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February 28, 2010

Whom did the ancient earth-measuring astrologers put at the top of the visible universe, at the top of the “world tree” above the North Pole at the top of the axis of the earth?  Draco’s constellation, the Great Serpent there above, was the selection, because the ancients were enamoured with the legendary fiend Satan having brought the knowledge of good and evil into the world, thereby embracing the bad with the good (so to speak), so God, according to the astrologers, is not the solution to the problems of humanity.

The dragon was a popular symbol of power in the ancient world, worshipped by the Chinese of Marco Polo’s time, reporting that for royal processions, real dragons were yoked to the king’s carriage for parades before the people, their best stuff, the ol’ serpent reveered and feared from old, as Pliny the Younger from roman times reported many dragons in India, both admired and loathed, and the Greeks worshipped Athena (Ham’s wife) with arm draped with a serpent, the statue to which was bowed at the Parthenon in Athens, the symbol of wisdom to many, but without the creator God.

Dinosaurs known as dragons have been with us always, demonstrated with the historical record far beyond the biblical mega-creatures Bel and Behemoth in the Old Testament, so hold onto your hats and refer to http://GenesisPark.org/Genpark/History/History.html, then go to chapter 10 at http://ldolphin.org/cooper/contents.html, to see that the great serpents were revered as they were encountered throughout history, their power having symbolized the power of the dragon who supposedly presides over the earth, supposedly controlling the rate of precession, the wobble of the “world tree,” so the ancients accurately mapped the earth and sometimes thought they charted their destinies by the stars, as the Serpent would have it.

And check-this-out http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 28, 2010

The book of Daniel, written about 2,000 years after Noah’s Flood, reports the story of the dragon ( a “dinosaur”) named Bel which was killed by Daniel with a meal of tasties mixed with tar, pitch, and wool, the creature which was worshipped at Babylon, and the book of Job reports the huge creature Behemoth (with a tail “like a cedar tree”) which lived in the “Jordan” river (actually the Gorganj river which flows into the Caspian Sea from the southeast), in the land of Uz, now known as Uzbekistan, during the Ice Age, so we have these fascinating stories all the way through the old testament Bible about dragons, the erstwhile dinosaurs, yet many Christians say that Sarah Palin is crazy for her belief in young earth creationism?  Will real Christians ever step up to defend her belief that the book of Genesis means what it says?

Then see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 28, 2010

Pastor http://KerryShook.org has a great new teaching series about passionate living, from the Spirit of the passionate creator God of the Bible, Elohim, the way through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the way God has planned that none should perish, but many will, because they fail to believe and accept that Jesus is their Messiah, if only they would accept his gift of eternal salvation, a free gift, which however many reject, out of pride.

Lack of integrity drains passion, as pastor Shook points-out, perhaps why the messages from many of the pulpits in America lack passion, particularly when teaching from the book of Genesis, because they don’t teach Genesis as it actually reads, with reasons to believe it, merely instead limping along with a watered down message that we should believe what is taught our kids in public schools about ancient history, not what the Bible says.

I don’t know what Shook teaches about the book of Genesis, but if he’s wishy-washy on it too, I hope you members of his church let him know that material is available to scientically defend and go on offense with the material in the first book of the Bible, the foundational book upon which the rest is predicated, plain when you read it, and all but the six days of creation recorded by eyewitnesses, see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 28, 2010

Math wizzard Scott Flansburg is touring the country promoting World Math Day (03/03/10), when students and adults will compete in online contests to promote and practice math skills, Mr. Flansburg stressing that our base ten math system is for the numerals 0 through 9, not 1 through 10, a key to understanding math enabling rapid calculations, understanding the system to utilize it to the fullest extent possible, good fundamental learning, enough of which is not taught in our public schools, to be corrected with some logical instruction.

And what of the ancient math systems, should our students be made aware that our modern nautical mile mapping system, a base six (sexagesimal) methodology, is predicated upon the geometry utilized to survey the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza?  Would you like to be made aware of it?  If so, please refer now and often to article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, deduced by a young earth creationist, so for that reason, this ancient methodolgy should not be taught, is it really less valid because it comports with the biblical model?

