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July 29, 2010

Did you ever wonder why the mayans say this fourth sun of their cosmic time began at 3114 b.c.?  Plato’s Great Year, the precession cycle, is 25,920 years, so the mayans subdivided that number by five (the number of suns of time in their cosmic scheme), counting back 5,125 years from the unusual astronomical alignment date in the future at 2012 a.d. (back to 3114 b.c.), the same formula for this hindu kali yuga of time; so it certainly was a small world, linked by the universal ancient mapping and navigation method in article #2 at, the convention for one fifth of the precession cylce for these two religions unknown and certainly interesting to ponder when you read the material.

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July 28, 2010

Did you know that federal judge Susan Bolton, ruling on Arizona’s illegal immigration law today, says that sanctuary city policies for illegal aliens, such as practiced in Houston and San Francisco, are certainly in violation of federal immgration law?  So the federal legal precedent is there now to sue these municipalities which operate as “sanctuary cities,” the door wide open thanks to president Clinton’s judicial appointee Bolton, which will come back to bite the democrats, as now “sanctuary cities” are officailly illegal, awaiting an avalanche of lawsuits for sure, to stop that nonsense which saps our systems.

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July 28, 2010

Read a fascinating article about ancient wrought iron use in old kingdom Egypt, that fact obviously irrefutable with the fascinating information in, so it’s no wonder this documented use of iron circa 2300 b.c. (and before the flood by Tubal Cain) is not discussed by mainstream archaeologists, who say such, but by meteoric iron, was impossible that far back.  But the link proves the iron artifacts from Egypt were manmade (with low to no nickel content), this information stuffed by mainstream archaeologists because they say such wrought iron use was not widespread ’til a thousand years later, the time of what they say was the beginning or the iron age, in line with their imaged progression of technological evolution ala darwinism, but the history truly corroborative of the biblical account, where Job circa 2000 b.c. had an iron pen (for cutting cuneiform tablet clay or maybe even writing on papyrus).

The hittites were the first to really mass produce wrought iron, beginning on a large scale circa 1400 b.c. when the ice age was almost ended and the climate was drastically changing as the sea level rose with the melting of the ice age icepacks which lasted for about a hundred years, that sea level rise which submerged megalithic port/temple constructions in many parts of the world, some off the mediterranean coast of Egypt, Menouthis and Heraklion; oceanports, for transoceanic transportation, with the simple star mapping method by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis explained in article #2 at, the same cubit for the dimensions of Noah’s Ark; and where is that legendary vessel?  See  And for the big picture overview of ancient history, checkout

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July 27, 2010

The republicans are in a quandry, whether to nominate for president the canned and starched Mitt Romney, mormon businessman and architect of Massuchusetts’ ill-advised state healthcare system, or born again christian Sarah Palin, proponent of private enterprise and secure national borders, so really it’s down to a guy with demonstrably big government stripes or the toast of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, who strikes fear in the democrat elites, but who would be supported by millions of fiscally responsible democrats, usually rank and file, yet who now are prepared to dump Obama and his minions from Congress.

The rockefeller republicans who squeal that Palin is some creature from the black lagoon should go vote for Obama, we’ll take the trade, for millions of christian middle class democrats who would vote for secure national borders, limited government, school choice, strong defense of Israel, and the projection of free speech opportunities to as much as the world as possible, even into the muslim world, which ultimately could be their salvation from islamic domination, to be influenced and promoted by president Sarah Palin, who could really be an inspiration to the beleguered women of the muslim world.

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July 23, 2010

We’re told that Brazil was named after the brazil nut tree, but the ancient indigenous tribes there call the tree the pernambuco, that name now reserved by violin bow makers for the innermost and most valuable part of the tree, the rest of the tree called brazil wood, the innermost part of it pernambuco, so from where came the name brazil since it’s not the indigenous name?

The euros of old called the tree brazil actually because the Breasil clan near Galway, the Brasil’s, one of them the legendary St. Brendan the Navigator, who sailed to “Brazil” and other parts of the western hemisphere circa 800 a.d., for twenty years, hence the name of the region Brazil, named perhaps by sailors from Galway even many centuries before, when the Carians from Anatolia of the eastern Mediterranean established far to the west Carioca, the city of the Cari’s or Carians, now known as Rio de Janeiro, confirmed by the name of the Caribbean.

It was a much smaller world way back then than we are being told, because this straightforward method by stars (see article #2 at is not yet accepted in mainstream scientific circles.  They can’t stand the heat.

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July 22, 2010

The earliest documented language groups are biblical, such aramaic, kushitic, pelasgic, canaanitic (phoenician), and hebraic, but which was first?  And since darwinists say languages have been spoken for fifty thousand years, the question to them is, what preceded the biblical languages (there’s a gap there of over forty thousand years) if there really were any which preceded those spoken by the tribes listed in Genesis 10?  You’d more than likely hear the crickets chirping in wait of a cogent answer to that question, try it, but be prepared for the silence, or the door closing behind them.

