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September 25, 2009

Why have 360 degrees always been alotted to the circle; why that  base 6 number, when with five fingers per hand, you’d guess the ancients would have built their number system on that handy (pardon the pun) universal reference, so then 250 or 500 degrees to the circle might be expected, but they decided to use base six, so for what cause?  Does it evidently have to do with the fact that the length of one side of a hexagon (six-sided polygon) is the same length as the radius of a circle circumscribing said hexagon?  Yes indeed, because the earth would wobble one full cycle in the base-six-number of 25,920 years, this knowledge which enabled the ancients to calculate geographic distances by predicted positions of the stars according to the precession rate, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com

The chaldean number system was sexagesimal (base six times ten), just like our nautical mile mapping system, based on accurate timekeeping, with 60 seconds per minute, and 60 minutes per hour, sexagesimal, the geometry of the ancient chaldean system having come from the methodology explained in the link, with the chaldeans having also used the same cubit length of measure as the egyptians, from the exact same astronomical mathematics for geometry, which means earth measure, utilized also by the global navigators of the day, who could sail to a mathematically located spot on the other side of the sphere of the earth remarkably to within two hundred miles, by the apparent movement of the constellations because of the earth’s wobble rate.

The base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, half a nautical mile, is the equivalent of five ancient greek stadia of 600 olympic feet each, obviously not a quirk of whimsical fate, as the greek system is clearly sexagesimal like the chaldean, and earth commensurate, like the cubit unit of length, subdivisions of the radius length of the earth, with Japhethites having used mostly the astronomical foot unit of measure, the Hamites the cubit, and Shemites using more of a bit of both, demonsrated in the archaeological record, and now we know that it was all based on astronomy, God’s intelligently designed universe, for ancient mapping in this case.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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September 24, 2009

As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin did not propone school choice vouchers because that would have entailed amending their state constitution, so she advocated for magnet schools, home schools, charter schools, online schools, and other options to the general fare offered in the public schools, but as president, she would surely advocate for school choice, because it actually is more with the spirit of the u. s. constitution, ‘though not endorsed nor prohibited by the constitution, so look for that change we can believe in which will allow low income families to send their kids to good private schools if they so choose, that competition which will cause the public schools to get their act together, or go away.

Federal law now prohibits the teaching of biblical creationism in science classes in the public schools, but Texas, Tennesssee, and Georgia have seen the light to teach the bible as a source of history, a great inspiriation for classic art, literature, science, and political movements, because topflight colleges are begging the nation’s public schools to teach the bible (offered as electives) for these reasons, but as it’s being taught as a source of history, the question arises, how far back should it be taught as a valid source of legitimate history, back only to the time of Jesus, or a thousand years before with Solomon, four hundred years before that with Moses, or six hundred before with Abraham, or back to the time of the Flood of Noah? 

How far back to teach the bible as real history will certainly be their dilemma, but a great opportunity to legally (not in a science class) and legitimately teach young earth creationism as the basis for great men of history having believed the bible, rather than falling for darwinism, and the reasons that darwinism is still greatly in question (if not already jettisoned to the junkheap of failed theories), teaching material such as from this blogsite under the various categories, showing that the genesis timeline actually in fact better comports with the evidence than the darwinian model, but not in a science class of course!

Sarah Palin has stated she’d like to see both darwinism and creation science taught in the classrooms, in science classes, but that would entail the Supreme Court changing it’s mind on the matter, so in the meantime, I’m sure she’ll certainly advocate the continuance and spread of the teaching of the bible in elective courses in our public high schools, to prepare them for college, learning the bible as real history, but how far back?  Let ’em see the reasons to believe all of it, the reasons half of America believes the holy bible as it’s written, by eyewitnesses of the events actually, except the six days of creation, explained in article # 13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

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September 24, 2009

Studying with great interest my old college textbook classic, A History of Greece by N. G. L. Hammond (Oxford Press), what really stands out is that he really has no idea why mass migrations and warfare, competing for diminished land, food, and water, was the rule in the Mediterranean when the bronze age was collapsing, giving way to the iron age, with regional kingdoms’ capitols then greatly fortified with huge megalithic walls, such as in ancient mycenaean Greece, at Pylos, Tiryns, Mycenae, and Athens, built obviously to keep hordes of invaders out, defensive walls, to protect their collective health, accumulated wealth, and valued tools and weapons, against any of the migrating (by land or sea) people groups looking for new places to settle in.

Hammond leaves out a whole chapter of ancient greek history in failing to know or report on the many submerged ruins off Greece, in many locations, known for years, but perhaps not by Hammond, who if had acknowledged the underwater ruins, would have known they were submerged when the climate changed dramatically, born out by the ruins of hundreds of bronze age settlements beside long since dried up streams, not noticed by Hammond either however, so although his history of Greece is truly a masterpiece, noting the people group movements in the Aegean at the time of Homer’s Jason and the Argonauts and the Iliad and Odyssey, he can’t explain the mysterious Pelasgians, whose ruins are now submerged all through the Aegean, because the Ice Age ended actually much later than we are generally being told, much later than Hammond thought too.

