What is Meaning Definition Interpretation Intent Purpose of Jeremiah Wright’s Term Phrase Black Church Liberation Theology Muslim Islam Equal Standing Same Salvation Mixing Christianity Born Again with Social Gospel Example Raila Odinga Kenya Muslim Backed Barack Obama’s Cousin

April 30, 2008

Barack Obama’s cousin, Raila Odinga, who recently lost in his run for the presidency of Kenya, claims to be a Christian (like Obama does), but he was backed by the muslim population of Kenya, who reacted to Odinga’s loss by killing about a thousand Christians, burning their homes and vehicles, all because their man Odinga, funded by Libya’s Mohammar Khaddafi, could not fulfill their dream of islamic Sharia Law for Kenya, which Odinga had promised them if elected, with the help of Barack Obama. 

Obama was in Kenya campaigning for Odinga when he was caught by the photographer in his infamous muslim-haj outfit, so it’s no surprise that Obama’s longtime pastor and confidante Jeremiah Wright says that salvation can be obtained by followers of Christianity, as well as, of Islam, which is anathema to the New Testament, but this is what Wright terms the “black church,” as he (ostensibly a Christian) lauds and awards the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, prints Hamas material by Musa Abu Marzook in his church bulletin, and claims that Jesus was an African, thus supposedly negating the Jews rightful claim to the Holy Land.

This is the “social gospel” of Wright, Dwight Hopkins, James Cone, and Barack Obama, who seek to merge Islam with Christianity in the ‘black community,” to mobilize this attempted merger as a political force, on behalf of the radical left, trying to make a mockery of the Bible (and the Koran too actually), which the American people are realizing, knowing that Jesus said you must be born again for salvation, by the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Father, as Jesus said “no man (or woman) comes to the Father but by me.”

Crucial North Carolina Democrat Primary Election Black African American Vote Jeremiah Wright Defends His “Mama’s Black Church” North Carolina Obama Vote Margin Like Pennsylvania Margin Hillary Key for Superdelegates Consider Raila Odinga Louis Farrakhan Mohammar Khaddafi Connections

April 30, 2008

With his declaration that the turn against him by Barack Obama and the mainstream media is really an attack against the “black church,” Jeremiah Wright has become the pivot-point for the Democrats’ presidential primary considerations in North Carolina, May 6, because with the large african-American population in North Carolina, we shall see how many blacks there believe that Wright (Obama’s twenty-year mentor and spiritual adviser) speaks for the “black church,” as he has recently claimed.  Since Wright says that Islam can lead one to salvation just as can Christianity, Wright’s term “black church” includes Muslims, such as Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and thus, is an unholy political alliance by the merger of Islam with Christianity, much to Jesus’ chagrin, I’m sure.

Similar to the Pennsylvania primary, where it was said that Hillary needed to win that one (and did) by eight or nine points to maintain her campaign’s viability, so too must Obama carry North Carolina by that spread, in order to maintain legitimacy as the alternative to Hillary, with the black North Carolina vote being key to Obama achieving the double-digit win which the experts say he needs so badly.  Polls this morning (April 30) show Obama’s lead in North Carolina down in single digits already, so it looks grim for Team Obama, as Hillary’s lead in Indiana continues to grow, and as the public learns that Obama campaigned for muslim-backed Raila Odinga in Kenya a few months ago, whose campaign was bankrolled by none other than Mohammar Khaddafi, the buddy of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

“Right Brained Black” Jeremiah Wright Press Tour Speaking Engagements Islam Compatible Christianity Musa Abu Marzook Hamas Co Founder Terrorist Pastor’s Page Trinity United Church of Christ Jeremiah Wright Barack Obama Black Jesus Lauds Acclaims Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam

April 29, 2008

During his whirlwind speaking tour which is badly damaging Barack Obama’s campaign, Jeremiah Wright is saying that Islam is compatible with new testament Christianity, that the God of the Bible is Allah, the god of the Koran and Islam, which is absurd, as Jesus said “no man comes to the Father but by me,” and at the end of Revelation, Jesus says “anyone who adds on or takes away from this book shall be anathema,” this from the Bible and Jesus whom Wright professes to believe, so the Koran, an add-on in the sense that it claims to be “the last revelation,” cannot be a way to salvation, as Jesus says “I am The way, The truth, and The life.”

Since Wright considers himself “right-brained” (because he’s black), supposedly this makes him more intuitive, but his intuition is failing him now, as his supposed friend and protege, Obama, is going down the tubes because of Wright’s antics on his speaking tour.  But it’s really Obama’s and the Democrat party’s own fault that this is happening, they should have known that Wright publishing a Hamas manifesto, written by no less than Musa Abu Marzook (cofounder of Hamas), in the Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin, July 22, 2007, under the “pastor’s page,” would be a problem for the Obama campaign, not to mention that candidate Obama worked on Raila Odinga’s campaign in Kenya which was bankrolled by Wright’s buddy Mohammar Khaddafi of Libya.

