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March 30, 2009

No Press (Tokyo) is reporting that in response to the activities of the 57 member nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world body which pushes Islam’s murderous Sharia Law across the globe, self professed Christian and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama is moving now to set-up an international political power block to counteract the OIC’s goal of world domination.  Obama’s new world organization is to be composed of democratic and mostly christian nations, the Organization of the Christian Conference, the OCC, with joining member nations including Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, and France, amoung the 98 nations expected to join forces with Obama to fight back against tyrannical islamic military and political machinations for world domination under Islam’s Sharia Law, promoting freedom of speech and religion in the islamic nations, like it is allowed in the nations of the Organization of the Christian Conference.

Hernando De Soto Spanish Expedition Southern Appalachian Mountains Province of Cosa Cofachiqui Georgia South Carolina Tennessee Ancient Archaic Mining Metallurgy W. J. Perry Children of the Sun Global Cultural Diffusionism Ocean Navigation Bronze Age Mount Ophir Son of Heber Malacca Muar Malaysian Peninsula Gold Mining Ancient Shafts Ore Processing King Solomon’s Ophir Mines Sandalwood Auriferous Deposits Ancient Yucatan Yuchi Olmec Civilization Ancient Homeland of Shawnee Cherokee Delaware Chickasaw Creek Southeastern Appalachian American Tribes Phoenician Atlas Cartography

March 30, 2009

The ancient gold mines and placer rivers of the archaic kingdom of Cofachiqui, in the southern Appalachian Mountains of America discovered by Hernando De Soto for the crown of Spain were known and exploited by the local tribes who made axe heads of a mixture of copper and gold, the ancient Etowah buriel mound there having housed a copper plate with ancient mexican-engraving motifs thereupon, indicating that the mound builders and miners of the southern Appalacians had come from the south, from the ancient Yucatan culture of the Olmecs, whose mining expeditions sailed north to the rich mining district where the borders of the states of South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee meet; the progeny of the Yuchi tribe, which diverged into Shawnee, Delaware, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek nations, the tribes who led De Soto to the gold rich areas, which were then expoited by the Spaniards for decades.

This information is from W. J. Perry’s classic work, The Children of the Sun, documenting that global seafarers were navigating circa 2000 B.C. in search of gold, silver, pearls, copper, tin, and rare spices, as well as, sandalwood, which grows only on the Malay Peninsula, obtained by King Solomon of Israel circa 950 B.C. when his phoenician fleet sailed to Ophir, named after a son of Joktan, who was a son of Heber (the namesake of Iberia); the Mount Ophir known today as Gunong Ledang, which is east of Malacca, with vast and very ancient underground mine shafts confirming that this was a prime source of gold in the ancient world.

It’s becoming obvious to even the most entrenched skeptics of ancient transoceanic diffusionism that the ancients circa 2000 B.C. were engaged in global navigation in the pursuit of valuable minerals and rare spices; they had the means to precisely navigate by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree (simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), so why not?  The pursuit of gold has always been a big motivator, and the ancients were no different, sailing in wooden or reed-bundle ships by the navigational method in the link, so they had the means and the motivation to have sailed to and explored much of the world, actually during the Ice Age, revealed with the ancient source maps exposed by Charles Hapgood in his classic, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Volcanic Ash Climate Change Mount Redoubt Volcano Alaska Eruption Global Warming Ice Age Polar Snow Icepacks Bore Holes Ancient Volcanic Ash Layers Tectonic Seismic Continental Earth Crust Isostatic Readjustment Plastic Flow of Mantle Mount Redoubt Eruption Alaska Ice Age Snowfall Model What Caused Pleistocene Last Glacial Maximum Hydrologic Regime?

