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October 31, 2011

As the highly anticipated year 2012 a.d. rapidly approaches, the upcoming year when the new agers are expecting big changes because of supposed dramatic changes of physcial cosmic forces which ostensibly will change human behavior for the good (after much purging trauma), the church (body) of Jesus Christ will be going forth as always preaching the Good News to all who will listen in these troubled times, while the forces of specious darwinism and occultism in full rebellion will counter vainly trying to discredit the clear history written in the Bible, chief among the targets the book of Genesis, the foundational scriptures of the Bible.

If you are a believer (born again) in Jesus Christ, the Word, then what do you say to the mocking skeptics when they ask you where in the Bible do you think real history begins to have been recorded?  If you are well versed in the scientific, archaeological, and literary confirmations of even the book of Genesis, you can then say with enthusiastic confidence that real history begins at Genesis 1:1, prepared then to hit ’em hard with a rapid fire of confirmations which will leave them dazzled or fully befuddled in their quest to tear down the precepts of the Bible.

But if you are not well versed in many of the truly powerful evidences confirming even Genesis, you will be forced to say that real history begins to have been recorded not at the clearly described global flood of Noah’s time, but perhaps at the time of Abraham, or Moses, or even being so unconfident as to meekly offer at the time of kings David and Solomon, at which point the brainswashed darwinian mockers will “run you right out of the gym,” after all, why not fake history all the way up and through the time of Jesus Christ’s “supposed” incarnation?

So now do you see why it’s so important to be prepared to give many good reasons to believe all of the Bible?  Jesus Christ himself referred to literal Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood, so do you really want to present your savior as a liar?  How effective is that for global evangelism in this time when people are earnestly seeking answers?  It’s disgusting that the vast majority of pastors and preachers are not prepared to fully explain all of the scriptures to the mocking world just looking for excuses not to believe, yet with simply clear presentations that all of scripture can be demonstrated true, the world would stand in awe.  Help get out the message, refer to, and note the translation feature there in all the major languages.

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October 26, 2011

The ancients of Greece and the hindus of India both had two legends of massive flooding in archaic times; from India, the legend of the flood which covered the earth, its hero Manu, and later, the limited sea level rise which flooded the ancient city of Kususthali (Dwarka) described in the Mahabharata, and from Greece, the global flood story from the time of Deucalion, then later, the flood of Ogyges which inundated much of Greece, the same limited sea level rise (because of the end of the ice age) as the legendary flooding of now-submerged Kususthali (and of Kumari Kandam) in ancient vedic hindu literature revered in India.

Many ancient historians have placed the limited Ogygian flood before the global flood of Deucalion, making no sense however because the flood of Deucalion destroyed all of mankind except the hero and his wife who survived the flood in a floating vessel, they then having been responsible for the repopulation of the earth, the same as the situation with the global flood of Manu’s time, so clearly the flood of Ogyges was also the flood of Kususthali and Kumari Kandam of India, the sea level risen with the end of the ice age, the ice age certainly have been caused by a warmer world ocean because of the global flood of Manu and Deucalion.

These legends comport perfectly with the biblical scenario, as Noah’s Flood engulfed the entire globe, then the climate changed and sea level rose to a limited degree at the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt when the ice age was ending, that was the time when the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, when the engine of the ice age, much greater evaporation off the world ocean for dense cloudcover, had run out of gas so to speak.  Now read much more about all this, the big overview, at, seeing that the biblical template matches good science and ancient historical records.

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October 23, 2011

Christophobic archaeologists steeped in darwinian dogma will tell you that the length of the egyptian royal cubit was the distance from some pharoah’s elbow to fingertip (20.632 modern inches), but Noah’s Flood obviously preceded old kingdom Egypt, and the dimensions of Noah’s Ark were denominated in cubits, so was the cubit, the most ancient unit of length in recorded history, the distance from Noah’s elbow to fingertip?  When you read article #2 at you’ll see that the cubit was actually calculated by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, its precession rate of 72 years/degree, certainly the key to understanding the remarkable accuracy of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood), and the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Yet the christophobes in the scientific community, fearing the clear history recorded in the Bible and the overwhelming confirmative evidence for it, ignore this ancient mapping determination rediscovered by a young earth creationist, so now it’s up to you the public to bring out this information, confronting the darwinists who ignore this clear explanation for fear that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, which after all is the foundational book of the Bible, the book upon which Jesus Christ himself based his teachings, and clearly the template for ancient history when honestly analyzed, but intellectual honesty is surely in short supply these days.