In saying that Islam leads to salvation just as does Christianity, Jeremiah Wright’s friendship with Louis Farrakhan now makes more sense.  These men mix the two religions for political means, trying to merge Islam and Christianity as a political movement, a political movement of big government and hyper political correctness where the wishes of the Islamicists will be catered to even more.  This is not what we’re looking for here in America, so Obama’s campaign is rapidly running out of steam, it’s Hillary and McCain in November.

Emboldened Black Liberation Advocate Jeremiah Wright Offers to Debate Instead of Barack Hussein Obama Against Hillary Rodham Clinton Primaries North Carolina Indiana Democrat Race Moment of Truth

April 28, 2008

No Press (Tokyo) is reporting that Jeremiah Wright, described as “the senator’s religious alter ego,” and emboldened by the rousing receptions of his recent speeches at the National Press Club and NAACP meetings, has offered to debate senator Hillary, in senator Barack Hussein Obama’s stead, sometime leading up to the very important May 6 presidential primaries in North Carolina and Indiana.  Obama says he’s too busy to debate between now and then, but no word yet of any response to Wright’s generous offer from Team Obama. 

Obama’s Inspiration Jeremiah Wright National Press Club Speech Address Denies Diety Uniqueness of Jesus Christ Says Islam Leads to Salvation Black Liberation Theology Marxist Muslim Alliance

April 28, 2008

Today at the National Press Club in D.C., Jeremiah Wright (supposedly a christian minister and certainly Barack Obama’s mentor and confidante) said that Islam is an equally valid way to salvation as new testament Christianity, demolishing Jesus’ statement that “no man (nor woman) comes to the Father but by me,” calling Jesus merely a prophet, and obviously denying Jesus’ divinity, as he makes a mockery of Jesus’ claim that “I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life,” and so, Wright’s claim that he is a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is obviously a lie.  Wright, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is playing the race card to achieve the marxist socialist goals of Obama and his rich buddies who want more government control over the U.S., using divisive politics, in alliance with Hamas and the PLO (google Rashid Khalidi Woods Foundation William Ayers Obama), to attempt to fool us Americans into thinking that marxist socialistic change must occur to appease the supposedly wronged african Americans and Muslims, who seek to bring a type of change much more favorable to islamic jihad against Americans, which the democrat superdelegates are realizing more all the time. 

Jeremiah Wright Speech Keynote Address NAACP Left Brained Whites Right Brained Blacks Contradiction Martin Luther King Jr. Teaching Judge Not by Skin Color (Race) but Content of Character Barack Obama Pastor Disaster

April 28, 2008

In his speech to the NAACP last night, Jeremiah Wright opined that “blacks are right-brained and whites are left-brained, and so, they learn differently,” completely flying in the face of Martin Luther King’s admonition to judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin (as Wright’s position holds that blacks and whites are inherently different), so where does that put Obama, who is half white and half black?  Is Obama right-brained or left-brained, or middle-brained?  This would be a great question to ask Wright and Obama (who says that Wright is his inspiration), and I’m sure Martin Luther King Jr. would be very interested to hear the answer too.

NAACP Leader Reverend Wendell Anthony Introduces Jeremiah Wright Keynote Speech Address Black Jesus “African American Religious Tradition” Liberation Theology not Martin Luther King’s Judge Men/Women by Content of Character not Skin Color

April 28, 2008

Jeremiah Wright has it all wrong, Martin Luther Kings Jr. said to judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, yet Wright stood up there tonight in his speech to the NAACP saying blacks and whites are different in how they learn, what they are capable of learning, and that black Africans taught the Jews their jewish history which was memorized by the Africans to be taught back to the Jews (after the time of King David), who then applied the narration to script for the first time, because whites like most Jews are better at reading and writing than blacks, according to Wright.  And from this distorted view of history, Wright feels that blacks and Arabs have the right to the Holy Land, with the Jews being only bit players in history, and not rightful heirs of that land, which it clearly is if you read what the Bible says about all this, the Bible which Wright claims to uphold.

Reverend Wendell Anthony introduced Wright to the crowd, with a rousing oration about how blacks suffer like Jesus, implying that only blacks suffer, and mostly at the hands of whites to boot.  But America today is nothing like that, there is mostly equal opportunity in our great land, and Martin Luther King, I’m sure, would be quite pleased with the progress of blacks in american business, politics, and generally, religion, but hearing Pastors Anthony and Wright spew their black victimization race card material would make him somewhat ill, I’m sure, as King said to judge a man by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin.

