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November 30, 2011

In the New Testament of the Bible, the Word (Jesus Christ) says that when the Messiah returns, it shall be as it was in the days of Noah, when all but the elect were doomed to destruction.

In Noah’s day, the unbelievers laughed and mocked his prophecy brought to him by Elohim that the world would be destroyed by a flood, like today, the unbelieving world laughs and mocks at the prophecied rapture of the believers yet to come.

So since much of christendom laughs and mocks the notion that Noah’s Flood was real history, described in the book of Genesis, having covered the entire world killing all those not on Noah’s Ark, then how can those self-professed christians today believe that the rapture of true believers will likewise occur, “just as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man appears?”

If Noah’s Flood did not destroy all but the true believers, God not meaning what is clearly written in Genesis, then why believe the prophecy of the rapture, right?  Why believe any of it at all?

Prophetic scripture as well as ancient prophecy fulfilled to be realized ancient history must be taken literally lest all of the Bible be seen as just imaginations of sun-stroked iron age shepherds in the middle east.  In other words, if Genesis is not true, then why believe the rest of the Bible?

This is the strategy of the christophobic biblical skeptics, to try to prove that Genesis is not real history, so therefore the rest of the Bible is just nonsense too.  So counter their vain imaginations with material from such as the informative; the science certainly of the future, old school man.

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November 30, 2011

If for no other reason to not believe old earth creationist Hugh Ross’s stance that Noah’s Flood was not as described in the book of Genesis, just consider that only a geothermally heated ocean in the aftermath of the fountains of the deep having been the source of the water for the global flood could have been the engine for the ice age.  After all, for the dense cloudcover for the ice age, there must have been much greater rates of evaporation off the oceans for that massive cloud-buildup.

And when you consider that Ross still uses the biologically meaningless term species, you know he’s dodging the point that only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, not the millions of so-called species which Ross mockingly agrees with the darwinists would have to have been contained on Noah’s Ark.

Certainly the fact that Noah’s Ark was huge, as large as an oceanliner, which Ross apparently does not contest, further indicates that the flood was much more than just the swollen river or limited sea level rise which he says was Noah’s Flood, so he’s obviously painted himself into a corner, his science not at all comporting with the science of the Bible, which should lead one to ask Hugh, “then at what point in the Bible does real history begin to be recorded?”

The dimensions of Noah’s Ark were denominated in cubits, the ancient universal measure used  from ancient China to atlantean Spain, and to Mexico (the hunab of the ancient Olmecs exactly twice the length or the royal cubit), that unit length earth commensurate, a subdivision of the radius length of the earth (article #2 at, all these fact ignored by Hugh Ross because they prove young earth creationism valid, read more at

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November 30, 2011

Plato wrote in his famous dialogues with Critias and Timaeus that large bronze age trireme ships plied the oceans of the world from the ports of Atlantis, yet he reported that was over 9,000 years before his time, so clearly he was either deceived by Solon’s story from the egyptian priests at Sais about the atlantean chronology, or he had merely ignored the other evidence within his own writing also in Critias and Timaeus that the sea level rise which consumed Atlantis and much of Greece was at the end of the bronze age, Plato havng written that was in the general timeframe of the legendary and truly historical aegean kings Cecrops, Erysichthon, Erechtheus, and Theseus, known to have lived circa 1400 b.c.

And because the pelasgian king Ogyges, namesake of the legendary Ogygian Flood (reputed to have consumed much of Greece), according to ancient greek chronologies, lived circa 1500 b.c., you must certainly wonder what motivated Plato not to have equated this flood with the flooding of the Atlantean Empire (which he said stretched to Italy and Egypt), clearly the world ocean risen hundreds of feet, and certainly not 9,000 years before Plato’s time, per his own contradictory words.

The early christian chronicler Eusebius wrote that the flood of Ogyges was at the time of the Exodus of the hebrews out of Egypt, and the pelasgian king Dardanus who lived circa 1400 b.c. was the historic namesake of the Dardanelles strait which has connected the world ocean to the Black Sea ever since the end of the ice age, so Plato absolutely and willfully allowed the egyptian priest’s distortion about the timeline for the submergence of Atlantis, that legend therefore justifiably deemed impossible by modern archaeologists because bronze age technologies and navigation were certainly not practiced 9,000 years before Plato’s time.  Be sure to read more about the efficacy of the Atlantis legend (when its timeline is rightly rectified) at, and tell your friends, professors too, see what they say.

