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April 21, 2011

Christian old earth creationists are doing great harm to the the Word because if Noah’s Flood really was just a local flood, as they say, then the Table of Nations of Genesis 10 must be fiction.  Please do think about it; the Bible says that all the people of the world today are descendants of Noah, but if the flood affected just a limited region of the middle east, as they claim, then humans in the rest of the world during Noah’s time were not affected by the flood, unless you want to believe that all the people of the world lived in just one locality.  Now who would venture such a tortured interpretation of the Genesis account except atheistic darwinistas, seeking to remove credibility from the Bible, and their strange bedfellows the old earth creationists, claiming ‘though that Jesus is the Word?

Jesus said Noah’s Flood was real, clearly described in the Bible, so why shouldn’t believers today likewise treat Genesis history at face value, as it reads?  Old earth creationists say science is against the Word as it reads, but that’s really not the case, demonstrably so.  Refer to our website for a great overview of ancient history and the science which corrobotes it, material which you can boldly present to darwinistas and old earth creationists.  Watch their eyes to glaze over in consternation.  Try it; treating the book of Genesis truly as the foundational book of the Word.  After all, if the book Genesis doesn’t really mean what it says, then why believe the rest of the Bible?

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April 20, 2011

Scores of manmade but anciently submerged megalithic ruins on the shallow seafloor have been discovered which however are little reported, found from the Isles of Scilly off England in the Atlantic, all the way to Atlit Yam off Israel in the eastern Mediterranean.  Many of these submerged bronze age ruins such as Pavlopetri off Laconia, Greece, are also concentrated off Egypt, ancient Canaan, Turkey, Malta, Sicily, and off the coasts in the Gibraltar region of Spain and Morocco, the center of the Atlantean empire according to Plato.  

So it’s obvious that the sea level rose when the ice age ended to consume those bronze age locations, and that’s in line with the biblical chronology, the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt circa 1500 b.c. when the whole world was turned-upside-down by the sea level rise consuming 25 million square miles of land and the drastic climate change which quickly transformed many known ancient biblical kingdoms to desert, when the ice age was ending, born out certainly by marine and terrestrial archaeology honestly appraised.  

See our compelling website, where you’ll find many more great reasons to believe all of the Bible, even the book of Genesis.  What a novel concept!  So tell your pastors that they can preach Genesis with great confidence, knowing that science is really on their side, and chagrin for the darwinistas, yet not a shocker at all to seekers who have investigated real ancient history and the mechanics of Noah’s Flood, followed by the ice age.

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April 18, 2011

The darwinistas laugh at Plato’s story about real Atlantis because the bronze age weaponry and buildings described in the story do not jibe with his reported submergence date at 9600 b.c., but Plato must have known of the legendary Flood of Ogyges who lived around 1500 b.c., when much of Greece was consumed by the sea according to the story, and Plato even mentions four greek kings in his Atlantis report who lived in that same timeframe as Ogyges, so exactly why he didn’t want to report the obvious that those flood legends were really about the same flood will remain a mystery.

Then with the end of the ice age really at circa 1500 b.c., when was the beginning of the ice age and what caused it?  The ocean must have been quite a bit warmer then for the far greater evaporation rates to have formed the dense-extensive cloudcover for the ice age, and when you calculate back the number of years it took for the ocean to have cooled twenty or thirty degrees fahrenheit down to about today’s temperatures, the number of years is about a thousand, back to circa 2400 b.c. when the Flood of Deucalion occurred.

That was Noah’s Flood in the Bible, the fountains of the Great Deep of Noah’s Flood having been the geothermal generator for the much greater rates of oceanic evaporation thereafter to form the dense cloudcover for the ice age.  Atlantis was consumed when the ice age ended, the flood at the time of the greek king Ogyges, so please be certain to checkout our website, and tell your pastor too.

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April 18, 2011

Because mainstream climatologists trained to believe the earth is billions of years old therefore don’t even think to seek scientific solutions in the Bible, they predictably don’t come to grips with the really obvious cause for the ice age, right under their noses there in the book of Genesis, that only a warmer ocean, heated from below, was the thermal engine for the much greater rates of evaporation which then produced much more extensive cloudcover for the prodigious snowfalls of the ice age.  There is no other way to explain the ice age when you honestly appraise the situation.  Think it through folks, can you think of any other viable hydrologic impetus for the ice age but a heated ocean from below?  If you can, those mainstream scientists who hate the Bible would love to hear from you.

Refer please to our website, a great overview of how biblical history manifested in the natural world, the history of the earth confirmed by honest appraisal of ancient geography and archaeology, discouraging to the darwinistas, ‘though aren’t they supposedly encouragers of  intellectual honesty in the free marketplace of ideas?  No?  Of course not.  But we can bring this eye-opening information to the world since naturally the darwinistas won’t present honest science which completely destructs their flimsy paradigm.  Help us spread the word, that Noah’s Flood really was the cause of the ice age, because what other explanation is there?

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April 17, 2011

In his much ballyhooed scheme for evolution, atheist hero Charles Darwin’s animal classification term species is actually meaningless, so his whole evolution scheme is equally meaningless, or nonsensicle, because species such as lions and tigers can interbreed, so proving what you may ask?  It proves that lions and tigers came from a common pair of cat ancestors, probably big cats too, ‘though not necessarily so, because many cat species are interfertile, so too are many other species of kinds of animals, so perhaps only about twenty thousand biblical kinds of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, not a problem at all considering the dimensions of the Ark recorded in Genesis.

