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August 31, 2009

Although there are no known instances of gay bullying in our public elementary schools, students this fall will be taught to accept, or even embrace, the gay lifestyle, in order to prevent the supposed bullying of ostensibly gay second graders, but who has ever met a gay second grader?  And if there really are gay second graders (pre pubescent at that time in life), then certainly gayness should be considered possibly hereditary, ‘though research shows the behavior is not, but of course, adults teach kids the gay lifestyle, such as in our public elementary schools, teaching very young students about gayness, and that it’s really just fine. 

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has produced what should be a very interesting special airing for the first time on Friday, Aug. 4, (called Do You Know What Textbooks Your Kids are Reading?), so be sure to check it out, explaining how our public school students are being purposefully and systematically indoctrinated into humanistic progressivism, where gayness is supposedly hereditary, ostensibly passed down through the generations.  But if the grandparents and parents of the child are obviously not gay, then how can gayness be hereditary?  It makes no sense whatsoever. 

Certainly when young people are disingenuously taught that they either were born gay or not, that gayness truly is not a lifestyle but supposedly the scientific manifestation of some unknown gay gene (as the term lifestyle contradictorily implies choice not genetic inevitability), those student victims in our taxpayer-funded halls of indoctrination are learning bad science and taught behavioral science and psychology which defy the evidence, after all, where are all those homosexual eight year olds (at least the ones who have not been taught to act gay)? 

Of course, the teachings in the Bible are eschewed as without real merit, but with public high schools now however permitting bible study in elective courses in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas, will it transition down to the young kids, will they be able to study what our forefathers here in America thought about the Bible and the lessons to be learned from it?  We hope so, for some fair and balanced treatment of the world in which we live, here on the earth, which wobbles at the perfect rate so that the ancients were enabled to accurately measure and thereby amazingly map the earth, simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

Who From Where Were Sea Peoples Theories Plato’s Atlantis Naval Sea Land Conflict Bronze Age Warfare Invasions Eastern Mediterranean The Ancient Greeks Stephanie Lynn Budin The Sea People Their World a Reassessment Eliezer D. Oren Mycenaean Cretan Philistines Peleset Pelusium Submerged Phoenician Megalithic Port Cities Menouthis Heraklion of Old Kingdom Egypt Levant Ice Age Mediterranean Osiris Civilization Biblical Names of Bronze Age Seafarers Global Navigation Sea Peoples Major Ancient Mass Migrations Environmental Climate Change Food Water Supply Factors What Caused the Collapse of the Bronze Age to Aegean Mediterranean Dark Ages?

August 27, 2009

Mysterious still to mainstream archaeologists, such as Stephanie Lynn Budin and Eliezer D. Oren, is why the bronze age mediterranean world was seemingly turned upside down beginning circa 1400 B.C., staying in turmoil for more than a few centuries thereafter, when whole cities were abandoned, after being plundered for their wealth, by marauders who were actually seeking food and water, or plunder, as they actually were responding to a catastrophic climate change and corresponding sea level rise which consumed all coastal port cities, when Atlantis, to the west, also went under, and the climate dried out, leaving for instance some 300 bronze age settlements in Greece abandoned at that time, settlements which were beside soon dried up streams, confirmed by Plato in his account in Timaeus in Critias.

Some of the Sea People who migrated by armadas of ships at this time were the Philistines to the Levant, whom the egyptians called the Peleset, building the port of Pelusium on the northeastern corner of Egypt, part of the land overtaken by the Philistines (from canaanite tribes), who were myceanaean Cretans having come from the bronze age upper Adriatic greek civilization, demonstrated by researchers Budin and Oren with their archaeological work, noting the likeness of pottery and weaponry between the myceanaens of Greece and the philistines of the Levant, right down to those bronze shin-guards you see in the epic flicks.

So before the port city Pelusium was built circa 1300 B.C., where was the port activity serving that region?  And before Alexandria was built as a major port city by Alexander the Great circa 350 B.C., what was the big port serving the Nile’s western outlet  into the mediterranean sea?  Well of course, the sea level had risen (submerging Menouthis and Heraklion) with the catastrophic climate change which had helped cause the disruption of whole civilizations, and along with the loss of all that real estate by sea level rise, the world was in chaos, prompting the panicked invasions of people into new lands, in search of food and water really, willing to fight for it, because streams and fields in their homeland had dried up, when the Ice Age ended.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the egyptain name Peleset derives from Peleg, known to the greeks as Pelasgus, leader of the most ancient of greeks, the Pelasgians, who were great navigators and builders, some of their work now submerged off Greece, for instance off Elafonisos, Abdera, Psathoura, Astakos, and Platygiali, so known there, how many more are there?  And off the Levant is submerged Yarmuta, which disappeared from the pages of history circa 1400 B.C. and nearby submerged old Sidon, both well known and photographed.