The semitic alphabet was spread far and wide by the phoenicians who spoke and wrote the canaanite language, but for their writing used the semitic alphabet of the hebrews, known by that name since the time of Eber (five generations after Noah), and before that, nameless, except that they were of the line of Noah through Shem, and before that, of the line of preflood patriarchs who brought forth the word in Genesis, which means origins, because “these are the generations of…..,” written eleven times in Genesis means these are the origins of…., the history before the people cited, recorded by those people retrospectively, see article #13 at, and ask your favorite linguist about it.

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July 21, 2010

Karl Rove has seen the light and will now raise funds for his issue advocacy ads under a 501c3 tax free status, like giving to a charity, because these ads under 501c3 status would be educational (in a manner of speaking), much like strange George Soros’ efforts for the progressives, who advocate for expensive energy alternatives which feeds money into his troves under the guise of science, Al Gore’s kind of science ‘though (who recently bought an expensive oceanfront property on the coast of the supposedly rising world ocean), so for Rove to scientifically criticize Obama’s efforts in the Gulf of Mexico would certainly be factually merited, and such will be the thrust of Rove’s efforts with these now 501c3 funded ads, the donors to which can now remain anonymous.

So why not use 501c3 status advocacy ads for school choice, using science as the predicate?  Sarah Palin appearing in the ads, explaining the long contemporaneous history of humans and “dinosaurs” (see chapter 1 of the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!), this would certainly bring attention to the biblical alternative to darwinism which many knowlegable americans crave would be taught their kids, perhaps half the families in America would like both theories taught, which does not happen in the public schools, so of what are they afraid?  Their clear fear to compare these models with intellectual honesty speaks volumes, and so, we certainly need the preachers in the pulpits speaking out on this, so where are they now, hiding with the darwinists?  Say it ain’t so!  (See

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July 20, 2010

Team Barack Obama jumped the gun in firing Shirley Sherrod, the president’s laconic white house staff foolishly didn’t listen to the whole tape (which is actually a story of her reconcilation with whites), so since Andrew Breitbart called the limited clip of her remarks at his website a case of black racism against whites (not presenting the clip in context), he can be accused of manufacturing racism when none was really there, but this aspect of the case will go all but unnoticed now, the big news being that  Team Obama jumped the gun for fear of Glenn Beck, to which Rush Limbaugh might say “he’s living in their heads rent free like me.”

(But anti-white racism was evident when many of the NAACP audience listening to Sherrod just four months ago were chuckling about her racism from twenty five years ago, as if they still approve of that modus operandi, the reason Breitbart felt free to play the limited clip I guess, those the lead folk of the NAACP.)

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July 20, 2010

Brazil was not named after a nut, it was named after the Breasil clan based near Galway, Ireland, there with a great ancient tradition of navigating, St. Brendan having sailed to the Americas to preach and teach for twenty years circa 800 a.d., so perhaps the clan name Breasil (Brazil) was the name begun to be used for the Amazon basin at that time, the Amazon having been named after the Amazonians who had come over circa 1200 b.c. from then vanishing Lake Tritonis of northern Libya, led by Meropa, namesake apparently of the Americos indians of the Caribbean (named after the Carians).

During very ancient times (before 1500 b.c.), legend has it that the kingdom of Eire, Ireland, included lands far to the west, even to the Caribbean apparently, where the natives of the West Indies spoke of a time when the sea level was much lower, the time of the “great country of Eire,” yes indeed, a legendary tribal chief  having said that when the sea level began to rise (with the end of the Ice Age), if it continues, that they would all be consumed.  (The sea level rose about three feet per year for about a hundred years.) See

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July 19, 2010

The somewhat contentious border debate centered around the new arizona illegal immigration law is winning the day for the republicans leading up to the 2010 midterm elections (along with other issues), as I’ve been predicting, the other biggie I think being school choice (where the parents decide what school public or private), if only the republican candidates would hammer it home, what the american people want (I would bet 80% of us), so what’s holding up the show?  Could it be the dreaded public schools teachers’ union (the NEA), and the rockefeller republicans, who don’t want the alternative to the darwinian hypothesis taught to our kids in school?

Do you think the Noah’s Flood story is nonsense?  Then checkout for the plate tectonics and radioisotope dating data concerned, and for the sedimentology and paleontology of that historic global catastrophe over four thousand years ago, checkout, it will amaze you.  And know that all but the first six days of creation was witnessed and recorded for the holy biblical writ as explained in article #13 at, with the benevolent intelligent design of the universe apparent (article #2 at