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Now attracting 8,000,000 unique visitors per day from all over the world, the creationist website is surely a hot topic in many people’s internal dialogue, yet not much discussion of the material on the web to this point, quite amazing, but then again not really, considering christian pastors by-and-large have not embraced young earth creationsim to make the book of Genesis come alive from its current status in many circles as just some quaint mythology.

However, the material is unassailable intellectually, witness the lack of skeptics at the Facebook page of the foundation, the skeptics knowing they don’t have an academic leg to stand on, so believers of all the Bible please go forth into chat-rooms boldly with “the science of the future, old school man,” inviting the skeptics who rage against the Bible to please calmly consider the evidence, then try to mount a cogent refutation, hard to do as surely indicated, please read the material.

Who can know why pastors claiming to believe all the Bible ignore this resounding proof?  I guess you’ll have to ask them, it’s really a disgrace the way they ignore this information at the expense of their loyal and hungry congregations’ knowledge base about the Bible, not giving them many great reasons scientifically that all of the Bible is true!  Please boldly force the issue with your pastors, it’s only right, referrring them also to the Children’s Book at the foundation website which soon will be completed, great for the young and old, and those college students!

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