March 29, 2009

With the Mount Redoubt (Alaska) volcano blasting smoke and ash fifty thousand feet into the stratosphere, questions about the impact this will have on world climate are racing through the scientific community.  When the Ice Age was ongoing, such volcanism was commonplace in many parts of the world (where there are “extinct” or active volcanos, such as Santorini and Etna in the Mediterranean), and this is proven by the many layers of ash discovered within bore holes into the polar icepacks, some of which, after having been compressed by tons of overlying snow and ice for many centuries, are a centimeter thick, so these vast layers of ash, when they accumulated, were several feet thick, undoubtedly quite the catastrophic scene, with volcanos popping and intense snowfall in the extreme latitudes, and much more rainfall in the middle latitudes, having made Egypt and the Middle East regions of lush pastures and babbling brooks, with lakes and stands of forests, when the great ancient civilizations were at their peaks.

As the Ice Age snowfall progressed, from much more global cloudcover (year ’round) at that time, the weight of the increasing layers of snow and ice on continents pushed down on those continental crusts, causing earthquakes and volcanism, hence the huge volumes of volcanic ash within the Ice Age icepacks which remain in Greenland, the Arctic, and the Antartic (and no doubt deep within remaining alpine glaciers at high elevations), and when the Ice Age ended, with the relief of the weight off the continents as the Ice Age icepacks on northern Europe, Asia, and America, melted into the sea, still more volcanism ensued, such as the eruptions of Etna and Santorini, known to have blown their stacks in a major way circa 1500 B.C., when the Ice Age ended, the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, when the Middle East and Egypt began to rapidly turn to desert, because the dense expansive cloudcover for the Ice Age had assuaged, because the oceans had cooled to the point where the great evaporation rates which caused the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age were no more. 

Read more about all this, and much, more in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that only geothermally heated oceans, from the “fountains of the deep” of Noah’s Flood, could have been the engine for the Ice Age, there’s no way around it, hydrology 101, so consider all this, and to know how the ancients during the Ice Age were measuring and mapping the earth by its wobble rate, be sure to checkout category Ancient Navigation, to learn the mathematics for the establishment of the length for the royal cubit, and so, how the base perimeter length for the Great Pyramid of Giza is 1/7,200th of the radius length of the earth.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Volcanic Eruption Alaska Mount Redoubt Greenhouse Gasses Global Warming Climate Change Alteration Weather Patterns Neolithic Paleolithic Bronze Age Prehistoric Volcanism C12 in CO2 Affects Factors Flawed Inaccurate C14 Dates Exaggerated Timeline Ancient Mankind Compressionist Theory Biblical Old Testament Genesis History Mount Redoubt Volcanic Activity Alaska Like Bronze Ice Age Climatic Regime of Old World Mount Etna Santorini Ice Age Eruptions

March 28, 2009

Mount Redoubt, a volcanic mountain in south central Alaska, is blasting smoke, ash, and the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide (co2), high into the atmosphere these days, raining down soot and causing the c12 of the emitted co2 to dilute (so to speak) the radioactive c14 in the atmosphere, such volcanism widespread during the Ice Age, which ended much later than mainstream academia advertises (see categories Catastrophic Climate Change and Submerged Ancient Ruins), rendering suspect the c14 dates of the “neolithic” and “mesolithic,” because those ancient people were merely rural settlers during the bronze age, with the greater volcanism of that time, such as from Mounts Santorini and Etna in the Mediterranean, resulting in exaggerated c14 dates because of the c12 dilution in the atmosphere from many more volcanos than those two.

Mainstream scientists don’t factor this volcanic c12 (from co2 from the bowels of the earth) dilution of the c14 in the atmosphere in their considerations about their construction of their c14 date-dependent timeframe, from 10000 B.C (when they say the Ice Age ended) to the bronze age, circa 2000 B.C., because they rightly say that volcanism was much greater during (and even more at the end of) the Ice Age, as evidenced with the great amount of soot within the polar icepacks, but fail to acknowlege the submerged bronze age megalithic ruins in many parts of the world, which clearly were submerged at the end of the Ice Age, so the mainstreamers are using circular reasoning in their dating of ancient human cultures, defying the evidence that the Ice Age actually ended much later than they doggedly maintain.

