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November 25, 2009

When the Black Sea in western Asia was joined to the world ocean is much debated in mainstream academic circles, some saying circa 10000 B.C., when they say the Ice Age ended, and others saying circa 5000 B.C., five thousand years after the world ocean had risen, because of the end of the Ice Age, with the risen ocean finally having broken through to pour into the Black Sea basin, connecting it to the Aegean Sea (world ocean), while biblical young earth creationists, such as christian apologist, evangelist, and collaborator of mine, ex soviet scientist Sergei Golovin of http://scienceandapologetics.org (click on English version at far right of tool bar there), have analyzed the evidence, seeing that the legendary greek Flood of Ogyges, which consumed much of Greece, and the flood from the time of the greek Dardanus too, are one and the same, when the world ocean rose to infill the Black Sea basin circa 1500 B.C., the timeframe that the dramatic biblical Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt coincidentally occurred.

This flood consumed the coastline empire of Atlantis in the region of Gibraltar, and the bronze age cities of Menouthis and Heraklion, submerged at the mouth of the extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, and Yarmuta, old Sidon and Tyre, and submerged most-ancient Byblos, ruins there so attesting, off the coast of Lebanon, with submerged ruins off Greece and many other parts of the world (including the Black Sea), from when the Ice Age ended, which mainstream scientists, adhering to the darwinian timeline, are having a hard time seeing for obvious reasons.

But former soviet scientist and young earth creationist Sergei Golovin, who helped with my documentary, Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, has made inroads with the mainstream scientific community there in what used to be the Soviet Union, speaking to professional teaching groups representing many nations from eastern Europe and western Asia, traditionally darwinists, but now willing to listen to good scientific logic, such as that the Black Sea basin was connected to the world ocean when the legendary thracian hero Dardan, the namesake of the Dardanelles Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, lived to observe some of that generally gradual (over about a hundred years) yet prodigious end-of-the-ice-age inundation of vast tracts of land worldwide, having caused great distress, when too vast swaths of land of the middle latitudes began to turn to desert, because the Ice Age cloudcover had begun to dissipate.

Highly dedicated Sergei Golovin works with educator Georges Carillet of Teaching Ministries International in the U. S., coordinating giving to help Sergei’s Science and Apologetic’s ministry (see the link above), based in the Crimea (named after the Cimmerians), on the north shore of the Black Sea, the submerged shoreline from Ice Age times of which has been called by russian scientists the Cimmerian Shoreline, perhaps unknowingly indicating that the Ice Age ended much later than we’re being told by the vast majority of scientists, so if you’d like to help this venture of academic freedom in the old Soviet Union, then contact Sergei for more information at president@scienceandapologetics.org, or Georges Carillet of TMI at georgeos.carillet@gmail.com, mailing checks please in the United States to:  Teaching Ministries International:  PO Box 1483:  Snellville, Georgia, 30078-1483, it’s an excellent ministry, purveying intellectual honesty in the process.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, great stuff.

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November 25, 2009

The now disgraced global warming alarmists’ much discussed “hockey stick curve,” indicating that global mean atmospheric temperatures have supposedly risen dramatically at historically unprecedented rates since the early 1960’s, is largely based upon tree ring data from Yamal, Siberia, measured by scandal ridden Keith Briffa of the CRU in East Anglia, who took results from only three trees to conclude that global warming has increased greatly since the 1960’s (when correlative temperature measures were begun to be taken in Siberia), which obviously is bad sampling, only three trees, made worse by his failure to report the results from many other tree core samples in the area which contradict his purpose-driven global warming alarmist conclusions to facilitate, through global government regulation, our purported collective ability to stop most all global warming, ostensibly manmade, which hasn’t occurred for the last decade anyway (because only increased solar activity actually causes global warming).

So then why did other trees in the region there in Siberia not have thicker growth rings from the 1960’s onward as did Keith Briffa’s narrowly selected (and I do mean selected) sampling of three lonely tree cores?  Atmospheric temperature is only one factor affecting tree growth, the greatest factor however is the rate of nutrient delivery to the root system by groundwater percolation, and that increased by greater precipitation, so obviously, the other watersheds in the area had varying rates of nutrient delivery, accounting for the variation in the growth rates of trees in the same general vicinity, with Briffa’s three trees having benefitted from greater relative nutrient delivery, compared to sampled trees not far distant there in Yamal. 

