Sarah Palin Global Warming Creation Science Lesson Landfall Location Hurricane Gustav and Hanna Reduce Global Warming Eye of Storm Sucks Hot Air off Ocean Surface then Land like Giant Vent Hurricane Gustav and Hanna are Negative Feedback Mechanism against Global Warming Teaching Ice Age Caused by Geothermally Warmer Oceans

August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin’s creation science teaches that hurricanes are giant vents which suck hot summertime air off the warmer surface of the tropical seas, vented up toward the frigid stratosphere through the storms’ eyes, and when the hurricanes reach shore, they suck hot air from the landsurface, further cooling down the lower atmosphere, reducing global warming; a negative feedback mechanism within the hydrologic cylce, it’s hydro logic. 

Warmer oceans cause huge rainstorms (hurricanes), which is increased rainfall because of greater evaporation off the warmer summertime tropical seas, so does it not make sense that during the Ice Age, warmer oceans, all around the world, caused greater evaporation to then cause much more cloudcover worldwide than today, and so then, provided the engine for all that precipitation during the Ice Age?  The much greater precipitation fell out as snow in the extreme latitudes and higher elevations, and as rain in the middle latitudes and along the coastal sections of the ice age shorelines in the more extreme latitudes, where the millions of wooly mammoths lived along the shores of the arctic ocean during the Ice Age, for instance, and only explainable by warmer oceans, paradoxically, during the Ice Age, and that warmer water was because of geothermal heating, through fissures in the ocean floor, not by atmospheric heating, because atmospheric heating would have set up the negative feedback mechanism which we see with hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, now cooling the lower atmosphere back down.

This is hydrology 101, some of the material considered by creation scientists, which explains the cause of the Ice Age, and that hurricanes and other types of stormfronts come from warm oceans, the engine for the preciptation we now receive, which pales compared to the volumes of rainfall and snowfall which fell during the Ice Age, when the sea was warmer worldwide, paradoxically.

And another interesting tidbit from creation science is how the ancients actually surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza by the apparent movement of the stars because of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, see article #2 at, realizing that creation science is not bad science, as it explains much which mainstream science cannot, this is why Sarah Palin is attracted to it.

If Barack Obama Really is a Christian then He’s a Creationist Just Like Sarah Palin and John McCain but Only Palin is Willing to Express her Belief in the Genesis Account All Real Christians are Creationists because Biblical Book of Genesis is the Word of God

August 31, 2008

All real Christians know that the Bible is the Word of God, so if Barack Obama is really a Christian, then he’s a creationist, just like Sarah Palin and John McCain, who also claim Christianity, because the Bible is very clear about origins, it’s right there in the book of Genesis, which means origins (see article #13 at, the first and foundational book of the Bible.  Palin is the only Christian of the bunch who expresses her belief in Genesis, while McCain and Obama (and Biden too I presume) never talk about the Bible, much less Genesis, so Palin is being railed upon because she teaches her kids creation science along with darwinian dogma, for a fair and balanced approach, but the left wing media is acting like she’s burning her kids at the stake, as if creation science is not for the intelligent, such as a candidate for vice president of the United States? 

And if McCain and Obama really are Christians, and were pressed about the veracity of Genesis, they both would say that God created the heavens and the earth, but how long ago they would say they’re really not sure, and leave it at that, creationists, just like Sarah Palin.  So the left wing media should just back off, because way over half of Americans claim to be Christians, seeing no problem with Sarah Palin studying the Bible, including the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the abundant evidence which corroborates it, as detailed in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!.

And if you ever have wondered how the ancient egyptian engineers surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, then checkout the scheme in article #2 at

John McCain’s Running Mate Sarah Palin for Teaching both Creation Science and Darwinian Evolution in Public Schools is not Violation of Separation of Church and State for Well Rounded Education for Analytical Skill Development in her Children Darwinists Fear Scrutiny by Creation Science Advocates of Theory of Natural Selection within Syngameons of Animals Veep Pick Sarah Palin Seeks Truth through Intellectual Inquiry not Regurgitation of Darwinian Materialist Dogma

August 30, 2008

Republican veep selection Sarah Palin believes scientific theories should be examined and questioned where need be, in seeking scientific truth, so the mainstream media is all up-in-arms now because Palin questions the veracity of darwinian theory (that goo morphed into you), as does well over half of all Americans, who see that the idea that swamp muck somehow (supposedly) morphed into humans over time is probably a stretch at best, not denying natural selection, evolution per se, within syngameons (interfertile groups of “species”), but denying that bugs morhped into fish, then lizards, then rats, then tree shrews, then apes, and then humans, or whatever is the chain of “evolutionary forbearers” de jour in the world of darwinian academics.