And to see how those “bronze age” ancients, actually during the Ice Age, measured and mapped the earth, by the wobble rate of its axis, 72 years/degree, checkout the surprisingly simple explanation in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see that the biblical timeline, and this evidence in the design of the creation, confirm the notion that the Genesis account is far and away the most accurate book of ancient history ever recorded, with almost all of it having been written by eyewitnesses, see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, to understand that the book of Genesis was not dreamed up by nomadic jewish shepherds circa 600 B.C.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Texas Science Textbooks Controversy Evolution Ruling Decision State Board of Education Says Darwinian Evolution is Fact Intelligent Design Creationists Lose Over Semantics of Definition of Evolution Species Natural Selection Biblical Kinds of Animals Ideological Warfare Darwinists Say Young Earth Creationists Don’t Believe in Evolution Red Herring Straw Man Argument Christians Miss the Point about Species Syngameon Darwin’s Evolution and the Old Testament Genesis Account

March 28, 2009

The Texas Board of Education ruled yesterday that “evolution” will be treated as virtually inerrant truth, dropping the requirement that the glaring weaknesses of this theory (that primordial goo morphed into you) be presented in the classroom; a big loss for the creationist movement, but much their own fault, as they have allowed the educational elites to label darwinian evolution as just evolution, and thereby, be enabled to paint creationists as knuckle-dragging dolts who don’t even believe in “evolution,” when in reality, we in fact do, in natural selection within syngameons (biblical kinds) of animals, but not that goo evolved into you over hundreds of millions of years, as the statist educators opine (with no real evidence to support their outlandish claim).

So the leaders of the creationist movement have been played for chumps, not realizing the semantic fix in which they’ve been trapped, with no way out, until they explain the differences between darwinian evolution and evolution per se, that natural selection does occur within syngameons, such as the syngameon which includes llamas, alplacas, and camels, differing “species” which ‘though can interbreed, proving that they came from common ancestors, the parent stock of that syngameon which survived the Deluge on the Ark, Noah’s Ark, which needed to have housed only about 20,000 syngameons of animals, not the millions of species (a meaningless term) which the Bible bashers mockingly maintain would need have been on the Ark, one of their many strawman arguments against the biblical account.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Ancient Climate Change Prehistoric Pleistocene Holocene Weather Patterns What Caused End of Ice Age Middle Latitude Deserts of World Global Warming Lost Cities Sahara Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman Syria Tel Leilan Harvey Weiss Yale Archaeology Meets David Hatcher Childress Timeline Problem Ice Age Chronology Mainstream Science Says Enigma Contradiction Ice Age Preceded Megalithic Building in Desert Regions of Planet Earth Temperatures Rainfall Middle East North Africa Holocene Climate Change

March 28, 2009

If you’ve never read one of David Hatcher Childress’s books in his Lost Cities series, you should, they instill a stark realization that there was a catastrophic climate change, when lush pastures and stands of forests, fed by streams and lakes, became the deserts of the world, such as the Sahara and the Rub al-Kali of Arabia, with many ancient cities left abandoned there, as the environment rapidly declined, indicating the end of the Ice Age, when rainfall and snowfall (in the more extreme latitudes and high elevations) amounts greatly declined, not circa 10000 B.C., as mainstream scientists (and the new ager Childress) say, but actually, circa 1500 B.C., as the presence of the megalithic and brick cities’ ruins (such as of Ubar in the Rub al-Kali and Yam in the libyan Sahara) there indicate, which are commonly considered to have been built circa 2000 B.C., a long way from Childress’s inferences that they must have been built before 10000 B.C. (before the end of the Ice Age).

