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July 31, 2011

The logic of the work of judaists Simcha Jacobovici and Richard Freund on their National Geographic documentary that Tarshish was the same empire of southern Spain as Atlantis conforms with the history in their Torah, young earth creationism really, because the judaists believe Genesis as it reads (except that Elohim is really plural), so Atlantis went under and the region of southern Spain became more known then as Tarshish, Tartessus, its ruins under Seville (with all those minerals upstream).  The city of Atlantis is actually submerged deep offshore maybe thirty miles south of Cadiz, ‘though Jacobovici and Freund say the city is now in shallow water, consumed by a tsunami circa 500 b.c., that notion clearly absurd ‘though because tsunamis don’t cause the sea level to rise permanently, only for a few hours.  Reality check.

Does it not make much more sense to you that the sea level rose circa 1500 b.c. when the ice age actually ended?  Afterall, there are submerged megalithic ruins throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic (and elsewhere see, not because of tsunamis of course, but by the prodigous rise of sea level for a century or so at the end of the ice age, when Atlantis, Yarmuta and old Byblos off Lebanon, Heraklion and Menouthis off Egypt, and many more, all bronze age vintage, became seafloor ruins from the ice age, many megalithic in scale, begun built circa 2200 b.c., their development then for about 700 years, the generative period for empires such as Atlantis.

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July 30, 2011

The pole star changes with time because of the the rate of the slow wobble of the the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, nice round base six numbers, 72 years and 360 degrees, that design of God so that the ancients could measure and thereby accurately map the earth during the ice age when the source maps for the “anomalous” medieval (before Colombus) “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” (Hapgood) were drawn.  Such as Gavin Menzies and Charles Hapgood have labored over how could have the ancient navigators measured longitude (east-west distances) with the great accuracy reflected in maps such as the Waldseemuller and Piri Reis, not to mention the witness of those coastlines by the ice age mariners, yet the answer has been available for over five years, read to understand article #2 at

So the legendary seafaring of the pelasgians, sidonians, atlanteans, hindus, iberians, and the Ships of Tarshish, is rendered sensible by the method explained in the link; a no brainer as they say, yet the darwinists refuse to acknowledge this clear ancient underpinning of the word geometry, meaning earth measure, because this fool proof mapping method and the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings demonstrate that they were sailing around the world during the ice age, which obviously too ended much later than the darwinists are willing to admit, but the submerged bronze age stone ruins found in many parts of the world belie there contention that the ice age ended circa 10000 b.c., the evidence indicating actually at around 1500 b.c., made clear when you digest the information at

Venezuela was named after Venus, the Carians having brought that name from across the Atlantic, and the old name for Rio de Janeiro was Carioca, so you get the picture.  The Americos tribe of Venezuela was actually the namesake of America, probably rooted in the Armoricani of Brittany of France noted by the romans, and Brazil was named after the Breasil clan of Galway, with evidence of the phoenicians and hebrews all over the Americas too, so it’s obvious that the western hemisphere was not settled exclusively by clans having walked across the bering land bridge from Asia during the ice age as the darwinists ignorantly opine, the ancients were navigators par excellence, does it not all make sense?

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July 28, 2011

How did John the Revelator (in the book of Revelation) know that far in the future, people all over the world would watch an event at the same time?  Predicted and recorded two thousand years ago is that two jewish witnesses for Jesus Christ will preach in Jerusalem, then be killed, and then resurrected, all for the whole world to see; obviously by satellite tv, cell phone, etc., you can’t make that stuff up, John had to have known by revelation, that all the world would be focused on Jerusalem when the Antichrist will be attempting to dominate all humanity, as have several in the past.  But those ancients such as Nimrod, the first tyrant, attempted only what has been called the known world at their times, for instance Alexander the Great, who couldn’t though conquer India which was in fact known to him, defeated him, however, these days the domination of the whole world truly possible because of advancement of technology.

Since the time of Nimrod, men have sought dominance over all they could see and obtain by deception if necessary, and yet now, for the first time, the fiend Antichrist will have the tools to make a legitimate effort for global dominance (the results of which of course are laid out in the book of Revelation), with tv cameras from all over the world soon to be zoomed in on Jerusalem for the predicted at the end of the Bible, very interesting times in which we live all would agree, and very understandable when you realize that all of the Bible is true, even the first book of Genesis, see, and use it to convince you friends and associates to heed the future history so wonderfully predicted in the Bible, the Word of God, really unassaible when honestly analyzed.