Some of the Sea Peoples, no doubt, were Atlanteans, of the empire which Plato said stretched both outside and inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to the Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy) and Libya.  Read on here under category Atlantis Revealed, to see that many submerged ruins in that part of the world too prove that the Ice Age ended much later than we are being led to believe, and what of the mysterious Great Pyramid of Giza?  See how the determination of its dimensions was the basis for the navigational skills of those ancients, by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, simply explained, yet little known, in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Importance Truth of Real Accuracy Genesis History to New Testament Christian Good News Message Whole Counsel of God Includes Genesis Veracity What Did Jesus Christ Say Quotes About Noah’s Flood Age of World Universe Young vs. Old Earth Creationists Debate Why Bill Maher Hates Lies Fears Distorts Misrepresents Biblical Christian Jewish Historical Traditions Adam Eve Ancient Pagan Greek Mythology Global Flood Legends from Around the World Confirming Noah’s Flood Dancing From Genesis

August 27, 2009

Without sin, then why would we need a savior?  In proponing old earth creationism, christians play into the hands of the likes of Bill Maher, who vainly attempts to mock supposed inconsistencies and absurdities in the Bible, such as, if sin and death came into the world with Adam and Eve, then what about their parents, and if they had no parents, then how can you say humans or pre-humans were around before the supposed date of creation, according to the generations in the Bible, at circa 4000 B.C.?  Point well taken, as the old earth creationist christians also say that Noah’s Flood was just a swollen river in the Middle East, more fodder for Maher who surely knows what the Bible clearly says about Noah’s Flood, that written which he mocks even more, because he’s naturally or deliberately ignorant, feeding equally on either interpretation of Genesis history, being the virulent antichristian “progressive.”

Jesus was serious about Noah’s Flood, just google Jesus Quotes Noah’s Flood, so what are the old earth creationists thinking about regarding when “real history” begins to be described in Genesis, for since not at the Flood of Noah, then where?  If death from sin has been in the world for hundreds of millions of years, then shouldn’t Adam and Eve have been from that long ago?   And if so, why did God distinctly say the universe and earth were created in six days, that which the orthodox hebrew rabbis still believe, and who should know better what the texts mean please?

Almost all the ancient cultures have legends of the original pair, with different names, such as Zeus and Hera in Greece, whose prediluvial world was destroyed by the Flood of Deucalion and Pyrrha, Noah and his wife, according to Greek legend, with the Flood of Ogyges about nine centuries later when the Ice Age ended, comporting with sound archaeoological reasoning as you will see when you read under category Catastrophic Climate Change, the legends of the ancient world actually confirming Genesis history, if you take the time to investigate, which Bill Maher and old earth creationists apparently have not bothered to do.

As the darwinists such as Bill Maher know, if they can establish that the first book of the Bible, Genesis, is mythology in the publics’ mind, then the battle is won, and the old earth creationists are just helping them along in saying that the words written in Genesis really don’t mean what they say, which of course, leads folks like Maher to just ask, then why believe the rest of the Bible?  Ignorance being Maher’s specialty, no doubt he is not versed in the material such as at this website, and other great young earth creationist sites such as  http://GlobalFlood.org for the mechanics of the Deluge, and Dr. Sean Pitman’s excellent Detecting Design http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html about the fossil record in the geolgic column, but maybe Maher will bother, and we can talk about it all on his show, which certainly would be alot of fun.

And checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com where maybe Maher will donate in a lucid moment?

Rush Limbaugh Names Ted Care Thinks New Naming Good for Obama Care Progress Public Support in Honor Deceased Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy Death Panels Obama Ted Care Good Affordable Medical Care for All Americans Like Ted Kennedy’s Expensive Cancer Treatment 77 Year Old Man Implications for Rushed National Medical Service Rationing Rush Limbaugh Suggests Ted Care for All America Nation Eulogizes Namesake Ted Kennedy Lion for Health Care Reform U. S. Senate

August 26, 2009

After many months of very expensive cancer treatment, 77 year old senator Ted Kennedy passed on, I suppose still wishing single payer (government) healthcare would become the law of the land, as he liberally has been proposing for decades.  But did he really think all americans under his single payer plan would receive the medical treatment afforded him, the 77 year old guy who probably would soon die anyway?  Do you see the hypocrisy, just as congresspersons for the bill refuse to commit to signing up their families with the public option sought by Kennedy and most of the Democrats?

