Catholics Protest Hagee Endorsement McCain Texas Primary Preacher Hagee Upsets Catholic League President Bill Donohue Backs McCain Says Catholics Caused Dark Ages Inquisitions Religious Persecution Historians Agree Roman Catholics Wreaked Much Havoc Protestants Most Catholics Agree

February 29, 2008

Catholic League president Bill Donohue is very upset that John McCain accepted the endorsement of Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee, who regularly preaches that the Roman Catholics have caused much suffering in the world through the centuries.  But who can rightly deny it?  Look at the medieval history of Europe for instance, horrible slaughters of Jews and Protestants who would not bend the knee to the Roman Pope.  And to this day, many Catholics think that only Catholics go to heaven, no Protestants allowed, so where do you suppose they got that idea?

And is Donohue protesting donations to McCain from gay Log Cabin Republicans?  Is he protesting donations from gambling casinos, from liquor distributors, or from atheistic Catholic-haters?  I dare say no, so Donohue should stop being so sensitive and self-righteous.  But if he wants to not acknowledge the sometimes horrific behavior of the Roman Catholic church throughout church history, nor the many valid reasons that Protestants think Roman Catholicism is not New Testament Christianity, then Donohue will be one of the few who is that myopic to not see it, acknowledge it, and move on.  Besides, in accepting the Protestant endorsement, as McCain said, he’s not endorsing all that Hagee teaches, like he doesn’t endorse all that Roman Catholicism stands for, so Donohue needs a reality check.

African International Supermodel Katoucha Niane Found Dead Vocal Opponent Islamic Female Genital Mutilation Ignored by U.S. Feminist Women’s Movement so Where Do Hillary Gloria Steinem Joey Behar Oprah Winfrey Barack Obama Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand Stand Regarding Muslim Female Clitorectomies?

February 29, 2008

The body of Katoucha Niane, the courageously outspoken opponent of Islamic female genital (clitoris) mutilation, was discovered in the Seine River in France today, cause of death unknown to this point.  No one would be surprised if it’s determined that she was murdered, but even if she “just” killed herself, or if it was an accident, still why have we not heard more protests from the american feminists about all this?  Where are Steinem, Oprah, and Hillary, where are Fonda, Behar, and Streisand, and where is the presidential candidate Barack Obama (who has ostensibly denied the muslim faith, but yet, says nothing about these muslim inspired atrocities)? 

UNICEF recently reported that 140,000,000 young women worldwide have had their clitoris’s cut off, ostensibly because the muslim poo bahs think that women don’t deserve pleasure (“inferior to males” and all), but the U.S. feminists and human rights advocates generally worldwide are not raising cane about this.  It’s outrageous, as the feminist movement’s figureheads sit by and do little to nothing, thus emboldening the hatchet men of Islam.

New Documentary Film Movie Religulous Bill Maher Lion’s Gate Pictures Larry Charles Director Borat Mockumentary Bill Maher Caustic Look Religion Creationism Bogus Darwinian Science Movie Religulous Counterpoints Ben Stein’s Documentary Expelled for Intelligent Design

February 29, 2008

The Bible says that anyone who looks at the magnificent design of the physical world but denies that there must have been a creator is a liar, so Bill Maher is obviously a charter member of that group, particularly with his soon to be released mockumentary, Religulous, a supposedly humorous rant against the religions of the world whose adherents maintain that there is a creator God or gods who caused the formation of the world and universe.  Director Larry Charles, of Borat fame, will no doubt provide a well crafted and funny (to some) show, but the science is not on their side, so I hope Bill invites me to be on his HBO tv show to discuss why and how he is so wrong.

And perhaps Ben Stein could be on the panel as well, with his also soon-to-be-released documentary movie, Expelled, about how “Big Science Academy” censors knowledgable dissenters against darwinism in the professional academic world (good counterpoint materal for Maher), and about Ben’s lifelong quest for the truth about our origins, as he plainly sees that the Creator was the causative agent.  So this chat panel, yours truly included, with maybe Christopher Hitchens for balance (har har), would be a huge ratings hit.  Larry, Ben, Chris, Bill, let’s get together and thrash this thing out for the audience to decide which position makes the most sense in light of science.  Must see tv!

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Anti Christian Rant Comic Bill Maher’s New Movie Religulous Sarcasm Ridicule Young Earth Creationists All Bible Believers No Evidence to Negate Bible’s Historicity Bill Maher Production Film Religulous Baseless Derogation Scientists Believe Bible

February 29, 2008

Bill Maher has a new movie, soon to be released, called Religulous, where he will harangue and skewer bible believing christians, judaists, and all who deny that darwinian evolution is scientifically viable.  So look for Bill to have not much science, but lots of “laughs,” as he will do his schtickt which has won the hearts and minds of HBO and much of its audience.  Bill will no doubt say that creationists are fools because they don’t believe in evolution, but we do believe in evolution, per se, the natural selection within the respective gene pools of the biblical syngameons (kinds) of animals, but not that goo morphed into you as darwinists’ opine, because Bill will undoubtedly at least try to relate to those who will choose to witness his cimematic anti christian tirade at a theatre near you.