None deny that natural selection occurs; for instance, lions, tigers, and leopards, can interbreed, proving that they came from common ancestors, members of one syngameon, which naturally selected over time, “evolving” to become those “species” of cats, rendering species actually a meaningless term, indicating that the “species” are just subdivisions of interbreeding groups, syngameons, within which hybridization of species is practical, because they are of the respective gene pool, the syngameon of that animal.

Darwinian dogmatics say that creationists don’t believe in evolution, and so, should be deemed crazy, however, as you’ve seen, creationists do believe in evolution per se, limited however to natural selection within ancestral gene pools, scientifically valid; cats cannot mate with dogs, nor alligators with fish, because they are not of the same syngameons, groups of interbreeding “species” which must have come from the respective original stocks of the syngameons, perhaps only 20,000 or so syngameons in the animal world.

This is the type of inquiry and analysis in which Sarah Palin sees no problem.  What’s wrong with looking at the biological origins question not within the greatly discredited rubric of darwinian thought?  Creationists believe in evolution per se, so what’s the big whoop?  The darwinian evolutionary model does not hold up to scrutiny in the minds of most people, so what’s wrong with looking at a model which actually makes more sense?  Checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, for some food for thought, as other models are being considered for the origin of the earth and universe other than the lockstep darwinian dogam coming from our colleges, universities, and high schools.

Christian Homeschooler Mom VP Pick Sarah Palin Propones Intellectual Honesty in Origins Debate Big Bang Theory for Antiquity of Universe is Debatable by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and Gravitational Time Dilation Sarah Palin will Advocate Scientific Renaissance Academic Freedom in Hallowed Halls of Academic Institutions of Higher Learning

August 30, 2008

Vice presidential selection Sarah Palin, as a homeschooler mom, promotes intellectual honesty and nurtures the analytical skills of her students in presenting the pros and cons of the various theories about origins and the nature of the earth and universe, to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the various theories, teaching her students to think critically, not just walk around like mind-numbed robots regurgitating darwinian and uniformitarian materialism dogma, that the earth and universe must be billions of years old, for instance, because the light from the distant stars, trillions of miles away, must have taken billions of years to get here for us to see them, but the Big Bang Theory, the institutionalized theory of the doctrinaire materialists, who insist that the universe is billions of years old, is predicated upon two mutually contradictory notions, that the universe is limitless and boundless, but that the unniverse began from a center, and then expanded out, necessitating that it has an edge, and so, gravitational time dilation was actually in play during the early expansion of matter when the universe began, so the distant stars need not be billions of years old, and in fact, could well be only thousands of years old.

See chapter 17 in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, for the full explanation, demonstrating that an analysis of the flaws in accepted theories is very beneficial to getting to the truth.  We are taught that the Big Bang Theory is about as good as gold, but with the glaring contradiction within its very premise, analytical scrutiny shows that the model of an early universe which expanded rapidly outward as the stars and planets formed, the Big Bang theory, and its premise, actually indicates a young universe, because of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the notion of gravitational time dilation which is a logical conclusion of it.

Sarah Palin encourages such academic analysis by her students, looking at the roots, the nuts and bolts, of the various theories of origins, this is intellectual honesty, teaching her students that theories such as the Big Bang and Darwinian evolution are just that, theories, not proven, but essentially conjectured, to therefore be critically examined like the other theories which come along, the scientific method, not mindlessly accepting the current dogma from our hallowed halls of higher education.

And somemore creationist information which should be presented in the schools is the ancient mapping methodology of the ancients, dependent upon accurate timekeeping, but not solar transit timekeeping; read article #2 at, to see that they measured time by the constellations for geometry, earth measure, and be sure to show the information to your professors, they’ll find it very interesting.

Sarah Palin’s Creation Science not Political Liability Alternative Archaeology Underwater Ruins Investigations Legitimate Good Science Confirming Genesis Rendering Sarah Palin Favors Open and Honest Intellectual Discourse Questioning Theoretical Darwinism and Materialistic Gradualism

August 30, 2008

Republican vp selection Sarah Palin is beginning to be criticized for being a creationist, having taught her kids the evidences for creationism in conjunction with the traditional darwinian teachings, to compare and contrast the relative merits of the two models, for open and honest critical analysis, to enhance the learning experience by teaching kids to look objectively at scientific problems, to look at evidence from all possible angles.  And one topic of inquiry which mainstream archaeologists have ignored is the presense of submerged megalithic ruins in many parts of the world, bronze age ruins, which were consumed by the end-of-the-ice-age sea level rise, by the evidence, not circa 10000 B.C., as mainstream scientists maintain, but around 1500 B.C., to rationalize the expert stone-masonry of many of these now submerged ruins, corroborated by ancient legends about that sea level rise, and with the drying worldwide which is known to have occured in that timeframe, when the Ice Age ended.

