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Consider that billions of people would have lived and died during the hundreds of thousands of years of the supposed “stone age,” yet we see evidence of only several thousand years of ancient settlements, almost all the most ancient ones near or in the Middle East, as the Bible indicates, and megalithic building of often pyramidal forms found worldwide built by navigators who sailed the world ocean even during the Ice Age by this method, so you can see that the darwinian model holds little water compared to the biblical template.

Jews are very interested to know that all the ancient tribes trace their lineages back to biblical characters such as Assur, Heth, Elam, Gomer, Javan, Canaan, even distant Tarshish named after a great grandson of Noah, a son of Javan who was father of the Ionians, so the history in the hebrew Torah is proven valid, why not believe the rest of the Bible?  The “stone age villages” were just small towns away from the big cities of the bronze age, which was the Ice Age.

With Neanderthal and Homo Erectus known to have been fully human, these were people with great longevity ‘though having bad nutrition, living off the land during the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age, many of them suffering rickets, a small number discovered, and almost always near or with “full humans.”  We all are of the human syngameon, another achille’s heel of the darwinists, because their man Darwin’s term species has no meaning genetically, read more about it, and tell your friends.

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