Hard to admit for progressives will be the fact that, under Obama Care, old guys like Kennedy would be deemed not worth the costly treatment which would be saved for much younger more productive americans (and illegal aliens who would not be checked for citizenship status on application according to the democrats plans), to be denied the government resources for the expensive cancer treatment care, as in Kennedy’s case, illustrating the wonton hypocrisy and fiscal absurdity of the progressive Democrats’ plans, which is why Rush Limbaugh proposes that the Democrats call their plan Ted Care, in honor of the man who would ostensibly deny himself the cancer treatment which he did but seek while here. 

As the illogic and destructiveness of the progressives fascist policies of Obama’s left are becoming apparent to most americans, we wonder how Team Obama will respond, will they try to ram Ted Care through the congress, risking a waterloo in the midterm polls in 2010, or will he give up on his single payer idea, to seek real constructive changes to the way the medical and insurance business operate, for instance allowing them to compete across state lines, and allowing higher deductibles on policies, and encouraging gifts to charity hospitals by tax incentives, to take care of the poor and indigent (and illegal aliens without private insurance policies).

Many mexican politicians and illegal aliens say most of the West of America was Atlan/Aztlan, the ancient mexican homeland, and so, the illegal aliens actually have more right to be here than real u.s. citizens, however, ancient mexican literature (such as the Popol Vu) says that the first ancestors had come from across the eastern ocean, which is the Atlantic, you know, Atlan, the empire of Atlantis, which extended both inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar, according to Plato, bronze age ruins of which are now found submerged in many locations off France, Malta, Libya, Morocco, Spain, the Teneriffes, and Britain, see how they navigated the oceans of the world during Ice Age times by the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

Rush Limbaugh Proposes Democrats Ted Care Good Affordable Medical Plan Honoring Ted Kennedy Death Insurance Coverage for All Americans Cancer Victims Elderly Senator Ted Kennedy Death Memorial Rush Limbaugh Says Barack Obama Progressive Fascists Should Call Universal Health Plan Ted Care Label Democrats Using Honor Memory of Ted Kennedy’s Death as Propaganda Guilt Trip for Congressional Passage of Government Healthcare Medical Industry Planned Takeover Ted Care Rush Obama’s Strategy

August 26, 2009

While we pray for Ted Kennedy’s family in their loss, as predictably the left wing media is already using his death trying to drum up sympathy support for Kennedy’s pet project, government healthcare, now called Obama Care, and since presumably Kennedy received good affordable health care before his eventual demise, Rush Limbaugh today suggests that the democrats’ national healthcare plan be called Ted Care, in honor of Ted Kennedy, who would want that all Americans receive the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of private healthcare which he was afforded through his private insurance, what he would want for all americans and his allies the illegal aliens too (democrats rejected republican amendments where applicants for government coverage would be checked for citizenship status).

But how to pay for Ted Care?  Would Ted favor 70% taxes on his family to pay for it all?  So you can see that when democrats say good affordable health care for all, they don’t mean Ted Care, they mean rationing, and total dependence on a full medical industry monopoly which is what Obama for years has said he is seeking, one of the promises which got him elected, but now, many millions of  miffed democrats who had voted for Obama (not to mention the millions of independents and republicans too) are smelling the coffee, and it’s burnt, so look for the tide against Obama’s fascist takeover to continue to rise, as the midterm elections approach, and even obamabot Chris Matthews now acknowledging that the democrats could lose big in the congressional elections.  And I wonder if Chris knows that the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate?  See how it was done in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

Students Oppose Rally Against Barack Obama American College Grads Young People Adults Realize Awaken Protest Vote Fact Barack Hussein Obama Trying to Destroy Tearing Down Capitalism Building Government Monopolies Takeovers Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky Community Organizing National Scale Communist Black Radical Green Job Czar Van Jones Alliance with Islamic Jihad Jeremiah Wright Louis Farrakhan Barack Obama’s Real History Researched Coming to Light College Students Activism University Campuses Renaissance of Young Earth Creationism How Christians are Fighting Back Against Secular Darwinian Public School Indoctrination

August 26, 2009

As Barack Obama’s job approval rating falls to 45%, it’s apparent that more than just some old white guys are very concerned about the path which Team Obama is trying to take us down, away from natural capitalism to a fascist controlled government economy, where Obama and his fellow “progressives,” such as communist green job czar Van Jones, intend to effectively own the means of production through restrictive regulations for “green jobs” (for Obama’s supporters) and the literal takeover of whole industries (to hire Obama supporters), as we’ve seen already with the auto and banking intrusions by Team Obama.

