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Let’s presume for just a moment that the history recorded in the Bible is authentic, so now then shouldn’t we expect to see a plethora of evidence that it’s all true, despite the manic protestations by darwinian accolytes that bibical history is mere mythology?  Did you know that wild Charles Darwin’s term species has no animal classification value genetically, but that syngameons (biblical kinds) does?  So darwinism out the window.

The Bible provides the ancestral template in Genesis 10 for the ancient civilizations of Elam, Canaan, the Pelasgians (Peleg), the Arameans (Aram), the Cimmerians (Gomer), Thracians (Tiras), Elysians (Elisha), Ionians (Javan), the Sidonians (Sidon), and with Plato’s help even the Atlanteans, whose namesake Atlas was a son of Posidon (Sidon son of Canaan), so how did the ancient Hebrews come up with all that unless it’s real history linked to the ancestries of the progenies of Noah and his wife?

Skeptics often insist that legendary Noah’s Flood would have geologically been impossible, that global flood water could have not covered the high mountain ranges, yet since much of the geology of the mountains is sedimentary rock layers, having been deposited in water, logic dictates that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, as it was, runaway plate tectonics during the flood year (see, the flood water having slid off the risen continents into new ocean basins which were deepening at the close of the flood.

Mainstream scientists are clueless about the cause of the Ice Age, clueless because they refuse to embrace the historicity of Noah’s Flood, yet when it’s realized that only a warmer ocean, having been heated from below, could have been the engine for all that evaporation for the dense global cloud formation for the huge volumes of Ice Age precipitation, then Noah’s Flood, the water for it having come from below, the “founatains of the deep,” is the obvious solution.  See, the science of the future, old school man!

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