Aztlan John/Juan McCain Arizona and Reconquista Movement Advocate Juan Hernandez Republica Del Norte Ignorant of Chilam Balam and Popol Vu Atlantis was Aztlan (Atland) Atlantida Atlantika Atlantioi Avalon Attala Atlas Mountains Many Nationalities Olmec (Manding) Frisian (Dutch) Tharsin (Spanish) Fir Mairhuak (Formorians) and Basque Ancient Cultures Vague as Canaanite Roots in Holy Land for Specious Land Rights Claims

January 31, 2008

Presidential candidate Juan McCain, and Juan Hernandez, advocates for illegal immigration, have teamed up for Aztlan Juan’s run for the U.S. presidency.  Juan Hernandez is an outspoken advocate for that the “Republica del Norte,” the U.S. southwest, will become political Aztlan, because supposedly, the ancient Mexican homeland was there, which is unadulterated bull crap, as you shall see here, and as you read further under the category Atlantis Revealed.  The Juans should consult the ancient Mexican books the Popol Vu and the Chilam Balam, to see that the ancients said that their ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic, from Atlantis, named after Atlas, the map man, based in the Atlas Mountain region, near Gibraltar.

Much of the Atlantean Empire, Aztlan/Atlan, was consumed by the sea when the Ice Age ended, with many submerged megalithic ruins sites now found on the shallow seafloor in the Gibraltar region; Bronze Age ruins which were inundated when the Ice Age ended for sea level to rise a few hundred feet, engulfing about 25 million square miles of land, with many Ice Age coastal cities having gone under as a result, many of them along the eastern Atlantic and in the Mediterranean, so read on about them under category Submerged Ruins here, and in my second book Ice Age Civilizations.

If the Team Juan would look at the ancient statues from Mexico, they would see that Africans, Orientals, and Caucasians were the earliest settlers, with the “brown race,” as the Juan’s like to call it, not being reflected in the ancient statuary at all, so they have their geography wrong, and their genetics wrong, in saying that Aztlan consisted of “brown/bronze” people in the southwestern U.S., whereas, the real Atlantis, of the eastern Atlantic, is known to the Dutch as Atland, to the Basque Spaniards as Atlantika, and to the Gibraltar Spaniards as Atlantida, with the Berbers of northwest Africa remembering it as Attala, so you can see that “brown people” do not have a monopoly on claims to Atlan as homeland, because Atlantis was a maritime empire, with many port cities, not the desert southwest of the U.S., as trumpeted by the politically ambitious Juan McCain, who is eager to capitalize on the fallacious history of Juan Hernandez’ Aztlan to become the hero of the illegal aliens, in compromising our sovereignty.

Ancient Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily wrote that Kerne, on the Moroccon coast, was the capital of the Atlantioi, and Plato confirms this empire, ‘though he said it went under 9,000 years before his time, when in reality, it went under about 900 years before his time, at the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 B.C., so the history confirms the ancient Mexican notion that there was an ancient homeland, now submerged, from which the ancients had sailed to the Americas, all “races” of people, not just the Juans’ brown folks, so get a grip Reconquista people, history is not on your side, your Aztlan was actually across the Atlantic, as your ancient books point out, so your claim to the U.S. is even more specious than the Arab claim to the Holy Land because “that’s where the Canaanites used to live.”  At least the Arabs have their geography right, the Aztlan Reconquista people don’t even have that, on top of that the original settlers in the Americas were all “races,” not just “brown people.”

And they navigated and surveyed by the astronomically derived methodolgy based on the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, described here under article #2 at, so check it out.  The ancient Mexicans were great navigators, back when they “could measure the round face of the earth and the arch of the sky,” during a time of “black rain and constant twilight,” during the Ice Age, before Atzlan/Atlan/Atland/Atlantika/Avalon/Attala/Atlantida went under, the ancient Mexican homeland, along with the Frisian Dutch, the Berber Moroccans, and the Spanish Basques, among others, such as the Manding blacks of west Africa and the Formorian Welsh of Cornwall.

