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March 30, 2011

In promoting my new radio show Proving Genesis, ‘though no one will ever match el Rushbo’s wit and talent, I am calling myself the Rush Limbaugh of young earth creationism, broadcasting to promote that the book of Genesis is just as factual as the Gospels, and Genesis demonstrably valid through the latest in biology, astronomy (and therefrom geometry), geology, hydrology, archaeology, ancient linguistic analyses, and really all the other germane fields of study, demonstrated through the template of the biblical chronology in Genesis, the evidence corroborating beautifully when honestly analyzed as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.  Listen to the soon- to-be Rush Limbaugh of Young Earth Creationism (I wish) at http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.  The show is young (haha), so please be patient and stay tuned, asking your station to carry the show!

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March 30, 2011

Plato surely knew he was lying when he wrote that the ancient greek kings Ogyges, Theseus, Erechtheus, Erysichthon, and Cecrops lived about 9,000 years before Plato’s time., that’s when he said Atlantis went under, yet those kings lived when the ancient world was transitioning from the so-called bronze age to iron, circa 1300 b.c., greek legend that there was anarchy in Greece after the Flood of Ogyges for 189 years until Cecrops secured order, so the ice age clearly ended circa 1500 b.c., confirmating of the Genesis timeline that catastrophic climate change and sea level rise hit the world in the timeframe of the Exodus, because a warmer ocean (for much more cloud production) after Noah’s Flood had cooled.

The greek king Dardanus lived too when the sea level was rising with the end of the ice age, he having then sailed from the mainland to Samothrace which was a peninsula of Asia Minor then becoming an island at that time as the sea level rose.  From that new island, Dardanus then sailed to the newly risen shoreline of Asia Minor, his son Troas then to have founded Troy about a hundred years later circa 1350 b.c.  Of course Dardanus was the namesake of the Dardanelles Strait, which previously was known as the River Rhode, namesake Rhodan, the father of the Rhodanim from Genesis 10 in the Bible.  It was a river during the ice age, when the black sea was a lake not connected to the ocean, but that river flowing down to it, could the proof be more obvious?  Learn more this week on Proving Genesis at noon Saturday on http://klgo.net, or listen to the archived shows at http://jamesnienhuisradio.com.  And please certainly read carefully to digest http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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March 29, 2011

Carefully read Plato’s Critias and Timaeus, the portions on Atlantis, and you’ll see that the famout coastal empire extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Italy (Tyrhennian Sea) and Libya, and outside as well, ‘though he doesn’t say how far, but with submerged bronze age ruins off the Islands of Scilly and Cornwall of England, and submerged ruins too on the continental shelf along the atlantic coast of Spain, the atlantean empire extended that far outside the Pillars of Hercules, submerged since the end of the ice age.

Of course the circular City of Posidon, also known as the City of Atlantis, must be submerged somewhere probably near Gibraltar, and from what has been reported, the ruins reportedly seen thirty miles south of Cadiz, Spain, in over a hundreed feet of water by Paco Salazar (with Maxine Asher) decades ago is the likely candidate, because Plato said the city was five miles from the ocean coast, connected by a north-south canal, so the city must be about five miles from the old ice age coastline when sea level was much lower, that submerged coastline and site now about thirty miles from the modern shoreline since the end of the ice age.

Gades was a son of Posidon (Sidon) according to Plato, that son the namesake of Cadiz which was about thirty miles inland during the ice age on the Guadalquiver river flowing down from the mineral rich Sierra Morena mountains into the Atlantic below; and the ancient name of Lisbon (Portugal) was Olisippo, named after another son Elasippos, then there’s Geryon of of ancient greek legend, the namesake of Algeria, and Tunis the ancient pelasgian name for for the sea god Neftun (later Neptune), who was Posidon, the Sidon of Canaan in the Bible, so there you go with the fact that Plato said that Erysichthon, Theseus, Ogyges, and Cecrops lived in the timeframe that the sea level rose, all clear proof that the ice age ended much later than we’re being told.  And read much more about all this here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com

