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July 30, 2009

Barack Obama indicated (as Glenn Beck says) that he’s a racist when, in the same breath that he said he didn’t know the facts of the Skip Gates case, said the (white) cambridge cops involved acted stupidly, certainly not what his handlers had hoped he’d say, but it came from his real being, what he’s become after many long years of eagerly learning the teachings of progressive radicals such as communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, communist community organizer Sal Alinsky, and black liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright, his honored mentors, the inspirations for what he is today, seeking “black liberation” by redistributing wealth by creating debt which must be paid by those generating production in the private sector, on the backs of the taxpayers of the free enterprise system, which Obama seems want to destroy by his big government intrusions into markets.

Black liberation theology, which Obama has studied for decades, much of it learned during twenty years listening to Wright (‘though Obama claims he was asleep in the pew), posits that the canaanites, who lived in the holy land before the jews took it over circa 1400 B.C., were supposedly blacks who therefore somehow are the rightful heirs to the Holy Land, which is code to the muslims that black liberation, tight with islam, can be counted upon as an ally against the nation of Israel, the apple of God’s eye, obviously not acknowledged by the muslims and black liberation theologians with their followers.

The notion that many africans’ darkness of skin denotes a race, when dark skinned people in other parts of the world are not considered black, but tamil, or melanesian or austronesian, is racist in and of itself, as if african blackness is somehow different than austronesian blackness, with black the standard, and nothing more, for if it were more than just black as the standard, ancient tribalism would enter the equation, with the families in the Bible in Genesis 10 the obvious progenitors of the tribes which became the various races, with the darker skinned people having had greater survivability in the hotter middle latitudes, natural selection, but not Darwin’s style.

The members of humankind, the biblical term for us collectively, are of one genetic syngameon, the syngameon of humans, obviously all colors of humans, of which the biracial president is certainly aware, but apparently not in an informed way, because the darwinism, out of which black liberation theology evolved (no pun intended), espouses that africans and europeans are different, for instance, Jeremiah Wright says blacks are more “right-brained” while whites are not, which falls into the obvious logical conclusion from darwinism that the “races” are emerging “species,” as if the differently colored people (and white is a color) will eventually not be able to reproduce amongst each other, which of course, is not what we’d really expect scientifically, but that certainly is darwinism for you, racism in the guise of valid science.

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July 29, 2009

Barack Obama is raiding the refrigerator, so to speak, like an uninvited guest, in running up huge debt on the taxpayers of the private sector, who had know idea it’d be like this, using the money for his fascist federal takeover of the U. S. economy, designed to benefit illegal aliens, who vote democrat to say thank you, and legal american low-or-no wage earners, who often don’t really try anyway, and so, just relax on the government dole, wanting excellent free health care which actually however is a commodity, not a right, so socialized medicine is clearly not the way to go, after all, would you want that the government be in charge of the distribution of the food which we eat?

The president is willing to bankrupt America for his socialist goals, preeminent now that low income blacks, whites, and browns (including millions of illegal aliens) receive the same level of health care as wealthy Americans, to “level the playing field,” which is of course merely a redistribution of wealth, communist style, because health care is a commodity, not a right, nowhere to be seen in the Constitution, ‘though America is still an essentially christian nation, with much charitable medical service provided at public and private hospitals, so good care can be provided with some tweeks in the system, not Obama’s fascist government takeover plan which surely would cause a drastic decline in the quality of the goods and services provided in the medical industry, because the government would be in control, need I say more?

In the blowback after Glenn Beck saying Obama’s a racist on Fox and Friends, liberal pundits are now saying that the supposed true racism displayed by Beck (and those who listen to him) is the real reason that Obama’s recent policy initiatives are flaming out, in effect, saying that America, all of a sudden, became racist, six months after the biracial president was elected, which obviously makes no sense at all, it’s because Americans don’t want Obama’s black liberation theology and marxist ideology manifested in our federal government programs.