King Dardanus, perhaps a Pelasgian (a descendent of Peleg the namesake of the aegean island Pelagos), sailed to Samothrace after the Flood of Ogyges, which was the end of the Ice Age sea level rise. And afterthere, on to the coast of western Asia Minor, on the newly connected strait to the Black Sea, the Dardanelles Strait, then strategic shipping real estate, but before, thirty of forty miles inland, before the sea level rose, so Dardanus commenced the development of the short lived Trojan empire begun with his son Troias (Troy) and his son Ilus (Ilium/Iliad), then appearing in Hittite records as the Iliunna, Taroisa, and Dardennui, but ended as an empire around 1200 B.C. by the Mycenaeans, with fortresses built for 150 years, having become great conquerors in the eastern Mediterranean during the transition from the bronze to iron age, when much land had been lost to the sea and as the climate dried out, a time of great turmoil and transition, when the Israelites were taking Canaan.

And certainly see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Sarah Palin’s Speech Address Hong Kong to CLSA Investors Forum Meeting Review Summary Sarah Palin Proposals Please Investors in United States Business Eliminate Inheritance Capital Gains Tax Drill Here Drill Now Less Regulation Sarah Palin Big Hit Hong Kong Business Community Sensation

September 23, 2009

Sarah Palin spoke to the big CLSA Investors Forum in Hong Kong today, receiving a three minute ovation at her introduction, then wowing them with proposals sure to instill investor confidence in the presently troubled U. S. business climate, proposing the elimination of capital gains tax, which is double taxation on gain by investment of previously taxed income, and the elimination of the inheritance tax too, which also is double taxation, surely wowing the bigtime international investors (many of them American) gathered there in Hong Kong to hear the beautiful queen of the right, who has much constructive to say, as the Democrats will soon learn when she begins to barnstorm America with speaking engagements.

And Palin’s clarion call to “drill here drill now (in America)” and reduce unnecessary regulation of businesses was surely music to the ears of the american international oil and gas investors who would rather stay home in America to drill than share their cuts with muslim sheiks or latino banana republic dictators who (more often than not) help fund those who would bring down America. 

When Palin starts hitting Obama’s left wing with these proposals when she begins barnstorming, her momentum will gain further steam, bigtime, because what she stands for is what most Americans want:  secure borders, energy independence, school choice, interstate health insurance competition, and a strong alliance with Israel, as we pray that current president Barack Obama not continue his attitude that Israel is the trangressor in the Holy Land.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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September 23, 2009

Did you ever wonder why Homer’s greek heros Jason and the Argonauts circa 1300 B.C. didn’t bother to stop to visit nor even mention Troy (a great empire by 1200 B.C.) while voyaging from the isle of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea, through the Straits of Dardanus (Dardenelles), into the Propontis (Sea of Marmaras), stopping there to deal with the Doliones, and then the Mysians, on their way to the Black Sea?  It’s because the great walls of Troy, those defended by king Priam in Homer’s story the Iliad, were built by Priam’s ambitious father Laomedon, so when Jason and the Argonauts had sailed by, Troy obviously was not much, yet to consolidate as a great power.

Why Troy is not mentioned as a great power in the ancient world until after the time of Jason and the Argonauts is because they rose to power when too the Mycenaeans in Greece were building their massive fortifications at Tiryns, Mycenae, Pylos, and Athens.  So why this frenzy of gigantic stone block wall building for defensive purposes in this timeframe?  It’s because just a few centuries previously, circa 1500 B.C., whatever Troy was called back then was a small hamlet twenty to forty miles inland from the Aegean Sea, because that is when the Ice Age began to end, so when the sea level rose, the site for Troy became one of the most strategic pieces of real estate in the world, the crossroad of trade between two continents.

King Dardanus sailed to what had been hills near the coastline of southern Thrace (named after Tiras), newly then the island of Samothrace, in the aftermath of the legendary Flood of Ogyges (which consumed vast tracts of Greece too), and from there, on to the site where would become legendary Troy, named after Dardanus’ son Troias, having begun to be built as a coastal trade mecca beginning only circa 1300 B.C., with the big walls built be Laomedon circa 1250 B.C., the father of Priam the king of Troy when the Mycenaeans laid seige as described in Homer’s Iliad, a remarkable time in history, after the risen sea level had claimed millions of acres of land and the climate was drying out drastically, prompting the mass migrations of people groups in that timeframe. 

Archaeologists have discovered clay pottery in the first ruins at the site of Troy of ancient Bythnians, and eastern branch of the tribe of Tiras (southeastern Thrace), but a new crew had come to town, the tribe of Dardanus from across the Aegean, after the ice age sea level had risen, when the site had become of fantastic value for international trade, and so then, but not before, the gigantic walls went up, to last for only a few decades, until the Mycenaeans came to destroy, as described in the Iliad, as the ruins of Troy level VII reveal.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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September 22, 2009

Polar bears have webbed feet, with skin between the toes on their paws, this phenotypic change of physiognomy for that strain of bear caused long ago by mutations in that branch of the bear family tree, the physical change which engendered their swimming advantage, so those bears with what really is a genetic defect became advantaged reproductively in marine environments, as they obtained more food because of their swimming advantage and so had more cubs to dominate over other types of bears in that environment, survival of the fittest, naturally selected according to greater survivability, and so, dominant reproductive rates for the white and web-footed strain of bear in that environment.