Graham Hancock has made a small fortune off documenting and researching the legends about many of these ruins, but his work is mostly ignored by mainstream archaeologists, because with their (and Hancock’s) time for the end of the Ice Age at 10000 B.C., that means sophisticated megalithic building must have been ongoing then, some 7,000 years before it is commonly thought to have begun, so the evidence favors a much later end for the Ice Age than popularly imagined, good science, but little discussed because it does not jibe with the darwinian scheme.

I don’t know that Sarah Palin is a young earth creationist, but I bet she has presented such material to her kids along with the darwinistic material, for critical analysis, nothing wrong with that, but the darwinists insist on a monopoly on scientific thought in the schools, insisting that the earth and universe must be billions of years old, when the evidence is actually quite to the contrary.  See the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that there are many great reasons to question the scientific dogma now monopolizing our schools.

And good research results from the creationist framework, such as the rediscovery of how the ancients accurately measured the earth, by the design of the universe, obviously, intelligent design, see article #2 at, to learn why the length of the egyptian royal cubit was not the distance from some pharoah’s elbow to fingertip.

Sarah Palin Homeschooled Children for Intellectual Diversity Comparative Modeling Academic Integrity by Critical Thinking Approach to Earth and Human History Darwinism far from Proven Geology Portrays Sediment Stacking Rapid Fossil Entombments Sarah Palin Thinks Alternative Analysis is Intellectually Productive in the Classroom for Liberal Education

August 30, 2008

I read a reference to an Anchorage, Alaska, news article, an interview back in 2006 with republican vp selection Sarah Palin, about her belief that the earth and universe were created.  The article said that she picked up a rock with a fossil clam in it, and said “my grandfather used to show me these, and ask, how old do you think this is?”  The article didn’t report what her response would now be, but the inference is that she does not believe that the earth and universe are billions of years of age, that primordial ooze morphed into bugs, then fish, then dinosaurs, then rats, then tree shrews, then monkeys, then humans, over hundreds of millions of years, and so, feels that there are possibly other explanations about our origins, with much evidence actually for such, to be compared to the secular darwinist’s arguably false interpretations of the same evidence.

Sarah Palin may or may not be a young earth creationist, I suppose we’ll soon find out, and if she is, it’s because there are a plethora of evidences, also in the global geologic record, revealing catastrophic sedimentation in most of the geologic column, worldwide destruction indicated, not so long ago, with the mountain ranges having risen at the close of the Deluge, detailed in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so check-it-out, and consider the absurdity of the notion that goo supposedly morphed into you.

So when it’s all said and done, most rational folks will admit there is more than one way to look at ancient history, which Sarah Palin would allow for teaching, to compare the merits of the various models vis-a-vis the known evidences; that’s intellectual honesty and open inquiry, good to hone kids’ critical thinking skills, but certainly a threat to the monopoly of darwinistic teachings in the schools.

And if you’d like to know how the ancient Egyptians surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza by the rate of the apparent movement of the stars because of the wobble of the earth’s axis, then checkout article #2 at, deduced by a creationist, from open and honest intellectual inquiry, springboarding off the work of Ralph Ellis, Graham Hancock, and Crichton Miller.

And somebody show Palin, good fodder to defend her belief in biblical young earth creationism, sure to be a campaign issue, easily diffused with this material.

Sarah Palin Supports Exposure of Creationists’ Ideas such as Chaldean Babylonian Base 60 Number System Relates to 12 Winds Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings Same Root of Modern Nautical Mile Mapping by Timekeeping Basis of Zodiac Demarcations of 12 Signs by Precession of Constellations Rate of 72 Years per Degree Same Methodology for Hindu Yugas of Time from Precession Rate of the Earth’s Axis

August 30, 2008

Veep selection Sarah Palin believes that the evidences about geological and biological history are open to scientific inquiry according to more than one approach, not just from the darwinian approach, but from the creationist model as well.  And much good research comes from the creationist model, such as the deduction that the design of the unverse, that the rate of precession is a base six number (72 years/degree), enabled the ancients to measure the earth by precession time, knowing that the earth’s axis would wobble once in 25,920 years, by which the science of geometry and cartography was birthed (see article #2 at

