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When you think of the Ice Age, imagine all that snowfall to have covered much of Cananda and the continental U.S. to a maximum depth of the 10,000 feet, an almost unimaginable amount of snow, on the ground in Ohio year ’round for instance, so the skies must have been thick with clouds almost all the time, which of course made the summers much cooler by shade and more rainfall, considerably cooler.

And because of that dense cloudcover during the Ice Age, the winters were warmer, with prodigious amounts of snow falling to cover much of the continents, that snowfall extending later into the year than today because the dense cloudcover caused a “late spring,” and during the summer the dense cloudcover precluded much snowmelt, the conditions for the Ice Age, with legends such as the flooding of Kumari Kandam, Kususthali, and the Flood of Ogyges from Greece.

During the Ice Age, that elephants roamed southern Spain is confirmed in Plato’s Atlantis reportage, a bronze age empire according to the story, Posidon and his son Atlas the main players in its founding, so who were these men deified?  The Sidonians were some the greatest mariners of the ancient world, named after Sidon, who was a son of Canaan in the Bible, Sidon who became Posidon, they having measured the earth by its wobble rate to accurately map it, see The Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.

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