Barack Obama learned his black liberation theology from Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, then at Columbia U. in NYC, a bastion of hyper-bloomed “progressivism,” and then for twenty years sitting in the pew listening to Jeremiah Wright, and hanging out with William Ayers, what a crew, and what an education for the guy who calls white cops stupid in a case he admitted he didn’t know the facts about, what was he thinking?  And Robert Gibbs even admitted they had talked about the Gates arrest before he did the news conference, revealing that his underlying resentment of whites, christianity, jews, Israel, and capitalism, is palpable in what he says and proposes, which even clear-thinking Democrats are beginning to figure out.

President Obama learned his community organizing strategies which rocketed him to stardom in the “progressive” politcal world from communist Sal Alinsky’s handbook for the fascist takeover of the american democracy, in his Rules for Radicals, where Obama learned to claim that almost everything under the sun is a right to the residents of America, be they legally or illegally here, making a mockery of our Constitution, as Obama plays the race card for huge government programs, but he’s the racist, having called white cops stupid in the same breath that he said he didn’t have the facts of the case, as he has turned a blind eye to the corruption at ACORN, who are his bond slaves, useful tools in his drive to “change” America.

Fox and Friends Glenn Beck Says Calls Labels Names Barack Hussein Obama Racist Skip Gates Harvard Professor Black Liberation Theology Jeremiah Wright Teachings Israel Rome Palestine Whites Blacks Christians Judaists Jews Islamic View Holy Land Controversy Glenn Beck Racist Charge Against Barack Obama Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky Merit Reasons to Believe President Practices Racial Bias Evidence Bad Christian Teaching Theology Religious Toleration Conviction World Peace Policy Barack Obama

July 29, 2009

Glenn Beck says Barack Obama is a racist.  On Fox and Friends this morning, Beck uttered the words as Sergeant Crowley and the Cambridge police department await a direct apology, nationally broadcast, as were Obama’s words that they behaved stupidly in the arrest of Skip Gates.  Of course this was not a snap judgment on the part of Beck, because he has been exposing Obama’s black liberation theological tendencies and associations for years now, after all, having mentored under Jeremiah Wright for over twenty years, and dedicated his book to him, should it not be surprising at all that the student believes much (if not all) of what his honored pastor and mentor has been teaching almost all his adult life? 

Black liberation theologians, such as Wright, plainly comporting with islamic jihad, teach that the white jews and romans were usurpers of ancient black (or at least brown) people’s territory in the Holy Land, Israel, and that the land must return to black (or at least brown) control, by driving out the white devils (read judaists and christians), to return the land to blacks (or browns), because blacks (browns) have supposedly been denied their rights, just like blacks and browns are supposedly being denied their rights in America, such as in the case of Skip Gates, who was arrested for the potential to have started a riot, as he raged a racist tirade, followed Crowley outside with his ranting, creating a public disturbance, even dropping a “yo mama” line on Crowley for all to hear.

What makes it particularly embarassing to Obama, considering to directly apologize to Crowley, is that Obama admitted he didn’t know the facts of the case, but then immediately went ahead and called the cops stupid, which shows that he actually forgot what he’d said only seconds previously, as he snapped into his black rage thing, what he’s been hearing all his life from his mentors, such as Wright, black communist Frank Marshall (when Obama was a kid), and Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, the playbook for community organizing for communist goals, as Obama tries to establish a government monopoly on health care, really no surprise.

I guess Obama still hasn’t found a christian church to attend in D. C., so maybe he’s reading his Bible at the people’s house (hopefully without commentary from Reverend Wright), because Obama claims christianity, but admires a guy who for decades has preached that the jews don’t belong anywhere, particularly not in the Holy Land, right in line with what the muslim jihadists are saying, seeking to wipe the jews and Israel off the map with islam’s goal of global domination, but Barack Hussein Obama says he’s a friend of Israel, which obviously is hard to believe.