And using this method, the Chaldeans devised their base 60 number system, the root of the numerology for astrology, as well as, modern nautical mile mapping, based on 360 degrees to circle, which when divided into 25,920 equals equals 72, the rate of precession.  This timekeeping and number system was also the basis of ice age navigation, when they accurately charted the coastlines of the world, demonstrated with the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” medieval maps which were drawn from ancient 12 Winds Maps from the Ice Age, when the ancients measured east west distances by accurate timekeeking, not solar transit time, but precession time, measured with simple mechanical devices such as the “Celtic Cross,” the Antikythera Mechanism, and Maui’s Tanawa.

This is material taught to creationists, not yet in public schools, but does it not make sense, and should be seen as a very viable explanation of the interrelationships of all those numbers from ancient history?  And consider that the ancient hindu vedic yugas of time are also base six denominated, as is the system of seconds and minutes to the hour for timekeeping, the same denomination in the numerology of astrology, the worship of the creation, not the creator.

Is Sarah Palin a Creationist Does Veep Pick Believe in Evolution Sarah Palin Homeschooled Kids Taught Diversity of Theories for Intellectually Honest Education Includes Mastery of Syngameon Concept for Biological Evolution not Darwinian Evolution Sarah Palin Supports Open Intellectual Inquiry

August 30, 2008

James Carville is criticizing vp selection Sarah Palin for being a creationist, for not believing in darwinian evolution, but believing that nothingness became matter by a creator, not because nothingness merely happened to turn into matter, without a cause for it, as the darwinists seem to imply, and then ostensibly morph into all the creatures, so whose idea makes more sense?  I go with Palin, that the design of matter must have come from nothingness by a creator, for the design in nature, not without a power to have caused such, but by a creator.  So since this is certainly debatable, then why not teach intelligent design, the obvious design in nature, as theoretically possible, as is the appearance of the universe from nothingness by no creative power?

And if you study the hybridization potentials within animal syngameons, you realize that Darwin’s species is actually a meaningless term, because members of animal syngameons have naturally selected within their respective gene pools, selecting to individual “species,” many of which can interbreed to produce offspring, within their respective syngameons, demonstrating that Darwin’s species is a meaningless concept to describe the kinds interbreeding-capable animals, dooming his theory to the junk heap of history.

And Sarah Palin merely wants students to understand that much of science is theoretical in nature, desiring to expose them to the different theories’ strengths and weaknesses, so that they can weigh the evidence, and proceed from there.  It’s called intellectual honesty, and for that, darwinists such as James Carville lambaste her, for merely presenting the various arguments to explain a given problem, it’s called critical thinking, what Carville seems to oppose, in the typical secular statist socialist dictatorial fashion for which the far left is infamous.

Read more about creationist theory under the various categories here, and be sure to read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  If you’d like to know how the ancients during the Ice Age measured and mapped the earth by the stars, checkout article #2 at, and try to keep an open mind, as you will see that are viable alternative interpretations of the evidence.  And see too please

Fair Minded Pro Choice Feminists Democrats Can Will Vote for Support Sarah Palin John McCain Republican Ticket because Individual States’ Rights Should Decide Abortion Issue not Court Fiat from The Supreme Court Roe v. Wade and Sarah Palin

August 29, 2008

Millions of fair-minded feminists will vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain because Mrs. Palin only wants the individual states to decide the abortion issue for themselves, some states would allow abortion on demand, and others wouldn’t, according to the will of the people in the respective states, by legislation or referenda, not by judicial fiat, as is the case with Roe v. Wade enforce today.  Who can argue that this is not a fair way to handle this highly contentious issue?  Let the people of the individual states decide the issue for themselves, this is all that republican vp candidate Sarah Palin and presidential candidate John McCain ask, it only is fair.

Sarah Palin is Hot Asset for Republican Ticket John McCain Picks Beauty and Brains in The Barracuda Sarah Palin was Poised Miss Alaska Contestant and Tenacious Hot Shot Basketball Player in High School

August 29, 2008

Republican vp selection Sarah Palin learned to practice poise preparing to be a contestant in the Miss Alaska pageant years ago, and she was a star point guard on her high school basketball team (earning the nickname The Barracuda for her aggressive play), so Joe Biden better watch out, he’s going to encounter The Barracuda in the upcoming debates, where she will eloquently advocate for offshore drilling, lower taxes, less spending, strong defense and offense against islamic jihad, and school choice, all big winners among the majority of Americans, and she’s hot.