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November 30, 2011

Why do the bibliophobic darwinists insist that their classificaton term species actually has genetic classification value?  It’s because that if they’d admit the great hybridizing potential among many species, such as among llamas, alpacas, and camels, the darwinists then would have to admit that only about 20.000 syngameons (not species) of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark.

So when you then consider that Noah’s Flood did not cover the current mountain ranges because those ranges rose through the receding flood waters at the close of the flood (see, the whole darwinian timeline is exploded, as the radioisotope dating methods are greatly flawed, with “good readings” deemed to be only those matching the darwinists’ timeline, and not mentioned either that coal, diamonds, and oil contain significant amounts of carbon 14 proving that they are only thousands of years of age.

Hard to imagine for many is that the book of Genesis in the Bible is real history, yet Jesus Christ himself certainly indicated that the people, events (such as Noah’s Flood) and timeline of Genesis is absolutely reliable history, but millions of self-professed christians seem to be calling Jesus a liar in their ignorant disbelief of Genesis history, which obviously plays into the hands of the bibliophobes who would have all believe that Genesis is nonsense, and therefore, that the rest of the Bible should logically not be believed either?

See more proof at, and please refer it to those skeptics of Genesis you know, bibliophobic darwinsists and self-professed christians who are underming the belief by others in the Bible through their ignorance of the fact that Genesis is real history to believe, as is the rest of the Bible.

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November 28, 2011

Where was Atlantis?  Plato in his dialogue with Critias gives a great hint (among many).  He wrote that the region of Cadiz, Spain, was given to Gades, the twin brother of Atlas, Gades or Gadirus given “the cape of the island facing the Pillars of Hercules,” that is Gibraltar.  Atlas (namesake of the Atlantic, the Atlas Mountains, and Atlas books of Maps see article #2 at was given the circular island city of that Atlantean region now submerged about thirty miles south of Cadiz on the continental shelf, submerged since the end of the ice age, so when really did those legendary kings live?

Plato wrote of the trireme ships and bronze age metallurgy sourced by the rich mining district (the still productive Rio Tinto ore district of the Sierra Morena mountains to the north of the circular city of Atlantis and the atlantean plain), and “sea god” Poseidon, the father of Atlas and Gades, was really the biblical Sidon, son of Canaan, so the biblical timeline fits this scenario, the ice age having ended actually circa 1500 b.c. at the time of the Exodus of the jews out of Egypt, confirmed by the submerged bronze age ruins found in many parts of the world and the catastrophic climate change to deserts now realized to have drastically change the ancient landscape of such as Egypt.

Other hints for the location of Atlantis given by Plato in his dialouge with Critias are that another son of Posidon, Elasippus, was the namesake of ancient Olisippos, now known as Lisbon, Portugal, and son Azaes may well have been the namesake of the Azore islands, so when you link these facts with another son, Mneseas (Menes?), probably the namesake of Menouthis, now submerged along the extinct Canopic branch of the Nile off the coast of Egypt near Alexandria, that the Atlantean empire extended from Gibraltar to Egypt and Italy is proven by archaeological fact.  Learn more about all this at

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November 26, 2011

Dear christian Pastor/Evangelist,

While the secular academic world still openly mocks the book of Genesis, laughing for instance that Noah’s Flood must have covered the Himalaya mountains with millions of animal species housed on the Ark (both notions demonstrably false), the vast majority of pastors in America passively sit by smiling meekly preaching to generously give as it shall be given unto them, admonishing their listening flocks to be salt and light in the world, yet hiding in fear of discussing what really is true history in the book of Genesis, after all, the foundational book of the Bible, this none can deny, including the scientific skeptics of course who see it as the achilles heel of christianity, its weakness to be exploited scientifically.

