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After consideration of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by the pioneering author Charles Hapgood, irrefutable indeed is that the ancients during the Ice Age were navigating all over the globe by geometry (earth measure), having mapped even Antarctica which supposedly was not discovered ’til 4,000 years later, the evidence clearly making a mockery of the notion that Christopher Columbus was the first to have sailed across the Atlantic.

Now that legendary Atlantis was a bronze age empire according to the global navigation and technology reported by Solon later recorded by Plato in the Dialogues titled Kritias and Timaeus, that empire recorded to have extended to Italy and Libya, outside Gibraltar into the Atlantic as well, where now is no submerged continent but the submerged ice age coastline of Atlantis, submerged when the world ocean sea level rose to end the bronze age circa 1500 b.c.

The clincher is that Plato wrote that greek kings Erechtheus, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Theseus lived in the timeframe that Atlantis went under, those kings in the timeframe of Pelops, Tantalus, Perseus, Aegeus, and Saron too, circa 1300 b.c., just after the Ice Age had ended.  Eusebius wrote that the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt occurred at the time of the Flood of Ogyges which consumed much of Greece, see the connection, read much more here

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