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April 30, 2010

Look at all the root cari’s in Caribe tribe, Caribbean Sea, Carioca (the original name of the Rio de Janeiro site), and Caracas; so what’s with this widespread prefix root word in South America?  It’s from the bronze age Carians, across the Atlantic beyond Atlan, submerged since 1500 b.c., the feather-headressed Carians who were mariners based in the eastern Mediterranean, related to the Hittites and certainly mariners extraordinaire, some of the first to have settled what’s now called South America, along its eastern and northern coasts, probably much of that transoceanic voyaging after the Ice Age ended, when all the bronze age civilizations lost much land to the sea.

Ancient Carioca in Brazil (Breasil), now Rio de Janeiro, means abode (oca) of the Carians, the suffix similar to the ionian greek term (oika), the Ionians having been the famous aegean mariners just to the west of Caria (southwestern Turkey), so the linkages are undeniable, yet unthinkable to the darwinists, who ignorantly say nobody sailed to the Americas before Christopher Columbus, part of the big lie, because the ancient mariners sailed the oceans of the world by the navigational method explained in article #2 at, and note the Andes mountains and the Antisuyo tribe of Columbia were named after Antaeus, Antis, a name of the Quechua tribe of Peru, Antaeus of atlantean lore, and Atlas was the namesake of Atlantis, a great grandson of Ham, known as Cheron, or Chronos, the time man.

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Glenn Beck Show 04/29/10 Topic Franklin Raines Fannie Mae Ringleader Reassignment Patent Granted Democrats Eco Fraud Patented Environmental Computer Program Chicago Carbon Credit Trading Board Trade Operation Cap Tax Trading Air Obama Progressive Greenie Scam Global Governance

April 30, 2010

Whatever happened to Franklin Raines, the scammer from Fannie Mae who gave loans to just about anybody, and why is Fannie Mae not being addressed in the talks about financial reform on the Hill, and why was Franklin Raines never prosectued?  The answers in order are that he began work on a patented computer system for Al and Barack’s Chicago Board of Carbon Credit Trading, the brainchild of the globalists of the progressive left, now implemented there, but no customers, so they are planning to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as funding mechanisms for green finance, with the scoundrel Franklin Raines at the reigns of the mechanics of it, previously of Fannie Mae, what a ruse, and Glenn Beck is the only one talking about it.

Gordon Brown’s Gaffe Sort of Bigoted Labour Party Woman International Tea Party Concerns Illegal Aliens Immigration Eastern Europe Mexico Africa United States Tea Party National Sovereignty Secure Borders Globalism Gordon Brown Caught Socialist Progressive Pants Down Campaign Disaster

April 29, 2010

Gordon Brown calls the woman bigoted who’s legitimately concerned with eastern Europeans flooding into her beloved Britain virtually unchecked, sapping government services, those illegal aliens having more allegiance no doubt to easthern Europe than Britain, a similar circumstance which faces America with millions of illegal-alien latinos in this country (and quite a few from eastern Europe too), who have no allegiance to America, after all, they’re illegal aliens, who vote for the party which coddles them, the democrat party, it’s a pipeline for new democrat voters, which is why the democrats so fear the new arizona illegal alien law, surely putting a dent in the democrat demographic.

Hypocrite Barack Obama Says Illegal Aliens Must Have Show Us Papers Arizona Immigration Law Why Barack Obama Witholds Long Form Birth Certificate Papers Citizenship Documentation Hypocrisy Middle East Policy Peace Process Palestinian Rights Holy Land Canaanite Liberation Organization CLO Atlan Azltan Mistaken Homelands Geopolitics Religion Table of Nations Key Understanding Modern World Politics

April 28, 2010

Today Barack Obama said that latinos whose ancestors have been in Arizona since before its statehood can expect to have their legal status papers checked when they go for ice cream because of the new law in Arizona to get some of the half million illegals in the state to leave, so Obama thinks those are fourth generation since before Arizona statehood?  President Obama also says the Palestinians have claim to Jerusalem, when but the Philistines never controlled more than greater Gaza, and the Canaanites those who preceded the Jews in Jerusalem, so who and where are the Canaanites today, perhaps Maher, Chavez, Hitchens, Wright, Farrakhan, and Khaddafi?

And in defending the illegal aliens’ supposed right to be here (Atlan was really Atlantis), not wanting their papers checked when arrested or questioned about nonrelated infractions, Mr. Obama apparently wants company in his plight to withold his papers, of the long form birth certificate variety, which makes you wonder what he has to hide.  Have you ever googled Frank Marshall Davis Obama?  I wonder if that has much to do with it?  It really seems there are many papers to be produced as the 2010 elections approach, and will the Canaanites rally to form the CLO, and can democrats win without the illegal alien vote?