So see

Ancient Ice Age Bronze Age Navigators/Cartographers Measured Longitudes Not by Solar Time but Precession Rate 72 Years/Degree in 25,920 Years Timekeeping for Longitude (East West Distances) Calculations Base Six Numbers of Ancient Legends and Architectures

January 31, 2008

Have you ever wondered why base six numbers are benchmark numbers for inches (12 per foot), for seconds and minutes, demarcated by 60’s, and the number of hours in a day (24)?  Why these numbers divisible by 6?  One would think that base five (five fingers) would have been the basis of the ancient numbering system, but no, it’s base six, like the base 60 system of the ancient Babylonians, the 36 deccans system of the ancient Egyptian zodiac calendar, and the base 432 number of the yugas of time of the Hindus.

The Hindu conception of time is demarcated by yuga periods, which are multiples of 432,000 years, base 6, and 432/6 equals 72, which just happens to be the rate of precession, 72 years for the earth to wobble 1 degree of 360 as it spins and rotates around the sun, so we see that timekeeping  was the key to the ancient numbering systems, base 6, not base 5, nor base 10, as one would normally expect, and therefore, we see that the ancients were sophisticated astronomers, obviously having known the rate of the apparent movement of the constellations of stars caused by the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, which would wobble once in 25,920 years, at the rate of 72 years/degree.

The ancients related time to distance to measure east west distances, as we do today, but they measured precession time for their distance measurements, whereas, we today can use solar time because we can accurately measure it with advanced instrumentation, but the ancients used precession time, because it is a much slower rate, and so, could be measured with relatively simple devices, such as the Celtic Cross, the Antikythera Device, Maui’s Tanawa, and the Mayan Staff of Power, for the accurate measures of east west distances, only achievable through accurate timekeeping, by the precession rate for the ancients.

And the final proof that those ancients were accurately measuring and mapping the earth is embodied the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is reduction of the dimensions of a hemisphere of the earth by a factor of 43,200.  There’s that number again, 432, base 6, which when divided by 6 equals 72 years/degree, and so we see the hexagon of the earth matrix upon which this ancient mapping technique was actualized (see article #2 at Ice Age Civlizations here for the full explanation).

It’s obvious to all who honestly analyze this finding that it’s the only true explanation for the origin of the length of the royal cubit, used by the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Jews, and it’s the only rational explanation for all those precession numbers in the bounty of ancient traditions and architectures from the Bronze Age, but because I’m a young earth creationist, the finding has not been readily embraced by mainstream scientists, much to their discredit as honest analysts of new information, so I hope you disseminate this finding to your peers, it’s obviously the truth, and when coupled with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, such as the Piris Reis and Oronteus Finaeus maps, which show the contintental shorelines accurately, thought to have been impossible for Bronze Age navigators, we see this mapping system revealed in maps compiled during the Renaissance “from ancient source maps,” from the ancient precession navigators, so spread the word.

Mainstream scientists are sitting on their hands about this because it corroborates the Genesis account, and defies the Darwinian notion that Bronze Age mathematicians and astronomers could not have been so sophisticated astronomically.  But where in the world do they think had come astrology and notions about the 12 signs of the zodiac?  They’re dodging, so please help them out, and read on here under Ancient Navigation to see further how this all makes so much sense.  And now please checkout

U.S. Senate (Congress) Economic Stimulus Package Sends Billions of U.S. Treasury Dollars to Illegal Aliens Revealing Absurdity of Weak Illegal Immigration Control of Aztlan Juan McCain and Hillaryo Clintonista for California Primary Presidential Debates

January 30, 2008

The economic stimulus packages circulating in Congress now would provide hundreds of dollars to each illegal alien who has rightfully paid taxes while working illegally in the U.S., that’s billions of U.S. Treasury dollars to be sent to illegal aliens, nice gig, what could be sweeter than to illegally move into the U.S., get work with unscrupulous employers, use our medical and education services, stretching them to the breaking point, and then get a check from the U.S. government, like a reward, for being here illegally, sapping off our system.