Only a warmer world ocean having been geothermally heated by the fountains of the great deep for Noah’s Flood could have been the engine for the ice age, which ended when the world ocean had cooled to roughly today’s temperatures by the time of the Exodus circa 1500 b.c.  The Holy Bible clearly explains so much, yet it’s ignored by mainstream science for obvious reasons, flying in the face of ridiculous darwinian “science” and its timeline.   After reading the problems with radioisotope dating methods upon which hinges the darwinian paradigm, and the solid geology and geophysics confirming Noah’s Flood at, who can deny that the biblical template solves the mysteries about the ancient world?  See too

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October 18, 2011

While the christophobic darwinists aggressively (yet vainly) attempt to marginalize the clear history in the book of Genesis (the foundational book of the Bible), our asleep-at-the-wheel christian leaders meekly counter that the darwinists may be correct that the earth and universe are billions of years old, certainly undermining the crediblity of the rest of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ himself who said that Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood were the real deal; our reluctant christian leaders’ limpness unfortunately playing into the hands of those christophobes obviously pursuing the marginalization of christianity from the public discourse.

Yet ancient global flood legends from over six hundred tribes (documented by Sir James Frazer and others) indicate the veracity of the notion that Noah’s Flood did in fact cover the earth, so what do the darwinists and seemingly complicit christian pastors and preachers say about all this?  Nothing at all, as we know, they ignore this anthropological evidence, and too the very compelling scientific evidence ( and, while more than half of all Americans (and maybe the world?), according to Gallup polling, believe the Genesis account as plainly written, so clearly the christian leaders are not really leading at all for the very foundation of the Bible.

The many legends too about the end of the ice age, such as the flooding of Kumari Kandam, the Rama empire, the Black Sea basin, Hiva land in the Pacific, and Atlantis (see category Submerged Ruins Atlantis at certainly confirm the limited sea level rise when the ice age icepacks melted off most of the continents to rush into the sea, yet these legends too are ignored by the darwinists and the pastors who don’t seem to care, very strange, these leaders in christendom and the christophobic darwinists seemingly complicit in their attempts to erase genesis history from public awareness.

Of course with the history in the book of Genesis comes the reality that dinosaurs (dragons) have coexisted with humans throughout the history of humankind (the human syngameon), demonstrably true in the Bible with such as Bel the dragon of Babylon in the book of Daniel, and the Behemoth in the book of Job who lived in Uz/Uzbekistan during the ice age, yet the willfully ignorant christian pastors would have us believe those accounts are also false, really never discussing the implications of those dragons in biblical history after Noah’s Flood, and in secular history as well, seeing

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October 16, 2011

Did you know that volcanos and the flatulents from animals produce much more CO2 every year worldwide than does all human industry combined (thus rendering the “global warming” movement ridiculous)?  Global warming does in fact occur when solar output increases from time to time because of solar flares and sun spots, but that just increases the surface sea temperatures of the oceans which in turn increases the evaporation rate for the formation of more clouds (for shade and rain) which therefore cools back down the atmosphere, the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle, that’s hydro logic, so clearly no logic in the irrational so-called science of the global warming movement which seeks to further impede the growth of businesses.

Checkout please to see the laughable (if not so destrucitve) hijinx of those (such as the ridiculous Al Gore) in the global warming movement; bad science being used seeking the destruction of free markets and innovation in America and around the world, a travesty for which there is no good scientific reasoning.  There is no danger of a new ice age either (another mantra from other manmade climate change alarmists), because the ice age (according to hydrology 101) could have been caused by only geothermal heating of the world ocean, that was Noah’s Flood obviously, by the “fountains of the great deep,” read about what happened in its aftermath at  Good science, old school man.

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October 14, 2011

William Ryan and Walter Pitman of Columbia University have theorized that the world ocean rose when the ice age ended to connect to what had been a huge inland lake, now the Black Sea, with the heavier saltwater at depth in that huge body of water, and the freshwater from the rivers flowing in on top of the water column there in that sea.  They theorized that the infilling occurred circa 5600 b.c., about 5,000 years after the ice age ended (at circa 10000 b.c.) according to their darwinian timeline, the ostensibly delayed infilling because of a supposed geologic barrier which eventually was breached, that hypothetical barrier having held out the seawater for thousands of years, demonstrably not valid ‘though.

But the roman historian Pliny wrote that in very ancient times, the River Rhode had flowed down from the Black Sea basin into the Aegean sea, which is and was part of the world ocean, therefore obviously speaking of the ancient time when the black sea basin held a great inland lake, that was during the ice age, so clearly the valley of that ancient River Rhode is now the Strait of the Bosporus and Dardanelles, the clue to the timing then of the world ocean to the Black Sea basin in those names, of Dardan, or Dardanus, who lived circa 1300 b.c., and the Rhodanim of Genesis 10 in the Bible, three generations from Japheth (who was a son of Noah), the namesake of the Island of Rhodes (an island since the end of the ice age) and the Rhodopi mountains of nearby Bulgaria.