The greatest “annual” seasonal growth rates for trees, due to warm temperatures and maximized rainfall, generally occur in spring and early summer (in the northern hemisphere), now confirmed by accurate worldwide temperature and rainfall readings, but what about ancient history before such measurements were taken, how can we know that the thicker rings were always grown during the spring or summer?  For during the Ice Age, when the world was affected by much more cloudcover, summers were no doubt cooler, and winters warmer, blurring the lines (so to speak) between the now mostly regular seasons back then, rendering likely that some greater growth periods were not in just the spring or summer, with perhaps a greater growth period in the spring, reduced greatly then that summer, followed by much more growth again in the fall, making it appear that two years had elapsed in the tree ring record when in reality it was six months. 

Only one paradoxically heated source could have been the engine for the formation of the prodigious global cloudcover for the Ice Age, and that source was a warmer ocean, which resulted in much greater evaporation off it, having formed the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, it’s just hydrology 101, so what could have caused the ocean to have been significatly warmer for all that cloudcover?  It was the heat from the earth’s interior when the biblical fountains of the deep burst forth steam-rich magma through what now are the midoceanic ridges when the supercontinent Pangea broke apart during Noah’s Flood, confirmed by the deposits and orogenies of the geologic record, as you’ll see when you read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and see that almost all the biblical timeline, contrary to popular advertising, was written by eyewitnesses in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, where Noah recorded the global flood episode according to the evidence.

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November 22, 2009

In the holy scriptures of the New Testament, christians are instructed to preach the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its spiritual implications to the Jew first, and then to the Gentile, which is a far cry from what we see today, with such as evangelist John Hagee (the last I heard) saying the good news is not meant for Jews, totally ignoring the clear instruction to preach to the Jews, as did the Apostles, preaching to the population of Jerusalem of which perhaps a third became christian in the decades after the resurrection of the Messiah, Emanuel, God with us, the Messiah foretold in Daniel 9, even his date of incarnation predicted.

At the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, this beautiful Sunday morning, pastor Ed Young Sr. led into a film clip of two prominent Jews who have been born again Christians for many years, after seeing that only the Messiah, Jesus Christ, fulfills the prophetic scriptures, and changes lives, such as the lives of Dr. James M. Tour, world famous nanotechnology pioneer at Rice University and NanoComposites Inc., and Robert Benjamin, CEO of Global Financial Services in Houston, who told of their born again christian experiences, how God made sense of it all when they came to him with commitment, when they were born again, by the spirit, the second birth, which many Jews and apparently still John Hagee say is not for the children of Abraham, but there they are, with much of Jerusalem now looking seriously at the claims of Jesus Christ again, and many becoming born again, a real shocker to many Jews, but a reality nevertheless, by the power of the Spirit, one of three components of Elohim (“let us make man in our image.”)

Some Jews rage that other Jews become Christians, and Muslims always rage when Muslims become Christians, but since no born again Christian can become unborn, just as a newborn baby cannot become unborn, you will never see a true believer leave the faith in Jesus Christ (‘though there are many who say they’re christian but really are not), as millions of Arabs and Jews leave their traditional faiths to accept the peace offering from the savior of the world, the Messiah, who fulfills the old testament prophecies precisely, really obvious when you take the time to look into it, refer to chapter 23 in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and know that the book of Genesis was not dreamed up by iron age shepherds, see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

Global Warming Alert!  Stay up-to-date on the latest in the UK global warming scam at http://ClimateDepot.com.  There is a mainstream media blackout (even Fox) of this outrageous scandal, so call the networks and radio talk shows today.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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November 22, 2009

The next time brainwashed darwinists laugh at your belief in the biblical account of Noah’s Flood (giddy that such a flood could not have covered the high mountain ranges), just tell them that the mountain ranges of the world rose at the close of the global flood described in the Bible, because of continental crustal plate collisions (which for instance crumpled flood sedimentary strata to have formed the Himalayas), by igneous extrusions (such as the pillow basalts of the Mountains of Ararat), by oceanic plates which rapidly subducted under continental plates, having heated at depth, to become molten, and rise as plutonic uplifts (such as to form the Andes), and those continental mountain ranges having all been buoyed up as a whole because of huge volumes of magma which shifted under the continents when the ocean basins sank at the end of the flood year to receive the water which had covered the earth, obvious from the geology when you analyze it.