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March 29, 2011

I knew Plato lied about some of his knowledge regarding Atlantis, because I have learned that in Book Three of his work The Laws, he wrote that the flood of Ogyges consuming much of bronze age Greece was the same flood which consumed the Atlantean empire, he says circa 9600 b.c., yet Ogyges is now known to have lived in the 1500 b.c. timeframe (and Plato knew it I’d bet), after which (about two centuries later) ruled kings in Greece such as Erysichthon, Erectheus, Cecrops, and Theseus, names mentioned by Plato in the timeframe of the demise of the Atlantean empire too (and much of Greece as he said) in the story, so it’s pretty obvious that Plato was way off on his date, even though the real date was right under his historian’s nose.

We’ll be discussing the issue of Atlantis in its biblical context on Proving Genesis this Saturday (on http://klgo.net), so call in if you like, discussing that Plato said Atlantis (the whole empire) stretched both far inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar, all consumed when the coastlines (to varying degrees based on the slope of the land) of the world were inundated when the ice age ended, over a period of about a century, when the climate dried out in the middle latitudes for the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, proven with the Ipuwer Papyrus out of Egypt for instance, so check-it-out, really overwhelming proof when you think about it.  Of course the flood of Deucalion from greek lore was Noah’s Flood, that flood which was the engine for the ice age, read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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March 27, 2011

The darwinistas at the University of Texas are challenged to call in to the christian radio talkshow Proving Genesis to defend their claim that Darwin”s term species actually has any meaning scientifically (it doesn’t), yet now after week three of the show, the crickets are still chirping, all quiet on the darwinista front, so as I said Saturday on the show, since the straight-forward material presented on the show has not been contested by the loyal darwinistas, that material casting out over Austin fm radio and to the world streaming live on the web at http://klgo.net at noon on Saturdays is indicatively uncontestable by the darwinistas, more good news for young earth creation and the propagation of biblical history as fact, real history, what the darwinists seem incapable of refuting, not surprising me at all, nor those who know this material and can present it.

This week on the Proving Genesis radio show, we’ll await that long awaited first call from an intrepid darwinista to defend his/her however demonstrably untenable position, and we’ll discuss Atlantis, the real Atlantis of ancient history, Plato talked about it but had the date wrong, we’ll set it all straight within a biblcal context, certainly not what they’re teaching at UT, but maybe in debate format sometime soon I’ll be allowed the opportunity to state the case with discussion from faculty and students, wouldn’t that be fun?  And the darwinists and the other non biblicists who seem to hate it could respond with questions and whatever attempts at rebuttal might percolate there, that would be academic freedom and intellectual honesty practiced, what they supposedly encourage at the universty, right?  We shall see, and tune in Saturdays at noon to see if they call in to try to defend the “fact” of darwinian evolution.

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March 21, 2011

The second Proving Genesis radio broadcast on http://klgo.net from Austin last Saturday at noon was a big step forward for yours truly, presenting dinos and humans, ice age hydrology, the secrets of Atlantis, and the meaninglessness of Darwin’s term species, with a more relaxed and easy on air flow, which should only get better this Saturday at noon, so be sure to tune in for more on the fact that the premises of the big bang theory actually dictate that the distant stars must be only thousands of years of age (according to Einstein’s general relativity), and a more in depth discussion (you can call in) of humans and “dinosaurs” (Sir Richard Owens’ term) in history, both in biblical and secular historical accounts, as well as in rockart (see http://genesispark.org/genpark/ancient/ancient.htm, great material for sure, leaving egg on the faces of the darwinists, or at least causing them great pause I’m sure, so not presented in the public schools.

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March 21, 2011

If the Bible is true, then dragons (“dinosaurs”) have been with us at least throughout old testament history, from the dragon of the priests of Bel at Babylon in the book of Daniel circa 400 b.c., back to Isaiah’s time circa 700 b.c. (Isaiah 43:20), and back to the Behemoth of Uz in the book of Job circa 2000 b.c., then back of course to Noah’s Ark (where young dragons of each syngameon were housed).  That the the history in the Bible is true is confirmed by much ancient artwork displayed here http://genesispark.org/genpark/ancient/ancient.htm, and in ancient and medieval secular literature compiled by William Cooper here http://ldolphin.org/cooper/index.html, just more proof that all of the Bible is to believe, and why not, because after all, Jesus is the Word become flesh, and Genesis is part of the Word, isn’t it?