Audacious Claim Darwinists Shriek Noah’s Ark Dimensions Cubits Found Mount Ararat Turkish Chinese Team Yeung Wing Cheung Panda Lee Noah’s Ark Ministries International First Sighting 2008 Wooden Ship Remains Confirmed Arkology Dutch Expert Gerrit Aalten Cornell Pinhead Archaeologist Peter Ian Kunihom Says Reported Find Crock Noah’s Ark Discovery Reckoning Day Darwinism Biblical Old Young Earth Creationism Models Controversy

April 28, 2010

Archaeologist Panda Lee of Noah’s Ark Ministries International in 2008 first discovered the purported wooden remains of Noah’s Ark at 13,000 feet on Mount Ararat now being reported in much of the world press, photos of it circulating, at least so far the mortar and tenon wooden compartments (which held animals), some with big wooden beams, and Lee reports beams of at least 60 feet in the debris which extends hundreds of feet, much of it buried in glacial ice and lava rock there 2,000 vertical feet above any permanent quarters ever built on Mount Ararat, so if not Noah’s Ark, is it an out-of-this-world wooden vehicle from outer space which was grounded?  How will the darwinists try to rationalize this?  Will they say it was planted up there by crazed evangelists trying to prove the Bible?

If the world comes to accept that the remains discovered are of a huge wooden vessel, not from outer space, then the ball is in the darwinists’ court to try to explain away the global flood model for the earth’s ancient history, and I love the irony that Mount Ararat is composed of pillow basalts, extruded into water, the evidence right there under their feet if those darwinists ever get on up the mountain to look at the remains for themselves.  The turkish government has asked for UNESCO status for the site, for its protection, so we’ll look on with great curiosity seeing how this whole thing will be handled the mainstream press and academia.

What was the size of Noah’s Ark?  It was 300 cubits by 80 cubits by 50 cubits, and a cubit’s length?  It was determined by the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree, simply explained in article #2 at, the same cubit length for the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, clearly built after the flood, which of course covered the whole world, when the mountains and continents then uplifted at the close of the flood, surely proven in the geology, see chapter nine in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to checkout, information which the darwinists find impossible to explain away.  And see

Noah’s Ark Discovery Turkey Mount Ararat Who Discoverer Hong Kong Based Noah’s Ark Ministries International Pictures Wooden Ship Compartments Beams Mortar Tenon Carpentry Construction Technique 13,000 Foot Elevation Level Beneath Lava Flow Glacier Photos UNESCO Designation Request Noah’s Ark Remnants Ruins Explored Discovered Mount Ararat Young Earth Creationism What Will Tea Party Sarah Palin Hugh Ross Say Comments Biblical Proofs Genesis Veracity

April 27, 2010

Hong Kong based Noah’s Ark Ministries has pictures on the web of a wooden compartment, built with mortar and tenon carpentry (of eight inch-wide planks), discovered at the 13,000 foot level on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, they say one of several of these compartments entered, some with massive beams, and the whole field of wooden remains said to cover at least a hundred meters, much of it under lava flow and glacier, and at 13,000 feet, that’s 2,000 vertical feet higher than any permanent habitation throughout history there, so it sure looks like the real deal, and so what will the darwinists say, Al Gore’s summer home, or Osama Bin Ladin’s hideout?

Of course the darwinists are already laughing about what kind of flood could have gone up to the 13,000 foot level on Mount Ararat, but they insist on their own self-imposed prideful ignorance of the fact that the mountains and continents rose at the close of that flood, so mountains such as Ararat poked through the floodwater toward the end of the flood as the new ocean basins of basaltic oceanic crust between then-separated Pangea sank as that lava material lithified, receiving the flood water off the continents as they steadily rose, much because of a massive shift of magma from beneath the deepening ocean basins to under the continental crustal plates, pushing them up as the flood ended. See

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Date Timeline Founding Bronze Heroic Age Troy Trojan Empire Dardanelles Bosporus Straits Black Sea Infilling Chronology Controversy Ancient History Iliad Ilium King Ilus Son of Erechtheus Grandson Dardania Mount Ida Turkey Dardanus Flood Dardan Ogyges Jason Argonauts Voyage Dardanelles Strait Passed Up Young Troy Trojan Empire Hellespont Aegean Sea

April 27, 2010

Did you ever consider that when the heroic age navigators Jason and the Argonauts sailed into the Straits of Dardanus to enter on-up-into the Black Sea, no mention is made of Troy on the promontory just south there of the Dardanelles?  The Argonauts sailed right past the site of what would soon be the great city of Troy because its founders, Troas (Troy) and Ilus (Ilium) were son and grandson of Dardanus, after whom the Strait to the Black Sea was named.