The thickness of the crust of the earth, relative to the thickness of the mantle with the core, is like the thickness of the skin on an apple, or like one foot of a three hundred foot ball field, very thin, obviously quite subject to disturbances of the mantle below, so of course when the fountains of the deep which began Noah’s Flood began to burst forth (through what now are the midoceanic rift zone ridges), a great worldwide tectonic disturbance was then set off, catastrophic runaway plate tectonics, when the supercontinent Pangea broke apart as the continents moved toward their present positions, all but complete within a year, when the new ocean basins sank, because the new hot lava seafloor which rolled out during the runaway plate tectonics cooled, having become denser, and so, the ocean floor sank to receive the water off the still thickening continents, what the geologic record indicates when you honestly appraise it.

Do please checkout an outstanding academic appraisal of the flood-caused sedimentary geologic column, replete with the wide variety of critters catastrophically entombed during Noah’s Flood, at Sean Pitman’s  http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html, while you keep in mind that Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless, because the word syngameon is really the only operative term when analyzing animal breeding groups, the scientific term which just happens to be synonymous with the kinds, or syngameons, of animals in the book of Genesis.  And to further get a picture of the dynamics during the flood year, http://GlobalFlood.org is well worth inspection, where you can even learn that diamonds and oil, supposedly millions of years old, carbon 14 date only in the thousands of years of age, much to the embarassment of the darwinists and those who think they speak truth regarding our ancient origins.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

UN Global Warming Climate Change Data Fraud British Professor Phil Jones East Anglia Climatic Research Unit Global Warming Scientists Emails Hacked Russian IP Name FOIA International Climate Change Treaty Copenhagen Supranational Global Law Inquiries Blocked American FOIA Phil Jones Emails of Collusion Temperature Figures Manipulation

November 21, 2009

Since it’s now undeniably proven that the global warming alarmists in the scientific community have been massaging their global temperature data to further progress to their goal of a global tax on energy use, proven with the thousand plus emails hacked from the Climatic Research Unit in England by whoever is “FOIA” from a russian IP (reported at http://ClimateDepot.com), emails which prove colusion among many devious scientists worldwide in their global warming scam, you wonder who now will believe the global warming hype but those who want a tyrannical world government by any means, including scientific fraud.

The ringleader of the scam, professor Phil Jones, at the CRU climate change think tank in East Anglia, Great Britain, even corresponded with a scheming associate that the american Freedom of Information Act would not apply to their scheming emails if sought, because they work for the UN, supposedly trumping U. S. law (american scientists are involved in the scam), so but not for the good hacker “FOIA,” we probably never would have learned of this amazing fraud which would have been the pillar of the global energy tax initative in Copenhagen in December, hopefully now doomed to the fate of the dodo bird.

Another fraud (in a sense) now being perpetrated by the darwinian loyalists in the scientific community is their purposeful ignorance of the obvious fact that only a warmer ocean could possibly have been the cause of the Ice Age, the hydrologic engine for all that cloudcover for the much greater precipitation at that time worldwide, the Ice Age which actually ended much later than advertised (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins). 

Think about it, all that snow (in the extreme latitudes and high elevations) and rain (in the middle latitudes) must have come from much more extensive global cloudcover, there’s no other way around it, and that greater cloudcover by greater evaporation off the ocean, which was warmer then, according to hydrology 101, and warmer for a biblical reason, actually evident in geology too, apparent when you read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to make sense of it all.

Skeptic Marc Morano Reports Unnamed Computer Hacker Climate Depot Exposes Global Warming Change Fraud Cooked Books UK’s Climate Research Unit International Cap and Tax Agreement Experts Clearing House East Anglia England Anonamous Hero Computer Hacker Hijacks Emails Global Warming Scientific Community Collusion Conspiracy Worldwide Temperatue Data Alterations UN Scientists

November 21, 2009

The UK’s now infamous Climatic Research Unit in East Anglia, England, has confirmed that the thousand or so emails claimed to have been hacked from their computers by an unnamed hacker are in fact emails amongst many of the scientists in their global network of climatologists who have altered global warming stats for their political goal of a global warming treaty in Copenhagen next month, so you can kiss that baby goodbye, and good riddance, leaving the Brits and the scientists even loosely involved all over the world to explain how they could have let such a thing happen, was there no oversight?  Apparently not, as the fix was almost in, ’til now, thanks to the still anonamous hacker, news of whom is spreading fast in America, where Obama is already meeting the public hand of resistance to his socialist plans, certainly and dramatically sinking in the polls.

