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September 30, 2010

Back in the day, say twenty years ago, the darwinists were saying the sea level rise because of the end of the ice age occurred circa 10000 b.c., conveniently in line with Plato’s report that Atlantis went under at 9600 b.c. incidentally, yet Atlantis has been said by the darwinists to be nonsense, no huge island in the Atlantic, but was it that, or the coastlines of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, as Plato did indeed say, with the atlantean plain of his report the plain of southern Spain south of the Sierra Nevada and Morena mountains, where were the richest mines in the ancient world? 

Bank it, the mountains of southern Spain were the big source of the mineral riches for Atlantis, with her coastal ruins now submerged off Tarifa (place of tariffs), Ceuta, Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz (named after Gades), Rota (named after Ashteroth), and Chipiona, all of Spain, and ruins submerged in the Gibraltar area off Morocco, and other submerged ruins west to Scilly off Cornwall England, and east to the submerged ruins off Sleima, Malta, and reports even off western Italy, the eastern edge of the historical atlantean empire wrote Plato, submerged since the end of the ice age, which clearly ended much later than the darwinists are telling us, unless you want to believe the bronze age extended back to 10000 b.c., like the movie?

The pressure is on the darwinists because of the submerged ruins, they’ve begun to admit that “some” of the end of ice age sea level rise occurred much later than 10000 b.c., but how much they can’t seem to decide, for they know the evidence is that the ice age ended rapidly, with catastrophic meltwater flooding and the entombment of millions of mammoths in mud then frozen in the north, and the evidence today of underfit river valleys, that the rivers’ flows were much greater in the past, greater than the flows during the ice age even, with the end of the ice age snowmelt, at least in the rivers which sourced from the ice age snowpack regions, such as the Mississippi and the Volga.

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September 30, 2010

I saw a tease this morning for Bill O’Reilly’s interview of Bill Maher on The Factor tonight, part two of the interview, tonight talking about faith, the Bible, and science, Maher saying on the tease that the christians of the tea party movement are morons, as are all who believe what the Bible says, particularly, in Maher’s cemented-ignorant mind, the book of Genesis, about which ‘though he has not a clue really; he’s a clownish comedian and political hatchet-man, no scientist for sure, but he coud learn alot if he’d have me on the show, which he just might once the soon-to-be-completed Genesis Veracity Foundation website will be known far and wide, through radio ads, funny ones, maybe Bill can help with some ideas, he’s a funny guy, allegedly.

In the tease clip, O’Reilly responds to Maher asking him how smart is it to call over half of America morons, Maher’s response not shown, the tease, so tonight should be a great episode, Maher and O’Reilly, but it would be nice to be there with them to explain that they’re both wrong, like the rest of the darwinists.  Even the Vatican has said darwinian evolution is good science, not at all ‘though indicated in the Bible in the book of Genesis, as we all know, so help us educate these people, they are deceiving with their intellectual dishonesty, acting as if darwinism and its timeline is proven fact, just ask the vitriolic Bill Maher, or maybe, just maybe, O’Reilly will point out the controversy about darwinism, that most americans don’t believe it.

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September 28, 2010

Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell could silence the lampooners of her statement that (darwinian) evolution is a myth if only she would educate herself, that the biblical kinds of animals of the book of Genesis were, in modern biological parlance, syngameons, groups of “species” of animals which can interbreed, such as lions, tigers, and leopards, of one syngameon, and llamas, alpacas, and camels of another, and humans of still another, the so-called races of humans represented, which really, according to darwinian theory, indicates a branching of the humankind (notice the biblical term kind), so the notion of human races is racist in-and-of itself, just ask the president, he’s “half black and half white,” as if some kind of crossbreed between species, yet of one syngameon, so look for our new Genesis Veracity Foundation website in the next month, where we will help educate these politicians to back up what they say with facts about our origins, which even the most cunning darwinists cannot refute.