So here is a great dilemma for mainstream scientists, who say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., as well as, for New Agers who say megalithic building was ongoing way back then; the mainstream scientists can’t explain the desertification of vast tracts of the earth circa 1500 B.C., while the New Agers can’t convince anybody that megalithic and brick cities were being built circa 10000 B.C., with the only remedy to this quandry being the biblical timeline, entailing warmer post Noah’s Flood oceanwater having been the engine for the Ice Age, having caused the much greater evaporation rates off the oceans to form the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, that’s hydrology 101.  And many cities were consumed by the sea when the Ice Age ended, so read on under category Submerged Ancient Ruins to see that this is another great dilemma for mainstream scientists and New Agers, for the same timeline reason.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Keys to Effective Young Earth Creationism Christian Evangelism New Evidence Findings Corroborating Genesis History Account Answers in Genesis Institute for Creation Research Two Big Major Biblical Science Organizations Intelligent Design Evolution Debate Syngameons Late Ice Age Hydrology Climatology Dancing From Genesis Author James I. Nienhuis New Important Irrefutably Compelling Evidences for Young Earth Creationism Compressionist Theory

March 27, 2009

The young earth creationism movement had great momentum in the 90’s, much of it because of the groundbreaking work of Henry M. Morris, with the two big organizations of the movement, Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research (founded by the late Morris), having outed the questionable and actually ludicrous assumptions of the radioisotope dating methods, established that natural selection does occur within the gene pools of the biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals (but not beyond them, goo didn’t morph into you), and made known that only paradoxically warmer oceans could have been the engine for the Ice Age.  But more recently, in this new century, those two institutions for the movement are avoiding entire new fields of study, with extremely compelling evidence for the biblical model, for reasons about which I won’t opine, as I’ll let you be the judge, and hope that you react as I do.

There are submerged bronze age megalithic stone or brick ruins of cities now on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, just google submerged ruins of Japan, or Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, India, or Spain, and you’ll see that many in the eclectic yet often clear thinking world of alternative archaeology are abuzz about these seafloor ruins, but not mainstream archaeologists, because they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., about 7,000 years before they say such megalithic building began, making it impossible that those ruins should even be there, an obviously very difficult pickle for mainstream scientists, as they go out of their way to not even discuss the submerged ruins, like Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes, “I see nuthink.”

But yet, the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis (led by Ken Ham), apparently having published nothing about this powerful new field of evidence for young earth creationism (with the Ice Age having ended circa 1500 B.C., about 900 years after the Deluge), are deliberately shielding their readers from this important new field of inquiry which is a huge headache to mainstream scientists, and even to the new age types in the archaeological world, who say that only space aliens could have taught such megalithic building “way back around 10000 B.C.,” rendering their position needlessly sci fi, as the evidence actually fits the Genesis account’s timeline, with the Ice Age having ended at the time of Moses (confirmed by the Ipuwer Papyrus), and space aliens not needed to have calculated the astronomically-derived dimensions for the mysterious Great Pyramid of Giza, because merely inspired human expertise was involved, enabled by God’s design of the creation, explained simply in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, where the template for the method is a hexagon within the circle of the earth, and the timekeeping standard, the earth’s wobble rate, at 72 years/degree.

Through recent years, I have referred this material to AIG and ICR, with a representative of AIG even having told me it’s all nonsense, but without saying ostensibly how that is so.  This is an extremely frustrating situation because the material is irrefutable, yet they sit on their hands for reasons to be determined, as their hungry readers remain ignorant of these whole new fields of scientific inquiry which cause the mainstream scientists to sweat, powerfully corroborating the Genesis account, much to the chagrin of the Bible bashers; what should be shouted from the rooftops by the leaders of the young earth creationism movement is however now being hidden by them from the light of day.