Marc Morano, activist skeptic of the global warming hype, has been my source for the story at http://ClimateDepot.com, so stay up with the story there, and read some of the emails, they are real gassers (no pun intended).  Those big science hucksters were cooking the books for the global warming alarmists who seek to destroy America, with a very willing accomplice in B. Hussein Obama, claiming to be able to change the weather with our help, when all they need to do is correct those unfortunately cooked books over in East Anglia!

The only global warming of the atmosphere which occurs is by sporadic increases through time of solar output, not by such as excessive animal farts opined by the greenhouse gas people like the folks at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit.  So what caused the Ice Age indicated by the scientific evidence and actually in ancient literature, was solar output significantly decreased at that time for the climatology of the Ice Age as mainstream scientists insist? 

If global cooling did cause the Ice Age, the polar regions would have been even colder than today, but the huge ice age animals buried in the tundra of the far north are entombed with the rich vegetation from that time when they fed in lush pastures and forests now buried in the frozen tundra, so it was actually warmer there during the Ice Age, paradoxically, but obviously, and dense cloudcover was the cause, because of the much warmer nearby ocean at that time, having been heated from below, by the biblical “fountains of the great deep,” explained in chapter nine of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

Book Tour Questions Sarah Palin Creationism Solid Factual Ground Syngameons Species Adapt Change Academic Comments Sarah Palin Book Quote Excerpt Says Young Earth Creationism on Solid Factual Ground Natural Selection Macro Micro Evolution Sarah Palin Book Theology Science Going Rogue on McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt Quote Biblical Kinds of Animals Mistakenly Called Species Syngameons Operative Term Refuting Rebutting Darwinism

November 19, 2009

Red hot Sarah Palin must gird herself to confront the barrage of questioning sure to come her way from the rabidly frothing darwinists of the left wing media concerned about her christian belief that biblical history, including the book of Genesis, is truly accurate history, thus a golden opportunity for the populist hero to school the skeptics on the science of the Bible, achievable after a few tweaks of her message, such as her mistaken notion that the many created biblical kinds of animals were “species” of animals (wrongly using Darwin’s term), which actually is scientifically meaningless, that’s right you bible skeptics, it’s meaningless, because members of differing so-called species can interbreed, lions and tigers for instance, the offspring called ligers, proving that they came from a common ancestor pair, certainly of the same syngameon, one of the biblical kinds of animals which survived the flood on Noah’s Ark.  

And what of Noah’s Flood?  The crazed left wing bible-bashers of the mainstream media will surely hound Mrs. Palin about that very important portion of the Genesis account, truly a milestone event in biblical history, describing the catastrophism of the global flood, so where is the physcial evidence?  It’s right under your feet!  When you realize the mountain chains of the world uplifted at the close of the global flood (the flood did not cover the current mountain ranges), after the eroded debris of the pre-flood world had been deposited in vast sedimentary layers on the continents, entombing billions of creatures (99% marine creatures) and vast vegetative mats (to have become coal), it’s plain to see that the darwinists’ uniformitarian model for geologic formations, that catastrophism has not played the major role for the sedimentary deposits in the geologic column, is obviously ridiculous, so go on the offensive Sarah Palin, tell them that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, as it was, eliminating that strawman argument once and for all.

Sarah Palin can school the liberal press on the science of Genesis, with more information about it such as in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so avail yourself, and know that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, so why bother with his theory at all?  As Sarah Palin says, “I don’t think fish grew legs and crawled out of the water,” indicating too that the creator God formed the “species” which later adapted by natural selection in our post-Flood world (when the Ice Age occurred), but she needs to use the genetically meaningful term syngameon, groups of “species” of animals which can hybridize, good science, not what the darwinsts will be eager to hear, but that’s academic freedom, don’t they know?  And to see that the geologic column, with billions of creatures entombed therein, is as proponed by young earth creationists, then be sure to checkout the excellent work by Sean Pitman at http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html.

