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July 27, 2012

Almost everybody except the textbook writers know that Christopher Columbus was certainly not the first mariner to have sailed across the ocean to the Americas.   From the Sinclair brothers with the Zeno Maps in the 1300’s to Nova Scotia (New Scotland), to the Vikings, to St. Brendan the Navigator circa 700 a.d., back to the Romans in South America, and on back to the Hebrews, Canaanites, and Libyans in North America, and the Shang mariners having helped found the ancient Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica, these all surely proven to have sailed to the Americas even millennia before Columbus, unthinkable to the darwinists.

So why is this overwhelming evidence ignored by mainstream academia?  It’s because they want us to believe that all the people in the Americas when Columbus arrived were descendants of cavemen who had crossed the landbridge between Siberia and Alaska during the Ice Age, for if they admit transoceanic navigation millennia before Columbus, then they would be forced to admit that the Table of Nations in the Bible can explain the peopling of all the world within centuries, thus destroying their darwinian paradigm, rendering the Bible the true history which it is.

The ancient Mexicans said that their ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean, their sea god Atlanteoltl, and Olmec statues look distinctly oriential, Shang dynastry of China; there are Libyan, Ogham, Hebrew, and Canaanite scripts etched in stone in many locations of North America, yet all ignored by mainstream academics, it’s a travesty.  And now we even know how the ancients navigated precisely, by measuring time, the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis against the backdrop of the stars explained here, so please inform the ignorant “elites,” now hiding from the truth.

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July 18, 2012

Seemingly hard to imagine is how after Noah’s Flood could the distant continents away from the Middle East have been populated with many kinds of animals within only a few centuries.  Of course seeds of plants and perhaps root balls grew from the top layers of the flood-caused sediments beginning immediately after the flood, so the big question is how did the animals and people spread out all over the world in such a short period of time?  Was it really possible at all?

Animals in search of food and less competition will travel many miles in a day, and Lord knows with prolific procreation after the flood, the animals certainly set out over the seemingly limitless horizons, where plants were growing with little competition from other creatures.  Keep in mind that many insects and probably amphibians survived the flood to be all over the world already at that time, so food was not a problem as the animals traveled those great distances to inhabit their geographic niches.

And humans no doubt carried with them many kinds of animals as well as plants to cultivate when they set sail during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood, accurately measuring and mapping the globe by the method explained here, so by land and sea the whole world was populated with animals and people within centuries after the flood, syngameons of animals which naturally selected into what the darwinists call species today.

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July 14, 2012

Do you think some people in scientifc circles are afraid to say they are Christians because their peers will laugh saying “oh yeh Noah’s Flood?”  Therefore, does it not seem reasonable to assume that many lay people don’t want to be associated with a book of supposed mythology, so they refuse Jesus Christ’s offer of forgiveness because they don’t want to be laughed at?  Makes sense, just human nature.

But when the template of biblical history is demonstrated far superior to the really specious darwinian model, don’t you know the professionals in science are emboldened to openly profess their faith, and so lay people, seeing leaders in science speaking out that all of the Bible is true, are much more likely to call on the name of the Lord to be saved?

Soon the general condition of scientific thought might well be that only the ignorant don’t see the veracity of all the Bible, the book of Genesis in particular, explaining so much about which dogmatic mainstream science is now clueless; dragons in history (, global flood geology (, and the actual cause of the Ice Age (, the science of the future, old school man, so help us spread the word.

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July 10, 2012

Charles Hapgood wrote The Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings almost fifty years ago (1966), incorporating the assistance of U. S. Air Force personel to document that medieval maps (copied from ancient source maps) such as the Piri Reis Map, showing coastlines of South America and Antarctica, were precise far beyond the capability of medieval navigators, not to mention that Antarctica was supposedly not discovered until 1818 by the Russians, yet mainstream science has ignored the work because surely it destroys darwinian notions, proving that the ancients indeed settled the Americas mostly by sea, from Atlantis for instance, namesake of Atlas, the map man said to have held the earth on his shoulder.

The Piri Reis Map shows an arc of five equidistant reference loci in the Atlantic, the radii of that arc pointing back to Syene (Aswan), Egypt, the southern edge of the Egyptian empire not coincidentally on the Tropic of Cancer latitude, and the arc extended northerly off the map would pass directly through the North Pole, absolutely impossible to have achieved without accruate timekeeping, that method not deduced by Hapgood and his team, yet here now is how they did it, having measured and thereby mapped the earth by the wobble rate of its axis, the precession rate.

