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August 31, 2011

Off beautiful Nan Madol in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific are legendary submerged megalithic ruins down to hundred foot depths, maybe more, and off southwestern Japan near Okinawa are many huge megalithic complexes such as at Yonaguni, obviously submerged since the end of the ice age when the sea level rose prodigiously (to consume also such as Atlantis), and the legendary first settler of Easter Island called Hotu Matua had come with his people in the aftermath of the submergence of their homeland Hiva of the ice age Pacific, so is there any doubt that the ice age ended much later than we are being told?

Or do you want to believe that ice age mariners had sailed all across the Pacific, taking with them plants and animals to establish in their new found lands in the 10000 b.c. timeframe?  Can you see the cavemen popularly imagined at 10000 b.c. hopping in oceangoing vessels to sail from India to Easter Island, what a trip!  But since the ice age really ended circa 1500 b.c., and the navigation at that time was enabled my the methodology explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, the bronze age civilizations described by Plato at 9600 b.c. is too rendered ridiculous, because offshore Spain, Morocco, Brittany, and England, are the ruins of submerged megalithic structures too, learn more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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August 31, 2011

The signs of the undecifered RongoRongo (which means recitations) script of Easter Island (with those very ancient and garguntuan head statues) in the southeastern Pacific bear great affinity to the written language signs of the also undecifered Indus Valley script of circa 2000 b.c. northwest India, thirteen thousand ocean-miles away across the open Pacific, so how’d that happen?  Language experts of the darwinian bent think it impossible that the ancient voyagers could have navigated that far across open sea, but are all those language-sign coincidences really just coincidences?  What would be the odds, millions to one at least I’m sure, yet when you understand that the ancients measured and mapped the earth by its wobble rate, the navigation is rendered more than plausible here article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com), why then the hindu yugas of time are base six, as the ancient olympic greek foot, it was a small world back then too by ocean travel, the cheap and easy method of transport then and now.

Legendary Hotu Matua was the first explorer and settler on Rapanui (Easter Island) duirng the ancient mists of time, he having departed their old homeland of Hiva to the west when it was drowned by the sea, when the ice age ended, but not at 10000 b.c. as the darwinists will tell you, really circa 1500 b.c. when the coastal cities of the Indus Valley civilization and the lost kingdom of Kumari Kandam of southern India were also consumed by the sea, the sweet potato brought to Easter Island anciently known there as the kumara, the biggest homegrown staple there to this day.  I’ve deduced by the submerged city name Kususthali (Kush’s thalassocacy) that the undecifered Indus script and language is the vedic sanskrit language with semitic letters applied, so this should get the professionals rolling, and we urge you to checkout too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for a great ancient overview.

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August 30, 2011

Big bang theorists of the creation (notice they don’t call it the accident), who are never young earth creationists, will tell you that matter expanded out in the beginning during the so-called big bang, they then ‘though will expediently yet disingenuously allow the notion that the matter of the universe is limitless, as if it had no beginning point at all, because if they righly would not allow the notion that the matter of the universe is limitless, then they’d have to admit gravitational time dilation during the rapid expansion and evolution of matter as it coelesced, the big bang theory, but with the contradiction brought to light and corrected thus comporting with biblical young earth creationism.  Oh the horror!

With all matter having begun from a center, there is an outer boundary, probably heaven and fourth dimension matters with which to deal beyond it, yet almost all scientists agree that matter began with a rapid high energy expansion from a beginning point, the big bang, then with that boundary, so time and the speed of light during the rapid  expansion was greatly accelerated, gravitational time dilation according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity.  Rick Perry should cite this information in his defense of the biblical history which so rankles the bibliophobes in science and the media, because with other good information such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, bible believers can silence the scientific critics, leaving only the spiritual dissenters to deal with it.

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August 30, 2011

Had you ever heard of the Parian Chronicle?  Not many have I’m sure, yet its rigorous chronology etched in marble covers greek history from 1581 b.c. to 264 b.c., quite remarkable, so why have we not heard about this chronology extending back to the time of the Flood of Deucalion?  The heroic age of Greece followed, that age having begun at the time of the Flood of Dardanus (Dardan) of archaic greek and russian lore, who was a forebearer (with his sons Troas and Ilus) of Troy.

I don’t know if the flood of Dardanus is mentioned in that ancient chronicle from the island of Paria in the Aegean, nor either if is the legendary flood of Ogyges (who lived at that time too), but with Plato having described bronze age cities and warfare in his Atlantis account, don’t you think the young earth creationist model looks pretty good with the ice age having really ended circa 1500 b.c., knowing too that was the time of catastrophic climate change recorded in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus and the account of the Exodus in the Bible?