Book Going Rogue Darwinian Evolution Excerpt Commentary Left Wing Media Reaction Response Biblical Young Earth Creationist Sarah Palin Refutes Rejects Charles Darwin Darwinism Evolution Species Syngameons Biblical Kinds Natural Selection McCain Campaign Advisor Steve Schmidt Asked Sarah Palin Whether Science Proves Evolution Distinction Micro Macro Evolution Genesis Veracity Natural Selection

November 19, 2009

Probable republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin, an outspoken advocate for the history recorded in the book of Genesis (see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com), writes in her book Going Rogue that when McCain’s presidential campaign adviser Steve Schmidt asked her if she really thinks science has not fully proven evolution, she responded saying she believes parts of it, that natural selection has indeed occurred, on a limited basis; because fish did not morph into reptiles, then monkeys, then humans, as the darwinists opine, without any real evidence at all (their dirty little not-so-secret), but as Palin knows, adaptation and genetic drift by natural selection has occurred within breeding groups, what she however mistakenly but probably ignorantly calls species, while the actually operative genetic term is syngameons, groupings of animals which have hybridizing potential, such as the syngameon including camels, alpacas, and llamas, and the syngameon including a huge array of “species” of cats, or many types of horses, syngameons being analogous to the biblical kinds of animals indicated in the book of Genesis, confirmed by modern genetic science, much to the chagrin of the darwinists.

Darwinists such as snarky republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt try to play a semantic trick on unsuspecting and uninformed christian creationists by implying that they don’t believe in evolution, which Palin effectively rebutted in saying she believes parts of it, but to really turn the tables on the sneaky darwinists, one must point-out that the term species (which Palin mistakenly used for syngameons) is scientifically meaningless, because members of differing species, such as many species of turtles, can interbreed, just one syngameon of the tens of thousands of biblical kinds of animals (known scientifically as syngameons) which boarded on Noah’s Ark, the flood on which it floated having covered the earth, then the mountains ranges uplifted at the close of the flood, explained in chapter nine of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

So if a darwinist says you’re nuts because you don’t believe in evolution, tell him/her that you do believe in parts of it, as Palin said, but then go on to explain that natural selection occurs only within syngameons, limited genetic pools, such as the syngameon which includes the various “species” of the elephants, or that of dogs, or cattle, and many “species” of birds which can interbreed, by hybridization within the respective syngameons, the biblical kinds of animals indicated in the book of Genesis.  

To assist Sarah Palin in what will surely be a withering barage of attacks by the left wing media against her biblical beliefs, most intensely against her supposedly ill-founded belief that the book of Genesis is accurate history, I hope those who have access to Mrs. Palin will apprise her of this nuance of phraseology which will turn the tables for her on the skeptics who will be bearing down on her, enabling her to go on the offensive, asking them if they happen to know what’s a syngameon, then asking them if they know that Darwin’s term species is genetically meaningless, which would probably cause them to go to a new line of questioning, where then Palin could request that they go back to finish the discussion about the irrelevance of darwinism and the veracity of Genesis.

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November 18, 2009

In Plato’s Dialogues with Timaeus and Critias concerning Atlantis, the ten sons of Poseidon are listed, legendary names such as Elasippo and Gades, surely memorialized in the ancient city names Olisippo, now called Lisbon, Portugal, and in the case of Gades, the city and province of Cadiz on the southern coast of Spain, both surely hard proofs that Atlantis was in that region, where Poseidon granted lands to his sons in regions near the City of Poseidon, later known as the City of Atlantis, named after Poseidon’s son Atlas, namesake of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Atlantic Ocean, another indication that the City of Posidon/Atlas is somewhere submerged just to the west of Gibraltar (where many submerged ruins have been located), where Plato indicates it is, although the Straits of Gibraltar were never blocked by sunken Atlantis (as the seemingly confused Plato also records).

Plato wrote that the empire of Atlantis (the kingdoms of Poseidon’s sons) stretched both inside the Straits of Gibraltar, as far Italy and Egypt, and outside too, obviously along the Atlantic coasts of Spain, Portugal, and England, where submerged ruins are found off Cornwall and Scilly, as well as, the submerged ruins of the ice age kingdom city of Ys, known to the Brits as Keris, submerged off the Brittany coast of France along the English Channel, so since the Plato also wrote that Atlantis was larger than Libya and Asia combined, considering he had said the maritime empire stretched along the coasts as far as Italy and Egypt to the east, and outside Gibraltar into the Atlantic to the west, it’s clear that he was speaking of the Asian coastline and north African coastline on the Mediterranean in equating those coastal extents to those of the Atlantean Empire, clear for all to see.