Dardanus first sailed to the region after the world ocean had risen about three feet per year for a century or so with the end of the Ice Age, the flood known to the greeks as the Flood of Ogyges, when hill-tops became islands according to greek legends and literature, after which cities such as Cecropia (later called Athens), Pylos, Tiryns, and Troy were built, not before, but after the Flood of Dardanus and Ogyges, who lived in the timeframe when the Ice Age actually ended.

The submerged bronze age ruins in hundreds of locations across the globe attest to the fact that the ice age ended much later then wer’re told by darwinian academics, rarely discussed in the mainstream media and schools for obvious reasons; see for much more confirmation that history as is described in the Bible, the science of the future, old school man.

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April 27, 2010

With the patriotic people of Arizona standing up to Barack Obama’s open borders policy, now having passed some proactive get-tough legislation to deal with the half million illegals in the state (many of them creating mayhem), all Americans need to know that the mexican claim is completely bogus that their ancient homeland, Atlan, was in what now are the western United States, what they say is the “land of the herons,” there amidst a vast desert, go figure, let’s not let them rewrite history to ruin America.

All too plain is that Atlan is the root of the word Atlantic, and the Popol Vu says the ancient mexican ancestors had come across the eastern ocean, which is the Atlantic, so could it be any more obvious that Atlan was Atlantis, all named after Atlas, a son of Posidon?  And Posidon was no god, just a man, great Sidon, who was a son of Canaan, can you believe it?  Read on under category Atlantis Revealed, and see why they said the legendary Atlas held up the heavens in article #2 at

Greek Athenian Kings Plato’s Atlantis Cecrops Erechtheus Erysichthon Erechthonius Theseus Timeline Timeframe Flood Ogyges End Bronze Iron Heroic Age Global Catastrophic Climate Sea Level Rise Story Atlantean League Empire Eastern Atlantic Ocean Western Mediterranean Sea Travel

April 27, 2010

If you want to see the predominant truth of Plato’s Atlantis story, just remove his date for the submergence of Atlantis, and then what do you have left?  It’s a clear description of bronze age naval warfare, with the western Atlantean empire against the eastern Mediterranean league led by the Greeks, whom Plato mistakenly calls Athenian in his story, because Cecropia was the name of that hilltop fortress then, Cecrops was a king in heroic age Greece circa 1300 b.c., one of the kings Plato mentions having lived in the general timeframe of the demise of Atlantis.

Cecrops helped Greece rebound after the catastrophic climate change and sea level rise which disrupted all the ancient civilizations, when the Ice Age ended at that time of the Exodus, the climate change described in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, and according to ancient greek history, the flood of Ogyges, which was the flood of Atlantis, timeline corrected to 1500 b.c., the timeframe which truly matches all of Plato’s account except his crazy 9600 b.c. date for bronze age naval warfare.  And see

Archaic Irrigation Canals Drainage Mesopotamia Tigris Euphrates Rivers Watershed Methods Waterworks Book Paper Reviews Bronze Age Climate Change Harvey Weiss Yale Robert Wenke Patterns Prehistory Global Drought Collapse Dark Ages Sumer Akkad Babylon Empires Widespread Irrigation Ancient World Iron Age Times Holocene Pleistocene Dating Problem Archaeology Tells Clay Brick Cities Present Deserts

April 26, 2010

We hear much about the vast irrigation works for the prosperity of ancient Babylon, but the preceding cultures there in mesopotamia, of Sumer and Akkad for instance, certainly had no need for the extensive irrigation necessitated by the time of the babylonian empire which began in the 1000 b.c. timeframe, its ruins now in the parched desert just south of Baghdad, with a new version of it built there by wildman Saddam Hussein, he ostensibly having been the new Nebuchadnezzar.

Reading Robert Wenke’s excellent Patterns in Prehistory, he notes that beginning circa 1000 b.c., because the Euphrates river flows down to the Persian Gulf at greater elevation in mesopotamia than the Tigris to the east, irrigation canals were dug from the Euphrates to drain to the east over to the lower elevation Tigris river, a gravity flow irrigation system which was needed by that time because the Ice Age had begun to end circa 1500 b.c., when the geography in the region began to go from fields, forests, shallow lakes, marshes, and streams, to vast parched seas of windblown sand, the time of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt.

See how it was so,