And if you think there is no benevolent intelligent design of the universe, even evident to the ancients, then checkout article #2 at, explaining that the rate of the wobble of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, allowed the ancients to measure the earth with simple geometry, which incidentally means earth measure, the root of our modern nautical mile mapping system.

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July 28, 2009

Imagine that there were a Department of White Studies at Harvard, would that not be weird?  Well the race-baiting professor there, Skip Gates, teaches in the Department of Black Studies.  Now I’m ok with a department of African Studies, but Black Studies?  There are dark-skinned people all along the middle latitudes of the world, but we all know Black Studies implies almost only ancient african history, which in and of itself is specious because “whites” lived in much of ancient Africa too, and blended genetically with the “blacks,” so to have a Black Studies program is really as ludicrous as a White Studies program, because darwinism is behind all this, with (according to the theory of Darwin’s biology) the “races” of humans effectively species, his term, a concept which actually is meaningless because the term species has no meaning, as such different species as tigers and leopards can interbreed, rendering Darwin’s theory truly based upon only a meaningless, yet magic word, species, of humans too, according to a true analysis of darwinism, following the theory to its implications for humankind (the biblical term), what really underlies racial tension in the modern world, that some are somehow less evolved than others, opinions held by blacks, whites, and browns the world over, failing to realize that all humans are of one genetic syngameon, the human kind, among the animal kinds, in Genesis.

Racism Barack Obama Stupid White Cops Skip Gates Arrest Liberal Spin Race Baiting Fruits Darwinian Public School Education Indoctrination Program Plan Propaganda Machine Species of Humans Concept Darwin’s Evolution Logical Conclusion Racism Competition Survival Fittest not Human Family of Genetic Biblical Family of Human Kind Syngameon Interbreeding Pairs Genetic Boundaries Limitations of Darwinism When Compared Genesis Biblical Model

July 28, 2009

Since Barack Obama called the white cops stupid, in their arrest of his buddy Skip Gates of Harvard, but in the previous breath, said he didn’t know the facts of the case, a firestorm of controversy around Obama’s obvious racial prejudice has erupted, as it’s obvious Obama does not represent all Americans equally, which is not a surprise since he spent twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s church, and associated with William Ayers much in his previous professional lives, when he enthusiastically practiced community organization, even serving as lawyer.

The issue in the Gates case is that he performed a long racist tirade at that cops, calling them every name in the book (including a choice “yo mama” line), so Obama defends that?  Apparently Gates just about went berserk, when the cops were just doing their duty, for which Gates should have been thankful, but went nuts over instead.  And the irony is that all this race talk is thanks to the liberal “progressives,” and the darwinists whom they uphold as the arbiteurs of scientific truth, the priests of Darwin’s religion, which it really is, because “species” is a meaningless term (google syngameons species).

Since members of differering “species,” such as camels and alpacas, can interbreed, the genetic meaninglessness of Darwin’s term becomes apparent, and because the “races” of humans “look different” than others, the races are species according to Darwin’s scheme, just as camels and alpacas “look different,” but are the same, from common ancestors, as the Bible says, the biblical kinds of animals, syngameons (not Darwin’s specious and meaningless term), and therefore, according to the liberals’ darwinism, the black Gates white cop case was a confrontation of species, the survival of the fittest, so you can see that the liberal public schools are actually fostering racism between competing “species” in their insistence that darwinism is unquestionable truth, hardly the case.

What Was Cubit Length Noah’s Ark Construction Size Volume for Species Syngameons Biblical Genesis Meaning Kinds of Animals Sacrifice Solomon’s Temple Dimensions How Royal Cubit Length was Determined Established Bronze Age Date Era Time Building Astronomical Orientation Earth Reduction Great Pyramid of Giza Precession Axis Wobble Rate Star Navigation Constellations Universal Egyptian Hebrew Chaldean Babylonian Cubit Measure Geometry Nautical Mile Mapping Numbers Connection

July 28, 2009

Noah built the Ark measured in cubits, 450 x 50 x 30, the cubit measure having been the same later used to survey the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza and Solomon’s Temple, this cubit derived by simple geometry (earth measure), which mainstream scientists are coming to realize, as the numbers for our modern nautical mile mapping system fallout of the ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, with this 20.632 inch cubit having been the unit of measure for Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, built over a thousand years after the building of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and about fourteen hundred years after Noah’s Flood, when the Ark landed somewhere in the mountains of Ararat, confirmed by many middle eastern legends recorded by ancient writers not hebrew.

