Mike Huckabee Pulls Attack Ad in Iowa Wrongly Citing Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment Showing Huckabee has Disingenous or Ignorant Flair for Political Theatre

December 31, 2007

Mike Huckabee pulled an attack ad against Romney in Iowa today, citing Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment that “a Republican shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”  That’s Huckabee trying to take the high ground in his sparring with Romney, but unfortunately for Huckabee, Reagan’s commandment applies to the general election, not to the Republican primaries. 

I don’t know where Mike Huckabee was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was raking George Bush Sr. over the coals in the Republican primaries, but he’s either disingenously invoking Reagan, or just flat out doesn’t know any better, so either way, it certainly does not help candidate Huckabee’s cause.

If Roe v. Wade is Overturned then Abortions Wouldn’t Be Illegal as Each U.S. State would Decide Resulting from Constructionist Supreme Court Justices Appointed by Rudy Giuliani

December 31, 2007

Most people don’t understand that if Roe v. Wade would be overturned, that doesn’t mean abortion would then be illegal in the United States, it just means that, according to the Tenth Amendment, each state would decide the abortion issue for themselves; all fifty states making abortion law according to their state legislatures or public referenda, so Rudy Giuliani pledging constructionist Supreme Court Justices if he’s elected president could result in the overturning of Roe, but don’t let people tell you that would mean the end of abortion, as the states would be allowed the constitutional right to decide this issue which is actually not within the perview of the U.S. Constitution, and therefore, which should be left to each state to decide according to the Tenth Amendment.

And because people feel so strongly about this issue, both pro and con, it is only fair that the people decide it on a state-by-state basis by vote, not by vote of a mere nine people in black robes up in D.C. as is the case today. 

Why Evangelical Christian Conservatives Should Support Rudy Giuliani Blogs at Dancing From Genesis for 2008 Presidential Election Realities

December 31, 2007

The left-leaning mainstream media and the Democrat Party would like nothing better than to face anybody but Rudy Giuliani in the presidential general election.  Evangelical Christians are being fooled into thinking that Rudy’s policies would not be Christian friendly, when in reality, Rudy is the champion of conservative Christian causes, such as, school choice, strong national defense through illegal immigration control and aggression against Islamic terrorism, and support of the Tenth Amendment (states rights to decide the abortion and gay marriage issues on a state-by-state basis) with his pledge to appoint constructionist Supreme Court Justices, so Christian conservatives need to stop listening to the talking heads who say that Christian conservatives will not vote for Giuliani because of his proposed policies, as Rudy actually most mirrors the views of them.

So refer this blog to many who want a realistic view of the presidential race, who want to cut through the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream talking head chatter.  This election is very important for our great country, and Rudy has appeal to conservative Christians, as well as, Independents and many Democrats, so he’s the man to beat the Democrat nominee.  Read on under News Commentary here for more insights into the 2008 election.

Manchester Union Leader for New Hampshire Primary Censors Pro Giuliani Posts at Political Blog Discussions Fixing Debate for Anybody but Rudy Giuliani

December 31, 2007

I’ve been posting at the Manchester Union Leader’s discussion forums, making points for Rudy Giuliani, but lately, they’re not posting my contributions there, censoring support for Rudy, whom they obviously resent for some reason, just look at the negative coverage he gets in the Union Leader.

So New Hampshire voters need to decide if they want to follow the endorsement of a newspaper which censors discussion-input for Giuliani;  those are discussion forums supposedly, but in reality, they’re puff zones for anybody but Giuliani, strange to see, but this censorship of an opinion format, supposedly open to various opinions, speaks volumes about how “the Leader” views the political process, to be controlled, managed, and manipulated.  Go Rudy!