But is that strain of bear, the polar bear, with webbed feet, in the process of morphing into a duck or something?  Are feathers next to mutate from fur, with wings and beak to follow, mutated out of front legs and snout?  This is what the darwinists would have us believe, however, who would bet the ducks of the future will have morphed from polar bears?  Any takers?  The polar bear’s webbed paw mutation was an alteration of the genetic code of a branch of the bear syngameon, a biblical kind of animal, as the polar bear is still a bear, not on its way to being a duck (unless you believe in darwinism), because the genetic code of the bear syngameon does not include phenotypic variation potential for duckhood by mutation, just some skin between the toes of the paws of polar bears for their swimming advantage amongst the icepacks.

When young earth creationists Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee will inevitably be cornered about their ostensibly unscientific beliefs during upcoming interviews and discussions leading up to the republican presidential primaries in 2012, I hope they use the syngameon concept for a teachable moment, pointing out that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, because members of differing species can interbreed, such as polar bears and black bears (with the web feet of the offspring I suppose left fully up to the probabilities of mendelian genetics), rendering Darwin’s term silly as a definitive tool to classify groups of animals with heritable genetic variations.

Palin and Huckabee could also point out in the teachable moments that the term race is a darwinian concept, while skin color was merely one component of personal description in ancient times, with the tribe or nation being the determining factor of one’s genetic history, which did not include monkeys in the family trees, so who is/was truly more progressive, and what is a so-called race anyway?  Obama is of two races, so which is it?  Sincethe term race is meaningless, why else do they use the term unless to divide according to darwinian concepts about survival of the fittest?  The only survival of the fittest factor in America is that whites have a greater survivability rate in frigid Minnesota than blacks do there, because of skin color, and vice versa in Florida, which is just a manifestation of natural selection within the unique human syngameon, a biblical kind of creature, the human kind, made in God’s image, not the monkey. 

And checkout some very compelling paleontological evidence of the syngameons (most of which are still extant today) in the fossil record, predictably, according to the history in the book of Genesis, at http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html, remembering that the mountains were not covered by the Deluge, but rose at the close of it, so don’t get hung up on that strawman argument, and remember, the radioisotope dating methods for rocks or organic material are base upon unknowable presuppositions, so the biblical model really makes alot of sense, if you take the time to look at it.

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September 22, 2009

Barack Obama briefly addressed the reps at the United Nations today, fretting with seeming conviction that global coastal villages are being lost to the sea because of climate change, which is typical Obama logic tailored for the masses (how stupid does he think are we?), expecting us to not wonder why that if villages by the sea worldwide are going under because the ocean is supposedly rising, then what about Miami, Cape Cod, and Seattle?  I guess Obama expects us to believe that the ocean rises only where we aren’t, so I sure would like to know where are all those villages which Obama says have recently been relegated to the seafloor.

As you read on here under category Submerged Ancient Ruins, it will become obvious to you that there was a huge sea level rise which inundated vast tracts of land when the Ice Age ended, having ended actually much later than we’ve been told, proven by the hundreds of submerged bronze age ruins sites around the world, such found on the shallow seafloor off Lebanon, Greece, Malta, Spain, Morocco, India, and Japan, submerged when the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age had dissipated, which allowed the direct sunlight to melt the ice age icepacks, pouring into the sea, raising sea level a few hundred feet within about a century.  That was real climate change, not expected scientifically at all with our current global climatic regime.

The engine for the Ice Age now becomes fairly obvious, the ocean must have been warmer to have caused all that cloudcover for the massive snow blitz and much greater rainfall totals in the middle latitudes during the Ice Age, but the ocean must have heated from below, because any greater heating of the atmosphere (by whatever cause) would indeed heat the sea surface, however, the ensuing greater evaporation and therefrom cloudcover would cool the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism of the hydrologic cycle, so the Ice Age was caused a warmer ocean from geothermal heating of it, through fissures in the ocean floor, the rift zones, where now oceanic plates are slowly moving apart, with any great increase of the separation rate surely to likewise cause another Ice Age.  

The solid hydrologic science dictates that for sea level to rise again today, there must be even less cloudcover over the arctic regions to cause more melting of the icepacks, but the polar regions today are technically deserts, very little precipitation, because it’s so cold there, but was much warmer during the Ice Age, paradoxically, because the warmer ocean during the Ice Age kept the coastal regions in even the arctic rainy and lush with vegetation, so all those mammoths and mastodons could flourish there, evidenced in the fossil record in the frozen tundra all along the arctic circle.  And do you know how the location of the poles was determined in ancient times, so that the Great Pyramid of Giza was aligned perfectly to true north?  See article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.