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May 31, 2011

Ancient rockart in the Sahara of the Fezzan region in southern Libya portray horse-pulled chariots of bronze age vintage with cattle, crocodiles, deer, and fishing, where now the land is parched desert, near the ancient city of Garama, founded circa 1300 b.c. by a grandson of King Minos of Crete, as legend has it, with an underground artesian aquifer there in the limestone bedrock which enabled the city state of Garama, also known as Germa, to tap it for their water needs while north Africa was turning to desert, when Jason and the Argonauts had sailed into what was left of the Lake Triton, south of Syrt of Syrene, which was named after the Sirens who were Amazons of ancient greek literature.

The Garamantes became known as the Mandings, and since Garama was a Cretan who had sailed to the african coast, it’s not surprising that Clyde Winters has established an etymological link between the ancient Manding and the Olmec language of ancient southern Mexcio, seafarers all, by the method explained in article #2 at, how too the  Amazons sailed to what later would be called America, named after the Americos tribe of Venezuela, which was named after Venus, and the Caribbean after the Carians, so do you see the pattern?  Read on here for a great overview of ancient world history, and

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May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin is touring the northeast, drumming up support for commonsense conservative government, we hope with education reform certainly on her mind, specifically, school choice vouchers, so that kids can attend other than the public schools in their areas if that is their desire.  And a great reason to indeed eschew the public schools is that they refuse to contemplate Noah’s Flood in science and history, as if it would have been impossible, but when you read the material at websites such as John Baumgarnder’s excellent site and my, you’ll see that the flood and the rest of biblical ancient history actually comports with the evidence quite nicely thank you very much, material which the darwinists cannot refute, and so, they refuse to engage in the debate, telling you all you really need to know about whose model fits the bill.

What are the darwinists afraid of, why can’t they muster the will to debate these issues in public fora for all to see?  It’s because the mountains rose at the close of the flood as the floodwater receded into the then deepening ocean basins, demonstrable in geology, and it’s because only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, those syngameons then having naturally selected into the so-called species of animals in the centuries after the flood, and it’s because humans were accurately navigating all over the globe according to the earth’s very slow wobble rate (that method explained in article #2 at, anathema to darwinian notions about the so-called bronze age, which really was too the ice age actually, the ice age having been caused by the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood.

Sarah Palin could be instrumental in bringing this creation vs. darwinian evolution debate out-in-the-open for all to see, surely bad news for the darwinists, and good news for educators who espouse real history, the history in the Bible when all the information is analyzed with intellectual honesty, what supposedly reigns supreme in the public schools, but the lie is soon to be exposed if Ms. Palin would only get on with it.  Her christian convictions just might dictate that she challenge the educational establishement with the biblical model for science and ancient history, and as millions would investigate the merits of the arguments, I would bet millions would come over to her side.  We shall see. and please encourage her to do so.

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May 28, 2011

Why are christian preachers afraid to defend Genesis as it reads?  When is the last time you heard a big name preacher boldly proclaim the reasons that Genesis history is really quite believable?  Never?  I agree.  Quite strange wouldn’t you say?  After all, the skeptics say that since the book of Genesis can’t be believed, then why believe the rest of the Bible?  So does it not make sense that preachers would bend over backwards explaining the reasons that Genesis is demonstrably real history?  Yet they shyly gloss over that most ancient history in holy writ, saying perhaps that science trumps Genesis which was written by the scientifically unsophisticated long ago, or pleading that such discussion is above their paygrade.

Yet still Genesis history is really easy to understand; for instance that only a warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood could have caused the ice age, and that the big bang’s gravitational time dilation dictates a young universe, and the great number of submerged bronze age ruins worldwide proving that the ice age ended much later than we’re being told, so there is no excuse for these preachers not to simply explain the solid reasons that the Genesis template actually makes sense of it all, while the darwinian paradigm falls short on so many levels that it pales next to the biblical model when honestly analyzed.  Refer your pastors and teachers to, to see a great overview of the science and history of the Bible, really easily explained when just a little time is taken.

It’s ridiculous that these pastors ignore the easy proofs for Genesis, so what are they thinking about?  Don’t they know that the enemies of the Bible primarily attack Genesis as its achille’s heel, the weak link they think, yet the proofs for Genesis are inumerable and really easy to explain, the pastors have no excuse, and so, the onus is on them to begin ardently advocating the science and history supporting Genesis, after all, Jesus is the Word they will say, but is not Genesis also part of the Word, the foundational book actually upon which rests all of the text of the Bible?  And if real history doesn’t begin in Genesis, then where does it begin?  The continuity of the Bible must be seen and understood.

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May 24, 2011

Who was the legendary map man Atlas, said to have held the world on his shoulders, and how does he fit into the biblical timeline?  Plato said that Atlas, the namesake of Atlantis and the Atlas Mountains, was a son of Poseidon, the mediterranean and eastern Atlantic sea god, who with the mathematician and astronomer Atlas’ daughter Maya sailed across the ocean as Plato recounted in his Atlantis story, but when did this really happen, was the bronze age really circa 9600 b.c.?

Plato describes bronze age ships, architecture and metallurgy in the Atlantis story, so obviously his 9600 b.c. date was mistaken, and so then by how much?  The submerged megalithic ruins found throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic also bespeak so-called bronze age construction, and that my friends puts the end of the ice age at circa 1500 b.c., when the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt coincidentally manifested.