Ancient Lost Civilizations Puzzle Graham Hancock Message Board Considering Discovery of Old Kingdom Egypt’s Trading Partner Kingdom of Yam Deep in Sahara Desert Indicating Severe Drought with End of Ice Age and Grandeur of Egyptian Megalithic Building

December 31, 2007

The folks at the GrahamHancock.com message board, there under the category Mysteries, are discussing the “mystery” of the hieroglyphs recently discoverd 700 kilometers west of the Nile Valley, deep in the Sahara Desert, which say that was the Kingdom of Yam, trading partner with Old Kingdom Egypt, selling to Egypt timber and ivory from elephants.  In the middle of the desert?  “How can this be” ask the chat-roomers there in the thread entitled “Fabled Old Kingdom Land of Yam Located 700 Kilometers West of Nile.”  These Hancock chat-roomers think the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., not circa 1500 B.C., and so, are perplexed at the obvious desertification to end the Yam Kingdom, which happened when Bronze Age Old Kingdom Egypt, with its magnificent megalithic building projects, went into rapid decline, when chaos ensued, as described in the Ipuwer Papyrus.

Sea level rose at this time, a few hundred feet, because the Ice Age ended, submerging megalithic ruins which Hancock documents in his books, but he says megalithic building began before 10000 B.C., built before the sea level rose at his and the mainstreamers’ designated timeframe for the end of the Ice Age circa 10000 B.C.  Such is the speciousness of the mainstream timeline, because in reality, megalithic building began circa 2500 B.C., so those submerged ruins went under after that, and the wet and lush Sahara of the time of Old Kingdom Egypt turned to desert to end the greatness of Egypt, so all the evidence corroborates the Genesis account, with the Ice Age having ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus occured.

Read on at this blogsite, and checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see how the Genesis timeline actually fits the evidence, whereas, the mainstream scheme does not fit the evidence in any way, shape, or form, rendering the darwinian/lyellian dogma taught in the public schools essentially useless.  See the big biblical picture of history here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Conservative Republican Christians in Iowa Caucus Weigh Electability Issues of GOP Candidates to Defeat Team Hillary in 2008 Presidential General Election as Rudy Stands Out in Crossover Vote Appeal

December 31, 2007

Iowa Republicans must decide which candidate stands the best chance of beating Hillary, after all, why nominate someone like Huckabee or Romney, who would be lampooned into oblivion by the Democrat machine and their operatives in the left-leaning mainstream press?  Giuliani and McCain ostensibly then are two who could beat Hillary, but of those two, which one stands-out for electability?

Rudy is the champion of two issues which would have huge Democrat crossover-vote appeal in the general election; he’s strong against illegal immigration, which helps working Americans, and he propones school choice, which particularly helps low income families who now cannot opt-out of what may be a bad public school in their area.  These positions are wildly supported by the vast majority of Americans, and would virtually assure a Republican victory with Rudy as the nominee and future president.

The Iowa Republican caucus goers will consider this electability factor as the key for whom to select.  And evangelicals should not shy away from Rudy, as he has pledged to appoint constructionist Supreme Court Justices who will honor the Tenth Amendment, and so, will cause the abortion and the gay marriage issues to be decided on a state-by-state basis; let the people decide these issues, not nine folks in long black robes. 

You can see that Giuliani has it right on many issues for Americans across the political spectrum, he would roundly defeat Hillary or whomever, so Iowa and New Hampshire voters must consider this, after all, why nominate a Huckabee or a Romney, who would be absolutely torched by the mainstream media?

Lost African Kingdom of Yam Described in Egyptian Old Kingdom Hieroglyphs Discovered in Libyan Desert by Pharonic Writing Indicating Abrupt Climate Change to End Old Kingdom Egypt

December 31, 2007

The Ipuwer Papyrus, written circa 1400 B.C., describes the effects of the drastic desertification of Egypt which ended the greatness of Egypt, when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt occurred, ushering in the so-called New Kingdom of Egypt, with greatly decreased economic strength and international influence, much less ambitious building projects, and a loss of much land to the deserts which the lush lakes and marshes became when the Ice Age ended.

And corroborative of this are the newly discovered Old Kingdom hieroglyphs from the lost land of Yam, reported 700 kilometers west of the Nile Valley (reported in The Malta Independent Online), in the middle of the vast Sahara Desert, but which was then lush with lakes, streams, and vegetation, as Yam means swamp, and the Old Kingdom Egyptians wrote that ivory (from elephants) and tropical timber came from Yam, obviously, before the Ice Age ended to drastically decrease rainfall amounts in the middle latitudes, as the snowfalls assuaged in the extreme latitudes and high elevations of the mountains of the middle latitudes, because the oceans had cooled for less evaporation for less clouds, so the Ice Age ended.