Black Liberation Theology Barack Hussein Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s Speech Detroit NAACP Meeting “Different not Deficient” Says Blacks Trained to Learn by Word of Mouth Memorization not Reading Books Jews Learned Pentateuch through Psalms from African Oral Traditional Storytellers

April 28, 2008

Barack Obama’s longtime pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright, delivered a curious address at the NAACP meeting in Detroit tonight, saying that ancient black Africans taught the Old Testament, by oral tradition, from the Pentateuch through at least the Psalms, to the Jews, who then recorded the words in script for the first time, sometime after King David, learning it all from Africans, turning good scholarship on its head, and showing that Wright and the black liberation theology movement of Wright and Obama are based upon false history which undermines the integrity and place in history of the Jewish people, and so, makes these men of the “black social gospel” to be wolves in sheep’s clothing who are actually opposed to Israel, with Wright even printing Hamas material in his church bulletin, and Obama recently having been endorsed for president by the honchos of Hamas and the PLO, who seek the destruction of Israel.

Jeremiah Wright says black children and white children learn differently, that white children learn to read from looking at differently shaped blocks in their cribs, while black children learn to memorize verbiage from their parents, not to read, but to learn by memorization of oral traditions, and so, the block-staring white kids have a built-in advantage, early on, for skill in reading, while blacks, supposedly being “right brained,” are apparently not predisposed to reading as are white kids, according to Wright’s understanding of the “races.”

He didn’t say where Orientals, Latinos, or Arabs, fit into all this, but as I said before, he claims that Africans brought the Old Testament to the Jews, sometime after 1000 B.C., which will certainly be news to the Jews and Gentiles around the world who will see this as complete nonsense, and so, call into greater question Obama’s grasp of history and his decisions which would be based upon a false sense of reality.  Since Wright was the inspiration for Obama’s book Audacity of Hope, it’s likely that Obama subscribes to Wright’s bizarre interpretations.

Ultra Leftist Barack Obama’s Dodge Boycott Over Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace Lands Obama Jeremiah Wright Relationship Like Republican Senator Tom Coburn Federal Grant Database Legislation Jeremiah Wright “Crazy Uncle” Defends Record Team Obama Public Relations “Pastor Disaster” Kinky Friedman

April 27, 2008

Jeremiah Wright is going public these days, speaking at the NAACP meeting in Dallas, and the National Press Club in D.C., no doubt defending his record and statements for all the world to hear; apparently part of Obama’s plan, as I recall some prominent talking head recently said that Team Obama had hired a PR firm to “handle” Wright; these appearances apparently being part of the program.  And Obama said on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today, after having dodged Chris for many months, that Jeremiah Wright is no closer to him than republican senator Tom Coburn of Okahoma, with whom Obama collaborated for legistlation to provide a database for federal grant referral, that’s about it; and so, Obama expects us to believe that the republican Coburn and Obama, having known each other for only two years, have a similar level of familiarity and confidentiality which Obama and Wright apparently no longer enjoy, but had for over twenty years, with Obama crediting Wright as the inspiration for his book Audacity of Hope?

As Kinky Friedman calls it, “Obama’s Pastor Disaster,” the democrat superdelegates are (no doubt) viewing all this with perplexity and dismay, afterall, what should they do?  Should they go for Hillary, and risk a low turnout for her in the general election against McCain, or should they go for Obama, knowing full well that his direct and indirect linkages to Mohammar Khaddafi, Raila Odinga, Rashid Khalidi and the PLO and Hamas, Louis Farrakhan, and William Ayers, will cause many millions of moderate Democrats to vote for John McCain?  The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with their two ultaliberal candidates, both of whom now have very high negative ratings, so it’s really a coin flip for them at this point. 

Update Hillary Clinton Campaign Office Building Fire Terra Haute Investigation Arson Ruled Out Either Lightning Strike or Electrical Wiring Malfunction Problem Official Cause of Fire Indiana Primary Looming Superdelegates Decision

April 27, 2008

I have scoured the net for updates on the investigation of the fire which burned down Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Terra Haute on April 11, and the latest I can find is that investigators have ruled out arson as the cause, saying that it must have been an electrical wiring malfunction or a lightning strike which caused the inferno.  But how can they know the cause was in fact not arson when you consider that they can’t even tell whether or not it was lightning or a wiring problem which they say were the only two possible causes (and so how can they know arson was not in play)?

It’s unknown to me how the news of this investigation is playing out with the people of Indiana as their primary approaches to select either Obama or Hillary for the Democrats’ nominee for president, but from what I’ve read and noted here, the official explanation is illogical, and raises questions that maybe somebody is covering for somebody, there is no other way to perceive this if what has been reported is the extent of the investigation to this point, so perhaps we shall see further updates, to learn whether it was “an electrical fire or a lightning strke.”