The modern term well used for biblical animal kinds is syngameons, the big cat syngameon in our case today, from which the so-called species of big cats evolved, certainly not from tree shrews nor whatever-else the darwinistas dream up, but from the big cats which rode out the flood on the Ark which Noah and his crew built for a hundred years, not small potatos, and certainly legendary, with over six hundred ancient people groups having ancestral recollections of it, in addition to the account in the book of Genesis, all people who trace back to the original eight on the Ark, no reason to doubt it now with a sound biological analysis.  Please refer to Sean Pitman’s excellent website, to know that the flood record preserves the early history of the syngameons of animals.  And see

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April 15, 2011

Please tell me what is recorded on current president Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate such that “wildman” Donald Trump wants the contents known to the american public and to the world?  I absolutey can’t understand why Mr. Trump won’t just say “google Frank Marshall Davis Obama,” because then we would get to see and hear the truth.  If you google Frank Marshal Davis Obama, then you would see the problem for the current presidente.  So what do you think about this obviously clear genetic linkage when you compare the photos?  Does Frank Marshall Davis look like Barack Hussein Obama’s father or does Barack Sr. from Kenya?  Haha; take a guess!  When will everybody get with the program?  This is getting boring!

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April 14, 2011

The flood of Noah’s day is authentic history, scientifically valid, considering the mountains rose at the close of the flood because of rapid plate tectonics, while the ocean basins sank to receive the floodwater off the thickening and metamorphosing continents at the end of the flood, born-out geologically, for instance the total lack of tension cracks in the mountainous folded sedimentary layers proving the layers were still wet when folded, regionally compressed at the close of the rapid plate tectonics of the flood year.  There’s really no other way to explain the geology when carefully analyzed without the legendary global flood by water from cataclysmic plate tectonic movement. 

The pre-flood supercontinent Pangea broke apart during the flood year to the configurations we see today. 

We hope that you refer to John Baumgardner’s excellent website to see the problems with radioisotope rock dates of millions of years, and see that carbon 14 dates for coal and diamonds reveal ages in only thousands of years.  So what do the darwinistas do with that?  They don’t talk about it, that’s why we should.  Refer your friends to, support your local pastors who preach and teach Genesis as it reads, and equip yourselves with this material, it’ll make ’em think twice, perhaps even to believe that all of the Bible is true, Genesis included.  And then perhaps, intellectual honesty will prevail in the public schools.  Let’s go go go!

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April 14, 2011

The big bang theory, when honestly appraised, necessitates that the universe be actually much younger than the billions of years we’re being told, so the big bang theory really is in line with young earth creationism, and that’s because the matter composing the universe must have an outer boundary in order to have originated from the initial point of singularity just before the big bang’s outward expansion, yet the big bang theorists, wanting an old universe, say that the material of the universe has no outer boundary, matter is limitless they say, which ‘though cannot be according to their own theory, this glaring contradiction therefore little discussed and so obviously not admitted by those who worship the darwinian scheme, destined certainly for the junk heap of failed theories in history.

So now you know the big bang theory actually comports with the book of Genesis.  It’s time to spread the word that due to gravitational time dilation during the big bang (the days of creation in the Bible), the speed of light was greatly accelerated, so the distant stars are not billions of years of age, only thousands.  The big bang theory in transparency actually confirms the six days of creation in the genesis account, about six thousand years ago.  Good science confirms certainly confirms the book of Genesis while deliberately manipulated science doesn’t, they mangle the theory in order to make their choice billions of years for the age of the universe, so that’s good science?  Ha.  Is that what college is for?  Intellectual honesty or dishonesty?  What is the goal here please?  See see our website

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April 13, 2011

One of the big hurdles for skeptics of the Bible, in particular the book of Genesis, is the flood of Noah, having covered the earth, they ask how is that possible to have covered mountains such as the Himalayas for instance?  Yet the little discussed answer is that the flood did not cover the Himalayas, because they rose at the end of the flood year, while the ocean basins were deepening, runaway plate tectonics such that the crust of the earth which is like the (thin) skin on an apple crumpled (if you will) during the runaway plate tectonic episode of Noah’s Flood, that dynamic explained here, and the fossil record here, sure to curl the hair of the darwinists, so let them see it and try to refute the material, good fodder for debate for sure.

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April 12, 2011

Christian old earth creationists must feel left in the cold when they see the Bible attacked by the media for its chronology of the earth and universe only about six thousand years old, which then should inspire a question to those christian old earth creationists (who shoehorn billions of years for the six days of creation); at what point does real history begin in the narrative in Genesis, or does all of Genesis say what it does not really mean, like the six days of creation?  The six days of creation, described with mornings and evenings in the Genesis account, were followed by the day of rest, and then ten generations to Noah’s Flood, so do you really think it says something else, that it doesn’t mean what it says?  Christians need to understand that the real action is in young earth creationism, defending all of the Bible, clearly what Jesus would do, and pretty easy to do really, with material such as, pass it on.