Barack Obama Resigns Quits TUCC Trinity United Church of Christ Pastor Jeremiah Wright Father Michael Phleger Obama Washes Hands Leaves TUCC Islamic Jihad Supporter Congressman David Bonior Represents Team Obama Delegate Debate

May 31, 2008

Barack Obama has announced that he has resigned from Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where catholic Father Michael Phleger, guest pastor at TUCC last weekend, blasted Hillary in mocking tones, with the blessing of the church, which apparently was the last straw for Obama.  The irony is that David Bonior, longtime enemy of Israel in the U.S. Congress, represented Team Obama today in the delegate debates in D.C., so you can see that Obama now leaving the pro Hamas TUCC is just window dressing, as he continues to surround himself with Israel haters, who would allow the tolerance of sharia law for islamic communities in the U.S., which would obviously affect all of us in dire ways.

Delegate Debate Washington D.C. Ex Congressman David Bonior Speaks for Team Barack H. Obama Fifty Fifty Split Michigan Delegates David Bonior Senior Advisor to Barack Obama Anti Israel Voting Legislative Record Bonior Joins Team Obama Against Israel PLO Hamas Hezbollah Sympathizers

May 31, 2008

David Bonior was the spokesman for Team Obama today in D.C. at the debates concerning how to handle Michigan and Florida in the delegate vote count, Bonior suggesting the delegates be split fifty fifty in Michigan, a good deal for Obama, who has obviously entrusted much in the ex congressman from Michigan, Bonior, who was an outspoken opponent of Israel, favoring the muslim cause in the Holy Land during his many years in the U.S. Congress, and who now seems poised for a prominent role in the Obama administration, should he win the presidency, joining the team of Obama’s other anti Israel advisers, causing great concern in the christian and judaic voting demographics, once again reconfirming Obama’s allegiance to islamic appeal as they battle Israel for the Holy Land.

Nautical Underwater Marine Archaeology Archaeometry Spain Morocco Atlantis Atlantida Atlantika Cadiz Zahara de los Atunes Beach Flooded Kingdom of Atlas Poseidon Astrologers of Ice Age Rapid Sea Level Rise Flooding Inundations Earthquakes Plato’s Tale of Atlantis

May 31, 2008

Submerged megalithic ruins are reported from Tarifa to Huelva along the southern coast of Spain, west of Gibraltar (meaning fire altar), which was part of the Atlantean empire, the families of Sidon (Poseidon) and his sons Anteus (Andes) and Atlas (mountains), who built megalithic cities from the Gibraltar region, as far eastward as Libya and Sicily, and in the case of Anteus, apparently all the way across the Atlantic to the west (please refer to article #2 under to his namesake the Andes of South America, where the ancient Antisuyos were of his progeny, and the ruins of some of their cities are now submerged off Bimini of the bahama banks and the Teneriffe islands as well.

And in addition to these and the sites all along the southern coast of Spain, there are submerged ruins on the continental shelf on the Moroccan side of the Straits of Gibraltar, anciently known as the Straits of Hercules (Nimrod/Melkart), so you can see that the Atlantean Empire, described by Plato, was quite accurate, he just was mistaken saying 9,000 years before Solon’s time while actually it was 9,000 lunar cycles before his time, a timeframe which legitimitizes the bronze age megalithic structures found off southern Spain.

In 100 feet of water, a few kilometers off the beach at Zahara de los Atunes, between Gibraltar and Cadiz, Spain, are megalithic atlantean ruins (which cover about half a kilometer square) photographed by Paco Salazar, which are included in my dvd documentary Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of a Lost World, showing that there on the shallow seafloor are some of the atlantean ruins from the 2200 B.C. to 1500 B.C. timeframe, but which were inundated by the sea when the Ice Age ended, when sea level rose a few hundred feet to obliterate the port cities of the Bronze Age, as noted by Plato in his works Critaeus and Timaeus, when also, as noted by Plato, the climate drastically dried out in Greece, as many megalithic cites of Greece were submerged, such as those now found off Platygiali, Astakos, Abdera, and Elafonisi (Pavlopetri).

The earthquakes which rocked the ancient world circa 1500 B.C. were because of the isostatic readjustment of the earth’s crust which occured as the Ice Age icepacks melted into the sea, causing the earthquake which Plato said accompanied the inundation of Atlantis, which was a bronze age empire, with trireme ships, metallurgy, and sophicated masonry, proving that Plato should have said went under 9,000 lunar cycles before Solon’s time, not 9,000 solar cycles before his time, so when this is considered, the biblical timeframe fits this history, with the clouds of the Ice Age having been caused by warmer oceans in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood.