But how did Noah and the other seven fit all the millions of “species” of animals onto their Ark, the size of an average ocean-going ship?  They did it by boarding biblical kinds of animals, the forebearers of all the current-day “species,” which are merely genetic variants of the parent stock which was on the Ark, for instance, lions and tigers can interbreed, proving that they came from a common ancestor, and therefore are of a syngameon, a biblical kind of animal, naturally selected by geography and gene pool in the centuries after the genetic bottleneck of Noah’s Flood, good science, not what the darwinists want to talk about for sure, as Darwin’s term species is clearly meaningless scientifically, but for the quasi-religion of darwinism, really a faith, it serves its purpose.

So see

Bill Maher Says Interview Wolf Blitzer CNN America Dumb Stupid Country Dumber by Day Sarah Palin Could be President Bitter Progressive Atheist Bill Maher Slams Calls American People Stupid Dumb for Supporting Vote for Spiritual Enlightened Born Again Young Earth Creationist Christian Sarah Palin Why Do Liberal Left Wing Progressive Democrat Media Hate Sarah Palin Biblical Worldview Creation Science Public School Classrooms Patriotic Policies Grassroots Support for Police Military Fighting Illegal Immigration Oil Gas Drill Here Now Politically Spiritually Lost Bill Maher Rants Against Conservative Christian Political Philosophy U. S. Constitutional Government

July 28, 2009

In saying that America is getting dumber by the day because Sarah Palin could be elected president, bitter atheist comedian Bill Maher is actually ranting against people who believe the Bible, which Bill has made a career out of mocking, so faced with his potential future president, who believes the Bible, all of it, he goes into meltdown mode, as if many presidents haven’t believed the Bible, and as if the Constitution is not based upon the three branches of government in ancient Israel, so do your homework Bill.

Palin believes all of the Bible, including Genesis, which really puts a bee in Maher’s bonnet, but there are many great reasons to believe the Genesis account, such as that only a warmer ocean (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, and the “late” end of the Ice Age explains the hundreds of submerged bronze age ruins discovered in hundreds of locations around the world (because the ancients precisely navigated all over the globe during the Ice Age by the method in article, additionally that the sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic geology which we see actually confirm the Flood (as the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), so Bill, let’s talk about this on your show.  You can get a real live young earth creationist on the show to try to skewer.

But the evidence holds up under scrutiny, as you can see as you analyze the material under the various categories at this blogsite, and in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so check-it-out, and email Bill requesting that he book me as a guest on his show, I would love to do it, and Bill would have his chance to really get after one of those crazy christian young earth creationists, one of Palin’s ilk, so if he can’t get Palin, he can get me (I’ll have more data for Bill anyway).

Bill also hates Palin because she’s pretty, likes guns, supports the military, opposes illegal immigration and Obama’s federal government patronage system (community organizing style), and because she supports school choice and academic freedom, while Maher supports statist schools which teach darwinism as a scientific religion, not intellectual honesty at all, because most people know darwinism is a joke, this is why the darwinists don’t want their model compared and contrasted with the biblical model, exposing the fact that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, rendering his theory specious (google syngameons biblical kinds), so Bill, let’s talk about it.