So see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Sedimentary Strata Evidence Noah’s Flood Global Apocalypse Catastrophic Deluge Fossil Proof Evidence Flood Paleontology Sedimentation Cementing of Marine Creatures Limestone Shale Formation Catastrophic Flood Geology Runaway Tectonic Plate Subduction Pangea Continental Drift Geologic Historical Archaeological Evidence for Flood of Manu Nereus Fuhi Nuh Noah Archaic Global Flood Legends

March 26, 2009

If the vast sedimentary rock layers on the continents were deposited, then cemented, because of hundreds of oceanic trangressions and regressions through hundreds of millions of years (as opined by mainstream scientists), then between the transgressions, when the sea level was low (in regression), river valleys would have formed through the newly deposited sand and clay sediments from the previous transgression, or the new river would have continued to flow through the previous river valley of the previous regression, but neither is seen in the geologic record, in which vast flat-lying sedimentary layers, stacked like pancakes, and grading into each other, predominate, indicating actually just one transgression of the ocean onto the continents, leaving billions of marine creatures (99% of the fossil record) entombed in clay and sand, then frozen there, by carbonate rich deluge water which then somewhat set-up, like cement, the vast and thick layers of sand and clay, to form the extensive layers of shale and sandstone carbonate layers which dominate the sedimentary geologic record.

And the mountain ranges rose at the close of the Deluge, evidenced in the complete lack of tension cracks in the now folded sedimentary layers which we see composing the mountain ranges, proving that those layers were still wet and soft when the sedimentary layers were compressed and upthrusted to form those ranges, proof positive of a global catastrophy of continental flooding, then regression of the sea into the newly deepening ocean basins, in the aftermath of the break-up and rapid separation of the landmass of Pangea, the pre-deluge supercontinent, which was torn asunder and flooded by the fountains of the deep spoken of in Genesis, water and magma from the bowels of the earth, with water composing usually about 70% of magma when it explodes to the earth’s surface, the source of water of Noah’s Flood (as the 40 days and nights of rain were the fountains venting water high into the sky until the flood had risen sufficiently to carburate the lauching of water high into the atmosphere).

Read more about the global flood in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and to learn how only the warmer ocean following the Deluge could have been the engine for the Ice Age, read-on under category Catastrophic Climate Change, to also understand the overwhelming evidence that the Ice Age did in fact end circa 1500 B.C., when the Ipuwer Papyrus of Egypt was written, the same time that the Exodus of the Jews to Canaan occurred.  Also, to know how the ancients, during the Ice Age, measured and thereby navigated the earth, and surveyed the astronomically derived dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, then please be certain to checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see that all of the Bible is true, so I hope you pass the information to your friends.  And for a great overview see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Pleistocene Mammalian Megafauna Extinctions Climate Change Holocene Theory Meteors Comets Extraterrestrial Impacts Global Warming Deglaciation Dessication Earth’s Middle Latitudes Lush Rich Flora of Pleistocene Forage Food for Large Herbivores Ice Age Pleistocene Holocene Hunters Game Carnivores Megafauna Extinctions End of Ice Age Animals Climate Change Meteorologic Hydrologic Water Cycle Change Decline of Pleistocene Climate Snowfall Rainfall Precipitation Causation SST’s Warmer Sea Surface Temperatures Caused Dense Extensive Global Cloudcover Ice Age Hydrology Changed

March 25, 2009

Considering the arctic regions, did you ever wonder how all those wooly mammoths ended up buried in mud then frozen?  They obviously were flooded out, swamped in mud, then frozen, indicating a serious climate change at the end of the Ice Age, with actually much colder temperatures after the Ice Age, to have frozen the creatures in their muddy graves, but yet, rapid icepack melt with the end of the Ice Age, to have caused the extensive flooding which overcame and killed those creatures, to then be frozen, indicating much warmer summers with the end of the Ice Age (for the flooding snowmelt), and colder, longer winters, a paradox, but explained by the fact that dense cloudcover obviously must have characterized the Ice Age (for all that snowfall). 

