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December 31, 2011

Folks are beginning to search engine the ending slogan for the radio ads of the Genesis Veracity Foundation, “the science of the future, old school man;” very encouraging because it’s nice to have a motto which sticks in people’s heads and they seem to like, as has been indicated by many.  We hope that you refer your friends and associates to the foundation website (, to realize that biblical history and the science implied (if not flat-out indicated such as that only a warmer ocean after the fountains of the deep of Noah’s Flood could have been the engine for the ice age) truly is the science of the future, old school man.

Atlantis is explained as real history (see category here Atlantis Revealed) with the biblical chronology of events, people, and geography laid out in the Bible, in this case from the book of Genesis through the time of the Exodus when the ice age ended, having flooded Atlantis and caused the catastrophic climate change when the hebrews migrated out of Egypt, that climate change confirmed in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, little discussed in mainstream circles because it confounds their timeline for the ice age, yet comporting with God’s Word that the earth and universe are about six thousand years old.

The honest skeptics ask why should you believe all of the Bible when its foundation the book of Genesis clearly written so blatantly contradicts what is taught in our schools about the ancient history of the human kind?  Well with the “science of the future,” Genesis is not to be doubted by any honest analysts, so take the time to peruse the material, it’s really irrefutable, the ancient history which Jesus when incarnated treated as the real deal, not some mythology conjured-up by sun-stroked iron age shepherds in Israel, what the darwinists would have you believe.  And checkout, to see that all but the six days of creation was witnessed and recorded by humans in the book of Genesis, the foundational book of the Bible.

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December 30, 2011

Bibliophobes stubbornly insist to say that “proto canaanite” was the first ancient writing script to utilize an alphabet, yet actually more ancient “paleo hebrew” writing used essentially the same letters of that alphabet (all consonants), dating far further back than the canaantie writing, proven by that all of the early portions of Genesis (long before Canaan lived), except the account of the six days of creation, were written by eyewitnesses (, surely making it clear that Canaan learned the alphabet from his father Ham who was a son of Noah of true global flood fame.

Many of the Dead Sea Scrolls were copies of the book Genesis, those copies written circa 300 b.c. and thereafter, mostly in the “paleo hebrew” script, demonstrating that the content of the book of Genesis has not changed through millenia, so we can know that all of the Bible has not changed, the other books of the old testament represented in those Dead Sea Scrolls bearing testimony.  The aramaic language and script of Aram, a son of Shem, was mostly used to write the books of the Old Testament during the Second Temple period, after the conquered Jews had been taken to Babylon, then returned, yet the copies of the “proto hebrew” writing were maintained for posterity.

Of course the Phoenicans by led Cadmus and his brother Phoenix circa 1200 b.c. brought that alphabet to the people of the Mediterranean, the Greeks, Etruscans, and later the Latins, having added vowels for their applications of it to their languages, while all along it had been the Hebrews, named after Eber (six generation after Noah), who were responsible for carrying that writing scheme to the world, the Canaanites having merely borrowed it, then the Phoenicians, whose ancestry was mostly canaanite, distributed it by sea.  Read more about the post Flood world at, the science of the future, old school man.

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December 27, 2011

Those of the darwinian bent will tell you that the Russians in 1818 were the first to have discovered Antarctica, yet when you view the Oronteus Finaeus and Piri Reis maps, both drawn in the 1500’s from ancient source maps admitted by those medieval cartographers on the maps themselves, it’s obvious that mariners millenia before had voyaged across the south Pacific and Atlantic, seeing and mapping the coastline of Antarctica in the really great detail shown on the maps, unthinkable to the darwinists.

New Age devotees such as Graham Hancock say that the source maps for those Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (in book form by Charles Hapgood) were indeed drawn during the ice age, which ended they say with their darwinist cohorts circa 10000 b.c., but of course sailing vessels for such voyages are not known to have been built ’til the 2000 b.c. timeframe, placing Hancock and co. in an intellectual and historical straightjacket, not reconcilable with their darwinian historical template, but real when one realizes that the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., proven by the submerged “bronze age” ruins found in many parts of the world.

And those stubborn lemmings of status quo mainstream science have yet to acknowledge as fact the ancient mapping method which explains how the archaic mariners did it, having mapped much of the world accurately in ice age times and the centuries thereafter, laid out for you in article #2 at, largely ignored, probably because it was deduced by a young earth creationist, demonstrating that ET’s need not have done it, wishfully hypothesized by such as Hancock, and all flat-out ignored and avoided by the darwinists.  Read more here, the science of the future.