If you can’t believe the book of Genesis, then why believe the rest of the Bible, doesn’t that make sense?  And if the early portions in the book of Genesis are scientifically and archaeologically unbelievable, then where does real history begin to be recorded in the Bible?  Since Noah’s Flood with the genetic bottleneck of the eight humans (and thousands of biblical kinds or syngameons of animals) supposedly is not real history, then the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, the progenies of the eight on the Ark, the tribes which spread out over the world after the Flood, is a laughable historical record too, is that not logical?

The slippery slope is obvious that if you can’t believe Genesis, then why believe that the ancestral line of Jesus Christ the Messiah had come down from Heber (father of the hebrews) who was but six generations from Noah?  The skeptics and christophobes know that when the veracity of Genesis is undermined, then the rest of the Bible falls like a house of cards, so pastor, preacher, global evangelist on tv, why do you put up with that when a multitude of evidences confirming the early history in the Bible are at your fingertips at to confound the mocking skeptics whom now ‘though can be evangelized?

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November 25, 2011

Of course the ancient phoenicians knew that the Strait of Gibraltar was not obstructed when Atlantis went under, as they aggressively plied the waters of the Atlantic ocean from the Mediterranean sea to even the Americas (search engine Phoenicians Evidence Americas) during the iron and bronze age (which was the ice age), the myth of the obstruction of the strait perpetrated by the phoenicians and their allies to protect their monopoly of the shipping and trade lanes to the west.  And reading Plato’s dialogue with Timaeus, you can see that many at that classical Greek time were aware of the Americas, no doubt learned from the phoenicians.  This from Timaeus about the western ocean:

Reference from Plato’s Timaeus:  “From those islands (Canaries and Teneriffes) one could then travel to the entire continent on the other side, which surrounds the real sea beyond.  Everything here inside the strait (Gibraltar or Pillars of Hercules) we’re talking about seems nothing but a harbor (Mediterranean) with a narrow entrance (Strait of Gibraltar), whereas that really is an ocean out there and the land that embraces it all the way around truly deserves to be called a continent.”

So considering the ancient mapping method explained in article #2 at, could it be more obvious that Christopher Columbus was certainly not the first to have travelled to the Americas by sea?  After all, with the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), which are medeival maps sourced from ancient and often ice age maps based on the rate-of-the-earth’s precession mapping method (explained in the link), it’s obvious that the Americas were mapped over three thousand years before Columbus.  And so why is this not discussed in our schools?  It’s because it helps definitively shatter the darwinian paradigm, and lends much credence to the young earth creationism model, details about which you can study further at

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November 24, 2011

During the late bronze age, Kekropia was the name of the citadel fortress known as the Acropolis of Athens before it was renamed circa 800 b.c. for that ancient egyptian goddess Neith/Athena.  The great late-helladic king Cecrops was the original megalithic builder of the Acropolis circa 1300 b.c. (with the nearby acropolis of Kiapha Thiti having been dominant before), so that Plato’s having referred to the city of Athens circa 9600 b.c. in his Atlantis story is certainly rendered ridiculous, Plato even having said that storied Atlantis (and much of Greece) was consumed by the sea in the timeframe of Cecrops, the founder of the the famous Acropolis of Greece.

Actually the first king of the Acropolis was Actaeus, namesake of that ancient name of that greek region Attica, having been then ruled by Cecrops because Actaeus sired no sons, so the true history of ancient Greece was far different in many ways than what Plato had portrayed in his Critias and Timaeus, reporting what the egyptian priests of the post-ice-age port city of Sais, Egypt, had told the greek historian Solon circa 600 b.c., those egyptian priests really ignorant of greek bronze age history, having aggrandized its timeline to a ridiculous degree, of which clearly Plato should have been aware.

Plato reported circa 400 b.c. in his Atlantis story that huge timbers of ancient greek buildings were still evident in Greece from the time when “Athens” had been at war with Atlantis, when ancient Greece according to Plato was much greener with extensive forests of huge trees, so are we really to believe that ancient timbers remained for over 9,000 years until Plato’s time?  King Ogyges is said to have lived circa 1500 b.c. when the “ogygian flood” consumed much of Greece, really the time of the end of the ice age, the time when rainfall began to decrease greatly having diminished the greenery of ice age Greece, then known as Pelasgia in reality, namesake of Pelasgus/Peleg, five generations from Noah, the greek Deucalion of global flood fame.

