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As record heat waves this summer destroy crops in some parts of the world, and prodigious rains fall in others, with snow in South Africa (a very rare occurence), you wonder what really is going on with the climate of the world?  Yet understanding simple hydrology and meteorology plus knowledge that solar output fluctuates, the picture becomes very clear.

With increased solar output, more water evaporates off the oceans and lakes of the world forming more clouds which tend to cool back down the earth’s atmosphere, those clouds this summer not reaching the parched regions such as the U.S. Midwest because upper air flows are not pushing them there, but pushing them to the regions such as the Phillipines and eastern Europe where torrential rains have recently fallen.

So if in fact solar output is not temporarily greater now, then the drought in some regions of the world and flooding in others can be chalked up to unusual upper atmosphere wind currents, because the clouds are certainly up there, causing major floods in some regions, but not over the regions now suffering horrific drought, as we pray for rain there.

Just remember that unusual warming of the earth’s atmosphere increases evaporation off the world ocean, that’s simple hydrology 101, and when the ocean had been heated from below, that surely was the engine which produced the dense extensive cloudcover for the Ice Age, this science which the bibliophobic scientists don’t want to think about, see much more here

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