When free education and medical care, jobs, and cash rewards from the government, are dangled in front of foreign nationals who are considering whether or not to break into our wonderful country, the magnet is understandably overpowering, and so, they come by the millions, as our federal goverment sits by and does nothing but dangle those enticements before the tempted foreign nationals.

Some illegal alien workers pay U.S. income taxes, how many, I don’t know, but with tens of millions of illegals in the U.S., the cash payments to the illegals from the federal treasury would be in the tens of billions of dollars, to illegal aliens who broke into our country!  Watch Juan McCain and Hillaryo struggle with all this, the logic of their system is nonexistent;  they must treat illegals as citizens, or not, there is no in between, and as they “debate” this issue, the foolishness of their whole open borders liberal premise will be shown to the sham which it is, and the Republicans will deeply regret having nominated Aztlan Juan McCain, on whose staff is Juan Hernandez, the friendly Mexican propagandist for Aztlan, “the land of the bronze people,” of the La Raza (which means The Race) crowd, who think Mexicans own the U.S. southwest.  Kiss it all goodbye America, unless McCain cans Hernandez in coming to his senses.

In the upcoming California debate, with perhaps a quarter of the “electorate” being latino, I wonder if this cash plan to illegal aliens will be discussed, dare the moderator of the debate ask the question?  Poor Juan, he will be running with Hillaryo in the general election against the conservatives who really have no voice with those two candidates, and so, the real Democrat, Hillaryo, not McCain, will win, as our border situation continues to deteriorate.  See for a taste of the havoc which many of the illegal aliens bring to this country, “all hard working family people.”  Sure.

Aztlan John McCain Teams Vincente Fox’s President’s Office for Mexicans Abroad ex Head Juan Hernandez Sympathizer La Raza Illegal Workers and Employers like Hillary Clinton’s La Raza Raul Yzaguirre for Insecure U.S. Borders for Weak National Defense of Aztlan Juan McCain with Illegal Alien Advocate Juan Hernandez

January 30, 2008

Presidential candidate Aztlan Juan McCain claims to be strong on national security, but yet, Juan Hernandez, ex head of Vincente Fox’s Office for Mexicans Abroad, who propones U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens, about 30 million of them, has joined Team Juan McCain’s campaign staff, no doubt to attract the illegal-alien-sympathizer vote, which apparently won for McCain in the Florida primary, with the anti illegal immigration vote having apparently been split among Giuliani, Huckabee, and Romney, as Aztlan Juan and his illegal alien employer backers surge to the lead.

With probably McCain and Hillary in the general election, it will a riot, watching those two trying to out Mexican each other, no doubt, speaking in Spanish, eating too many burritos, wearing funny hats, with maybe a fake moustache or two?  Aztlan Juan will probably let Juan Hernandez handle the moustache routine, he already has one, a real Don Juan, smooth talking, flashing smile, an enemy of U.S. sovereignty, on Team “Juan McCain por Presidente.”

And with Raul Yzaguirre of La Raza being a big player in the Democrat party, even being Hillary Clinton’s campaign co chair, you can see that the illegal alien business is big business, which seems to have taken control of both parties on the national level.  So the states must continue anti illegal immigration initiatives on their own, it looks like the federal government will be of no help, by design, leaving Americans alone to deal with the flood of illegal immigrants and the havoc which many of them wreak (see

There will be no real choice in the presidential general election, as both probable nominees are clearly in bed with the illegal aliens and their unscrupulous employers, so conservative U.S. sovereignty loving Americans will be on the sidelines, watching with bemused horror as Aztlan Juan McCain and Hillary Clintonista battle for the illegal alien vote.  (They can vote, can’t they?  And if they can’t now, rest assured that Juan Hernandez and La Raza will be working closely with the candidates to see that happens.)  We are losing our country, all in the name of international business and their political puppets. 