And that dense cloudcover was greatly dissipated when the Ice Age was ending, causing much warmer summers and colder winters in the arctic, as well as, the rest of the world, because (when you analyze it) the dense global cloudcover for the Ice Age can only be explained by warmer oceans at that time, for the much greater evaporation rates to have created that dense cloudcover, this was the engine for the Ice Age, paradoxically warmer oceans, actually in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood: the source of the heat which was the fountains of the deep (through oceanic fissures).

Some mainstream scientists are now saying that near-miss meteors in the upper atmsosphere caused the end of the Ice Age, but how would a few near-miss meteors cause the arctic to become frigidly cold?  And could a few near-miss meteors actually cause extensive global cloudcover (by warmer oceans) to dissipate drastically?  The evidence clearly fits the Genesis format, global flood then Ice Age, it’s hydrology 101, but eschewed by mainstream academics because it’s the biblical model, and they can’t have that.

The mainstreamers say that hunting pressure and climate change (by the meteors) caused the demise of the megafauna of the Ice Age, and while there was some hunting pressure worldwide, the climate change (not by meteors) is what caused the lush pastures and forests of the arctic coastlines during the Ice Age to flood then freeze, it was a catastrophic event over decades, caused by the ever cooling ocean water, as the warmer water was the engine for the Ice Age.  And because of the greater cloudcover and rainfall in the middle latitudes of the world during the Ice Age, southern Spain was certainly habitable for elephants, as described in Plato’s account of Atlantis, which actually went under circa 1500 B.C., when the Ice Age ended (see category Atlantis Revealed).

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Biblical Archaeology Climatology Meteorology of Exodus Timeframe Ancient History Droughts Plagues Disease Anarchy Ipuwer Papyrus Beginning New Kingdom Egypt Global Warming Climate Change Sea Level Rise End of Ice Age Atlantis Franck Goddio David Hatcher Childress Graham Hancock Heraklion Menouthis Yarmuta Sidon Polar Ice Melt Water Pleistocene Desertification of Middle East North Africa Catastrophies Demise of Bronze Age Advanced Cultures Mediterranean Sea Basin Civilizations

March 24, 2009

Now becoming well-known to mainstream scientists and historians is the fact that a catastrophic climate change forever altered the geography and environment of the ancient mediterranean region circa 1500 B.C., leaving megalithic and brick bronze age ruins of once thriving cultures left in windswept deserts, with much evidence that those ancient sites were green with vegetation because of plenty of rainfall, which enabled those ancients to build and thrive in areas which turned into deserts within centuries, beginning circa 1500 B.C., when the Ice Age ended.

New Ager types, archaeologists, and authors, David Hatcher Childress and Graham Hancock, have done much good work establishing that many ancient megalithic cities were submerged by the sea when the Ice Age ended, but they’re hung-up on the mainstream scientists’ date for the end of the Ice Age at circa 10000 B.C. (or within a few thousand years of that), and so, are forced to say that megalithic building had been ongoing at least five thousand years longer than mainstream archaeologists are rightly proponing, the megalithic and brick building of cities having begun circa 2500 B.C. with the foundation of the great ancient civilizations such as of Canaan, Greece, and Egypt, ruins of which are now submerged on the shallow seafloor from the time of the end of the Ice Age, when Atlantis too went under.

You’d think those two (Hancock and Childress), along with Franck Goddio (who photographs the submerged ruins of Menouthis and Heraklion off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt), would read the Ipuwer Papyrus, recorded circa 1400 B.C., which eloquently describes the despair and anarchy which reigned in Egypt, actually at the time of the Exodus of the Jews, with drought, famine, and plagues, when the climate and way of life in North Africa forever changed, leaving many ruins now in the middle of desert sands, to understand that was really the end of the Ice Age, when the submerged ruins, whose date of submergence is confusing to them, were consumed by the sea with the prodigious icepack melt in the extreme latitudes, and with the greatly dissipating cloudcover at that time, the rainfall drastically decreased in the middle latitudes.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.