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September 18, 2010

Funny to watch crazed leftist Keith Olbermann tonight and a commercial break for his show with the right wing political ad of the red-neck-sounding middle aged average americans, black and white, saying everybody should have the extension of the Bush tax cuts, as Olbermann reels at that pressure on his soul by this natural capitalist system; his bosses Comcast take the money from the rightist political groups ’cause Comcast needs the money, to pay Olbermann’s salary (perhaps seventy grand?) among other items, yet Olbermann would have the system rigged that only liberal voices would be heard, so what would he make then, twenty grand a year?  

Have you noticed the establishment left wing media talking heads such as Olbermann have not been mocking the young earth creationism of such as Sarah Palin?  They used to jump on it, but now, they are strangely silent to mock.  Could it be that they know the evidence is overwhelmingly against them when they mock and mention “crazy young earth creationists’ sites” like this one?  It’s looking that way, and maybe with soon to be completed, our new Genesis Veracity Foundation, ads will be placed on Olbermann’s show for instance, and maybe I’ll be on his show to match information and wits.  Check-it-out here

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September 16, 2010

The Genesis Veracity Foundation website should be up and running fairly soon, with maps of submerged megalithic ruins’ sites worldwide, and photos of many of the submerged ruins, with my ten minute lectures through youtube on subjects such as the ancient peopling of America, actually relatively few of them across the bering land bridge during the ice age (not what the darwinists ignorantly opine), but by the ancient superhighway of the ocean, fast and safe, if they knew where they were going, and they did, by the ancient mapping finding in article #2 at, the reason Atlas, who was Ercle (Hercules) to the Etruscans, was said to have held the earth on his shoulders, Atlas who was a son of Posidon, son of Canaan.

With Glenn Beck now publicly behind the notion that there was certainly transoceanic travel in ancient times (that which the darwinists baselessly deny), the public awareness that ancient history is not as taught in the schools grows greater by the day, with Sarah Palin, his buddy, an avowed young earth creationist, so perhaps Sarah will apprise Glenn of this website, to fill in some of his blanks, and that dinosaurs were alive with humans, and that the legendary Amazons from north Africa came to the Americas when the ice age ended, the Americas named after the Americos tribe of Venezuela whom certainly were the namesake of their archaic ancestors the Amoricani of Brittany, France, so-called by the Romans, the Amorica peninsula of the brittany coast their namesake, and Venezuela named after the nearby ancient brittany tribe the Veneciuela, also known as the Vannes.

The site is up,

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September 13, 2010

Glenn Beck seems to think that jews cannot (so should not?) be christians, while God says in Christ there are no jews nor gentiles, only believers, as but mormon Beck says that jews, mormons, muslims, and christians should pray for our nation as from common ground, which is great, however, to imply that christians, mormons, muslims, and jews are all children of God is either a calculated lie by Beck or is spoken out of ignorance, neither acceptable, Beck who appears to be attemping the ecumenicalization of born again christians (if it were possible). 

Being jewish is not a faith, it’s hereditary, if your mother is jewish, you’re jewish, like in islam, you’re muslim if your father is muslim, nothing to do with faith, locked in as it were, while Jesus Christ offers freedom in the Spirit, whom hundreds of millions all over the world are experiencing, as the judaism practiced by many jews is just a hollow shell of what they could have with acceptance of the true Messiah, whose incarnation was prophecied in detail in the old testament, even the time of his incarnation in Daniel 9.

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September 13, 2010

How old is the earth and how long have humans been recording history?  The darwinists say billions of years for the age of the earth and about 5,000 years for recorded history, but the hindus first rooted in the Indus civilization say that humans have been counting cycles of precession time, their yugas of time, in base six numbers (see article #2 at, for millions of years, and the ancient chaldeans said that there were ten kings before the flood who reigned for 432,000 years (a base six number based on precession reported by Berosus), supposedly recorded history, counting years, so where is the truth, are those ancient religionists correct or are the darwinists?  Neither really with analysis, as the hindus and chaldeans acknowledged the epic global flood (of Manu and Xisusthros/Zeus respectively), but use the precession mapping technique to construct speciously exaggerated timelines, and the darwinists acknowledge not the flood at all, both missing the boat so to speak.

