Tea Party will effectively control the mood of the Congress after the upcoming 2010 elections, with those two policy items on the agenda, and a strong defense of Israel too, an american tradition, now being thwarted by B. Hussein.

The Bible says that enemies of Israel’s are enemies of God, so why would Obama want to put us on the wrong side of the God of the Bible when this president of the U.S. claims to be a christian?  Obama told Nicolas Kristoff of the New York Times that “the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer at dusk,” so what’s up with that do you think?  Not exactly what you’d expect from a christian american president, but then again, one of Obama’s mentors (along with Frank Marshall Davis) was Jeremiah Wright, good buddy of Louis Farrakhan and Mohammar Khadafi, so that’s really just about all you need to know to vote the bums out.

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June 29, 2010

During the presidential election in 2008, Tim Adams was the senior elections clerk in Honolulu County, where he says he was told by his superiors that there was no record of then candidate Barack Obama’s birth at the Hawaii Health Department, and Adams says he inquired at both hospitals in Honolulu at the time, Queen’s Medical and Kaiolani Children’s, to see if they had record of his birth, which they didn’t, so this could explain why president Obama doesn’t want to produce his long form birth certificate to end the controversy, because the document doesn’t exist apparently, yet Smith still thinks Obama was born in Hawaii, perhaps knowing more than he’s letting out.

If you google Frank Marshall Davis with Barack Obama, you’ll see an amazing physical similarity, and when you add Mr. Obama’s mom’s chin to Frank Marshall Davis, voila, Barack Obama, so with Davis’ checkered past (to put it mildly), if he is really the father, you can see why Team Obama would not want that information out there; perhaps Obama was born at somebody’s (perhaps a doctor’s) home, the birth notice to the newspapers then which could easily have been phoned in, of which Tim Adams is no doubt fully aware.

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June 29, 2010

The undeciphered Meroitic writing script from the kingdom of Kush (south of Egypt), originals from the 600 b.c. timeframe, is thought to be of the kushitic language, but without the proof, however, neglected is a full study of the very ancient bedouin Beja language of the Horn of Africa, known to be kushitic, but not yet fully understood for some reason, the key ‘though almost surely to understand the language behind the Meroitc script, and so its decipherment. 

Bedouin derives from Bedaawwye, anciently what the Beja speaking people called themselves, the bedouins whose range was vast, the progency of Kush mixed with other families through the centuries having settled from the region of the Hindu Kush, to Kish of the Sumerian culture, to the kingdom of Kush south of Egypt, those bedouins associated with nomadic activity but near the cities which dotted the plains of what now are deserts in the Middle East and North Africa, because the climate changed drastically when circa 1500 b.c. the Ice Age began to end, not what the darwinists want to hear.

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June 29, 2010

Saad Mosheni has hired a small army to protect himself from the Taliban as he comes and goes in Afghanistan, the first tv mogul there, and not adhering to the koranic dictates of islam in his programming, but to what the people want to see, with a Dr. Phil like call-in tv show, and one with exposed (by koranic standards) dancing girls, the programming limited at this point to these and just a few more shows, however, the ambitious Mosheni owns Kaboora Productions in Kabul, no doubt seeking great ideas for tv shows appealing to the afghani people, so how about their ancient history?

Ever wonder about the name Hindu Kush, the mountains which run northeast to southwest forming much of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Hindu is from Indus, the great river of Pakistan which flows down from the Himalayas, and Kush is the biblical Kush, son of Ham (the namesake of the Gulf of Chambay of northwest India), whose power and influence extended from those mountains in western Asia to Kish in Mesopotamia to the land of Kush south and east of Egypt, what darwinian linguists can’t get their heads-around because they don’t believe the Bible, how can that name Kush be so extensive from the ancient world?

The Kusht River flows down into the caspian desert basin to the north of the Hindu Kush mountains, and the caspian basin contains the ruins of many ancient towns from the bronze age which but now are in the great desert of that region today, indicatng the catastrophic climate change which struck the world beginning circa 1500 b.c. when the Ice Age ended, good stuff for afghan tv, and that which should not really offend even the muslim taliban in Afghanistan, good educational tv for the afghan people, 85% of whom are illiterate.

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June 27, 2010

Inane left wing crazy Janeane Garofalo now says she’s disappointed in half black president Barack Obama, that he’s done a poor job, so she’s a racist, right?  After all, during the presidential campaign in ’08, the media painted the picture that if you opposed Obama then you must be a racist, so Janeane, according the wildeyes Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, you are a racist, take it up with them, you need some image restoration to retain your image as a hardcore democrat, the party which has left most of the american people, only twenty percent now saying they consider themselves liberal, bad news for Team Obama and his “progressive” cohorts on Capitol Hill.

Many black candidates such as colonel Allen West of Florida are running for the u.s. House of Reprentatives in the fall in the general election as Republicans, so according to Chris and Keith, they should all win to prove again that America is not racist, right?  And will perhaps terminally confused Janeane Garofalo see the light that capitalism, what has caused her to gain her healthy income, is threatened by the big government takeovers being perpetrated by Team Obama?  Why don’t they get it?  Is it so hard to see that a nation without borders (which is essentially what Obama wants) is no nation at all, why don’t they read history?