With hundreds of submerged ruins of bronze age stone buildings discovered all along the continental shelf of the Mediterranean and off the western coasts of Europe, many off southern Spain, it’s obvious that Plato and mainstream scientists today have grossly mistated the timeline for the end of the Ice Age, clearly when the empire of Atlantis was inundated by the sea, as well as, the ice age port cities of the Hittites, Canaanites, Ionians, Pelasgians, and Egyptians, all whose ruins are now submerged on the shallow seafloor in the Mediterranean sea, an embarassment to mainstream scientists, because they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., when Plato says Atlantis went under, hence the virtual blackout of academic rigor in the exploration of those submerged ruins, many of which are of the kingdom of Atlantis, with the ruins of the City of Posidon/Atlas, now submerged probably thirty miles due south of Cadiz, reported by Maxine Asher and Paco Salazar.

Plato reports that the Atlanteans were accomplished bronze age global navigators, in the tradition of the Phoenicians, who were sons of Canaan, as was Poseidon, whose biblical name is Sidon, global navigators who measured the earth by its wobble rate, believe it or not.  See how they did it, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to know that there is rhyme and reason to the notion that biblical history, as recorded in the book of Genesis, is the real deal, as you read more about it all in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to run that ancient mapping method by your professors, or better yet, write a paper about it and see what they say.  And checkout the big picture here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

Book Excerpts Highlights Going Rogue Sarah Palin Belief Biblical Young Earth Christian Creationism Steve Schmidt Questions Acceptance Darwinian Evolution Science Genesis Veracity Sarah Palin Response Micro Macro Evolution Natural Selection Darwin’s Term Species Definition No Meaning Educational Moments Creation Science Sarah Palin Prospects 2012 Presidential Election Campaign

November 17, 2009

In her runaway bestseller, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin reconfirms her controversial yet popular belief in the biblical creation account and the history thereafter in the book of Genesis, citing a campaign meeting with Team McCain’s strategist Steve Schmidt, where he had asked her if she believes in evolution, to which Palin replied that she believes some of it, that God created species which adapt through natural selection, really an ignorant response however, not in the respect that she’s wrong with the basic notion that the biblical kinds of animals naturally selected into wide varieties after the biblical flood, but considering Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless, so Mrs. Palin should have rightly said that biblical kinds of animals are syngameons of animals, the breeding groups from which wide genetic varieties naturally selected within their respective gene pools.

Palin could be an effective biblical educator to the world if she would only use her platform, already indicating she’s prepared to stand by her biblical belief in the Genesis account about the creation of the biblical kinds of animals, to teach that the modern biological term for biblical kinds is syngameons of animals, not species (as she ignorantly indicates in her book), a simple change of phraseology to scientifically legitimatize the biblical account which she obviously believes, as does over half of America.

After the number of interbreeding species (for instance lions and leopards) are reduced to their groups of hybridizing potential, known as syngameons in the parlance of modern biology, the number of biblical kinds, what Palin ignorantly calls species, is reduced to about twenty thousand, easily having fit into the volume of Noah’s Ark noted in the Genesis account, rendering Palin’s belief plausible, even to “progressive” ears, if she can correct the nomenclature which she uses in the presentation of her generally correct understanding of ancient biological history as presented in the Bible and born out by solid genetic science.

When it’s understood that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, his theory falls like a house of cards, gold for Sarah Palin, if only she will learn to argue the case in a scientifically meaningful way, which makes the darwinists look like fools, most of them merely duped I suppose, but many hide from the evidence, as if afraid to admit that the Bible does make alot of sense, as that would delegitimatize their years of education in our hallowed halls of higher learning soaking in all the darwinian dogma, where they teach that the Bible is almost all mythology, as if they have their heads in the sand.

Imagine candidate Sarah Palin on Meet the Press with David Gregory asking her why she refuses to believe in the darwinian evolution commonly accepted by some of our best and brightest, to which Palin would respond asking David if he’s aware that Charles Darwin’s term species is meaningless, schooling Gregory and the global audience that syngameons (biblical kinds) is the operative term for breeding groups, not species, causing Darwin’s theory to collapse down upon its underpinning, that the term species has genetic meaning, which it clearly does not, leaving the Genesis account really the only game in town, with many other reasons to believe it, explained in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so check-it-out, and learn in chapter one that Palin’s biblical belief that dragons and humans lived contemporaneously is really not so far fetched.

And be sure to see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.