Graham Hancock Plans Next Book Subject after Supernatural Heaven’s Mirror Fingerprints Gods Underworld Ice Age Civilizations Atlantis Timeline Michael Cremo Book Forbidden Archeology Global Cataclysms Geologic Strata Record James I. Nienhuis Dancing from Genesis Graham Hancock’s Research Ancient Precession World Mapping Great Pyramid Dimensions Submerged Kingdoms Cities Phoenicians Atlanteans Egyptians Ramans Athenians Historical Timeline Proof Discrepancy Resolution Evidence for Literal Biblical Genesis Historical Account

July 27, 2009

Famed alternative archaeological writer Graham Hancock was apparently not aware that a young earth creationist was behind the production of, Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of a Lost World, because during his interview for the show, he confirmed the thesis in article #2 at that the ancients measured the earth by the rate of precession (the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis), by which he thereby unwittingly has confirmed the material under category Ancient Navigation at this blogsite, of a young earth creationist, which is the last thing he has wanted, because he told me via email that he thinks I’m nuts for being a young earth creationist (after having posted the finding in the link at his website however where it still remains as far as I know).

In his books Underworld, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven’s Mirror, Hancock writes about the obvious linkage of the hindu yugas of time, denominations of the base six number of 432,000 years (see the link), to the reduction factor that the Great Pyramid is to the size of the earth, 43,200, yet Hancock says he’s finished studying these things, and so will not publicly talk or write about this subject’s resolution, as explained in the link, because it’s from a young earth creationist, and Hancock (as far as I know) still holds christians in contempt, but maybe he’s changed, and will also write that the Genesis timeline better explains the submerged bronze age ruins discovered around the world, along the ice age ocean shorelines, than does the commonly accepted model that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., of which Plato was clearly mistaken as well, with date of 9600 B.C., because his Atlantis narrative described bronze age civilizations, like you see in the movies, not what was ongoing at “10000 B.C.”

And fellow brit author Michael Cremo, famous for his landmark book Forbidden Archeology, which details hundreds of human relics found in strata supposedly millions, and even hundreds of millions of years of age, according to mainstream scientific dating methods, predicated on actually unknowable suppositions, believes this mainstream timeline, but that mulitple global floods, at the end of long yugas of time (denominated in blocks of 432,000 years), caused hundreds of millions of years of humanity’s remains to be entombed in the vast layers of sedimentary strata, all laid down actually in one global flood, Noah’s Flood, when the mountains rose at the close of the flood year, perfectly comporting with the geology of the world which we see.

If Hancock would just step back and take a deep breath, he could see that the evidence which he’s studied for decades really does match the summary of ancient history in the book of Genesis, which you will discover as you read on under the various categories at this blogsite, but he’s studying ancient shamanism now, magic and what not, trying to find the secret of life, and life eternal, which only can be found through acceptance of the Savior whose story is told in the Bible, from Genesis through the Revelation (of Jesus Christ), the way, the truth, and the life.  See too

Cosmic Astronomical Timekeeping Distance Measure Geometric Deconstruction Proof Analysis Egyptian Chaldean Babylonian Astronomical Precession Calculations Mathematics Dimensions Great Pyramid of Giza Geometry Pi Value Fraction Number 22/7 Base Sides Height Subdivision Radius Length Earth Half Nautical Mile Greek Olympic Feet Stadia Mile Measures Plato’s Atlantis Dimensions of City of Posidon Atlas Towers of Ancient Tartessos Seville Southern Spain Atlantean Plain Earth Dimensions Embodiment Reduction Measures Nautical Mile Geography Surveys Cartography Mapping Roots Chaldean Geometry Astronomy Mathematics

July 27, 2009

The circumference length of a circle equals its diameter length times 22/7, the fractional value of pi, so because the length of two base sides (880 cubits) of the egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza, divided by its height (280 cubits), equals the pi value, the intent that the Great Pyramid cloak circular arithmetic and geometry is obvious, and when you realize that the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid (1,760 cubits) equals a nautical mile, and 3,000 olympic greek feet also compose this base measure, the universality of this method used to survey the dimensions of the Great Pyramid is obvious, the method explained in article #2 at, the numbers of which were adopted for the geometry of our nautical mile mapping system, with the ancient olympic foot a literal subdivision of the nautical mile, which is composed of 6,000 olympic feet, because both are/were predicated on timekeeping, precession rate timekeeping back then, but solar transit time today, using sophisticated technology, not available to the ancients, so they measured the much slower rate of precession time instead.