A wet and lush Sahara during Old Kingdom Egypt, circa 2000 B.C., does not fit the mainstream timeline for ancient history, which pegs the end of the Ice Age at around 10000 B.C., about 7,000 years before ancient Egypt, but this anomaly to mainstream scientists makes perfect sense to young earth creationists, because “the fountains of the great deep” of Noah’s Flood circa 2400 B.C. heated the ocean to create the high evaporation rates for the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age, which ended when the oceans had cooled to about today’s temperatures, when sea level rose to submerge many cities, and the middle latitude regions began to rapidly dry-out.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Iowa Republican Evangelical Christians for Rudy Giuliani as Support for Huckabee Wasted because Team Hillary Would Crush Arkansas Governor’s Hopes

December 31, 2007

Team Hillary players are licking their chops in hopes that Mike Huckabee will be the Republican nominee, so Iowa caucus goers and voters in the upcoming state primaries should not fall into Hillary’s trap by nominating Huckabee, who Hillary’s operatives would pillory, defame, abuse, and shame, into political oblivion.  It would not be pretty, only Giuliani can bring the street-fighter grit to combat the Hillary machine, and besides, Giuliani is strongly for school choice, which Huckabee and Hillary are not, and Giuliani is strong against illegal immigration, while Huckabee and Hillary are not, and so, are not strong on national security and defense, so scoreboard Rudy, as Hillary still can’t decide if she’s for drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens or not, and Huckabee is tripping over himself to give scholarship money to illegal aliens.

And with constructionist Supreme Court Justices pledged by Giuliani, upholding the Tenth Amendment, abortion and gay marriage would become issues left up to the states to decide, where the traditional Christian positions would fare very well on a state by state referendum basis, so the obvious candidate for evangelicals in Iowa and the other states is Rudy Giuliani, who will take-it-to Hillary in a very satisfying way.

Austin Texas Westlake High School Basketball Squad 2007-2008 Talented but Underutilized Skills of Young Big Men

December 30, 2007

The 2007-2008 edition of the Austin Westlake high school basketball squad is an intriguing mix of skilled but young big men, nice guards who shoot and handle the ball well, and two excellent young talents, rangy and fast 6’0″ sophomore guard Cody Doolin, who attacks the ball on defense, and 6’6″ sophomore forward Connor Kemper, a leaper with much upside.

Sophomore 6′ 8″ center Gus Leeper blocks shots, rebounds, and shoots a nice jump hook, so he will continue to improve with more games under his belt, as he learns a few more moves inside.  Clarke Allan, a 6’6″ junior, comes off the bench with good passing skills, rebounding, and a sweet jumper; ‘though he currently backs up Leeper in the low post because he also scores consistently inside with good post footwork and a scorer’s mentality.  But Allan would be more effective at high post, shooting the jumper or passing down low to Leeper, or out to the fine wing shooters such as Doolin and 6’2″ junior Cliff Houston, as well as, 6’0″ senior Cameron Barnette, who also really get-after-the-ball on defense.

The team is too talented and skilled to be at their current .500 winning percentage, but should Allan arrive at high post, and Leeper down low, and Doolin and Kemper utilizing their superior athletic skills on both offense and defense, the sky would be the limit for this team.

Evangelist John Hagee not Preaching to Jews Violating God’s Instruction to Preach to Every Creature (Person)

December 30, 2007

God’s instruction to go into all the world to preach the Good News to every creature (person) is going well for evangelist John Hagee, except for the Jews, because he says the Jews have a different way to salvation.  Now then, we ask Mr. Hagee; what about the Biblical instruction to preach the Good News to the Jew first, and then to the Gentile?  And what about God’s instruction to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with every person?  Is Hagee saying Jews are not persons?  I don’t think so, but I do think he’s ignoring one of the primary instructions given to evangelists who claim to follow the words in the New Testament.