Of course the Flood of Deucalion is described as the global flood, with Deucalion and Pyrrha the only humans to have survived it, they then having cast stones behind them which became their progeny (the pelasgians said they came from those stones), yet the flood of Ogyges, Dardanus, and of Atlantis was limited flooding, as you’d expect with the global sea level risen when the ice age ended, when the black sea basin was connected to the world ocean, so the historian who compiled the chronology misplaced the flood dates, the flood of Deucalion was actually circa 2400 b.c. which was Noah’s Flood (see http://globalflood.org).

The Dardanelles Strait was named after you-know-who, that strait to the ocean from the Black Sea formed when the world ocean level rose with the end of the ice age, king Dardanus thenceforth the newly formed strait’s namesake, his progeny then building Troy when Jason and the Argounauts cruised by circa 1300 b.c., the Trojan War following at 1218 b.c. according to the Parian Chronicle.  Read more about the compelling proof for sophisticated ice age civilizations and how they navigated the globe at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and pass it on.

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August 30, 2011

Good ol Kinky Friedman, hilarious as usual; first he said Obama was well received in Germany because they tie their shoelaces in little knotsies, and now tonight on O’Reilly’s show, he says that Obama has been about as much good for the economy as the invention of pantyhose was for sexual foreplay.  Great point, and sure to light up the social networks, the guy is a genius in his own texas-jewish-cowboy comedic way, then saying that Perry’s doubt of evolution pales in comparison to the doubt that many in government now have that Israel should be defended against almost incessant islamic attacks, militarily, economically, and certainly in the media which is clearly stacked against Israel.

But what of Perry and evolution?  If Perry would rightly call it darwinian evolution to which his critics refer, then he could school them conclusively that Darwin’s term species is genetically meaningless, that syngameons is the operative term if one wants to really deal with gene pool realities, not Darwin’s specious goo-to-you concept, so that the reality is only about 20,000 biblical kinds or syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark (the mountains rose at the close of the flood when the ocean basins were deepening), see http://globalflood.org for the science of the flood, and here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html for its fossil record, referring please also to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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August 29, 2011

Are you really a racist american if you want secure national borders for safety and the protection of our citizens’ job opportunities, and school choice for low income families so their great kids too can attend schools superior to the public schools which are lagging oh so far behind, and are you really a racist american if you support little Israel’s defense against the islamic hordes which surround her and deny her right to exist?  These are major positions of tea party people, so what black american for these goals can say the tea partiers are racist?

Tea party people stand for greater opportunity for all americans, we’ll call it social justice, but the constitutional way, by allowing that individuals utilize their property, energy, and skills to better themselves and their families, without meddling government bureaucrats heaping tons of impedious paper work upon them, thus stifling many business plans no doubt for fear of more regulations and taxes from Team Obama and the other progressives who seem to will that only government and large corporations would survive in the future.

So blacks, browns, whites, who voted for Obama, do you want to see America slide further into weakness and irrelevance under Obama’s strange management?  Do you really want everybody taking government checks wriiten on a currency which will continue to inflate (for less purchasing power) as we print much more money to pay for Obama’s foolish spending?  If blacks can’t get past what appears to be their own racism in continuing to support such an abject failure as Obama, then we really do have serious problems, but keep the faith, pray much, and refer too please here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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August 28, 2011

Have you ever heard the mainstream press discuss the effect of the increased earthquake activity worldwide on climate change?  Of course not, because it’s not manmade, and so no interest to them for their propaganda, yet billowing clouds of volcanic steam, other gasses, and volcanic debris, do cause temporary increases of cloudcover to block the sun, so then too, what of oceanic volcanism, on the seafloor, how does that affect the climate worldwide?

The tectonic plates of the earth in some places are slowly separating, much at the rift zones between oceanic plates where heat from the mantle below is emitted into the ocean, so with more heat in the oceans from more global seismologic activity, for instance at the rift zone off west Africa where hurricanes are spawned in the Atlantic, we could expect more activity, but is the rift zone there more active than normal?  Would somebody please send Al Gore down there to find out?