The pioneering academic Hapgood was certain many of the ancient source maps were drawn early in the Ice Age, because the mountain ranges of Antarctica, now under thousands of feet of snow and ice, are drawn with geographic accuracy, impossible to have charted but before all that snow and ice had built up, which according to the darwinian timeline would have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago, so now you see why they don’t want to talk about it.  But with the biblical model, it all makes sense, the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood having been the engine for the Ice Age, the science of the future, old school man!

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June 20, 2012

When you consider mainstream academics still teaching the length of the royal cubit was the distance from some ruler’s elbow to fingertip, ‘though with this method available for all to see, it’s obvious the bias against biblical researchers and their discoveries, mainstream academics still with their heads in the sand, ignoring the plainly valid, and they call that intellectual honesty?  Please help wake them up so many more will know!

The Hebrews used the same sacred cubit length of measure as did the Egyptians for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, derived by the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis, the knowledge of pi therewith (see, apparent in the construction of the First Temple at Jerusalem, the term cubit used in the Old Testaement, even the dimensions of Noah’s Ark denominated in that mysterious ancient unit of  measure, now you know, so tell your professors.

And the ancient mediterranean olympic foot unit of measure was also earth commensurate, a neat subdivision of a modern nautical mile by timekeeping then as today, the length of the foot having ‘though varied since those ancient times, yet the science of Atlantis, they having been privy to the science manifested in Egypt, is evidenced today in the British units of measure, the 1,760 yards to a British mile the same number as the number of cubits which composed the length of the base-perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza!  The science of the future, old school man!

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June 12, 2012

How did the ancient Hebrews know the origins of the Greeks across the eastern Mediterranean, their founders’ names and their lineages?  My textbook from college at Dartmouth on ancient greek history mentions Javan as one of the progenitors of the ancient Greeks, Javan also listed in the Table of Nations in the Bible, a son of Japheth and grandson of Noah (which of course the college textbook did not mention), so is this just coincidence or is the Bible truly the template for ancient history with its Table of Nations laid out precisely?

A son of Javan listed in the Bible was Elisha, namesake of the Elysians of Helice or Elis, and Tarshish was another son, who sailed far to the west to help found the empire of Atlantis (along with Canaan’s son Sidon and grandson Atlas), Tarshish the namesake of Tartessos (ruins now under Seville), that name later affixed to the city of Tarshish on the coast of Anatolia built after the sea level had risen with the end of the Ice Age when Atlantis and much of Greece and all the ice age coastline real estate of the world was consumed by the sea.

The name Greece derives from the Graeci tribe of the Peloponessos, some of them having migrated to Italy, perhaps of the Pelasgian tribe (line of Shem and the Hebrews), where the Latins there named the Graeci’s ancient homeland Greece, over a millennia after the time of Javan and his sons.  The unknown ancient Etruscan language of Italy was Pelasgian, much like Albanian today, great seafarers all, having precisely navigated by the method explained here, the cubit the same as that used by the Hebrews.

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June 9, 2012

Many say that the separated continents of the earth could not have been populated within centuries after Noah’s Flood when the progeny of the  eight who survived, listed in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, spread out over the earth after the Tower of Babel confusion of the languages, but with a little simple arithmetic, you’ll see that the biblical template fits very nicely, the logistics comporting with what we know about the ancient world, the people groups having spread out rapidly

The Table of Nations, the names of people groups and languages, truly is the template for the populating of the world during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood, absolutely plenty of people having descended from the eight who survived on Noah’s Ark.  Presuming each couple had ten children (they could have had forty or fifty kids considering their great longevity in those first few generations after the Flood), by the time of the Tower of Babel, perhaps 150 years after the Flood, there were around 10,000 people, five or six generations by then born after the Flood.

And so at that rate of population growth by the time of Abraham circa 2000 b.c., ten generations after Noah, there were millions of people on earth, at the peak of the Ice Age, which later ended circa 1500 b.c. at the time of Moses.  So how were the distant continents from the Middle East settled within only centuries, civilizations such as of the Olmecs in Mexico, and of the people of Yonguni, Japan, their megalithic ruins submerged there since the end of the Ice Age?  They measured the earth by its wobble rate, fully able to navigate and settle the whole globe quickly.