So college students and other young adults are surely waking up to this attack on the american system and way of life according to the Constitution, with the freedom to obtain and use property as one sees fit, not under tyrannical dictates by the whims of the federal goverment under this fascist president, who apparently thinks he knows how to run our lives better than we do, which is why he’s dropping like a rock in the polls, and rapidly becoming unpopular with the younger adults of America, as they learn more about the history of Obama, his ties, alliances, and the communists who now are the czars serving under Obama, the man who told Nicolas Kristoff at the New York Times that “the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer,” which certainly is a strange statement from the supposed christian president, but not when you realize that B. Hussein Obama learned Jeremiah Wright’s style of christianity, where Jesus somehow was a black Philistine, not an Israeli, so I think Wright should write his own bible, perhaps aptly dubbing it the King Hussein Version, surely destined to be a big hit in Tehran and amongst the progressives of America.

Tehran is the namesake of the biblical patriarch Terah in the Bible, in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), who was only a few generations before Abraham, the father of the Israeli nation, so those who hate each other in the Middle East are distant relatives, with their roles in the history of the earth foretold in the Bible, as in Ezekiel 38, it’s prophecied that Persia (Iran) and several other named nations in the region (Gog and Magog included) will attack Israeli, but be mightily defeated, after which the then emerging Antichrist will step in to make seven years of peace, as Team Obama brings on the fulfilment of the prophecied attack on Israel, favoring the muslim nations over tiny Israel, which we pray will not be forced to stand alone, without real friends, as seems to be the case now.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Genesis Interpretation Ice Age Theories Hypothetical Causes How Much What is Significance Cosmological Meteorological Factors Forces Which Must Have Probably Caused Produced Ice Age Pleistocene Rates Precipitation Variables Hydrologic Models for Ice Age Climate Change Theory Why Did it Snow and Rain So Much During the Biblical Genesis Ice Age Pleistocene Aqualithic Holocene Post Deluge Flood World History Science in the Holy Writ Torah Bible Scriptures

August 25, 2009

Do you know that the actual cause for the Ice Age which has escaped mainstream scientists ’til now is right under their noses in the Bible?  They commonly eschew the book of Genesis as myth and fairytale, but the history reveals the only hydrologically valid cause for the Ice Age, a warmer ocean from which much more water evaporated into the atmosphere than today for the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age.  The ocean was warmer, so the steam rose off prodigiously compared to today for that dense global cloudcover for the snow blitz in the more extreme latitudes, and the much greater rainfall in the middle latitudes, where today the ruins of ice age cities lie in the desert sands, but then were lush lands of greenery and game.

All other theories for the cause of the Ice Age entail that the global atmosphere was colder, but that flies in the face of simple hydrology, for with colder temperatures (of the ocean surface too) there would have been even less evaporation and so clouds in the atmosphere than today, where now the polar regions are technically deserts because of the dearth of precipitation there, but during the Ice Age, the shorelines along the Arctic ocean were lush with pastures and forests, where elephants abounded, but then were flooded-out in tons of watery muck, then frozen, when the Ice Age ended, when the skies cleared, for the polar regions to sink to very low temperatures in winter, after much warmer summers for the rapid snowmelt of the Ice Age’s end.