What a great hollywood movie this would make, with computer graphic animation to show the change of geography and climate at that time when the ice age was ending for the sea level to have risen as it did, surely a time of great trauma in the ancient world when coastal cities of trade were consumed by the sea, known as the Flood of Ogyges to the ancient greeks, however, this flood not factored into Plato’s timing for the end of Atlantis (and the submergence of much of Greece too), greek Plato’s story ‘though really comporting with the 1500 b.c. timeframe, he having written of the bronze age weaponry, naval fleets, and megalithic building certainly not characteristic of “9,000 years before Solon’s time.”

And so then what caused the ice age really?  All you need know is that for all that snowfall and rainfall (in the middle latitudes and lower elevations), there must have been certainly much more water in the atmosphere, according to hydrology 101, that must have been only by a much greater rate of evaporation off the world ocean, heated from below, geothermally, the hint for that in the book of Genesis, the fountains of the great deep which was the source of the water for Noah’s Flood.  See the dynamics of the global flood of Noah’s time and the flaws in the mainstream scientific radioisotope rock-dating methods at, and go to for a look at how the biblical model is making great inroads in the publics’ thinking of the ancient history of the Black Sea, referring to

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October 11, 2011

Would you like to see an epic hollywood blockbuster movie about Plato’s Atlantis and her legendary sea kings Posidon and Atlas, the flick complete with computer graphics to animate the scenery of ice age times in the Gibraltar region where Atlantis was based, of course with great actors playing the leading roles?  This screenplay idea would surely be a smash hit, but will Hollywood catch the vision?  If you read carefully Plato’s Atlantis (in his Critias and Timaeus), you’ll see that the atlantean empire extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) all the way to Libya and Italy (Tyrhenian Sea), and outside Gibraltar into the Atlantic (named for Atlas), the mineral rich Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains of southern Spain which were the mountains to the north of the city of Atlantis (now submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz) in Plato’s story.

Underwater megalithic ruins (see section Submerged Ruins Atlantis at bear stark testimony to that vast empire from the days of the ice age, with her demise then the historical “Sea Peoples” having invaded the eastern Mediterranean by sea at the time of the Exodus of the hebrews out of Egypt, when the sea level risen because of the end of the ice age and catastrophic climate change had turned the world upside-down.  What great fodder for a blockbuster movie, demonstrating that the drought and anarchy which struck Egypt confirmed in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus makes the history in the books of Exodus and Genesis come alive, in their proper climatological and chronological context proven as you investigate further.

Harvey Weiss, ancient climatology and archaeology expert at Yale, could be a scientific consultant on the flick, confirming that much of the world did indeed turn to desert at the time of the Exodus, when too the sea level was rising about three feet per year for about a century spelling the end of Atlantis and the other oceanport empires of the bronze age world including the majestic egyptian port city of Menouthis/Mneseus, who was a brother of Atlas, and probably was the legendary king Menes, the uniter of lower and upper Egypt in old kingdom times, clearly as the evidence indicates, during the ice age.  See any movie-making in all this?  I hope you lobby your favorite hollywood producers to get this thing done!  The science and archaeology are clearly supportive of such an effort for this epic drama opportunity, but who will capitalize?

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October 10, 2011

Mormons such as the somewhat insightful Glenn Beck are way ahead of the game concerning the obvious settlement of the Americas by the  canaantes (phoenicians) and later the israelites (among others) in bronze then iron age times; the archaeological evidence is truly overwhelming that the peopling of the western hemisphere from across the Atlantic is historic fact, ‘though the vast majority of christians (even young earth creationists) seemingly are clueless about all this, just ask Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis, surely aware of the evidence, yet knowingly ignoring it certainly out of mere professional jealousy, can you believe it?

Yet because Brazil was actually named after the Breasil clan of Galway (home of Brendan the Navigator), not the brazil nut tree (indigenous name pernambuco), and because the Caribbean and Carioca (ancient name of Rio de Janeiro) were named after the iron age seafaring Carians of the aegean, and because America was named by Colombus (a jew) after the Americos tribe of the caribbean, clearly the seafaring progeny of the Amorica of the brittany coast of France, the evidence speaks loudly, but not loudly enough for Mr. Ham nor such as southern baptist leaders Albert Mohlers and Robert Jeffress who maintain that Genesis history is real history, but these leaders lag behind out of ignorance.