This trans mediterranean and atlantic connection by seafaring can be proven with the letters a-t-l in the word Atlas; the proof is that those three letters a-t-l meant water from ancient Canaan, the homeland of the ice age Sidonians, whose father Sidon was (yes) Posidon, all the way to the Americas where the sound a-t-l meant water in the Mexicans’ ancient homeland’s name, Atlan.

It was a small world, held figuratively on Atlas’ shoulders, who really ‘though figuratively controlled the earth by his ability to measure it, and so, accurately map the whole world for global seafaring to exploit the mineral resources, profiting handsomely from it, most notably having exploited the wealth of the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains of southern Spain, the richest mining region for the Atlanteans, and so too for the rest of the world.  See

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May 24, 2011

Did you ever wonder how the ocean got up on the continents to lay down the vast sedimentary layers usaully stacked like pancakes and grading into each other across the landmasses?  Our kids are taught in the public schools that the ocean has risen and subsided on and off the continents many times through geologic history, yet how do they explain the reason the ocean rose to cover much of the continents, and then receded, many times through hundreds of millions of years?  Was the ocean bottom pushed up to surge ocean water onto the continents, or did the continents sink to recieve the inflooding ocean?  Mainstream scientists and educators don’t venture conjecture about this because they have no explanation, yet the biblical model makes sense of it all, anathema to the darwinists, their paradigm now questioned and proven wrong from all angles.

The flood water covered the earth once, leaving behind the vast sedimentary layers with billions of creatures entombed  therein when the water slid off the thickened continents into the then deepening ocean basins, as the mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood.  So be sure to inspect this website,, seeing that geology which makes sense in a catastrophic context, not at all what’s taught in the schools, but since this model makes much more sense, then why is it eschewed?  It’s because it’s biblical, and the darwinists for obvious reasons can’t have that, but have it they will, as we disseminate this material far and wide, with your help, through such as, where you’ll see what the geography of the world was during the ice age which followed Noah’s Flood, the ice age having ended circa 1500 b.c.

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May 24, 2011

Our kids are taught in the public schools that the ocean has trangressed and regressed on-and-off the continents many times through hundreds of millions of years for the buildup of the sedimentary geologic record which we see on the continents, but if that were true, then there should be ancient river valleys within the geologic column which would have been subsequently infilled with sediments, according to the obviously flawed theory of uniformitarian geology which was deliberately designed to comport with darwinism, yet the sedimentary layers reveal no such ancient river valleys subsequently infilled; the geologic record reflects one flood, the flood noted by over six hundred ancient people groups now scattered around the world, the global cataclysm of Noah’s day.

So how did Noah’s Flood cover (for instance) the Himalaya mountains?  It didn’t, the mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood while the ocean basins were deepening to recieve the floodwater off the continents after the ultimate flood had completely covered the earth for five months.  Because of plate tectonics (rapid movement of the crustal plates of the earth), the supercontinent Pangea before the flood broke apart during the flood, the tectonic plates having moved to essentially there present locations within that flood year when the midoceanic ridges were providing most of the water for the flood, the fountains of the deep, which shot into the sky for the biblical forty days and nights of rain until the water had deepened to carburate the supersonic venting of steam high into the air early in the flood.

Get your pen out and write this down, for the compelling geology of the biblical deluge in more detail, cetainly refer to the website, and for the fossil record from this biblical perspective, be sure to study in depth, great fodder for debate with your darwinist friends, perhaps leading them to believe that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, what a novel concept, who would think that God would not lie in the book of Genesis too?!  And checkout, to see the world as it was during the ice age, which followed Noah’s Flood, that ocean water was warmer then, think about it.

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May 23, 2011

When did the world ocean rise to enter the Black Sea basin (which was a great inland lake during the ice age), connected to the world ocean then and now?  Scientists beholding to the darwinian timeline will tell you rightly that the risen ocean with the end of the ice age was the cause, but they say delayed by five thousand years until around 5000 b.c. because a supposed barrier at the Hellespont held the ocean water out for all that time, then having supposedly broken through five thousand years after the darwinists 10000 b.c. date that they say the sea level had risen with the end of the ice age.

Yet the roman historian Pliny, who lived at the time of Christ, wrote that in times of great antiquity, the River Rhode had flowed out of the Black Sea down to the Aegean; no barrier there, so the rising ocean with the end of the ice age pushed right-on-up that river valley with no barrier whatsoever, connecting the world ocean to what had been that vast inland freshwater lake during the ice age, since then with freshwater on top and the denser seawater below.  The River Rhode, and island of Rhodes to the south, and the Rhodopi mountains to the west, clearly are the namesakes of the Rhodanim of the Bible in the Table of Nations, of the line of Javan and Japheth, so it’s really no wonder the darwinists don’t like to talk about Pliny’s reference to the River Rhode.

Russian geologists today call the submerged ice age lake shoreline in the Black Sea, three hundred feet down below the surface, the Cimmerian shoreline, the Cimmerians an ancient tribe of the region, who were named after Gomer, another son of Japheth in the Table of Nations.  And where now the Dardanelles Strait connects the Black Sea to the the world ocean was the River Rhode, the Dardanelles named since the end of the ice after Dardanus, a pelasgian/greek king who lived in the 1400 b.c. timeframe, who established Dardania on Mount Ida near what would later become the great city of Troy.  See a great overview of all this and more at