So the ice age ocean necessarily was paradoxically warmer, heated from below, geothermally, through the fissures in the oceanic crust, it’s the only way such warming of the ocean for the Ice Age could have occurred.  And when the Ice Age ended, it obviously was when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, that’s hydrology 101, quite obvious really, but with the Bible providing the answer here, you can bet mainstream scientists won’t be snapping in agreement anytime soon, as the clear science stares them in face from the pages of the Bible, where the fountains of the great deep of Noah’s Flood is described (and the mountains rose at the close of the Flood).  Read more about all this in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

Barack Obama’s Payback Pal George Soros Buys Petrobras Brazilean National Oil Gas Company Stock Purchase Deal Barack Obama Gives Two Billion for Development of Huge Petroleum Deposit Field Brazil America’s Energy Independence Drill Here Drill Now Probable Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Antedote to Economic Social Pain Inflicted Presidential Team Obama Administration Undermines American Dollar Value Economy Currency Devaluation Foreign Oil Dependency New American Supplier Petrobras Barack Obama’s Sweetheart Patronage Deal for George Soros Political Payback Left Wing Progressive Political Action Democrat Media Advertising

August 24, 2009

Multi billionaire and biggest backer of Barack Obama, progressive fascist idealogue George Soros, recently bought almost a billion dollars worth of Petrobras stock (the national petroleum company of Brazil), which just announced a huge oil and gas field discovery soon to be developed with the help of the american taxpayer as it turns out, because Obama plans to transfer two billion dollars from the american treasury to help the project, thus deliberately undermining our goal of becoming energy independent here in America, where Sarah Palin stands in the wings, gaining momentum, to take it away from Obama in 2012, as Soros gets even richer in the meantime, the brazilean deal part of his payback for all the help he’s given Team Obama, the fascist takeover artists whom the american people are growing to loath more and more each day.

Palin deconstructed Obama’s “death panel” verbiage in the House healthcare bill (the one he wanted rammed through congress this summer), forcing him to drop it just because of her written analysis on her facebook page, which gained much national attention immediately, but ignored of course by the mainstream media, however, this Soros brazilean oil deal versus Palin’s desire to Drill Here Drill Now may gain much national public opinion resonance, forcing the mainstream media to once again, grudgingly, cover the american people’s overwhelming desire to drill here drill now, so we can stop sending our money to countries who would love to see us go down.  And let’s teach this in the public schools, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, which really does explain much.

And certainly too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Sarah Palin Presidential Campaign 2012 Policy Strategy Education Left Wing Media Interviews Questions Answers About Her Belief in Book of Genesis Young Earth Creationism Class Electives Biblical Studies Public Schools States of Texas Tennessee Georgia Offering Elective Bible History Literature Geography Courses Sarah Palin Supports School Choice Option Teaching Biblical Creationism Global Flood Model Dinosaurs Dragons Submerged Bronze Age Atlantean Canaanite Pelasgian Stone Brick City Ruins Underwater Kingdoms Biblical Floods Cause of Ice Age because Ocean was Warmer Genesis Scientific Explanations Biblical Timeline Sarah Palin Favors Supports Intellectual Freedom School Choice Comparing Models for Ancient History Science Bible

August 24, 2009

As Sarah Palin rides high in the polls, looking everyday more like the proper antedote to Obama’s strangely reckless policy initiatives, her desire that the Bible be taught as an option to public school students is being realized this fall in the high schools of Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia, where the Bible will be learned and understood as it has impacted civilizations through the centuries, particularly western civilization, in art, architecture, literature, and political thought; the Bible undeniably the most impactful book in the history of the world, so why ignore it?  Why do the secular progressive darwinists fear the Bible so much, do they know something which many of us don’t?

When Sarah Palin, in an important national tv interview with a mocking progressive talking head, will inevitably be asked how in the world can she rationalize her belief that the earth and universe are young, as the book of Genesis indicates, she should fire back with:

1) There are submerged megalithic bronze age ruins on the continental shelves all around the world, so how can you expect people to believe the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C.?  Can’t you see that the biblical timeline matches the evidence?

2) How do you think the Ice Age was caused but by a warmer ocean, and can you guess what caused the warmer ocean?

3) The stratigraphy of the earth indicates a watery geologic upheaval, so we can compare this model to the old earth scheme where the ocean supposedly transgressed and regressed many times on and off the continents.

4) Did you know that the Big Bang Theory is predicated upon two contradictory notions, that the universe had a beginning point but yet supposedly is unbounded?  However, with the contradiction remedied, that the universe with a beginning point therefore must be bounded, gravitational time dilation was in play during the rapid expansion of matter early in the history of the universe, so good science says the distant stars actually are much younger than advertised.

5) Did you know that radioisotope rock dating and carbon 14 methods are based upon unknowable presuppostions?  Did you know that some rock dates come back with results saying the rock should not yet be formed, and did you know that more than factored volcanism causes exaggerated carbon 14 dates?

6) Darwin’s term species is meaningless, so why use it?  Let’s try syngameons.