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 27, 2010

The serious 8.8 earthquake offshore Maule, Chile, is at the plate subduction zone margin where the Nazca oceanic crustal plate is slowly subducting under the continental South American plate, a few inches per year, much of that stress between the passing plates having been relieved with this quake, the descending Nazca plate having snapped down, a slippage which did not create massvive tsunamis across the Pacific.

The plate subduction was at runaway speed, several feet per hour, when the Andes mountains were formed, actually during Noah’s Flood, when the pre-flood world was scoured by the rising ocean (water and magma emitted through the midoceanic rift zones), the sediments, having entombed billions of creatures, deposited back on the continents which were rapidly approaching their current configurations, during the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year, when the mountains rose at the close of the flood while the deluge water slid off into the then deepening newly formed ocean basins, see http://GlobalFlood.org.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 26, 2010

With many polls in the United States showing that around half of the american public believes the biblical genesis account, Adam and Eve, no darwinian evolution, as the Bible reads, then discussing such (perhaps in roundtable forums of experts on tv and radio) would certainly be great ratings successes, lively conversations comparing the horribly flawed darwinian model to the biblical model of ancient history, to determine how they stack up, to see if the bible-believing american public is right.

But the Progressives who run the left wing media are certainly all darwinists, unless there’s a few closet creationists, so they see no upside to exposing darwinism for the fraud which it is, no fault of the scientists who have been propagandized to it, but intellectual fraud nevertheless, in saying that it’s fact, when the evidence strongly indicates it’s fiction, which would be exposed when compared to the genesis creation model presented by knowledgable and academically well-rounded young earth creationists, the public would love to see it, but the Progressives can’t have that, however, they are now forced to treat the Tea Party movement with respect, so who knows?

And you skeptics of the biblical account, please know that all of history recorded in the book of Genesis except the six days of creation was recorded by eyewitnesses, from Adam down through Noah, Abraham, and then Moses, who compiled the scribed histories, the origins, the generations, of those ancient patriarchs, demonstrated in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, and let’s have those roundtable discussion/debates on tv, must see tv for sure, the ratings would be through the roof, perhaps Christopher Hitchens, Ben Stein, and Bill Maher would like to participate, it would be a great show.

Off topic; perhaps young voters don’t turn-out on election day like older voters because the younger ones (at least subconsciously) calculate that their inexperience may well lead to unwise voting, a glaring exception having been the election of B. Hussein Obama, they got snowed, to the delight of their progressive educators.

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February 26, 2010

The people of Israel are rejoicing that a section of the wall around King Solomon’s palace grounds, two-hundred-thirty feet of rock wall, twenty feet high, has been excavated by a team from Hebrew University, led by Eilat Mazar, with backing from private american interests, the discovery which should further silence the skeptics of Israel’s right to the Holy Land, the stone wall ruins of the Jebusites the only sign of a tribe before King David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with many of the stones from the Jebusite fortress used for the buildings of David and then Solomon circa 1000 b.c. 

King Jebus was a son of Canaan, having built the citadel fortress of Ur u’ salem circa 2200 b.c., it remained in canaanite hands until Joshua led the israeli nation’s invasion circa 1400 b.c., fulfilling God’s promise that Canaan would be cursed, the Hebrews then having built that great iron age hill city, the City of David, with stones from the City of Jebus used for the building of perhaps that wall discovered by Eilat Mazar and crew, good show folks, making obvious that the land hungry Palestinians, known anciently as the Philistines, can lay claim to only the Gaza Strip, the land which they already possess, their homeland (if they can really trace their roots back to the Philistines).

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 24, 2010

An ancient undecifered script from the 7th century b.c., utilizing the western semitic greek alphabet, was discovered on Lemnos Island of the Aegean in the 1930’s.  The script shows great affinity to the undecifiered Etruscan language of ancient Italy, lending credence to that both may be pelasgian, the people who first settled the region of of Greece, named by the Italians for the Graikos tribe of the Aegean who had migrated to Italy around 1200 b.c., perhaps the speakers of the unknown pelasgian language, which in effect would be the language behind the undecifered Etruscan script, words of which are known however, such as cel, the mother goddess of earth, perhaps the namesake of the Celtics?