And see

Evidence Reasons to Believe Plato’s Critias and Timaeus Atlantis Story Archaic Underwater Cities 9,000 Years Before Solon Wrong Date Counting Solar Cycles Bronze Age Metallurgy Sierra Morena Mountains Rio Tinto River Ancient Mining Tarshish Spain Island of Atlantis Was Iberia Continental Shelf

May 30, 2008

The greek historian Solon learned from the egyptian priests, circa 600 B.C., that Athens was founded by Athena (Naamah of the Bible, who was Ham’s/Chiron’s wife), supposedly 9,000 years before their time, circa 9600 B.C., and according to them, old kingdom Egypt began 1,000 years after that (which would have been around 8600 B.C.), as reported to Plato by Timaeus and Critias, but the priests also said that Atlantis went under circa 9600 B.C., having fougt and extended naval war against Athens, both thalassocracies which supposedly were in their infancy at that time, so how could have the ancient Egyptians, who supposedly weren’t existent at all circa 9600 B.C., have known this suppsosed timeline and events of history?  You can see that the egyptian priests didn’t have their story straight, and because the forces of Atlantis and Athens used forged weapons, huge trireme ships, and built megalithic cities, the timeframe described by the egyptian priests must be skewed for some reason.

There are submerged megalithic ruins off southern Spain at Cadiz, Zahara de los Atunes beach, Tarifa, Chipiona, and Huelva, submerged when the Ice Age ended, so when you consider that the priests may well have deliberately, or mistakenly, said 9,000 years (solar cycles) before their time, rather than 9,000 lunar cycles, just to confuse the Greeks, or trying to aggrandize themselves by saying the Greeks had true history improperly recalled in their legends, the bronze age megalithic ruins now submerged off Spain (as well as off Greece) can be logically rationalized as indeed bronze age, and so, they were submerged 9,000 lunar cycles before Solon’s time, circa 1500 B.C.

Plato described mountains, lakes, and rivers on the nesos, the “island” of Atlantis, so the meaning of island in the context makes no sense, but if you consider that the Iberian peninsula (Spain), with its rich ore deposits and ancient mining works along the Rio Tinto river in the Sierra Morena mountains of southern Spain, and the plain south of it, perfectly fit the geography of Plato’s Atlantis, you can see that the City of Posidon (Atlantis), which was surrounded by concentric canals for ships, is submerged on the continental shelf off southern Spain; a confusion of the meaning of term island in the context, not surprising considering the inconsistencies of dating the beginnings of Athens, Atlantis, and Egypt, by the egyptian priests.  See

Spanish Translation Young Earth Creationism Book Material Genesis Veracity Latino Christians Sources Spanish Language Explanation of Biblical Science Intelligent Design Noah’s Flood Ark Free Ebook Download Old Earth? Why Not! James I. Nienhuis Alternative Archaeology Biblical Deluge

May 30, 2008

My first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, is now available in spanish language translation for free ebook download, so please refer it to your spanish-speaking friends and associates who want to know that all of the Bible is historically and scientifically precise, as the the Word, Jesus Christ, claims that it is.  Remember that Jesus referred to a literal Noah’s Flood, that the endtimes would be as in the days of Noah, when only the righteous by faith in the creator God survived a very turbulent time on earth, when the fountains of the deep broke loose to flood the earth, afterwhich, the mountains of sediments then rose at the close of the Deluge.  Good science, as you will see in the free ebook download, so check-it-out.

Natural Disasters Ipuwer Papyrus Before New Kingdom Exodus of Jews Out of Egypt Thera Eruption Canaanite Collapse Holy Land Submerged Archaic Phoenican Pelasgian Tharsin Tarshish Atlantida Port Cities Calamities of Old Kingdom Egypt Destruction

May 30, 2008

The Ipuwer Paprus from ancient Egypt written circa 1400 B.C. describes the dreadful calamities which struck Egypt when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt to Canaan began.

The historical papyrus written by egyptian scribes tells of the starvation, violence, and total collapse of civil order, full blown anarchy, because of a dreadful drought with plagues which destroyed their society, later would to regroup as “New Kingdom” Egypt; much reduced in grandeur and influence, as the drought had persisted, having greatly reduced the available arable land, having become mostly a desert wasteland, but before 1500 B.C., it was a land of vast lakes and interconnecting rivers, as proven with the river and lake beds now buried under the sands of the Sahara, extending across northern Africa to the Atlantic during the Ice Age, but which began to dry up when the Ice Age ended.

And because the Ice Age ended much later than popularly advertised, many port cities of the ancient world such as those of Atlantis (Tharsin), pelasgian Greece, Canaan (Phoenicia), and Egypt, were submerged by the rising sea level at the end of the Ice Age, reported in ancient legends, and by Plato, whose megalithic ruins are now found offshore Spain, off Cadiz, Zahara de los Atunes Beach, Huelva, and Chipiona, and offshore Greece, off Elafonisi, Platygiali, Abdera, and Astakos, as well as, offshore Canaan (Lebanon), the submerged ruins of old Sidon, Yarmuta, and old Byblos, and offshore Egypt, the submerged ruins of Herakleion and Menouthis; bronze age megalithic ruins now submerged since the sea level rise when the Ice Age ended.