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December 26, 2011

Mainstream ancient linguists say that the kingdom name Kush is of unknown origin, yet Kush was a son of the Ham in the Bible’s Table of Nations in Genesis 10, so you can see the bibliophobia oozing from their pores, in overt denial that the book of Genesis has any historical merit whatsoever, when but the history and names in the Bible are the key to unlocking the mysteries about ancient scripts and geographic regions, mysteries to such as Andrew Robinson who wrote Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World’s Undecifered Scripts, in which he indicates that the commonality of the naming of the Kusht river of Afghanistan, the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan, the city of Kish of ancient Mesopotamia (that region known as Khuzistan), and the kingdom of Kush south of Egypt, is mere coincidence, and the source of that name for those particular regions unknown in all cases.

The ancient greek historian Ephorus circa 340 b.c. wrote that the Kushites were both Asiatic and African, the Red Sea dividing them, connected by navigation, and Homer (circa 800 b.c.) then Herodotus (circa 440 b.c.) wrote that the Ethiopians (Cushites) lived in Egypt, Arabia, Palestine, western Asia (Mesopotamia) and India, so do Robinson and the others doubt this corroborative evidence too?  Yes indeed, for to think that an ancient tribe could have had that kind of far-reaching range is unthinkable to them, rendered true with the resettling of the world in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood (see, the template for the ancient migrations laid out in Genesis 10.

Ityopis was a son of Kush according to the Book of Aksum, Ityopia his kingdom, so clearly that son of Kush was the namesake of Ethiopia, one and the same as the ancient Kingdom of Kush of northeastern Africa which was centered at Meroe on the upper Nile in current day Sudan.  Other sons of Kush were Ramah of the Rama empire of India, and Seba later worshipped as the indian god Shiva, then there’s Nimrod, known to the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria as Lamurudu, and Nimrod a very popular name in Egypt circa 1000 b.c., so it’s obvious that those dark skinned people settled much of the ancient world, the sons of Ham having been great explorers as the Bible specifically indicates.

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December 25, 2011

The fascinating Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings compiled by Charles Hapgood in that great book have flummoxed mainstream scientists and historians for decades now; medieval maps drawn from very ancient source maps indicating that global navigators were plying the oceans of the world during the ice age, which is painfully unthinkable to ignorant mainstream academicians, so they really have no explanation for the “anomalous” maps, remaining all but silent on the subject, just ask them, then prepared to fill in the blanks for them with the groundbreaking information at

Refer to the Piri Reis map for instance, showing the shoreline of South America and Antarctica in remarkable detail, the very ancient source maps obvioulsy spliced together in ignorant style because the medieval navigators such as Piri Reis had never been there, only the ancient source maps in their possession to have been put together.  So who had really sailed initially to the south Atlantic to have drawn those coastlines in such great cartographic detail?

Plato wrote in his Atlantis story that the Mediterranean Sea was just a harbor compared to the great ocean beyond, the Atlantic, named after Atlas (a son of Posidon who was Sidon son of Canaan), and beyond it he wrote was a great contintent to which the Atlanteans had navigated.  There is the answer for the source maps of the ancient sea kings, they were Atlanteans, later known as Phoenicians, who after the ice age assisted the Hebrews from the time of the Judges through and past the time of King Solomon with the Ships Tarshish spoken of in the Bible.

Tarshish was later called Tartessos, a great mining kingdom of the ancient world, the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains of southern Spain the source of those mineral riches, those the mountains to the north of the Atlantean plain of which Plato wrote.  Of course Tarshish was a great grandson of Noah in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, and Eber of the line of Shem was the namesake of the Iberian Peninsula (what Plato called a nesos like the Peloponnesos), so the biblcial template provides all the answers, much to the darwinists’ chagrin.

The solving of this long-standing Atlantis mystery is a great key for global christian evangelism, demonstrating to the world that the Bible has all the answers, while the mainstream scientists are left gasping for breath with no answers at all.  Explainng too the submerged megalithic ruins on the Bahama Banks off Bimini and other islands there, the biblical template illustrates that those ruins were from ice age times, before the sea level rose to consume the city of Atlantis (now submerged about thirty miles south of Cadiz, Spain) and Atlantean outposts such as on the Bahama  Banks across Plato’s great western ocean, submerged since the end of the ice age circa 1500 b.c.