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July 24, 2011

Who was the original Hercules?  The legendary name was ancient in the Gibraltar region by the time of the later Hercules who helped crew Jason’s ship Argo in the aegean and black seas (and the post ice age lake tritonis of north Africa) just before the Trojan War.  The more ancient Hercules of the Atlas region was the great strongman of etruscan legend halfway between Greece and Spain in Italy, the etruscan name for him Hercle.  Greek letters were used to write the “unknown” etruscan language, that language actually a form of Pelasgian, like the language written on the Lemnos Tablets of the aegean, the language of Homer.

So when the Etruscans (pelasgians) began to move into Italy circa 1200 b.c., they no doubt were aware of Jason’s Hercules from their ancient homeland to the east, and may have been somewhat surprised that Hercle/Hercules had already been a legendary ancestor of the Tartessians for a millennia, clearly a different Hercle, probably just the pelasgian name for Atlas, a grandson of Canaan, the Pelasgians having been great early settlers in the ice age world along with the canaanites, hiberians (Heber), and ionians (Javan).  Be sure to understand the big picture of all this at

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July 23, 2011

Obama in two short years has raised the national debt (owed to lenders) from about 9 trillion to 14 trillion dollars, so “the big plan” to cut 4 trillion dollars over ten years (400 billion per year) is really the bare minimum for what would alter the current arch toward the downgrade by the ratings agencies of american debt owed, thus raising our interest rates, perhaps dramatically, which would put the finishing touches on the economy.

Of course Obama would spend even more, wants higher taxes to pay for it, but that would extract more money out of the private sector which could employ more people, and now the impasse on Capitol Hill.  It seems inevitable that interest rates and/or inflation (monetizing the debt) will rise significantly soon, neither a recipe for recovery, as the only way out is significant cuts, and voting down Obamacare after the 2012 elections.

There’s a great new tv ad out for Spenditol (spend it all!), the new drug for spending addiction, aimed at Obama and the democrats in congress by the Concerned Women for America, led by Penny Nance, good show, it’s a funny ad!  Check it out, congratulate them, good job, and request that they promote intellectual honesty in the classroom, run this by them,, sure to flummox the darwinists.

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July 22, 2011

Did you know that the ports of the Atlantean empire extended along the ice age coastline of the Mediterranean east to Libya and Italy?  Plato said so, at least certainly the part about the extent of the empire east from Gibraltar, and because the ruins of those port-cities are now found on the shallow seafloor, it’s obvious that they went under by a prodigious sea level rise, clearly the sea level rise when the Ice Age ended.

The City of Posidon, later more famously named Atlantis, was the circular city of canals now submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz, the capital city of the empire then at the mouth of the Tarsis River (Guadalquivir), named after Tarshish, a grandson of Javan (Iawan/Ion the first Ionian) in the biblical Table of Nations, and Sidon (son of Canaan) was Posidon, with the shemite Eber the namesake of the Ibero river west of the Tarsis; the names are all biblical, yet the accolytes of darwinism will insist it’s all a coincidence, really?  Read on here

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July 21, 2011

With presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s apparent attempt to hide her purported migraine headache problems from the public, her judgment (not to mention her physical readiness) to serve as president therefore now in question, the way is set for Sarah Palin to enter and push aside Ms. Bachmann and Mitt Romney for the republican nomination.  Romney and Palin would be the only real contenders for the nomination with Bachmann aside, because if Rick Perry also enters the race, real tea partiers will vote Palin, while Perry will essentially just be able to fight for the left wing of the party with Romney, splitting the Romney vote, paving the way to the nomination for Ms. Palin, who I hear has been studying (as has been Perry) foreign policy and international trade structures, not what non-candidates would be doing, wouldn’t you say?

If Palin enters the race, her supporters should be prepared for the “flat-earther” jeers because of her belief that the Bible is accurate history, even having the audacity to believe that God says what he means in the book of Genesis, you know, the one with the Ark of Noah, the global flood, the ice age after that flood, it all adds up when you honestly analyze the evidence such as here, so I hope Palin too is equipped with the knowledge which will silence even her most intelligent and hostile detractors, she can make monkeys out of them if she chooses to digest and present this material, with even Darwin’s term species meaningless (google syngameons species Noah’s Flood), not at all what the darwinists who really fear the Bible want to talk about, just ask!