So see

Biblical Inerrancy Written Account of Noah’s Flood Great Deluge Biblical Patriarchs Eyewitness Accounts Generations Toledoth Origins Ancestors Genesis Scripture Cuneiform Writing Before Israel’s Egyptian Enslavement Genesis Historical Accuracy Proven Ancient Writing Forms Bronze Age Middle East

May 24, 2008

A plain reading of the Genesis account clearly relates to us that the creation of the heavens and the earth occured about 6,000 years ago, with Noah’s Flood about 4,400 years ago, the Exodus about 3,500 years ago, and the incarnation of Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago, so on what basis are we to believe that the biblical accounts from before the time of Moses weren’t just dreamed up by Moses to make his people’s history look important to the nations against whom they struggled?  Is that jewish history uniquely precise? 

Please refer to article #13 at to see that all but the six days of creation in the Genesis account was by eyewitness, biblical patriarchs, as evidenced with certain jewish words used in Genesis (which means origins, the word toledoth in the Hebrew), which when put into context with the cuneiform writing customs which the Jews utilized before their time in Egypt (where they would write on papyrus), demonstrates that the records in the Genesis account are by eyewitnesses, recorded on clay tablets, which Moses later edited by updating place names and may have redacted some of the content under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

And to see the overwhelming evidence that biblical history, especially Noah’s Flood, is real history, please take advantage of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, here at this website under Books and DVD’s on the toolbar above.  And I’ll give you a sneak preview now, the Deluge did not cover today’s high mountain ranges, because today’s mountains rose at the close of the Deluge, when Mt. Ararat (a then growing volcanic mountain) poked through the receding Deluge waters where the Ark came to rest.  See how the evidences from all the germane disciplines corroborate and confirm the Genesis account of ancient history, and refer to chapter 21 in the ebook for an elaboration on article #13 at

Hillary Clinton Apologizes Regrets Expresses Remorse Sorry For About RFK Robert Bobby Kennedy Remark Comment Blunder But Directed Apology to Kennedy Family not Barack Obama’s Hillary RFK Assassination Campaign Gaffe Disaster Spells Doom For Team Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Hopes

May 23, 2008

It’s all over for Team Hillary, she insinuated that Barack Obama could be assassinated, like Robert Kennedy was, saying that is one of her reasons for staying in the race, which will cause donors to Hillary’s campaign to stop payment on their recently mailed checks.  This is and will be a great embarrassment to Mrs. Clinton for many years to come, particularly since she even added insult to injury, when she apologized for her goulish statement to the Kennedy family, but not to the Obama family!  Has she lost her mind?  I thought she was the smartest woman in the world; obviously not.

And if you’re interested to know how the ancients measured time to measure the earth, by the rate of the earth’s wobble, checkout article #2 at, it will be a real eye opener for you, so I hope you show it to your professors. 

Hillary Clinton Regrets Apologizes for Comment Statement that Barack Obama Could be Assassinated Killed Like Bobby Robert RFK Kennedy Democrat Primary Race Comparison Barack Obama Half Black Man Hillary Clinton Didn’t Apologize to Obama but Kennedy Family Instead Hillary’s Campaign Is Over

May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton says she has stayed in the presidential race because Barack Obama could be assassinated as Bobby Kennedy was during the 1968 democrat presidential primaries, predicatably however, she has now apologized, but to the Kennedy family, and not to Barack Obama and his family!  What a disaster for Team Clinton, it’s over, Hillary can now go back to the senate, to enjoy it while she can, because she probably won’t be re-elected to the senate either after this monstrous gaffe of hers on the campaign trail.  I still can’t believe she said it, and her absurd diversionary apology is the coup de gras.  So I wonder what Bill has planned now that his being “First Gentleman” is just a shattered dream?

Hillary Clinton’s supporters now will have alot of time on their hands, with Hillary having ended it all, so I hope they read article #2 at, to see how the ancients measured the earth by measuring time, but not solar transit time, the ancients measured precession time, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, and thereby, surveyed the Great Pyramid as a reduced embodiment of the dimensions of the earth by a factor of 43,200, twice the number of nautical miles which compose the circumference length of the earth.

Hillary Clinton’s Apology Statement Diversion to Robert Kennedy’s Family Assassination Comparison Barack Obama “Anything Can Happen” Hillary Clinton Will Lose Democrat Nomination Over Her Obama Grotesque Goulish Assassination Line

May 23, 2008

Ex presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, after hearing the extremely negative backlash against her statement that Obama could be assassinated as was Robert Kennedy, so she’s staying in the race because this or something else could happen to Obama and his campaign, spoke out later in the day to apologize for her goulish gaffe, but she only apologized to the Kennedy family, not to Barack Obama!  Of all the audacity!  She dug herself a plenty deep hole in saying Obama might be killed, and then she dug it even deeper by ignoring Obama in her apology.  Has she lost her mind?  Anyway, mind or no mind, she’s out of the race, and may never again win a senatorial race again either.

While you’re here, contemplating Hillary’s certain demise, checkout article #2 at, to see how the ancients measured the movements of stars to survey the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the numbering system therefrom being the system of our modern nautical mile mapping, both based upon time measurement, to measure the earth, geo metry, earth measure.