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December 23, 2011

Plato certianly lied when he wrote that the submergence of Atlantis had blocked the passage from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, that passage the Strait of Gibraltar, anciently known as the Pillars of Hercules, because Plato when writing circa 350 b.c. about Atlantis and its demise (with the end of the ice age) surely knew that greeks were colonizing all over the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) centuries before his time, from around 700 b.c. on up to and through his time, beginning with the report by Herodotus that the greek navigator Kolaios of Samos had sailed to Tartessos (the ruins of its capital now under Seville), and the founding of Mainake within the kingdom of Tartessos (named after the biblical Tarshish).

And phocaean Greeks founded Massalia (now Marseilles) on the french coast not far from Gibraltar circa 600 b.c, those greeks beyond doubt were knowledgable too that the Straits of Gibraltar were not blocked, and then they founded Nicaea, later known as Nice, named after the greek goddess Nike, and then Monoikos, now known as Monaco.  The greeks in that region were rivals of the Carthaginians of north Africa, who founded many cities west of Gibraltar, and conquered Tartessos circa 560 b.c., so we are to believe that the greeks really thought the Straits of Gibraltar were blocked at Plato’s time or ever?

Plato used the word nesos for both the ringed island city of Atlantis, half nautical mile in diameter (now submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz), and for the greater coastal atlantean empire, commonly thought a bigger island, but it was really the Iberian (named after biblical Eber) peninsula, because the word nesos is in the ancient greek labeling for the balkan peninsula, the homeland of the greeks, the Peloponnesos, a peninsula, as was the heartland of the greater atlantean empire, the nesos of western Europe, the iberian peninsula, rendering it clear that Atlantis, complete with the biblical names associated with it, was an ice age empire, having been lost to the sea when the ice age ended, learn a great deal more here

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December 20, 2011

The german biologist and staunch advocate of ridiculous darwinism in the late 1800’s, Ernst Haeckel, foolishly proponed that the development of embryos is reminiscent of the darwinian evolution of the so-called species, for instance a frog embryo growing gradually to tadpole then to frog, this supposedly proof that fish-like creatures (the tadpole) had evolved into frogs over millions of years, nonsense still taught in many textbooks today.  Haeckel was convicted of fraud and forgery at Jena University for his trumped up drawings of the supposed transitional creatures, and Haeckel’s darwinian phylogenetic tree included homo stupidus (just below homo sapien), that’s right folks, homo stupidus, which he called “true but ignorant man!”  Do they tell you that in our halls of higher learning?  Haeckel wrote:

“A grim and ceaseless struggle for life is the real mainspring of the purposeless drama of world history.  We can only see a ‘moral order’ and ‘design’ in it when we ignore the triumph of immoral force and the aimless features of the organism.  Might goes before right as long as the organism exists.”  (Haeckel, The Evolution of Man, p. 88)

Charles Darwin in his book Descent of Man praised the work of Haeckel (homo stupidus and all!), adding to Haeckel’s social darwinism, that might is right, certainly license for racism and genocide in saying:

“With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health.  We civilized men (and women), on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination, we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick . . .  thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind.  No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man . . . hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals (homo stupidus?) to breed.”  (Darwin, Descent of Man, p. 501)

Darwinists today say that their “science” is not racist, but when you read the writings of Darwin and Haeckel (such as noted above), who can say that whomever are deemed to be the smartest and fittest should be the reproducers by social engineering (and genocide), according to darwinism, the others whom are not deemed superior left with no families nor even any life at all?  But the Bible, the Word, calls us the human kind, the human syngameon in modern biological parlance, all interfertile and so of one created kind, just as lions and tigers can breed, not “races” of cats, but members of one created syngameon, the biblical template rendering darwinism ridiculous and destructive.  Read more about the real history of ancient humankind at, the science of the future, old school man.

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December 18, 2011

When you read hindu journalist Michael Cremo’s landmark book Forbidden Archaeology, you’ll see that humans and their tools were entombed in sedimentary rocks dating back to the Cambrian period, supposedly 500,000,000 years ago.  Cremo documents conclusively hundreds of finds by miners, archaeologists, and other professionals, in modern times dating back to the 1800’s, hundreds of them, really proving that humans have been around since the sedimentary column began to be deposited.