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March 18, 2011

The darwinists say that humans evolved from monkey ancestors in Africa, so then why are the bible lands of Mesopotamia called the “cradle of civilization” by those same darwinists?  Ancient Egypt (in Africa) dates back to the time of the sumerians, canaanites, and assyrians, so why not Egypt as the cradle of civilization, wouldn’t that logically follow from the supposed notion that humans evolved out of Africa?  Many languages were spoken at that time, but most in Mesopotamia, many city-states of pyramids built there of clay bricks (limestone was not available), designated the cradle of civilization because that is where the first clusters of diverse language cultures built cities, in line with the Bible, much to the chagrin of the darwinists.

And the darwinists give dates elsewhere for Stonehenge, Hatussa, and Baalbek in the same timeframe as Giza and Mesopotamia, so why not civilization having begun at those locations?  And how could it be that megalithic ruins are also found all over the globe from that archaic era, did clever cavemen everywhere all suddenly decide to build great religious monuments of gargantuan size, or had they all come from the “cradle of civilization,” and many by sea?  Be sure to checkout article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com to realize the simple method they used to navigate, how the “phoenicians” did it, and certainly too refer http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for a great overview of how it really was back in that day, show it to your professors please.

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March 16, 2011

Do you really think Abraham and his crew trudged through the parched treeless landscape of the Negev and desert Egypt circa 1900 b.c. for decades as seemingly indicated in the Bible?  With ruins of canaanite and egyptian cities now stranded in the deserts there, it really should be quite obvious that during so-called bronze age times, rainfall rates were much greater, where wadis were what the word actually means, streams, where today they flow only with the rare thunderstorms.  And what of the “cradle of civilization” to the east in Mesopotamia?

The archaic city ruins of the sumerians, elamites, amorites, and assyrians, are now stranded in deserts more often than not, many times next to non-existent streams, as is the case still further to the east in the Great Indian Desert of northwest India and Pakistan, the artifacts of over eight hundred settlements with the ruins of structures of the Indus Valley civilization, it’s demise known at circa 1500 b.c, the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, the time of drastic climate change when too the sea level rose, it was the end of the ice age, so this all more in detail at  http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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March 14, 2011

Since Lisbon’s old name Olisippo is the namesake of Elasippo, a son of “mythological” Posidon, and since Cadiz, Spain, was named after Gades, another son of Posidon, and still another of his sons, Atlas, having been the namesake of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains, should it not be obvious those areas were part of the atlantean empire, and so, should people really be surprised that there are ruins submerged offshore, one set revealed in Nat Geo’s new Finding Atlantis.

Many more submerged bronze age ruins have been reported by several divers through the years in that region, but in much deeper water, so why are the ruins in the vast esturarine marshes of Dona Ana park such a big deal for the mainstream scientific community?  Well for one, they’re saying the structures were anciently submerged by a tsunami, revealing their discomfort with the subject of submerged ruins, desperation, in that tsunami waves recede, and secondly, in ignoring the many other submerged ruins, they are now attempting to say the whole Atlantis deal was just a bronze age city which subsided (by earthquake) and flooded by tsunami (which but recede), so they’re saying case closed.

There are submerged bronze age ruins found in many parts of the world, so they supposedly went under by tsunamis and earthquakes too?  How about the huge city of clay brick buildings, the ruins now found on the seafloor a hundred miles from shore in the Gulf of Chambay off India’s northwest coast?  What about the vast megalithic ruins off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean, and those off Greece in many locations too?  It’s obvious that the sea level rise with the end of the ice age flooded those bronze age locations, tsunamis and earthquakes don’t fill the bill, so spread the word, the ice age actually ended circa 1500 b.c., refering to http://genesisveractyfoundation.com.