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Populations of the humankind have been hunting and gathering in China for over 200,000 years according to the darwinists, yet the organized dynasties and planned farming of China’s ancient kingdoms didn’t emerge until the last 2% piece of that timeline, so since there surely have not been found relicts from the billions of people who would have lived there during those 200,000 years, it’s not surprising that Chinese legends confirm the biblical account of the ancient history of China which certainly is not the darwinists’ rendition.

Nuwa was the chinese flood hero, his name connection to Noah clear, and the dynasties began organizization with the Sian people, later Shang Hai, the Shang people, whose namesame probably was Sin (Tsin), who was a son of Canaan in the Table of Nations.  The Miautso Tribe of southern China traces their lineage back to Gomen who was Gomer, a son of Japheth, in the Table of Nations of Genesis 10, so the bibical timeline fits the archaeology and legends of ancient China.

The ancient Hung League of China denominates their transactions and correspondences in coded base six numbers, precession numbers  as it turns out, the same numbers as of our modern nautical mile mapping system,, the same cubit length used by our Nuwa in his construction of the Ark.  Investigate the evidence to see that the darwinian model makes no sense while biblical history fits hand-in-glove with what the archaeological record indicates.

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