See the strong affinity of the Lemnian to the Etruscan language at http://mlahanas.de/Greeks/LX/LemnianLanguage.html

The Etruscans were descendents of the marauding Tersha or Tursha tribe spoken of by the egyptian scribes from the 1200 b.c. timeframe, invaders by sea, with many other tribes, such as the Shardana (from Sardinia), who had lost much land to dessication and sea level rise beginning circa 1500 b.c., when the Ice Age actually ended, submerged ruins on the shallow seafloor in the Mediterranean bearing stark testimony to that loss of land, confirmed also with the legend of the Flood of Ogygos, the same flood of Atlantis, just that the usually cogent Plato had the date wrong.

Tarshish (Tartessos) was the city now under Seville, Spain, said to have been founded by Hercules (pelasgian Posidon) and Atlas (son of Sidon), but Tarshish was a son of Javan, Iawan, the nameake of the Ionians, and Tarshish may well have been the namesake of the Tersha or Tyrsenoi, so the range of the mariners of Tarshish extolled in the Bible rings true, traders with the Atlantean League during the Ice Age, the megalithic ruins of Atlantis now submerged in the Gibraltar region, off Tangiers, Ceuta, Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz, Chipiona, Rota, and Huelva, so students, teachers, let’s investigate further.

And certainly see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 24, 2010

If ancient history professors would ask their students to draw maps of the port cities of the bronze age Mediterranean, what port cities would be drawn from the information they’ve gleaned in their textbooks and class?  For the mediterranean egyptian coast, they would probably note the port city of Sais, on one of the branches of the Nile river in its delta, or Buto, to the east of Sais, however, almost certainly, they would not include the now submerged old kingdom cities of Heraklion and Menouthis, five miles from shore in the Mediterranean, on the submerged channel of the now-extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, because submerged bronze age megalithic ruins are not seriously discussed in our hallowed halls of institutional higher learning. 

And up the coast, off modern Lebanon, are the submerged ruins of Yarmuta, which disappeared from the pages of history circa 1500 b.c., previously an important canaantie trading partner with Egypt, but that port, along with the original cities of Sidon and Byblos, went under too, there ruins so attesting, but do the kids in college hear about this stuff?  No, because it really screws up the mainstream scientific notion that the end-of-the-ice-age sea level rise was circa 10000 b.c., defied by the historic bronze age cities’ ruins now on the shallow seafloor.

With two big submerged cities off northwest India over fifty miles from shore, the students would have to decide whether-or-not to show the current shoreline of India as that of the bronze age, or the ice age shoreline, circa 2000 b.c. actually, when those cities were thriving, in vedic times, the sea level rise which consumed Dwarka desribed in those Vedas, much to the chagrin of the darwinists who will avoid talking about submerged ruins at almost all costs.

And off eastern Greece, along with many other submerged cities there, are the bronze age stone ruins of Psathoura, which went under circa 1500 b.c., when the Flood of Ogyges consumed much of Greece, confirmed by Plato ‘though his date was clearly wrong, as Atlantis, a city, and a maritime empire of other port cities, also was inundated when the Ice Age was ending, a sore topic for the darwinists, but the evidence is all there, hard to ignore.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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February 23, 2010

One of the screaming old guard of ancient egyptological studies, the ever-crazed Anthony at http://HallofMaat.com (under Ancient Egyptian Discussions, the thread “Royal Cubits”) is going on-and-on about that supposedly nobody knows the length of the ancient egyptian royal cubit because cubit rods shrink and expand as temperature changes.  Bad try Anthony, the world is coming to realize that the royal cubit is an earth commensurate measure, a subdivision of the radius length of the earth, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, so will Anthony ever come into the light?

The folks at Hall of Maat still think the royal cubit was the length from some pharoah’s elbow to fingertip, ignoring the simple math and astronomy involved for the geometry of the royal cubit measure, they look like fools, because they refuse to admit that God’s intelligent design of the universe was harnessed by the ancients to measure and navigate the world, explaining the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, a topic Anthony surely avoids too; what a maroon, he’s certainly an embarassment to the intellectually honest.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.