The ice age Atlanteans, some of the great global navigators in the ancient world, were privy to this measuring method, with their circular canal City of Posidon, at the southern end of the atlantean plain, five miles from the sea, measured in stadia, which are 600 olympic greek feet, the dimensions reported by Plato from recited and handed down details from Solon, who learned the story from egyptian priests at Sais, who by Solon’s time (600 B.C.) were not aware of the ancient mapping method, not telling Solon that the measures are interchangeable, because they both are earth commensurate, subdivisions of the radius length of the earth, by geometry, which means earth measure.

Phoenician Tartessos, now called Seville, in southern Spain, was called Tharsis in very ancient times, the Tarshish of the Bible, who was a grandson of Japheth, who settled in southern Spain to take advantage of the rich mineral resources in the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains, to the north of the atlantean plain, which Plato reported was 300 miles by 200 miles in area, the size of the plain of southern Spain where is Seville, ancient Tarshish, with the ruins of City of Posidon (son of Canaan), the island city surrounded by concentric ring canals, which Plato said was at the southern end of the plain, now submerged somewhere off Cadiz, with ruins reported 30 miles from shore to the south in 120 feet of water, and reports and photographs of ruins all along the southern spanish coast, the bronze age ruins of Atlantis, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, along with the egyptian cities Heraklion and Menouthis, which the egyptian priests failed to mention to Solon.

In her great book, Atlantis in Spain, Maria Elena Whitshaw writes that the ancient fortress of Tartessos (previously Tarshish) had 176 towers, which seems an odd number, until you recall that 1,760 cubits compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, three thousand miles away, which really wasn’t far, with precise oceanic navigation and the ships described in Plato’s account of Atlantis, bronze age ships, not from circa 9600 B.C. as Plato would have us believe, but circa 1500 B.C., when the Ice Age actually ended, which you will see as you read on under the various categories here, and checkout my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, available for free ebook download.

Comparative Religion Scientific Implications Sarah Palin Wants Creationism Taught with Darwinism Public Private Schools Comparing Analytic Models Earth Universe Origins History Intelligent Design Movement Old Earth Creationism Academic Irrelevancy Avoiding Issue Genesis Veracity Truth Age Earth Geology Noah’s Flood Cause End Ice Age Hydrology Climatic Regimes Global Warming Young Earth Creationism Model Scientific Proofs of Biblical Torah History Sarah Palin’s Reasons to Believe Plain Reading Interpretation of Genesis Text

July 27, 2009

With Sarah Palin, no longer governor of Alaska, commencing her speaking schedule in the lower forty-eight states of the U. S. to continue her national advocacy for commonsense federal governance, she undoubtedly will be asked about her christian faith, and how her grandfather once showed her a fossil in a rock, and asked her how old she thought it was, with Noah’s Flood on both their minds, because they come from a christian family tradition, believing the Bible, which has not changed. 

Palin has more than hinted that she’s a young earth creationist, believing the book of Genesis as it reads (see the free ebook download of my first book), not as old earth creationists wish it read, and certainly not as christian darwinists, such as the Pope, wish it read, so she can begin to express the many great scientific reasons to believe the Genesis account, as it reads, recorded by eyewitnesses (except for the six days of creation), explained in article #13 at, for consideration to teach the biblical model of origins in the schools, to compare with the darwinian model on a purely scientific basis, which Palin knows would not bode well for the darwinian cause, because it really does not stand up to honest academic scrutiny, while the biblical model does wonderfully match the evidence, as you’ll see when you read on under the various categories at this blogsite.