The winter solstice of 2012 will be supposedly a magical time when the earth’s consciousness will change, utopia here on earth I guess they say, but why that date?  The ancient precession mappers could read the future positions of the stars and planets, and so, knew the alignments would be unique at that time in the future, so the fact that the hindus and mayans obviously counted back one fifth of a precession cycle (25,920 years) for the staring point of this current fourth sun of time for the mayans at 3114 b.c., and 3102 b.c. for the beginning of this supposed kali yuga of time, further cements that they were precession religionists and astrologers who clearly distorted the true history recorded in the book of Genesis, but at least they acknowledged the flood in Genesis, that which the darwinists will never do as long as they call themselves darwinists.

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September 10, 2010

Biblical young earth creationism can be proven working backwards, chronologically and hydrologically, starting with the submerged and often megalithic ruins found in many locations around the world, clearly built during the ice age to have been consumed by the sea level rise when it ended, then that those ice age navigators (see Hapgood’s Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings) were sailing around the globe by the methodology explained in article #2 at, and the kicker that only a warmer ocean, having been caused by the “fountains of the great deep” of Noah’s Flood, could have caused the great evaporation off the ocean for the dense ice age cloudcover.

The radioisotope dating methods are known to be fraught with problems (see, so with the sequence of chronologic and hydrologic evidence delineated above, and the geology explained in Baumgardner’s link, young earth creationism really can be proven, certainly at least a worthy rival to the darwinian model, none would disagree after honestly examining the evidence, so I hope to create a foundation to progagate these notions in the public arena, to be called the Genesis Veracity Foundation, as I hope many of you contact me with ideas for the operation of the organization.  Up and running now

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September 5, 2010

Somebody please correct Wikipedia for me, here is the entry about me as it should read:

James I. Nienhuis, graduate of Dartmouth College in Earth Sciences, is a young earth creationist with much new compelling evidence, such as his ancient mapping determination which explains Hapgood’s “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” that method by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, used for the calculation for the length of the cubit and so the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, a mystery which has eluded archaeologists and mathematicians for centuries until Nienhuis assembled the puzzle.

The christian creationist’s work is groundbreaking too demonstrating that the hundreds of submerged and often megalithic ruins found around the world prove that the ice age ended in the 1500 b.c. timeframe, redeeming the Atlantis story of Plato when his date is taken for what it is, greatly exaggerated (see category Atlantis Revealed at, confirming Hapgood’s contention that some of the “maps of the ancient sea kings” were drawn during the ice age, proven valid with the young earth creationism rubric by Nienhuis.

Nienhuis is working to establish that syngameons is the term operative to describe the groups of the biblical kinds of animals outlined in Genesis, many types of animals, but always interfertile only within a limted gene pool, its syngameon, such as the human syngameon; there are no races, just genetic drift within the human syngameon, revealing thereby that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, as many so-called species can interbreed, rendering darwinism nonsensical.

The lost language and undecifered script of the ancient Indus Valley civilization are no longer mystery, confirming the suspicion of S. R. Rao of India that the Indus language was the indigenous vedic sanskit, as Nienhuis has determined that submerged Kususthali (Dwarka) in the Gulf of Chambay was of the thalassocracy of Kush (a son of Cham), the Indus Valley script symbol for thalassoracy a triton, later written with semitic lettering after the demise of the Indus Valley civilization circa 1500 b.c., in line with biblical chronology.


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September 5, 2010

I seek fame or not on this in the sense that the material presented here should be widely disseminated in young earth creationists’ circles, whether or not my name is attached to these truly groundbreaking determinations, that the ancients very accurately measured the earth by its wobble rate and so mapped it, hence the word geometry, which means earth measure, and that the hundreds of submerged manmade structures found around the world (such as on the Bahama Banks, off Cadiz, Spain, and off Alexandria, Egypt) prove that the ice age ended when the Bible suggests, with the catastrophic climate change in the timeframe of Moses (confirmed by the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus), and that syngameons is the operative descriptive term for the biblical kinds of animals in modern scientific parlance, but all ignored by the chief luminary in young earth creationists’ circles, Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis, whom should be contacted about this by those who care that the book of Genesis be aggressively proponed as real history.