7) Have you ever traced the etymological and anthropological accuracy of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10?  We can analyze that for the students, who might choose a course covering such.

8) And we can teach the kids how the ancient Egyptians measured the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza by subdividing the radius length of the earth determined from the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, the method from which derive our nautical mile mapping numbers of arc minutes and seconds, what all our navy guys should know for sure.

This would make for a great interview, I hope Chris Matthews pops the question on Hardball, that would be a hoot.  Chris doesn’t act like he realizes that species is a meaningless term, nor that darwinism breeds racism, so he needs to know, and I’d love to hear Palin get him up to speed.  By the way, the ancient mapping finding is simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, and to know that all but the six days of creation was eyewitnessed by humans, from Adam on down, then checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

Young Earth Creationism Research News Updates Mainstream Media Ignorance Biblical Science Model Issues Genesis Scientific Interpretations Records YEC Creationists New Findings Evidences Submerged Bronze Age Megalithic Structures End of Ice Age Atlantis Ipuwer Papyrus Hindu Vedic City Flooding Global Drying Exodus of Jews Egypt to Canaan Confounding Conflicted Darwinian Timeline Human History Sarah Palin Believes Dinosaurs Lived with Humans Literal Genesis Account Reading Real History Separation Church State Public Schools Offer Elective Bible Courses Influence Biblical History on Western Literature Art Government Politics Civilization

August 24, 2009

Did you know there are hundreds of submerged sites of megalithic and brick ruins discovered on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world?  There are ruins of submerged cities off Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya, as well as, off India and Japan, not to mention off Bimini and the Teneriffes, so are we to believe they were submerged when the sea level rose with the end of the Ice Age?

The ancient hindus in their vedic literature wrote of the time when the kingdoms of Kumari Kandam (off southern India) and Rama (off northwest India and Pakistan) were flooded when the sea rose to consume vast tracts of land (essentially what now is the continental shelf), and these were bronze age kingdoms, with ships and metal weapons (as was Atlantis), so are we really to believe that happened when mainstream scientists say the Ice Age ended, circa 10000 B.C.?

Of course, bronze age does not mean 10000 B.C., so what gives?  Plato had the date wrong for the submergence of Atlantis at 9600 B.C., otherwise his description of the bronze age warfare at sea against the Greeks renders the whole story farcical, but when you see that the submerged ruins off southern Spain and Morocco, and Libya, France, Britain, and the Teneriffes, are of the now submerged kingdom of Atlantis described by Plato (see category Atlantis Revealed), it was certainly the catastrophic climate change which swept the earth circa 1500 B.C. when also the sea level was rising.

This all comports perfectly with the Bible (what a surprise!), when the Exodus occurred was the end of the Ice Age, as Egypt fell apart, because of catastrophic desertification and sea level rise described in the Ipuwer Papyrus, written circa 1500 B.C. by Ipuwer, who watched the whole country dry up before his eyes, as whole civilizations were displaced by the drying which created the deserts of the world today, where countless bronze age ruins lie buried in the desert sands.

Look at a map of the earth which shows the desert regions, where once flourished ancient towns and cities along the shores of the ice age basin lakes and streams of the Sahara, also where now are the parched plains and dry wadis of the Middle East, and where northwest India and southern Pakistan began to tranform to the climate of today’s Great Indian Desert, and it’s obvious that a catastrophic climate change caused the disruption of those civilizations, clearly when the Ice Age ended, which really puts a crimp in the mainstream scientists’ timeline for ancient history.

When you think through the fact of hydrology and meteorology that only a paradoxically warmer ocean could have caused the Ice Age, and that by the “fountains of the great deep” of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), then Sarah Palin’s respect for young earth creationism becomes understandable, I think you’ll agree, out of the box, but that’s intellectual freedom in this great nation of ours, as we look forward to biblical studies offered as cousre electives in american public schools this fall, studying the impact of the Bible on civilizations through the centuries, this Bible study which top college professors say is a must.

Palin has said she believes that dinosaurs (dragons) lived when humans lived, off by 65 million years according to mainstream scientific theory, but the roman historian Cassius Dio wrote that the general Regulus, leading roman legions in a campaign against the troublesome Carthaginians of north Africa, when a dragon had crept up behind the soldiers, was then slain, and skinned, the skin shipped to the roman senate where it was measured at 120 ft.!  There are many other records of history such as that cited in chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And to see that all but the six days of creation were recorded by human eyewitnesses, checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.