Hey Bill, read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that there are alot of great reasons to believe the Bible, all of it, and then we can discuss it on your tv show, maybe with Ben Stein (with his new release Expelled), and atheist cause-celeb Christopher Hitchens along with us.  It would be a great show, and I bet those guys would like to participate, so let’s proceed with an on-air discussion, to see who’s funnier.  Listen to my live call-in radio show at noon (c.s.t) Saturdays on, and certainly please refer to

Not Really David vs Goliath in Ben Stein’s Intellectual Evolution Journey Movie “Expelled” Against Darwinian Big Science Academy Dogma Suppression Academic Freedom Ben Stein’s Film Production “Expelled” Mainstream Media Bias Darwinism Debate Biblical Kinds Syngameons Creationism

February 29, 2008

National polls consistently show that 50% of Americans believe that Adam and Eve appeared less than 10,000 years ago, fully formed, not the “beneficiaries” of darwinian evolution, from a lower monkey form, so Ben Stein’s new movie Expelled, about the evolution (pun intended) of his intellectual journey regarding his quest for truth about our origins, will be a box office hit, as Americans are more than willing to see entertaining pieces about material near and dear to their hearts. 

I don’t know that Ben is a young earth creationist, as are about 50% of Americans apparently, but he, no doubt, extolls that we did not gradually morph from pond scum to humans (as darwinists would have us believe), and so, Stein on some level, whether old earth or young position, posits that all the so-called species naturally selected from the original members of their respective syngameons, what are known as the kinds of animals in the Bible, so his position will be wildly popular with christians who seek a fun evening of watching Ben, in his own inimitable style, haranguing humorously the educational elites, as they force-feed us Darwinism, while 50% of Americans look on in amazement.

New Mockumentary Science and Faith Flicks Ben Stein’s Pro Creationism Movie “Expelled” Mainstream Academic Censorship Creationism and Bill Maher’s Film “Religulous” Taunts Faith Community Movie Rant Expelled and Religulous Creation Evolution Debate Big Science Academy Monolithic Darwinism Academic Establishment Bias Lacking Real Scientific Basis

February 29, 2008

The creation-over-evolution debate will really be heating up this spring with the releases of Ben Stein’s “Expelled,” and Bill Maher’s “Religulous,” both certain to be very controversial presentations, and so, big moneymakers.  Stein exposes the flimsiness of darwinian theory and the moral degradation which derives from its official acceptance, fostered and propagated by “Big Science Academy” and their pals in the mainstream media, as we are force-fed that we humans absolutely did morph from pond scum over hundreds of millions of years, while Maher’s flick is apparently the same ol’ Bill Maher making non scientific arguments against creationism and those who believe in it (usually as presented in the Bible). 

I haven’t seen either flick yet, but I bet Stein unfortunately fails to make the distinction between evolution per se (natural selection within the syngameons) and darwinian evolution, and so, will predictably be pilloried by the darwinists that he and as ilk don’t believe in evolution, and therefore, shouldn’t be given the time of day.  But Ben (‘though he probably doesn’t say it this way) does believe in evolution per se; the scientifically proven genetic variation by geopraphical and climatic environment within the syngameons, the genetic variation within the biblical kinds in the Genesis account, while he clearly opposes darwinian evolution, that we morphed from bugs or whatever.

So go see Ben’s movie, and let somebody tell you about Maher’s.  Let’s hope Ben is invited on Maher’s tv show, to discuss these matters, perhaps with Christopher Hitchens to join them on the panel, as well as, yours truly, to explain the semantic fix that the darwinists and their advocates use in saying that creationists don’t believe in evolution, and so, that creationists should be ignored.  So you who know Stein and/or Maher, please refer this blog to them, and let’s “git ‘er dun.”

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Historical and Theological Ironies Islamic Aggression Ezekiel 38 Against Israel Muslims Honor Old Testament but Not Ezekiel 38 Destruction of Israel’s Middle Eastern Enemies Internal Contradictions of Islamic Belief

February 29, 2008

Muslims claim to hold some respect for “the people of the book,” people who believe the Bible, as Muslims believe the Koran is the final book of true religion, having been composed after the Old and New Testaments, the “last revelation,” but yet, no respect is shown to Ezekiel 38 in the Old Testament, where is described the future destruction of Israel’s middle eastern foes, the muslim confederacy conspirators, who will come against Israel to attempt to destroy her once and for all, but will be crushed as described in Ezekiel 38.  So you can see that inconsistencies within Islamic thought, such as their ignorance of Ezekiel 38, in the Old Testament which they claim to believe and respect, makes them the obvious group who will eventually attack Israel, but be destroyed in a mighty way.