The sun’s output surges from time to time, real global warming, ongoing for millenia, yet always assuaged by more cloudcover by evaporation off the oceans (such as for hurricanes) which cools this place God’s green earth back down, so fear such as Al Gore more than climate change, the creator has a feedback loop mechanism in the hydrologic cycle to handle it, yet the ice age having been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below by Noah’s Flood, then the ice age civilizations which followed, read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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August 28, 2011

With the waves washing through New York City from hurricane Irene this morning, you know the left wing cocktail party crowd of the Upper East Side this week will be blaming the damage on global warming, time to cue a sophomoric fat-faced (too many chicken-fried steaks?) Al Gore rant against evil industry I guess, another great youtube moment in the making, so then but does Algore really have a point?  On a micro level, he does have a point (but not that industry causes it); all hurricanes are caused by global warming, when the equatorial Atlantic ocean surface temperatures off the coast of Africa are the warmest, this time of year, when evaporation off those waters cause the big hurricanes.

The point is that the effect of real global warming by surges of output of heat from the sun is to cause more evaporation off the world’s oceans, which creates more cloudcover (and rain) to cool the atmosphere back down again, the negative feedback loop mechanism in the hyrdologic cycle which tempers vagaries of the sun’s ouptut, rather well designed wouldn’t you say?  And that was the cause of the ice age, for all that cloudcover for all that snow and rain, by a warmer ocean, but heated from below that the negative feedback mechanism of today’s world was not in place until the engine for the ice age, a warmer ocean heated from below, was out of gas so to speak by about 1500 b.c. with then catastrophic climate change and the submergence of about twenty five millions square miles of low lying real estate then roughly a thousand years after Noah’s Flood (see http://globalflood.org).

The runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood having caused the heating of the oceans could actually be loosely related to the output of big hurricanes such as Irene today, for if the midoceanic ridge, a plate separation zone near the coast of equatorial Africa is producing more heat, that too could add to the sea surface temperatures there, all these notions plainly not considered by the global warming crowd, because it shows they really don’t care to be informed, just alarmist, at the expense of the jobs of millions of Americans who could be working with Drill Here Drill Now.  Please read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com about genesis history confirmed by science and archaeology, so why doubt the Bible if you can believe the veracity of its first book?  Please discuss.

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August 27, 2011

Do you really think that Atlas, Posidon, and Chronos, the map man, the navigator, and the time measuring god, were just figments of some greeks’ imaginations on a red wine hangover or something?  We all know the ancients were big on ancestor worship, particularly of those who lived much longer, such as the assyrians’ Asshur, the canaanites’ Canaan, and the also-biblical Rama of the Rama empire (the indus valley civilization), so who were those greek navigators and mappers of their ancient lore associated with Plato’s Atlantis and other historical accounts?

Posidon just means ‘the source’ Sidon, who was a son of Canaan, the ruins of Sidon’s city now on the shallow seafloor near modern day Sour, and Chronos was the phoenician Kronus (against Nus), the bibical Ham really, who rebelled to supposedly castrate Noah/Nereus (‘though had just seen and mocked his father’s drunken nakedness), but the dice had been cast, Canaan (Chronos’ youngest son) was cursed, so I doubt his life was all that pleasant, his kingdom however which prospered on a material level for quite some time until Joshua arrived for the certain destruction of the atrocious canaanites circa 1400 b.c., who were the first inhabitants of the Holy Land, yet not forever.

Atlas the map man and Chronos the time man had skills interrelated, adding to their historical veracity, they measured time and distance by the stars, according to the earth’s precession rate, it’s wobble rate which is 72 years/degree, base six, very convenient for hexagonal azimuthal mapping demonstrated with such as the Piri Reis Map, the source maps of which were drawn in ancient days, showing accurately even the coastlines of Antarctica, as it was early during the ice age (after Noah’s Flood), even the mountains of Antartica not yet covered by snow, so really quite amazing.  Read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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August 25, 2011

When the sacrifice of animals for the shedding of blood is practiced in the world today by varous religions to appease deity or demon, it’s a dead religion (no pun intended), because Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, has been the only sacrifice ever needed, his incarnation and physcial death then resurrection unquestionably predicted in the old testament scriptures of the Hebrews, the blood shed by God in the form (elohim is plural) of a man, the Son Jesus in the flesh, so any lamb sacrifice since then has been a waste but for food to eat.  Of course we are to be thankful for our food, but killing it does not make you special in God’s eyes, when but what’s important to him is that you embrace the Lamb of God.

From where did the idea come that sacrificing lambs or bullocks would appease the omnipotent?  Of course Adam and Eve sinned so God covered their embarrassed nakedness with the skins of slain animals, the shedding of blood for the salvation from that sin and those which then followed.  That lesson was learned and passed down to through the tribes even after Noah’s Flood, now dominanting the religious thinking of billions through ritual.  But when you look to the Bible as real history to be trusted (see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com), you’ll understand that the scarlet thread leads to Jesus and what he did for all who will receive his gift of pardon and help; it can be for you today, you’d be glad you did.