The key to all this is that sedimentary means laid down in water, which Cremo knows, but being a practicing hindu, he doesn’t see that Noah’s Flood was the cause, because he sees cycles of time of millions of years chronicled by humans going back hundreds of millions of years, yet those cycles of time were conjured up from the ancient mapping method simply explained in article #2 at, those hindu cylces of time called yugas denominated by the base six number 864,000, that’s ten times the number of modern seconds in a day, seconds which the ancients did not measure, but when you view the information in the link, you’ll see that the number was based upon timekeeping from precession, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis.

Cremo is aware of the vedic hindu Flood of Manu, which according to legend covered the whole world as did Noah’s Flood, they were same flood, which devastated the old world, having then deposited thousands of feet of flood sediments upon the continents, then our current mountain ranges upthrusted at the close of the flood when the water slid off the continents into the then deepening ocean basins because of runaway plate tectonics during the flood year.  Cremo has proven that humans lived throughout geologic history, thus demolishing darwinian theory, but without young earth creationism as the chronological template, he is clearly left out on a limb of quandry.

So the Bible is the answer to all this, not surprisingly to those of us who believe that Jesus was serious when he speaks from the Word, now read more about after the flood at, making sense of all the evidence against darwinism with the biblical template, from the book of Genesis and even the Exodus too, the Exodus when the ice age was ending, the time that ancient Egypt dried out and the sea level rose to have consumed ice age port cities such as Heraklion and Menouthis found now off the egyptian coast.

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December 18, 2011

How could the ancient vedic hindus of India circa 2000 b.c. have known that there are 86,400 modern seconds to a day?  Such accurate ancient timekeeping is commonly thought to have been impossible, yet the hindus’ archaic yuga cycles of time were denominated in units of 864,000 years, so how were those numbers calculated by the ancients certainly without stop watches?  They measured accurately precession time, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, not solar transit time as we do today with modern instrumentation, the wobble rate of the earth’s axis anciently measured against the backdrop of the stars of the constellations, the origin of the length of time for each house of the zodiac, 2,160 years.

When you halve the number of seconds per day, the result amazingly is the reduction factor of the Great Pyramid’s dimensions to the size of a hemisphere of the earth, a reduction by 43,200, all just coincidence, just a crazy twist of fate?  Hardly, as the ancient system of geometry, meaning earth measure, was the sexagesimal system also practiced by the babylonians, the ancient base six system predicated on the hexagon circumscribed by the circle of the earth, explained simply in article #2 at, the origin of the numbers and geometry for the arc minutes and seconds of our modern nautical mile mapping system.  See

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December 16, 2011

In ancient greek legend and literature are four floods which consumed much of the Aegean region, the floods from the times respectively of Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha, Dardanus, Ogyges, and Atlantis.  In the case of the great flood of Deucalion’s time, it was said to have covered the whole world, so what is the basis for these flood legends, were there really four floods in archaic times, one which covered the whole world?

Plato wrote that the flooding of much of Greece and Atlantis to the west occurred circa 9600 b.c., but in the same story, he wrote that flood was in the general timeframe of king Erechtheus, who was a son of Dardanus and who sired Tros and Ilus, namesakes of the Troas region of western Antalolia, that was Troy, and Ilium, another name for Troy, so obviously Plato should have been aware that the flood from the time of Dardanus and of Atlantis were one and the same.

And since king Ogyges also lived in that timeframe, his namesake the Ogygidae of bronze age Greece, could it be more obvious that the flood of Dardanus, Atlantis, and Ogyges, were one and the same, when the ice age ended for the great sea level rise which consumed much of Greece and Atlantis, and obviously the coastlands in between, and coastal lands around the world, such as of the kingdom of Kumari Kandam of India, and the cities of Menouthis and Heraklion off the coast of Egypt?

The flood of Deucalion, the global flood which covered the whole world, was of course Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the flood while the ocean basins deepened), the warmer world ocean afterword the engine for the ice age, because only a wamer ocean, heated from below, could have caused the much greater evaporation off the world ocean for the dense and vast cloudcover to have produced all that snowfall and rainfall (in the middle latitudes and low elevations the extreme latitudes).  Refer now to