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June 26, 2010

Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, a typical progressive liberal writing for that magazine, with his reportage of General McCrystal and his mates speaking ill of Team Obama’s military capabilities and goals, apparently did not know that McCrystal actually fell on his sword of his own volition, to let the world know that the u.s. military (by and large) doesn’t like the way Team Obama is handling things.  And McCrystal himself, from what I have read, is a social liberal, however, fiscally, I don’t know where he stands, but with some military brass now saying our national debt is one of the biggest threats to America, I’d certainly bet that McCrystal agrees with this assessment, so surely, Mcrystal and millions of usually democrat voting Americans like him will be lining up to vote-out Obama, as Hastings and the Rolling Stone see the boomerang come back on them too fast to handle.

Deciphering Rapanui Easter Island RongoRongo Script Language Written Signs Similarity Indus Valley Script Fertility Cult Shiva Linga Vulva Etchings Obsidian Marks Skulls Easter Island RongoRongo Warrior Kings Menes Egypt Ham Khem Cham Chambodia Sea Dragon Min Min Minnows Sailors Islands Pacific Bronze Age World Ocean Cartography Maps Ancient Sea Kings

June 25, 2010

Many scholars equate the biblical Ham with one of the ancient names of Egypt, the land of Khem, who I think was also Menes, the great unifier of upper Egypt (the region upstream from Giza on the Nile) and lower Egypt (the Nile Delta region), deified as the god Min, with royal navigators of Crete apparently his namesake, the Minos kings, like swimming minnows, who navigated precisely across vast stretches of ocean ‘though with mathematical precision by the method explained in article #2 at, with the astral aspect of the mapping method demonstrated by the polynesian reverence for the MinMin spirits of the tribes of the south Pacific, who also revered the sun god Ra, as in Rapanui (Easter Island), like the Egyptians who worshipped Atum Re, which was solar ancestor worship of Adam, the Adam of Genesis, the account of which was obviously seriously distorted by the Egyptians and many others in the ancient world, as the Hebrews maintained the accurate rendering of ancient history.

Cham was not a big player in ancient India (where his son Kush was), as Ham/Cham was in Cambodia where he was known as the Sea Dragon (his constructions at such as Angor Wat with the precession numbers from the link), but the undecifered (which should be ‘though now) Indus Valley script has symbols which are virtually identical to the symbols of the also undecifered RongoRongo script of Rapanui (Easter Island), 13,000 miles away, not explainable by the darwinists, but with the information in the link, you can see that the hindu yugas of time, and the method by which the sailors led by Hotu Matua voyaged to Easter Island when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c.

RongoRongo means recitations, and Rongo was an ancient polynesian sea god of Hotu Matua and his people when they lived on vast expanses of land now submerged since the end of the Ice Age near the Marquesas islands in the Pacific, with stone navigation spheres found there as on Easter Island and in the Diqus river delta and around the countryside of Costa Rica, the markers for the leylines of the ancient ocean travelers, by the method in the link, the cult of fertility evident by all those ancients, Shiva in India (the Siva of the Bible), and through the recitations of the RongoRongo, plenty of clues for the experts, which when deciphered will bolster the notion for biblical young earth creationism, and the darwinists won’t like that.  Please note that the Indus Valley script are symbols for the vedic sanskrit language, that language having had a semitic alphabet applied when the Ice Age had ended and the Indus civilization ended with catastrophic climate change and sea level rise.  And checkout

Who First Settled Settlement Date Easter Island Rapanui Origin RongoRongo Language Hotu Matua Voyages Submerged Lost Land Marae Renga Toiho Marquesas Stone Statues Monuments Ahu Platforms Megaliths Southern Pacific Ocean Mariners Indus Valley Connection Biblical Table Nations Migrations

June 24, 2010

Easter Island, about three thousand miles west of Peru, was first settled (according to the darwinists) circa 400 a.d., obviously by seafarers, from where the darwinists will not say, however, ancient legends from Easter Island tell that Hotu Matua first arrived there bringing plants and animals from his ancient homeland which was submerged by the sea (when the Ice Age was ending), bringing with him 67 tablets of script, the unknown RongoRongo writing script of Easter Island, about a third of the signs of which are virtually identical to the also undecifered (but should be as it’s sanskrit) Indus Valley script, from that civilization half the world away, across the vast Pacific ocean, having navigated by the surprisingly simple method explained in article #2 at

Further complicating matters for the darwinists is that since they are forced to admit that Easter Island (because of the archaic megalithic constructions there) was first settled by seafarers at least a thousand years before Christopher Columbus, they are therefore admitting ancient navigation across a vast body of water, the Pacific, far greater than across the Atlantic, rendering foolish once again the notion that the Americas were first settled by the descendants of cavemen having trudged across the Bering Land Bridge during the Ice Age, which ended actually circa 1500 b.c. when the legendary kingdom of Hotu Matua near the Marquesas succumbed to the sea.

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