Read more about all this at, where you’ll discover much more about the rich biblical history revealed in the true chronology of the ancient Mediterranean, and of all the world, the ice age of atlantean and pelasgian times, the “bronze age,” having been caused by the warmer world ocean after Noah’s Flood, it’s just hydrology 101, that only a warmer ocean, geothermally heated, could have been the engine for the much greater evaporation to have formed the dense cloudcover for the ice age, and be sure to run it by your professors.

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November 22, 2011

Why were those millions of animals, many of them wooly mammoths (elephants), frozen in the permafrost tundras along the arctic ocean of the far north?  Frozen there with the carcasses are the remains of the prolific vegetation upon which those elephants and other large animals fed, it was a land of pastures and forests, obviously from a time when the winters were much warmer, when rainfall abounded, for streams and rivers to meander through those lush envrions during the ice age.

For that lush environment where now is frozen tundra, a land of subzero temperatures much of the time, the arctic ocean nearby during the ice age was much warmer, to have produced the dense cloudcover which insulated the far north during the winter, and caused the rainfall year ’round to have produced that green land of of pastures and forests, evidenced in the frozen debris now found in the permafrost tundra.

The animals there during the ice age were swept away by devastating floods when the ice age ended, the meltwater having entombed those creatures with the plantlife upon which they were sustained, then rapidly frozen, but why?  Because the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, the insulating cloudcover (from evaporation off the warmer ocean of the ice age) was greatly dissipated such that the cool winters suddenly became frigidly cold as today, the entombed creatures in the meltwater sediments then having been rapidly frozen, not to be thawed ever since (except somewhat during unusually warm summers).

The darwinists have no reasonable explanation for the frozen creatures from a lush environment now in the frozen tundra of the arctic regions, but with the young earth creationism template, it all makes sense, the warmer ocean for the ice age having been in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, the source of the water for that global catastrophe having been the fountains of the deep, geothermally heated, the engine for the ice age.  Refer to for more about all this, clearly to befuddle your darwinist associates, so have at it.

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November 21, 2011

The thickness of the earth’s crust is analogous to the thickness of the skin on an apple, and beneath the earth’s crust is the mantle material, plastic flow molten rock under great pressure with much compressed steam, vented explosively during volcanic eruptions on the seafloor through the midoceanic ridges and on land from terrestrial volcanos, so during the runaway plate tectonics of Noah’s Flood, the prodigious amounts of compressed steam from great depth released was the source of water for the flood, the “fountains of the deep,” the forty days and nights of rain having been merely vented water blasted high into the air then having fallen down as rain for forty days and nights, until the floodwater had deepened to a level having then buffered the blasting of the water into the atmosphere to fall down as rain for forty days and nights.

When you realize that the runaway plate tectonics (perhaps kicked-off by a meteor impact as cited in some ancient legends) caused the uplift of today’s mountain ranges of compressed flood-sedimentary layers when continental plates crashed into each other (such as for the Himalaya uplift), that the mockers of the book Genesis say the flood must have covered today’s mountain ranges is rendered specious, as the floodwater slid of the thickening continents at the close of the flood year into then the deepening ocean basins, which deepened because the new lava seafloor was cooling to have become more dense to then sink down atop the molten mantle material below from which the fountains of the deep had emitted through what now are the midoceanic rift zones.

The fossil record reflects the rapid entombment of billions of creatures during Noah’s Flood, most of those creatures predictably marine creatures, because the land creatures retreated from the rising floodwater to eventually drown and decay above the sediments laid down below during that catastrophic event anciently recalled by hundreds of people groups, the progeny of the eight humans, of the human syngameon, who survived that flood described most accurately in the book of Genesis.  Global geology actually confirms the flood, when honestly analyzed, after all sedimentary means laid down in water, up on the continents, certainly Noah’s Flood.  Read more about all this at and, and for the ancient history after the flood, checkout, certainly the science of the future, old school man.