I urge all conservatives against McCain to not lift a finger for him, letting him know that Juan Hernandez must go, and that Aztlan McCain must change his tune on illegal immigration to expect any support from the tens of millions of us who think McCain’s a schill for global socialists, as there really is no difference between Aztlan Juan and Ms. Clintonista.  You’re on you own Juan M. and Juan H., but it will certainly be funny watching McCain and Hillary battling to see who can be more Mexican than the other.  I want to see McCain dressed up like an Aztec warrior!

Florida Republican Primary Day John McCain Illegal Immigrant Vote Mexican Government’s Dr. Juan Hernandez Aztlan Juan McCain’s Hispanic Outreach Director Worked for Mexican Government

January 29, 2008

Florida primary voters, today’s the day, and I just learned that Juan McCain’s director of hispanic outreach is none other than Juan Hernandez, that smooth and fast talking suave mustachioed spokesman for illegal immigrants you’ve seen on tv.  You know, the guy who smiles alot, cajoles, needles, always with a smile, against the american worker, and against U.S. sovereignty, for the Mexican government, literally, and now, he’s “maverick” Juan McCain’s director of hispanic outreach.  Is there any doubt that McCain is an open borders crazy, who cares not one lick about our national sovereignty?

Go to the polls Florida, and vote Rudy, who has a big lead in the early and absentee voting, and needs a big turnout of his supporters, for school choice, illegal immigration control, an aggressive stance against islamic jihad, and lower tax rates for everybody, which will cause the economy to boom, all policies which would bring down the Democrats in the general election.  Go Rudy!  Let’s get it rolling Florida.

Florida Republican Presidential Primary Tomorrow Absentee Voting for Rudy Giuliani Leads for Surprise Victory Polls No Reflection of Rudy Giuliani’s Absentee Voter Strength

January 28, 2008

With the Florida Republican primary tomorrow, and with estimates that the absentee voter percentage may end up being as high as 40%, Rudy Giuliani is the frontrunner going into tomorrow.  Consider this, since Rudy has been campaigning in Florida and stressing to vote early (back when Rudy’s poll numbers were much better), we could expect half the 40% to have voted Rudy, so add 20% of the Republican vote (half of 40%) to Rudy, and you get a landslide for Giuliani with over 30%.  So fear not Rudy supporters, just drag your pals to the polls for Rudy.  And you supporters of the others, shame on you, Rudy can beat the Democrat nominee with sound conservativism, including strict constructionist judges for the Supreme Court, so forget about Juan McCain, Flip Mitt Romney, and the Huckster, because Rudy’s the man for the job.

Eve of Florida Republican Primary Voters for Fake Conservative Romney or Aztlan Juan McCain or School Choice Low Taxes Strong Defense Rudy Giuliani True Conservative with Strict Constructionist Supreme Court Justices

January 28, 2008

Florida Republican voters, snap to your senses, it’s the day before the Florida primary election, and Aztlan Juan McCain, defender of illegal aliens, is in the lead, followed closely by Flip Mitt Romney (supported by 95% of Mormons, Harry Reid too?), who recently had illegals mowing his mansion yard in Massachusetts, as adroitly pointed out by Rudy Giuliani, the ex federal prosecutor, who in reality is the man for the job; tough on illegal immigration, pro school choice, and favoring lower tax rates for everybody, Rudy will help stabilize the economy by growing it, lower taxes for more money to invest, benefitting all taxpayers and investors, and with a handle on illegal immigration, wages for American workers will rise, and our healthcare and education systems won’t be stretched to the breaking point by illegal aliens in many parts of the country, for sure in Florida, so let’s stop the madness in nominating Juan McCain or Flip Mitt.  Go Rudy! 

And you pro life Huckabee supporters, know that Rudy pledges to appoint strict constructionist Supreme Court Justices, nothing different than what Huckabee could or would do, so don’t waste your vote on a conservative who can’t be nominated nor win the general election if he happened to be nominated, vote for Giuliani, whom the Democrats fear, and will bring you everything you want in a strong conservative candidate who has Israel’s best interests at heart.