Did you ever wonder that the Atlas mountains of Morocco, the Atlantic ocean, and the legendary kingdom of Plato’s Atlantis, are all of the same canaanite etymological word root meaning water (the same root in the basque language of Spain today)?  And with ancient mexican sea gods Atlanteotl and Atlahua, does this not confirm the transoceanic navigation which mormons such as Mitt Romney seem to grasp?  The key is that the ancient mediterranean sea god Posidon was the biblical Sidon, son of Canaan, and Atlas was Sidon’s son, demonstrating it all ties together within the rubric of the biblical Table of Nations in Genesis 10, see much more here

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October 9, 2011

Have you noticed how the mainstream media is having a hard time digesting the fact that a black man, Herman Cain, is rapidly rising in popularity among the supposedly red-neck and racist people of the Tea Party movement?  Browsing through the New York Times Sunday edition today, I didn’t see mention of him, even in an article about the republican front-runners in their race for the 2012 nomination, Cain now probably running second ahead of Rick Perry, whom we on the conservative side (and liberals) here in Texas call Governor Zoolander (with nice hair and impressive poses).  He’s weak against illegal immigration, and with a record of catering to the global governace crowd, republican primary voters should be very wary of this guy, really almost the antithesis in certianly many ways of what Mr. Herman Cain stands for.

Cain says that because through prayer and great work by doctors, he has beaten cancer, so he figures that such a wonderful reprieve for his longer life now should not be wasted on a golf course somewhere, so now to be used to help this country which he loves get out of these tough times brought on by who might be the other black (or half white) man in the race, Barack Hussein Obama, thus creating a real problem for most black voters who previously had bought into president Obama’s and the other democrats’ tax and spend solutions ostensibly to create a strong private sector economy, what a joke compared to Mr. Cain’s thoughtful 999 Plan which will lower payroll taxes on the working poor by 40%, and will encourage saving and investment, what the economy needs, not more big government spending boondoggles from the current president.

Mitt Romney is now again rightly beleaguered by the insight of southern baptist leader and pastor Robert Jeffress that Romney’s mormonism is a cult (not to mention his liberal in conservative’s clothing pedigree), almost surely to sink Romney’s ship in the southern states during the primary season,  It’s really now down to Governor Zoolander (Perry) and Herman Cain, as the writing is on the wall, and the mainstream press knows it, so why are they so reluctant to give Cain his proper due?  Could it be that’s because they really have racist tendencies, unless the “black man” is a flaming liberal progressive seemingly bent on the economic destruction of America like Barack Hussein Obama?  Are the liberals really for racial equality, or only for those of other “races” who are of the liberal bent?  You be the judge.

And by the way, the term “race” is a concept of darwinism, implying that the “races” of the humankind are subspecies in competition, the “survival of the fittest” among them, which ‘though is obviously ridiculous because many people such as president Obama are genetic blends of so-called races, so should we refer to our current president as a hybrid?  Of course not, he like the rest of us are part of the human syngameon, the created human kind, as Darwin’s term species is in reality meaningless, for instance camels and llamas can interbreed, lions and tigers too, those of their respective syngameons, creatures of unique and finite gene pools within which “hybridization” is a reality.  Do you see how destructive darwinism can be?  Have not genocides occurred rationalized as the “survival of the fittest?”  Think about it.

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October 9, 2011

No doubt mormonism is a cult from a christian perspective, because the Book of Mormon is an add-on to the canonized text of the Bible, the book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) recorded by the apostle John the final book of christian holy scripure, and because the mormon church teaches that Jesus is a created being, not part of the Trinity (Elohim), as well as because it’s a fact that white supremicism is inherent to the teachings of Joseph Smith, the ancient record for his teachings ostensibly from a guy named Mormon, four hundred years after Jesus’ incarnation.  The cultic Smith wrote that the more advanced supposed white Jaredites and Nephites were eventually subdued by the dark-skinned and backward Lamanites in the Americas over two thousand years ago, when indeed (and before then) people were settling the Americas (named after the Americos of Brittany) by sea, certainly anathema to darwinism.

Mormonism obviously makes a mockery of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, which should be a red flag for all those christians interested in real human history (see, and mormonism does not address the age of the universe and earth (see, not to mention that humans and “dinosaurs” have coexisted for millenia, for instance Daniel and the dragon Bel (checkout, therefore pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, and other christian leaders around the world, should be urged to address these issues, certain to help prove to the skeptics that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, scorned by the darwinists, mormons, and all others who do not believe that Jesus Christ really is the author of human history, and the savior of all who would believe in him.  For a great overview of earth history, be sure to see, old school man.